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Jo Davis and Sugarland Blue

JD1colorHey everyone, pull up a chair and a drink because Lair favorite, Jo Davis is back with more sexy cops from her Sugarland Blue Series!! Please help me welcome Jo and hear about her newest book, IN HIS SIGHTS.

Suz: So Jo, you’re taking your readers back to the police force of Sugarland, Tennessee, with IN HIS SIGHTS. Can you tell our readers a little bit about it?

Jo: First of all, thank you so much for having me back! I see all has been wonderful in the Bandits’ lair while I’ve been writing. I’d be glad to tell you about my newest release! IN HIS SIGHTS is book 3 of my Sugarland Blue series, and it’s Detective Chris Ford’s story. Chris has been battling a mysterious illness, and little does he know he could be next in a string of fatalities if the cause isn’t found soon. Here’s the blurb:

Chris is one the best and brightest at the Sugarland PD, but lately a mysterious illness has him struggling to get through the day. When his symptoms land him in the care of brilliant and sexy Dr. Robyn Lassiter, Chris realizes that he is the latest victim in a rash of mysterious poisonings in the area—most of them fatal. Figuring out who’s causing the fatal outbreak has become a very personal—and deadly—race against time.

Despite battling her own personal demons and painful past, Dr. Robyn Lassiter can’t fight her attraction to her new patient. But as she struggles to help Chris track down the sick mind behind the deaths, she’s not only at risk of losing her heart but of falling headlong into a lethal plot that could take her life.…

Suz: Chris has been ill for some time, hasn’t he? Did you know early in the series what his story would be about?

Jo: Chris has been sick for months. He was having debilitating symptoms back in HOT PURSUIT, but only confided in fellow detective Taylor Kayne. I knew Chris’s story would involved him being sick, but it wasn’t until after HOT PURSUIT was released that I realized he was being poisoned. Originally I thought perhaps his illness would be a natural one, but that didn’t play well into the story.

Suz: Tell us a little bit about Dr. Robyn Lassiter and her part in IN HIS SIGHTS.

Jo: Robyn is a very independent woman who’s had a rough go of it. She’s widowed with a young daughter, Maddy, who’s the center of her universe. She’s very protective of her child, especially after what they’ve been through. Meeting and falling in love is the last thing on her mind, but fate has other plans. Here’s a sneak peek of when Chris meets Maddy and Robyn. Chris is out jogging in his neighborhood and starts to feel sick…

Dragging himself out of bed the next morning before sunrise, Chris ignored the aches and pains he shouldn’t have and slipped on his warm-up pants and a T-shirt.

Today he decided to forgo working out at the gym in favor of going for a walk through his neighborhood. He felt fine, he told himself. He could do something more strenuous if he wanted to, but walking was just as good. And he liked his peaceful neighborhood of modest homes with their trim lawns. Taylor lived a few streets over, so maybe he’d even walk that far and bum a cup of coffee.

As he went along, he set the peace and quiet seep into his bones. He’d like to get a dog. But while he loved animals and a dog would make a great companion, he worked too much and his hours sometimes ran long. It wasn’t fair to a pup to leave it alone so often. The knowledge made him a little sad.

The sun began to peek over the horizon, and the streetlamps shut off. He hadn’t been out all that long, but his limbs were starting to feel heavy and sweat trickled down his back. The headache returned as a low, ominous throb and his stomach lurched.

“Shit.” Disappointed, he cut his walk short and turned down a random street.

But with every step, the symptoms got worse. This didn’t bode well for the rest of his day. Damn, he couldn’t afford to miss any more work. His body didn’t get the message, however, and halfway down the street he was forced to stop. Thrusting out a hand, he braced himself against a light pole and stood with his head down, panting, desperately trying to stave off being sick. Or passing out.

“Hey, mister! You okay?”IN HIS SIGHTS cover

Straightening, he looked for the owner of that sweet little voice and turned. His gaze drifted downward to the cutest kid, a girl who appeared to be about seven or so. She had her brunette hair in a ponytail held on top of her head with a pink scrunchie thing, and wore a matching pink top, a backpack that was way too big, and jeans. Her small face was frowning at him, her concern clear.

“I’m all right, sweetheart,” he said, mustering a smile. “Just got a bit winded.”

“Oh.” She seemed to consider this very seriously. “You want my mommy to take your temp-ra-ture? She’s a doctor!”

What an angel. “Oh, no, that won’t be necessary—”

“Madeleine Jane, wait for me! And you forgot your lunchbox again!” a woman’s voice called. “I swear—oh. Who are you talking to, honey?”

Chris raised his eyes to peer over the child—and forgot to breathe.

Staring back at him, holding a pink lunch box, was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. She was an average height, about five foot seven, and had straight, silky auburn hair that fell to her shoulders. A fitted black shirt hugged her curves, emphasizing a mouth-watering busty figure that tapered to a small waist. Gray dress pants showed off long legs with just a hint of the strong thighs underneath.

As she approached, locking gazes with him, he took in the wariness in her vivid blue eyes. “Maddy, who’s this?” she asked mildly, but with an unmistakable hint of warning directed at him.

“I don’t know, Mommy. But he doesn’t feel good,” Maddy informed her mom. “You should take his temp-ra-ture.”

“Maybe so.” The woman stopped, handed over the lunch box, and wrapped her arms around her child, pulling Maddy’s back against her front. A clearly protective stance. “But what have I told you about talking to strangers?”

Maddy dipped her head. “Sorry.”

“We’ll talk about it more, later.” She hugged her daughter in reassurance, then addressed Chris, holding out a hand. “Hello, I’m Robyn.”

He took shook it, a bit disappointed that she didn’t share her last name. He decided to share more in his introduction. As he let go of her hand, he reached into the pocket of his warm-ups, removed his badge, and held it up. “Chris Ford. I’m a detective with the Sugarland PD.” He smiled. “You and Maddy are both perfectly safe in my presence, honest.”

With that, the steel in her expression softened some. “Nice to meet you, detective.”

“Chris, please.”

She nodded, but made no commitment either way. “So, you’re not feeling well? Would you like to sit down on my steps? I can take a look at you, or call someone to come get you.”

He shook his head. “No, thanks. I just needed to catch my breath. I’ve been out of commission and this is only my fourth day back at work. Guess I’ve got to build up my strength again.”

Her eyes narrowed, and she seemed to see right through him. “You don’t look well. You’re pale, and you’re holding on to that light pole as though it’s the only thing keeping you upright.”

Abruptly, he pushed away from it as though it had burned him. “No, really I’m fine. But I’d better be on my way if I don’t want to be late.”

“Well, if you’re sure . . . ” She wasn’t convinced. “I was just about to take Maddy to school. Would you like a ride home?”

He opened his mouth to refuse—and then thought better of it. One, he wasn’t sure he’d make it. And two, he really wanted more time in Robyn’s presence. “Sure, that would be great. Thanks.”

“No problem.” To Maddy, she said, “Would you run in and get my purse and keys? They’re on the table.”


The girl ran inside, and Chris took the opportunity to speak privately. “I’m sorry if I scared you when you saw her talking to me. I was just resting for a minute and she surprised me.”

“It’s all right. No matter how I caution her, Maddy is a social butterfly.” The woman gave him a real smile, and almost blinded him. “I’m Doctor Robyn Lassiter, by the way.”


By God, she was gorgeous.

His mouth stretched into a wide, answering smile. “Nice to meet you, Mrs. Lassiter.”

“Just Robyn.”

He was getting the feeling there was no Mr. Lassiter in the picture, from the vibe he was getting. But he couldn’t be sure.

All too fast, the little girl returned, swinging the purse and keys, and handed them to her mother.

“Ready, sweet pea?”


Something about these two made him feel warm inside. Better than he had in a long time. Maddy scrambled into the back of the car as though she was used to riding there, which was safer given her size and the air bags in the front. Chris climbed into the passenger’s seat and buckled up. Once they were on their way, he gave directions to his house.


“You live pretty close by,” Robyn commented.

“Yeah. I feel stupid catching a ride when I live five streets away.”

“That’s not what I meant. I don’t mind at all.”

When she pulled up in front of his house a few moments later, he turned. “Speaking of strangers, my partner and I are giving the Stranger Danger program to each of the first grade classes starting next week. Maybe I’ll see you and Maddy there.” To Maddy, he turned and said in a conspiratorial voice, “I’m bringing Valor the Crime Dog.”

“Yay! Can you come, Mommy?”

Put on the spot, Robyn bit her lip. “I can’t promise, but I’ll try.”

Thank Jesus for that shitty assignment and even the smelly suit.

That was the best he was going to get, so it was time to bow out gracefully. “Thank you for the ride. Hopefully, I’ll see you two soon.”

17707534Suz: Okay, you write pretty good creepy bad guys. Do they walk in and tell you their story or do you have to seduce it out of them? And if so, I’m kind of glad I don’t live in your nightmares! :)

Jo: Thanks! Writing bad guys has always been so much fun for me, and they arrive at my keyboard pretty much fully fleshed out. I just think to myself, “What’s the worst thing my villain can do to my hero and heroine?” Then I triple that, sit back, and watch the fireworks.  :)

Suz: What’s next for the Sugarland series?

Jo: Next up is Detective Tonio Salvatore’s story, ON THE RUN. I’m writing that one now, and it’s a bit different from the first three because Tonio goes undercover with a gang of real bad dudes. While posing as one of them, he does the unthinkable—falls in love with the leader’s sister. It may just be his last mistake…

Suz: As many of our readers know, you also write sexy paranormal shape-shifter series as JD Tyler. What’s up next with your Alpha Pack?

Jo: Next up for the Alpha Pack is Nick Westfall’s story, WOLF’S FALL, which releases December 2! I can’t wait for readers to get their hands on Nick’s story. It’s been a long time coming, and Nick deserves his happy ending with a certain vampire princess… Next in the series will be Micah Chase’s story, CHASE THE DARKNESS, coming in spring of 2015. I’ll start writing that book this fall. I’m also planning to write a short novel for Phoenix and Noah, for those who’re waiting on their story! It’s going to be explosive…

Thank you again for having me here today! I always love visiting the Bandits’ Lair!

Jo is giving away a signed print copy of IN HIS SIGHTS to one commenter today. So, here’s the question. You know Jo’s had two hot series set in Sugarland, fire fighters and cops. Which do you find sexier and why? Fireman or Cops?