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Blame the Moonlight Release Day!

Hi Bandita friends!

Just wanted to bop in and say I have a novella that releases today!  Hope you give it a try. Actually, Blame the Moonlight was included in the Welcome to Haven Harbor anthology that came last October.  It’s a contemporary story of a heroine that turns invisible in moonlight.  Can’t help it–it just happens. Here’s the blurb:

Movie makeup artist, Chelsea Davenport, turns invisible in moonlight.  As a descendant of the Nevidemi, she can’t help it, she just fades to nothing. A recent Hollywood Blame the Moonlight final“ghost” sighting spooks her into joining a public relations crew bound for Haven Harbor, Massachusetts, a town populated by witches. Rather than escaping her problems, she’s landed in a cauldron of new difficulties, triggered by a full moon and a chance encounter with her old high school boyfriend who is now a (gasp!) journalist.  She needs a safe harbor but can she trust the sanctuary she finds in his arms?

Brandon Parker needs a big story to break him out of the doghouse with his news editor, who sent him to Haven Harbor to cover Halloween preparations.  The discovery of a woman who fades away in moonlight could be his ticket out of this small town hell, but reawakened attraction for his never-forgotten girlfriend along with appreciation of her unique abilities has him tied up in knots.  

Will Chelsea Davenport become front-page news, or are the witches of Haven Harbor just stirring the pot? 


If you’ve read Bound by Moonlight set in Victorian London, then you’re familiar with my invisible race 🙂 .  If not, there’s no time like the present 🙂  Bound by Moonlight is the book that won Romantic Times critic’s choice award for Historical love and laughter.  Here’s whatBound By Moonlight - cover - final others have said about Bound by Moonlight. “I adored this book and read it straight through! I read paranormal sporadically, so the concept of a heroine who disappears during the full moon was new to me. And yes, I fell a bit in love with James Locke along the way. Ms. MacMeans’ writing is strong, her plotting solid, and her characters easy to root for. I thoroughly enjoyed the novel and hope to see another featuring James and Lusinda.”  Sorry, Blame the Moonlight is about two totally new characters, but it’s still a fun, sexy read. “Great book with a twist that makes it all that more interesting and a good read!”

Blame the Moonlight is on the Kindle Select program so it’s only available on Kindle at present.  I plan to have full distribution to Nook and iBooks in October–just in time for a Halloween read.  Did I mention that the book takes place in October?

Haven Harbor is a town of witches created by Jeanne Adams.  So this is a true bandita experience.  Hope you give it a try, and if you do…don’t forget to leave a review.  Thanks much!