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Back from San Diago

Hi Everyone!

IMG_2012Time for another Travelogue 🙂 .  I’m back from the RWA convention in San Diago and have to say, I had a blast!  We stayed at the beautiful Mariott Marquis which is right on the harbor.  I found this statue by the harbor.  IMG_1955I think the same statue is placed wherever there’s a naval base. 🙂 The temperature stayed in the low 70s with bright sun and few clouds.  Couldn’t ask for better weather. Perfect for kites.  KitesHere’s two we saw flying side by side in a beautiful clear blue sky.

My husband and I arrived three days early so we could do some sightseeing.  We’d been in San Diego about twenty years ago and had some ideas of IMG_1983the places we wanted to visit again.  Our first stop was Balboa Park to see their art museums.  I remember the water lily gardens and the beautifulBalboa architecture of the plaza.  You can see a bit of it in the photo to the right.  We had a fabulous lunch on a patio underneath bright umbrellas on the left.  I could easily see this as a wedding location, can you?

We also visited Hotel Del Coronado on Coronado Island. IMG_1995 This hotel is best known as the site for the Marilyn Monroe movie “Gentleman Prefer Blondes.”  The view on the right is from the back where you can best see the famous IMG_2007roof.  That’s a restaurant to the right side.  The other picture shows the front. The Marriott Marquis sits on the San Diego Bay, but Coronado Island – which we could see from the harbor – opens to the Pacific Ocean. I was surprised by the white sand beaches.  Not the sugar sand of the panhandle but white sand nonetheless.  I found a peacock shirt on Coronado which I wore at the literacy signing.  The can see it in the photo of the literacy signing near the bottom of the blog.

IMG_2027We also visited La Jolla on the Pacific Coast.  The color of the water was just beautiful.  IMG_2020Loved the incoming waves and all the seals! 🙂  (Darn – no picture of seals.  Believe me.  This was seal heaven. 🙂  )  La Jolla is full of boutiques, art galleries and restaurants.  I just took pictures of the carved coastline.

Finally, we went to Old Town which is an historical settlement of old California. They had an old cigar shop complete with a wood carved Indian on the front porch.  That’s where I found this display of marbles. I haven’t IMG_2030seen marbles sold like this since the days of the five and dime stores. The bank had lots of antiques from that era, including a stage coach. How IMG_2033about this?  Have you ever seen a tree like wierd treethis?  It looks like it came from a Dr. Seuss book 🙂  It was growing in the middle of town.

A little closer to the hotel, we spent several evenings in the Gaslamp District. At one point in time, this area originally developed in 1867, became the home to 120 brothels, opium dens, and saloons.  Even the legendary Wyatt Earp had a saloon here.  Eventually, the area deteriorated into a slum, but then was resurrected and revitalized and is now a destination spot for good food, good music, and people watching.

IMG_2067The convention itself was great. Lots of workshops, lots of books and book signings, lots of meetings IMG_2091and lots of parties. That’s me, Sally MacKenzie and Angie Fox in the photo to the left. As usual, I didn’t take as many pictures as I should have.  I did manage this shot of the 2016 Golden Heart Finalists. Here’s one of three former presidents of RWA:  Rita Estrada (The Rita the IMG_2116published author contest is named after), Shirley Hailstock, and Jill Limber.  But I thought you might especially enjoy this photo from Nora Robert’s balcony on the 25th floor.  Long way down. 🙂IMG_2117

Speaking of book signings, I’m at one today in Akron, but I’ll check in as I can.  IMG_2043Meanwhile, I have a challenge for you.  Name the purpose of this antique from Old Town.  I’ll send a copy of In A Heartbeat to someone with the right answer.  🙂

Hope you have a great day!InaHeartbeat_Nook