Kylie Scott in the Flesh!

Today I’m delighted to introduce a good friend and very talented writer Kylie Scott who is going to tell us all about her brilliant debut novel FLESH, from Momentum Books, the digital division of Pan MacMillan Australia. The book is available worldwide – here’s the Amazon link:

FLESH, described on Kylie’s website as a M/F/M post-apocalyptic erotic romance (hmm, seems we’re not in Kansas anymore, guys!) is selling its little socks off – even if the socks do occasionally contain rotted bits of feet. Yeah, it’s a zombie novel!

Reviews have been pretty nice too. To give you an example, Rosie at Fangtastic Books says, “FLESH is a fast paced thriller, a stunningly sensual feast and a funny, tragic, horrifying emotional journey in a world torn apart. It’s erotic, it’s got zombies, and it’s fun.”

I first encountered Kylie’s wonderful writing when she came to a workshop at my house on writing deep point of view. A critique was part of the training and I was immediately blown away by Kylie’s prose, not to mention her dab hand with a hot scene. These people fleeing the zombie apocalypse sure know how to keep warm! I wasn’t at all surprised when shortly after the workshop, Kylie contacted me to say she’d found a publisher.

You can find out more about Kylie on her website:
Kylie, welcome to the lair! Congratulations on the release of your debut, FLESH. Can you tell us about this story?
Thank you so much for letting me visit, ladies!

FLESH is the story of Ali, Daniel and Finn. Ali has been hiding in an attic since civilisation collapsed eight weeks ago. When the plague struck her neighbours turned into mindless, hungry, homicidal maniacs. Daniel has been a loner his entire life. Then the world empties and he realises that being alone isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Finn is a former cop who is desperate for companionship, and willing to do anything it takes to protect the survivors around him.

When the three cross paths they band together; sparks fly, romance blooms in the wasteland and Ali, Daniel and Finn bend to their very human needs in the ruins of civilisation. Lust, love and trust all come under fire in Flesh as the three battle to survive, hunted through the suburban wastelands.

What were the inspirations behind this book?

I’ve always been fascinated by what life would be like if society went to pot. No more law and order. No more electricity. What on earth would we do without the internet? Scary times indeed. Also, I was keen to try my hand at writing a ménage but I felt I needed a situation where a loving, long-term relationship involving three people was a viable alternative. Creating a deficit of women fit my evil plans to perfection.

As for the Zombies…there’s a very real chance my big brother exposed me to too many B-grade films back in the 80’s. He worked in a video shop and was always bringing home crazy horror and action/adventure movies. Things like EVIL DEAD and Romero’s LIVING DEAD series, plus tons of futuristic titles starring Arnie or Van Damme or the like. It couldn’t have been healthy for an impressionable young mind.

Zombies seem to be a rising force in genre fiction. Any thoughts?

There’s certainly a lot of fans coming out of the closet (or dark, dank underground tombs, as it were). I’m not sure what the popularity of reducing people to slobbering, mindless creatures in pursuit of their next meal says about the collective unconscious. Writing wise, Zombies make a great threat. They’re always lurking out there, waiting for you to mess up so they can snack on your innards. They lack the grace and glamour of vampires, and they’re not as cool and sexy as werewolves. Zombies are grittier and nastier. They’re walking death and decay in all its gory glory. Maybe they’re a testament to our will to survive and to have hope for a better future. Or maybe it’s just time for body bits to start dropping off…

We love call stories in the lair. Can you give us yours?

Aah, Momentum. I love them so. I’d already had one offer and was still waiting on a response from New York when I decided to submit to them. Their energy and originality when it came to engaging with their audience on Twitter and FaceBook really appealed to me. I submitted as part of their regular Momentum Monday and the next morning Anne Treasure asked for the full. A week later Joel Naoum offered me a contract. It was hugely exciting. Their enthusiasm for my story was wonderful. It was wildly exciting. 

What’s next for you?

I have a short story coming out 1st November also with Momentum. It’s called ROOM WITH A VIEW and is set in the same Post-Zombie-Apocalypse world as FLESH but features different characters. The story is part of the HOT DOWN UNDER short story series. 14 Australian romance writers publishing erotic short stories with Australia’s first ever digital imprint. How neat is that?

Very neat! Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

Write about what you love. Be brave!

Great advice. Do you have a question for the Bandits and Bandita Buddies to get conversation going?

 My Post-Zombie-Apocalypse plan involves boarding up the house and hunkering down with the collected works of Jane Austen and tins of home brand spaghetti until everything calms down. Got a plan? Share it with me in the comments for a chance to win a copy of FLESH…

You heard it hear first, folks! Comment today to be in the draw for a digital copy of FLESH! Good luck!

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  • Melody May says:

    Honestly my plan is survive as long as I can, but I fear I will be zombie bait. However, one of my friends is going to see that I make it. Plus, she has pack some smelling salts too.

  • Alice Priday says:

    my plan would be to make sure i have my cats, food, books and anything else i might need, all in one room. board up the house and ride out the zombie storm for as long as possible 🙂
    thanks for the giveaway this book sounds really good 🙂
    danielsangel101 @ yahoo . co . uk

  • Anna, what a fun interview. Kylie, welcome and congratulations on your new release!

    I love post-apocalyptic settings. Zombie stories are sometimes a bit too graphic for me, but I think they’re interesting.

    I don’t have a plan, really. We live in a city, so I expect the food supply would run out in a few days. In any kind of apocalypse, the best place to live is far away from other people on a large tract of arable land that also has big pastures for grazing.

    • Nancy, have you seen those posts on Facebook about vegetarian zombies walking along crying out “grains, grains!” Funny!

    • Kylie Scott says:

      Thank you very much, Nancy! Yes, away from everyone is a mighty fine idea. I think we should all start planning some vacations in the countryside for research. An excellent excuse to get away from it all for a while.

    • Kylie Griffin says:

      We’re off the beaten track out here, so you’re all welcome to migrate here should a ZA every hit your cities.

      Isolated, country is fertile, lots of farms (and farm implements that modified would good zombie killing tools if need be).

      Love to have y’all visit! 🙂

  • Fedora says:

    Eeek! No plan, and like Nancy, I imagine we’d be in trouble in not too long! Plus DH and I aren’t exactly the hands-on, handy types… We’d likely become zombie fodder in no time… Eeeeeek!

    • Oh, no, Fedora. Sounds like if we’d been living in the cave together, the tiger would have caught you and your dh even before he caught me. Perhaps we could have kept him quiet by telling him about our favorite romance novels! I’m sure there were spaces for story tellers in primitive societies!

    • Kylie Scott says:

      Rest assured, Fedora, without all of the computer gadgets to occupy our time we’re going to need our story-tellers more than ever!

  • Amy Andrews says:

    My plan is to stay one step behind Kylie! She’s obviously thought about this a lot!
    Go buy the book ladies – its fabulous!

  • AA, it’s clearly not WHAT you know but WHO you know in the zombie apocalypse which I’m henceforward shortening to ZA, it takes me about ten goes to get ‘apocalypse’ right! Kylie is clearly the one in the know!

  • Pat Cochran says:

    My only plan is to continue to lose weight
    so I will be extremely thin, making the
    zombies very uninterested in me! My
    husband says he will just abide by the
    saying, ” I don’t have to worry about
    being fast, I just have to be faster than
    the next person!”

    Pat C.

  • Natasha Devereux says:

    MMMMMmmmm. In the event of a zombie invasion I will be thanking my lucky stars for many years of camping, fishing and living off the land and sea.
    1: Protection – This is where the government’s gun buyback hurts. That .310cal, the other guns and the reloading gear would come in handy now…but…think outside the box. Note to self – compile and print out ‘how to’ list for making bombs, napalm, boobytraps, etc. and learn how to swing a mean Katana.
    2. Fortification – I know a great set of coastal caves that are only accessible at low tide…AND there is a fresh water spring close by. A twofer!
    3. Transportation – make use of what’s available while fuel lasts but keep a trusty mountain bike handy. Wheels are faster than legs (my legs anyway lol) and can tow a small trailer.
    4. Medical – research natural remedies easily available.
    5. Food – have a stockpile at the ready – dehydrated as well – and don’t be too fussy as to what’s available.

    Yes – I HAVE thought about the apocalypse (well my late husband did)LOL

    • Kylie Scott says:

      Fantastic, Natasha! That’s a really great plan. And a beachfront property is always lovely. I can just see you now, lulled to sleep by the noise of the waves. You won’t even notice that pesky apocalypse!

    • Wow, Natasha, I don’t know whether to be impressed or scared at the fact that you’ve clearly put quite a bit of thought into this! Having said that, can I come with you if the zombies invade?

      • Natasha Devereux says:

        As long as you have your own sleeping bag and eating gear, I’ll save a cavern for you Annie LOL

  • Kylie Griffin says:

    Hey Kylie & Anna,

    Another great interview here in the Lair and a fun topic to be discussing for sure!

    I like a poster I recently saw on FB the other day (I think Kylie may even have posted it). It went along the lines of – “You’re my friend but if there are zombies after us, I’m tripping you.” Tickled my funny bone.

    Hmm, a plan to survive. Well, given that I used to be obsessed with world destruction and the end of civilisation as we know it from early high school (Z for Zachariah anyone?), I read up on survival books, DIY bushcraft, first aid and so on.

    So, a sturdy shelter would be a good start, preferably something up high (zombies don’t climb very well).

    Must haves:
    *my own Finn & Daniel (essential)
    *can opener
    *boots (for kicking zombie ass)
    *first aid kit

    *my cats
    *collection of good books

    That’ll do for starters!

    BTW, don’t worry about putting me in the draw for FLESH, I went out and bought my own copy the day it released. Loved it! And can’t wait for the next book or “Room with a View”!

    • Kylie Scott says:

      I think the hardest part for us, Kylie, really will be pretending we’re not excited! Great list. And you can totally have your own Finn and Daniel. It would only be fair. Still tickled pink that you loved Flesh! Thanks, Kylie!

    • Kylie, I think you and Natasha should team up and we’d have those pesky zombies beat! Wow, I had no idea I had such kick-ass friends! I’m mightily impressed. Sadly, I am not kick-ass. I am big ass the girl who gets eaten in the first ten minutes of the film. I am the one in the red shirt in Star Trek!

  • Helen says:

    Waving Hi to Kylie and Anna

    What a book I have yet to read a zombie story when I was a kid watching the scary movies they always scared me to bits LOL, but I am always game to try something new.

    As for me I think I would lock myself up with my massive TBR pile some candles so I could read and lots of Tim Tams to keep me going LOL

    Congrats Kylie

    Have Fun

  • Keziah Hill says:

    I can testify that Flesh is fab. Unlike a lot of other menage romances there is a realistic depiction of the difficulties and challenges in a multiple partner relationship (plus the sex is hot!). I think come the zombie apocalypse I’d take one for the team. Hold them off so others could get away (she says staring with great nobility, off into the distance. Sigh.)

    • Kylie Scott says:

      Keziah, when you say that, I can almost hear the flag flapping in the wind…the stirring sound of the orchestra rising…beautiful. You’ll make a wonderful sacrifice. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Thanks for the recommendation, K. Glad you enjoyed Flesh!

    • OK, Keziah, you know I think you’re wonderful but you’re NOT who I’m spending the ZA with. Sorry. You’re on your own kiddo. I promise to cry at the touching memorial service at the end of the movie. That’s the best I can do. Actually, no, I’ll lay a red rose on your marker with a trembling hand. 😉

  • Annie West says:

    Hi Kylie,

    I have to say I wondered about the combination of zombies and erotica but as I read I got fascinated. It sounds really fascinating. And I trust Anna’s opinion of your writing too. How great that you met at her writing workshop.

    My plan for a zombie apocalypse? It involves a cricket bat and keeping my kids close – believe me, they’ve got all the moves when it comes to combating the undead. Like you, they’ve been exposed to the genre in all its glory.

    • Annie, as you know, zombie apoc… menage stories are not my stock in trade when it comes to reading, so the fact that I love this one so much says a great deal for the writing. Really, Kylie’s excerpt just blew me away. Always feel people are doing their dough when I give a critique back to them saying, “I got nuttin.” But that’s pretty much what I did here. Not surprised she sold so quickly after the workshop.

    • Kylie Griffin says:

      The image of cricket bats and zombie parts being hammered around gives new meaning to the phrase “hit ’em for six”, doesn’t it? *snicker* 😛

  • Kylie Scott says:

    Hi Annie, yes, we had a wonderful day at Anna’s workshop. She’s a lovely lady and a great teacher. I like the sound of your cricket bat and kid combo, I think you’ll do just fine!

  • Caren Crane says:

    Kylie, welcome to the Lair! Your books sound amazing and exceptionally OUT THERE, concept-wise. What genius!

    As for my post-zombie-apolcalypse plan, I would follow all the rules laid out in Zombieland (the only zombie movie I have truly loved since the Evil Dead movies – Bruce Campbell rocks a chainsaw!). Except that I should already be working on my cardio, so I might just get eaten. Maybe if I pack more heat, though, I’ll have a chance. I definitely plan to have backup. Fellow survivors, to me!!

  • Kylie, I just went to your website, read the first part of your excerpt, and bought your book. I love your voice. I also like that you have a strong heroine and a hero secure enough in himself to like that about her.

    I’m caving for the next few weeks, so there’s no telling when I’ll get to read it, but I’m looking forward to it.

    • Nancy, how fantastic about you picking up Flesh! Huzzah! Actually I have to say that it always struck me as a book that you’d like.

    • Kylie Griffin says:

      Nancy, I can assure you you’re not going to regret buying FLESH but I will warn you – DON’T even be tempted to read a few pages in a break while you’re in your cave. YOU. WILL. NOT. PUT. IT. DOWN. UNTIL. YOU. FINISH. IT. 🙂

  • sandyg265 says:

    I don’t have a plan but I have plenty of books on my Kindle so I wouldn’t run out of books to read for a while.

  • Susan Sey says:

    Hi, Kylie & Anna–

    I don’t actually have a zombie apocalypse plan other than hunkering down at Fleet Farm. It’s a huge farm/tractor supply store here in the states that sells everything from chicken feed to crockpots. There’s also a guns & ammo department. I figure I can survive there quite nicely. 🙂

    I will, however, check into your books for tips, Kylie. I hadn’t thought to include a hot cop in my survival plan but now that you mention it, I can see how it would be a good idea.

    • Susan, if you happen to find the hot cop shelf in that shop, can you please pick up one for me too. I’ll pay you when the banking system returns to normal after we’ve defeated the ZA!

      • Kylie Scott says:

        Fleet Farm sounds perfect, Susan. And a hot cop or two is always a bonus. Wouldn’t an aisle of them be fun to walk down? I imagine it would be rather difficult to not touch the merchandise.

  • I’m a goner – just saying.

    I’d be the one running out to the approaching hoard to organize a potluck – only to discover that I was the main course!

    Fortunately, I seem to be losing my mind on a daily basis. By the time of the ZA, my brain would be slim pickings. I might not be worth the effort :-).

    • Donna, there was a really funny thing doing the rounds on facebook. One of those ‘awkward’ posts. And this one was ‘Awkward – the moment the zombies looking for brains walk right past you!’ Sadly, I think that means ME too!

      • Kylie Scott says:

        I hear you, Donna. Here’s hoping we’re all slim pickings for the hungry hoard. There’s an awkward moment I’m more than willing to live with.

  • Actually, A Zombie Apocalypse just might be the way I can lose some weight. Hunkered down in the basement eating cans of mushrooms and fruit cocktail. Also, if I am thinner, I might not be considered a snack for said Zombies. 😉
    While I am losing weight, having a hot hero to load the rifles and wear a knife low on his slim, muscular hips would be perfect!

    Congrats on your release!

    • Ooh, Karyn, for the chance to ogle a lean hero with a knife tied low on his snake-like hips, I think I’d almost welcome the ZA! We’re all going to be fabulously svelte if we survive, aren’t we?

  • Hey Kylie and Anna! What a fun post and a great looking book!

    Post apocalyptic zombie world, huh? I’m thinking I’ll just go to the mountains of Tennessee and hang with some gun-toting relatives, grow my own food and read the Dark Hunter and BDB books over and over!

  • Hi Kylie!! *Waving madly* How fantastic to see you in the lair. Thanks for bringing Kylie over today, Anna.

    I’m on deadline (due Monday, gulp!) so just thought I’d pop in and say many congratulations on your debut! My post-apocalyptic plan would be to hoard paper and pens and start writing the next book. Although your Jane Austen/Spaghetti strategy seems a bit more practical:)

  • Louisa says:

    LOVE the title of this book and I know it will be a great book! As I watch Shaun of the Dead once every six weeks or so I think I might do okay during a ZA.

    And as I live in the middle of nowhere in LA (Lower Alabama) my chances of survival are much better than average. Why? My neighbors are all tough as shoe leather rednecks who are heavily armed and mentally unbalanced. You know the Woody Harrelson character in Zombieland? I am SURROUNDED by guys like that. My checklist would read :

    1. Surrounded by heavily armed marksmen with a few screws loose? Check.

    2. Acres of trees all around for fire fuel? Check.

    3. Raised in a state where the inhabitants are capable of eating almost anything they can kill (squirrel stew anyone?) Check.

    4. Water source nearby? Creeks and underground springs on my property. Check.

    5. Enough books to get any ten people through the ZA? Check.

    6. Own dogs to alert me to the presence of zombies? Check.

    7. A couple of those dogs big enough to pull a cart for transportation once the gasoline runs out? Check.

    8. Live off a dirt road with enough satellite dishes on top of trailers to set up my own skynet? Check.

    9. A stash of Cadbury’s chocolate which I can ration through the ZA? Check.

    10. A stash of Earl Gray and other teas which will get me through almost anything? (Have a cup of tea until this all blows over. – Shaun in Shaun of the Dead)

    Zombie Apocalypse? No problem! I work at Walmart. I see Zombies in raggedy clothes every day!

  • Jeanne Adams says:

    Hi Kylie! I’m popping in late, but wanted to say Welcome to the Lair!! What a great book concept. Grins.

    Since I’m in DC, I’m afraid I’d probably be Ground Zero in a zombie attack. Ha! Like so many others have said, I’d board up, stock up on the ammunition, dog food, and water supplies and see if i could wait it out. Grins.

    Did you know the CDC has a guide for surviving the zombie apocalypse? Hahaha!

  • Imelda Evans says:

    I have two plans, in event of Zombies. One is to run to Kylie-in-the-bush (as opposed to Flesh-writing-Kylie) and make myself indispensible (chiefly by heroic amounts of sucking up) and the other is to just abduct Bear Grylls.

  • May says:

    I will survive on gummies, chocolates and lots of books on my kindle!

    • May, I think you’d better bunk in with Helen and me. That’s pretty much out plan. I”m interested that so far Keziah is the only one who’s offering one up for the team. Yay, Keziah! We’ll give you a posthumous medal and name a national holiday after you!

  • I live off in the bush so hopefully they won’t find me as it is uphill all the way from town. I have probably several thousand books. Will have to calculate if that will be enough to get me through a zombie apocalypse. May need to stock up on real books. Need paper copies of my favourite eBooks. May also need to fatten up DH and children.

  • Wow, what a blast of a day it’s been in the lair. Thank you firstly to Kylie who’s been our zombie wrangler extraordinaire. And thanks to everyone who’s played such a great game with us today. Don’t forget to check back to see who won the copy of FLESH!

    • Kylie Scott says:

      That was great fun! Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hi and share your apocalyptic genius with us.

      Thanks again, Anna, and all you other lovely Banditas for letting me visit! It was great. x