Guilty Pleasures

To all our American friends who celebrate it, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! I must apologise that this post is not in the spirit of thankfulness. I come from Australia, where we’re not grateful for anything No, that’s not true, but I do think it’s a lovely tradition to take a day to think about what you’re grateful for. And the huge yummy feast doesn’t hurt, either! So, for those of us who are not gathering with loved ones over turkey and stuffing, today I’m talking once more about guilty pleasures. Much as I try to live up to my highly sophisticated sobriquet in the
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Not Just For Kids (Part 1)

All across the US, people are mobilizing.  Some are going to visit family or friends, others are going off on a holiday, and others are preparing for the onslaught of guests.  For some reason, thinking of this reminded me of when various cousins came to visit, or we went to visit them, when I was growing up. Some years back, when I was well into adulthood, I received a wonderful picture book about such visits as a gift.  Thinking of all the people traveling this week reminded me of it, so I checked to see whether it was still in
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October Booty!

I have two prizes to announce today. The first is a copy of Jon Land’s Strong Darkness, and it goes to…   Flchen1 The second is winner’s choice of a signed copy of Sentinel or a signed copy of Warrior.  The winner is… Amy Conley Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who stopped by.  Please send your snail mail contact info to Nancy (at) Nancy Northcott (dot) com.  With no spaces or parens, of course.  Amy, I need to know which book you’d rather have.

Bouchercon Mystery Conference

Earlier this month, I attended Bouchercon – Murder at the Beach, a conference for mystery writers and readers to mingle and plot murder. Of the fictional variety, of course. As far as I know. The conference was especially exciting because the night before it started, I found out that my latest book, A HIGH-END FINISH, had debuted on the New York Times mass market paperback bestsellers list at #9! And my good friend Jenn McKinlay’s book debuted at #8, so we were bestselling besties all weekend. Jenn suggested we get tattoos to commemorate the occasion. As you can see, Edgar
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Letting Go

My daughter called me the other day to inform me she’d finally gotten to the ugly job of cleaning her kitchen cabinets.  That’s one of those tasks you swipe at when you’re doing dishes or cooking, promising yourself you’ll tackle the deep cleaning later. Of course, like most of us, you wait until the job becomes THE NASTY CHORE. While I listened to her complain about the cleaning job, how long it took, and how much elbow grease she invested into it, I took a quick look at my own kitchen cabinets. For maybe a second or two I thought about
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Even Turkeys get a Workout

One thing I’ve learned in this fiction writing journey is that the simplest things are often the most difficult.  Why?  Because a lot of work went into making that item look simple.  When I started writing, I thought one sat at a computer and just told the story.  Then I learned about pacing and how to keep the story moving forward.  I learned about where to place the power words to allow the sentence to make the most impact.  i learned dialogue could be more than dialogue – it could be banter with insight to character and subtext.  The simplest
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Holidays and Reading – Quick Five!

It’s a busy time of year. For the US Banditas and BBs, you have Thanksgiving next week. For the rest of us, who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, we edge ever closer to the big Christmas holiday! I don’t about where you are, but the Christmas ads started appearing in late September and Christmas in the shops was around that time too! Now, I love Christmas, but really? It gets earlier and earlier every year and the sales even start before Christmas now! I went into one well-known shop and they were already playing Christmas music in September! I said to the
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A Double Shot Gingerbread Latte Caramel Mocha Vodka Americano to Go…

TIS THE SEASON!!!   Ahhhhh!  The smell of gingerbread has begun.  Oh, and spice cookies.  And cinnamon.  And pumpkin…oh, my yes, the pumpkin. There’s the delicious attack of the Gingerbread Men.  We’ll be doing that right after the Thanksgiving.   We’ll be planning a night with friends and neighbors to make gingerbread houses.  OMGosh, you’ve seen some of these marvelous creations, right?  Ours are NOTHING like that.  Hahahah!  Ours are usually a mish-mosh of gingerbread, icing, gumdrops, and candy.  They look like mutant mini Abominable Snowman Lairs. But we have so darn much fun!  Ha! Then there’s the eggnog.  My
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Baby Needs New Shoes!–Just Shoot Me Now

I recently posted this on my facebook page: Dear shoe manufacturers: Not all snow is dry, and not all rain is warm. There is this thing called WINTER, which in many places is COLD and WET at the same time, which means all those cute, suede, pompom-bedecked fluffy things will turn into mush in approximately two hours. Thank you so much for your attention to this matter. Cassondra, the frustrated shoe shopper Hey, I would totally wear those boots on the left. I think pompoms are cute on boots! Okay…This whole thing started about two weeks ago when I was
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That’s pronounced “oh-ROCK-tus” for those of you who don’t speak Gaelic.  This includes myself, of course.   The only way I’ve learned to spell it properly is to remind myself that the word “reach” is sitting there in the middle.  The rest I guess at. So what IS this bizarre word & why do I bring it up? Oireachtas is a regional Irish dance competition, a qualifying event for the World Championships.  It’s being held here in Minneapolis over Thanksgiving weekend & my girls are participating.  As a result, Oireachtas has taken over my life.  It’s taken over the whole
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