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Seduction of a Duke indie published

Hi all –

Last month I re-released The Education of Mrs. Brimley.  It’s the same book that Berkley released back in 2007 but with a new cover and blurb.

Seduction of a Duke final for Barnes and NobleThis month I’m re-releasing Seduction of a Duke.  This is basically the same book that Berkley released back in 2009 but I did make some changes–not to the story, but to the editing.  I couldn’t believe that some of the words in that original release made absolutely no sense.  How can that happen?

I love the cover.  It’s similar to the old one, but that cover was great, too!

This is the story of William Chambers, the older brother of Nicholas from THE EDUCATION OF MRS. BRIMLEY.  My heroine is based on Consuelo Vanderbilt who was stuck in an arranged marriage to the Duke of Marlborough.  Consuelo’s mother felt a title in the family would improve her ability to get into the “400” in New York, which would be the very best of high society.  She raised her daughter with that purpose in mind.  Consuelo’s bedroom resembled a room in a castle with the bare necessities–just in case she ended up in a castle.  She was forced to wear a back brace, even though she didn’t need one, to ensure that she had perfect posture.  In order to gain Consuelo’s acceptance of the arranged marriage, her mother pretended to be dying and told Consuelo that this was her dying wish.  Even though Consuelo believed she was in love with someone else, she went ahead and married the Duke.

You’ll see some of these occurences in THE SEDUCTION OF A DUKE, except for the dying mother scene.  That one was cut by the editor because it made the first chapter extremely long.  It was a smart decision on her part 🙂  My characters fall in love, of course, and have a happily-ever-after, but they do have some trials and tribulations along the way.

Here’s the new blurb:

When William Chambers, the Duke of Bedford, inherited his title, he also inherited a crumbling-down-around-him ancestral home along with his father’s gambling debts. The only way to avoid scandal and ruin is to marry money. He heads to Newport Beach, Rhode Island, where rich Americans maintain summer cottages, to marry—sight unseen—a reclusive American heiress nicknamed Frosty Franny.

Francesca Winthrop is determined to marry for love, but her nouveau riche, social climbing mother wants a noble title in the family to advance her own standing. Everything has been arranged but the marriage contract has one small loophole: all Fran’s children are to be educated in America. To return to her beloved country, all she has to do is become pregnant by her new husband, the sooner the better.  Good thing she gets a little help from a courtesan’s secret journal.
Several incidents cause the duke to suspect his new bride is already carrying another man’s child. William decides to wait to consummate his marriage to confirm his suspicions. But his bride knows things—delicious, carnal things. Avoiding her sexy, sassy wiles is killing him, especially when she’s so determined to seduce her duke…

When Berkley originally released this book, they priced it at $7.99.  I’ve brought it out at $4.99.  I hope you give it a try. 🙂