Outlandishly Mad For ‘Outlander’

Everyone here knows two things about me: 1. I am cheap, cheap, cheap. 2. I am slow, slow, slow. Add these together and it seems pretty unlikely that I would have been watching the new TV series Outlander on the Starz network, since that is a paid network on cable TV and the show is NEW. I don’t have cable TV. I certainly don’t have Starz. I do, however, have friends with Starz!! Yes, I have been watching Outlander. Way back in the olden days (that’s 1991, kids), I was a member of the Doubleday Book Of the Month club. The way it
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Annie West Claims an RT Book Reviews Top Pick!

I’m delighted to welcome back to the lair one of our favorite guests, Australian author Annie West. Annie is here to tell us about her latest Harlequin Presents, the passionate and emotional DAMASO CLAIMS HIS HEIR. Damaso is making friends all over with some wonderful reviews, including a Top Pick and 4.5 stars from RT Book Reviews. How’s this for a wrap? “West’s page-turner set in colorful Brazil is impressively perfect, starring her well-matched, rags-to-riches hero and her unjustly scandal-ridden royal heroine. Her illuminating, expert narrative brings the breathtaking story and the explosive lovemaking to life.” You can find out
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September Fun in the Lair!

I don’t know about all of you, but I can’t believe it’s September already. Before you know it, shops will be stocking up for Christmas! At least those of you in North America have Halloween and Thanksgiving to keep those retailers occupied. Here in England, we’ve seen tinsel and twinkling lights as early as the beginning of October. *shakes head*   Anyway, the weather may be cooling in the northern hemisphere, as summer fades into fall, but here in the Lair, the fun is heating up – rather like the weather for our friends Down Under! As usual, we have
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It’s Pre-Party Time for A SEAL’s Fantasy

Ahhhhhh!!! First off, I have to do a wild Happy Dance because my Sexy SEAL boxed set has had a wonderfully successful weekend. It’s discounted to only .99 cents this weekend, and it’s hit #5 on the Kindle Bestseller List and #1 on the Nook Bestseller List. Wheeeee, yay and a huge thank you to EVERYONE who added the boxed set to their collection. But that’s not what we’re celebrating today (although do feel free to happy dance with me-I always dance better in a crowd). Today’s the big whohoooo is because we’re having a Launch Party! A SEAL’s Fantasy
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Bandit Booty!!

We’ve got lots of Bandit Booty to give away from the old Lair “Treasure Chest” today! The winners of a signed copy of WHEN THE DUKE WAS WICKED, the first book in Lorraine Heath’s new series, and a surprise book of Lorraine’s choice are: BECKE and SALLY SCHMIDT!! CONGRATULATIONS, ladies! AND The winner of a signed print copy of Jo Davis’ new Sugarland Blue series book IN HIS SIGHTS is MAUREEN!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Please email me your snail mail addresses at suzanne AT suzanneferrell.com and I’ll see both authors get you your prizes ASAP!

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Devil in Denim–Melanie Scott is in the Lair!

It’s my absolute pleasure to welcome back someone whose alter ego, M.J. Scott, is no stranger to the lair. In fact, we have *both* personas visiting us today (how’s that for split personalities?) Melanie has just launched a new series revolving around the owners of a baseball team.  Here’s the blurb of DEVIL IN DENIM to whet your appetite: LIFE JUST THREW HER A CURVEBALL.As the team-owner’s daughter, Maggie Jameson grew up in the New York Saints’ stadium—glove, cap, hot dogs, and all. Baseball’s in her blood, and she’s always dreamed of the day when she would lead the Saints to
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Love on a Stick

I’m the luckiest girl in the world, & for a lot of reasons. I have family–a husband who loves me (still!) & kids who make us proud (when they’re not making us crazy). I have my health–though at 42 (today!) I’m starting to squint at the fine print.  And make an unseemly amount of noise when I get up in the morning.  Nothing gastro-intestinal (thank GOD) but a lot of snap, crackle, POP in the ol’ joints.  It’s sort of musical, I guess.  It has a beat. You could dance to it, maybe.  Once you stretch out. But the biggest blessing?
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Men With Bows

I love men with bows. No, not pink bows on their heads or bow ties on their necks, although Ducky from NCIS is rather dapper in his. What I mean is, men with long bows and arrows. It’s something about the precision of using a bow to hit a target and especially a moving target. Then it’s the forearm strength. Imagine how defined the muscles in those arms are after all that practice. Yummo! ***Psstt*** here’s a secret. I think men’s forearms are very, very sexy. I think my lover for archers started back with Robin Hood, the one with
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Jo Davis and Sugarland Blue

Hey everyone, pull up a chair and a drink because Lair favorite, Jo Davis is back with more sexy cops from her Sugarland Blue Series!! Please help me welcome Jo and hear about her newest book, IN HIS SIGHTS. Suz: So Jo, you’re taking your readers back to the police force of Sugarland, Tennessee, with IN HIS SIGHTS. Can you tell our readers a little bit about it? Jo: First of all, thank you so much for having me back! I see all has been wonderful in the Bandits’ lair while I’ve been writing. I’d be glad to tell you
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The Last Gasp of Summer

Yesterday was one of those summer days we just hate around here, hot and muggy.  Oppressive.  Today, though, was nice.  The air felt light.  There was even a breeze, and the temperatures were down about 10 degrees from yesterday.  It was almost like, well, fall. Now Dragon Con is upon us, ending on Labor Day.  While summer doesn’t officially end until September 22, Labor Day feels like it draws the curtain over summer and its freedom.  Maybe that’s because school used to start right after Labor Day, not in August like it does now.  For whatever reason, Dragon Con itself has become
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