It’s the Little Things….

austin_home_staging_freshtowelsYou know, it’s August.  In the US, it’s freakin’ HOT, humid and, unless you’re in the pool, fairly miserable.  As you ALL know, I’m a winter girl, not a summer one.  I don’t love the hot weather, never have.

I remember growing up in the Carolinas, with no air conditioning.  Wearing as little as possible, and having a very hard time sleeping because it was so hot and still.  Even in the mountains, you get those days and nights that are just impossibly hot, sticky and still.

We had a week of those here last week.  I spent a lot of time reading and working indoors and thanking Willis Carrier, the inventor of air conditioning.  My boys, considerate men that they are, actually took themselves off to the beach so I could get a big chunk of my WIP finished.  Yippeee!!  (I’ll be doing a cover reveal soon!!)  It was realllllllly quiet in the house without the three male-type people here, I must say.Sincero

Between bouts of writing, I worked in the yard a little.  That was…wow…faint-inducing-hot.  Just standing out to water all the flowers was something that could turn you into a dripping Popsicle in about three seconds flat.  I was not only watering my own flowers, but looking after the neighbors yard as well, since they were away.  I couldn’t NOT water.  Lordy dee, I thought I was gonna die.

Which brings me to those “little things.”  I’ve been reading a great, and very funny, book called You Are A Badass.  It’s a success book. To be honest, I feel like I need to read another one of these kinds of books like I need a hole in my head.  But, but I sat down with it in the bookstore, amused by the title and before I was done with the first chapter, I was laughing out loud.  Yep, that Jen Sincero, she’s funny.  I approve.  So I bought it.

One of the things Jen Sincero talks about is Gratitude.  

A lot of success coaches talk about this, so do a lot of religions, pseudo-scientific guru-types, and pretty much all the people who are into meditation.  Grins.  But it IS a good thing, this Gratitude.  So I thought I’d focus on what I’m grateful for.

Not the HUGE things, like family, and faith, and love and the world and stories, but outdoor-shower-design-ideas-3the simple, everyday things.  The stuff you and I sometimes just pass right by and take for granted.

So on this very hot day, I realized there were a LOT of simple things, besides air con, that I was unutterably thankful and grateful for.

Showers.  In this case, cool, refreshing ones.  I LOVE the shower.  I do some of my best thinking there.  Ahhhhh…..  One of these days, I want to own a house with an out door shower.  Wouldn’t that be decadent and delightful?

I’m sure everyone around me was really grateful for showers too.  Grins.  Digging in the garden and dumping mulch and standing around watering plants on a 90-degrees-at-9-am-day gave my antiperspirant an unmitigated FAIL status, so showering was mandatory as well as delightful.king sized bed

Great towels.  Continuing the theme, I realized I was deeply and happily grateful for big fluffy bath towels sitting on my towel warmer.  I got the towel warmer for the Darling Husband a few years ago, kind of as a joke.  We’d had one at a resort we’d stayed in and loved it, so I got one as a prezzie for him for Christmas.  Now everyone wants to use it.  It’s great.  And sitting on that scrumptiously warm towel warmer were new, fluffy towels.

How long has it been since you bought yourself new towels?  I’m serious.  This is one of those little luxuries that isn’t hugely expensive, but makes you feel like a queen in a spa every morning.

Years ago after my first marriage broke up, and I was on my own again, I decided that I was buying new towels.  I SO did not want anything in MY new sanctuary of a house that had been used while in that former relationship.  Now some things I couldn’t afford to replace, but the towels?  Ohhhhh yeah.  Those went, right away.

That started a total love affair with big, fat, fluffy, wonderful towels.  Now I replace my towels regularly, which Good Housekeeping actually recommends!

Somewhere in that journey, I realized I grew up with the Depression-era mentality of “use it till it has no more usefulness.”  Now, in a towel, means it’s in rags.  SNORK!!  No more!  I have great towels, and I’m grateful for them.

fancysoapAn Awesome Bed with Great Linens.  This is another one where I realized that I needed “ME” linens and a “ONLY MINE” bed and that started me on a life of really great linens.  Now I make sure the sheets are high quality and pleasing to all the senses, and the bed…well, y’all remember the saga of the new King Sized Bed, I’m sure!  Hahah!!

Three years later, we STILL don’t have an actual headboard.  We haven’t found one on which we agree, but the bed?  Divine!!  (That’s the kind of bed I want, the DH wants something a little less…imposing.  Grins)

Another thing for which I’m grateful, one of those little things, is Great Soaps and Shampoos.  Again, this seems like such a little thing, but when you go from using the ever-average bar soap you grew up with (in my case, cheap, utilitarian & unscented) to a delectable Shea Butter Body Bar from Bath and Body Works, or some lovely lemon scented confection from Caswell & Massey, or some other wonderful product that makes you feel like you get to go to the Spa every time you shower, it just makes a difference in your day.  Ditto with great hair products.  Using the cheap stuff saves money, sure, but sometimes, feeling like a female, and smelling like one, when you live in a houseful of men is just the BEST FEELING EVER.  Grins.outdoorshower

Last but not least, my Gratitude for the Simple Things that fine, unbearably hot day, came down to one thing.  A very, very simple thing.


Is there ANYTHING more refreshing on a hot, hot day, than a wonderful slice of watermelon?  Ahhhhhhh!!!  I had some for dinner tonight.  They’re coming in from local producers now and they are just scrumptious.  The peaches are coming in too, by the way.  I just made peach pie tonight….nom!!

So what are some little things, some summer things, that you’re grateful for?  Give me five that you love….just the little stuff, simple stuff….

READY????  GO!!!

PS – bonus round question….what do YOU think of outdoor showers???

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  • Jane says:

    Hello Jeanne,
    Were you guys under the heat dome, too? It’s going to get unbearably hot again later this week. My brain is a bit fried, so I’m not sure I can come up with 5 little things. I’m with you on the watermelon. I also love strawberries and lychee. I’m actually grateful for the Olympics. It’s nice to get caught up watching these athletes compete and forget about the craziness for two weeks. Another thing I’m grateful for is getting to spend time with my little cousins and other family and friends during the summer.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hi Jane! I’m with you on the Olympics. I’m thoroughly enjoying them as always. Really excited about the lady swimmers this year. :>

      And I’m going to have to try lychee sometime. I’ve heard several people I know say its delicious. I’ll bet I can get it here in DC. :>

      The heat dome – ha! – yep, we’ve had it for sure.

  • Helen says:

    Oh Jeannie

    If I could I would send you some lovely cool weather we have been having a fairly cold winter this year the coldest I can remember in a while or maybe it is just that I am getting older LOL and there is another cold snap due tomorrow. Love all of your list for being grateful
    For me for summer

    The summer fruits cherries nectatrines peaches and yes watermelon


    Good books to read in air con

    Salads so many yummy vegies

    Friends to listen to me gripe about the heat because like you I am a winter person 🙂

    Have Fun

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Heehee! Yes, I’m very grateful for friends who’ll listen to me gritch about the heat. Ha! Including you, Helen! Haha!! Salads…yummm….yep, good stuff. And Sunscreen! Awesome invention, sunscreen. Both my boys got a burn at the beach last week. So we had peeling, silly looking boy-o’s for a few days. Ha!

      Wish you could send some of that cool this way too. It’ll come soon enough, though, I guess. :>

  • Pissenlit says:

    Boo heat! We don’t have air conditioning so yay fans! 😛

    1. BBQs (omigosh, I REALLY want a juicy burger and/or hot dog right now!)
    2. Tall sweaty glasses of ice cold drinks
    3. Ice cream or popsicles or freezies or other frozen treat (ah, who am I kidding? I eat these in the winter too)
    4. Later daylight hours
    5. My birthday. 🙂

    bonus answer: Looking at that picture made me shudder. There could be all sorts of creepy crawlies hiding among those rocks! I thought to myself, I’d much rather have my outdoor shower surrounded by glass. And then I realised that if it was surrounded by glass, it wouldn’t be an outdoor shower. Ha! I guess I wouldn’t like an outdoor shower!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Heeheehee. Pissenlit, I was snorking over the idea of the outdoor shower enclosed in glass. However, that would be pretty darn cool too, and you could use it in the winter. Hmmmmm. That might have to go into the dream house plan!!

      LOVE me some Popsicle and summer cold treats and, like you, I often eat them in the winter too! ha! Thanks for popping in!

  • I am definitely grateful for AC here in the annex of the Amazon aka Alabama.

    I am grateful for Milo’s iced tea! Cannot write without it.

    Clean sheets on the bed. I change mine frequently because I love the smell and feel of clean sheets.

    The mist setting on my garden hose nozzle. My big, goofy yard dog – Duke – loves to be sprayed with the mister. He goes nuts and makes me laugh.

    Sheet protectors. Simple plastic sleeves I put my research in, I love ’em!

    I would LOVE an outdoor shower. But I live in the middle of nowhere!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Yeah, but living in the middle of nowhere makes it even better! No worries about anybody peekin’! Grins.

      Love that Duke loves the mister. My “new” puppy – now 8 months old – loves to be sprayed with the hose. Not misted. Soaked. Snork!!

      And yes, to iced tea! WOOT!!

  • Hi Jeanne –

    Great to think about gratitude. It’s too easy to forget to appreciate the gifts around you.

    I’m grateful for good ice cream – not the cheap stuff (which we have in abundance) but the wonderful – want-to-make-it-last kind. Yum!

    I’m grateful not to have to cook dinner especially on these hot, hot days. My daughter does all the cooking and, of course, I’m grateful for my daughter, but this aspect for her being here is particularly appreciated.

    I’m grateful for ceiling fans. While I love my air conditioning on these 90 degree days, I’m pretty much an open window gal. The ceiling fans keep the air moving and just feel so good.

    I’m grateful for my fitbit. Just got the new Fitbit alta today as my fitbit charge died before it was a year old. I complained and they sent me a new alta which arrived today. While I was fitbitless I really missed knowing my step count. So I’m back! Now to get moving again. 🙂

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Oooh, GOOD ice cream. That’s something to be really grateful for! :> And yes, to ceiling fans too.

      My fitbit is motoring along, although I’d love to have a new one…hear that fitbit? You could die on me and I could get a new one…Hahah!! I got the kind where it’s just dots, you ahve to go IN to the fitbit program to see your step numbers. Its annoying. Grins.

      And I love that your daughter cooks. Wonder if I can indoctrinate my sons to that…..?

  • Jeanne, I love that bed! I, too, am grateful for air conditioning. Summer is so hot and muggy that I’d be wilting without it.

    I’m also grateful for all the fresh produce available in the summer, especially tomato sandwiches and watermelon. Though I have yet to eat watermelon with the deep, rich color and flavor it used to have. I’m beginning to think breeding out the seeds also bred out the flavor.

    I’d love an outdoor shower if it could be placed where no one could see. Would also love a hot tub like my brother-in-law and his family have. Except, of course, mine would not have their magnificent view of the Front Range silhouetted against the stars.

    • Pissenlit says:

      Omigosh, they totally bred out the flavour when they bred out the seeds! We managed to find some watermelons with seeds last summer. It was SO good!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Nancy and Pissenlit, I’m totally with you on the watermelon. No seeds equals a lot less flavor. Sigh. I wish I’d seen some of those watermelon, Pissenlit, I’d’ve pounced too!! Ha!

      Nancy, I went skiing in CO one winter and the hotel had a hot tub with the most magnificent view…ahhhh!!

      Isn’t that bed great? Hubby things it’s a bit too-too, but I loveit. Grins.