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A Trope for Every Taste

RGianaAh, romance tropes! We all have some we love, some we dislike, and some we can go either way on, depending on the story. When I decided I wanted to talk about favorite tropes here on the Romance Bandits, I came up with about six off the top of my head. I knew there were plenty more, but was astonished at how many popular ones there really are! Here are just a few of the ones I enjoy:

Military or Law Enforcement Alpha Hero – this trope gives us a sexy, strong hero who is tough on the outside, sometimes wounded, but always deeply caring on the inside, even if he doesn’t let anyone see it. I, for one, never get tired of well-written stories with Navy Seals and FBI guys, wounded or just awesome!FBI_Hero

Sheik - this is a surprisingly popular trope! I never thought I cared much for stories with sheik heroes, but read quite a few recently after my editor told me she likes them. To my surprise, I found I really enjoyed a number of them. Like many tropes, it came down to the story and how the author told it that made the difference.

220px-The_Vow_PosterAmnesia - it’s easy to poke fun at this trope, and I don’t think it’s used as often as it used to be. But I’ve got to admit I’ve read a few that twisted my heart all around, feeling so badly for the poor amnesiac and the person who loves him or her.

 Arranged Marriage, Marriage of Convenience, Fake Engagement - While these are different tropes, there are similarities. The marriage of convenience brings the hero and heroine together primarily after the wedding, the fake engagement brings them together beforehand, and the arranged marriage can do either, but ultimately it’s about two people who don’t plan to have a real relationship. Ultimately, though, they can’t keep from falling in love with one another. Wedding

Fish out of water – who doesn’t love seeing a character feel totally out of his or her element but getting through it, winning the heart of of the one he or she loves?

Mistaken Identity or In Disguise – again, these are always fun, as far as I’m concerned! Lots of problems ensue for the poor character having to maintain the charade, with potential for great and terrible black moments.

Reunited Lovers, Secret Baby - reunited lovers is a favorite of mine to both read and write, whether there’s a secret baby between them or not. I love to read stories that feature characters who have to work through their shared past, and writing about reunited lovers gives a lot of opportunity for remembered, sizzling sexual tension between them. Ooh, la la!

Friends to Lovers, Big Brother’s Best Friend - I used both of these tropes in my latest release, Flirting With Dr. Flirting_coverOff-Limits, and threw in Teacher/Student for good measure. Hey, if one trope is good, three’s even better, right? :-) It was fun to write, and I hope readers enjoy it, too.

Here’s an excerpt from FLIRTING WITH DR. OFF-LIMITS

“To you, Katy.” Alec raised his glass to hers.
Maybe it was because she couldn’t see too well through the tears in her eyes, but for whatever reason, as she tried to clink her glass to his, she completely missed. And managed to toss most of her glass of wine straight onto his lap.
“Oh! I’m so sorry, Alec!” Katy leaped from her seat, grabbing her napkin to vigorously dab at the wine staining the bottom of his shirt, moving down to dab even harder at the biggest pool of liquid in a place he didn’t want her dabbing.
Or maybe he did, because seeing her hands on his groin and feeling them pressing against him shortened his breath, stepped up the beat of his heart and invited an instant physical response he couldn’t control.
“Let me handle it, Katy,” he said, firmly grabbing her wrist before she could feel exactly what was happening to him and embarrass them both.
“But the stain is setting, and— Oh!” Suddenly her motions stilled and her widening eyes met his. Obviously his body’s response to her hands all over him was plenty clear.
“Yeah. Oh.” What else could he say? Except, maybe, Touch me some more, please.

How about you? What tropes do you love or hate, and why? Are there any tropes you’ve changed your mind about over the years?  Robin is giving away a copy of the book and a tote bag to someone leaving a comment

Thanks, Romance Bandits, for having me!



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