Conference Craziness!

It’s here!  Conference season! Today (Wednesday) is the start of the huge RWA Conference in San Antonio, Texas.  Many of the Banditas are there, promoting their books at tonight’s Open-to-the-Public Literacy Signing!  They’ll be meeting up with old friends, new fans, and getting a start on learning what’s new in the writing biz.  Yay, Banditas!!  (That’s me and Nancy from last year’s Rita night….aren’t we snazzy?) Virtually every field has a conference.  Most have one or two, depending on their size or location.  Miners have conferences, dentists and dental hygienists have conferences (Right Terry Brisbin?), doctors, morticians, romance writers, rodeo
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The Joy of Making

From the time we’re small, we start trying to shape the world around us.  Our efforts then are usually simple, a stack of blocks or a pile of sand.  From there, some of us graduated to using a sheet and a couple of chairs to make a “fort.”  Or piling up branches outdoors to do the same. The dh had a toy bulldozer he used to make paths in the sandbox, and the boy had an elaborate set of sand molds that went to the beach with us.  I remember being so excited, at age 5, to discover that the hose would
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Winner for “The Avenger” Booty!

Congratulations to ALYN   for winning the audible download of “The Avenger,” accompanied by the ebook of the same title. Please send your email addy to email hidden; JavaScript is required and I’ll toss your prizes into the stratosphere.  Thanks for playing with us at The Romance Bandits!

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Winners of Kay Thomas’ Elite Ops downloads

We have 3…yes that’s THREE lucky winners today of downloads from Kay Thomas’ ELITE OPS SERIES!! CONGRATULATIONS…HELEN, HEATHERCM and BRENDA RUMSEY!!! You get your choice of HARD TARGET now or PERSONAL TARGET when it releases on July 29th!! Please send me your snail mail addy to suzanne AT suzanneferrell DOT com and I’ll see your information gets forwarded to Kay ASAP!

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Unexpected Pleasures

Sunday morning I came downstairs to move the wash into the dryer and do a quick check on email, when my daughter told me to look outside.  There stood two beautiful bucks with antlers, nibbling away at the zebra grass at the edge of our lawn.  I didn’t think to grab my camera, but honestly, they didn’t stay all that long.  I think my voice may have spooked them.  While the antlers on “my” bucks were flatter and more horizontal than this photo from the Morguefile  - you get the idea.  I was so delighted with the surprise gift from
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Whisky Laird Booty

Thanks so much for celebrating my release of THE WHISKY LAIRD’S BED.  The winners of a free download are: Amy Conley and Kim Congratulations! I’ll need an email address to send the download, so if you could visit me at and send your info, I’ll send the Whisky Laird right back at you Thanks everyone for playing along with me.

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Summer Selections

When I was a kid, summer was my favorite time of the year, outshining even Christmas!  What was not to love? Hot summer days playing cops and robbers with my little brother.  Long hours planning how to torment my older sister.  Glass after glass of iced tea with lemon slices that really did make me feel like falling backwards into a swimming pool – if we’d had one.  And, of course, no inkling of school until after Labor Day. I thought it’d be fun to talk about our summer selections, so here goes — what are your choices? A.  
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There she goes…

So my big girl is off to overnight camp tomorrow, & I have to admit, we’re all feeling a little trepidation about it. Not that we don’t love camping.  We’re all about camping here in our house.  Summer’s not summer until we’ve busted out the tents, thrown on the backpacks & burnt dinner over a fire.  But this is different.  This isn’t camping.  This is Camp. Like overnight camp. Like away from the family camp. Like sleeping in a cabin with fourteen other girls, & a couple of adults who don’t know that you like to sleep with the bathroom
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C.L. Wilson & The Winter King

My guest today is USA Today and New York Times bestselling author C. L. Wilson. I’ve been eagerly awaiting her next fantasy romance release, The Winter King. Publishers Weekly chose that book as one of the Most Anticipated Reads for Spring 2014. C.L. will chat about The Winter King with us today. Welcome, C.L.! Both The Fading Lands series and The Winter King are set in fantasy worlds. How are they similar and different? Well, both are similar in that both worlds feature magic at the heart of the story, and both feature multiple races & societies of people with
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Road Tripping with Trish

Most people travel long distances by plane, often never setting foot in what is called “Flyover Country.” It’s not a secret that I’m not a fan of flying. I tend to travel by train or car, and recently I took a couple of weeks to drive to Montana to see my sister and see some sights along the way there and back. So I thought I’d share some of the highlights today, photo essay style. After perusing, let me know if you’ve been to any of these spots, or what some of your favorite park visits have been.

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