Parting Gifts

This is one of those blogs that started out headed in one direction and then, because of things that happened, veered to another. Sunday afternoon a week ago, after Moonlight & Magnolias, I drove into downtown Atlanta to attend the memorial service for the editor of the Daily Dragon, Nebula Award winner Eugie Foster, pictured at left in a photo graciously supplied by Amy Herring.  Eugie died in late September of respiratory failure following a stem cell transplant to fight sinus cancer. The memorial was held at the Hyatt Regency, one of the host hotels for the con and the site of the
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Small Things

I’ve decided to enjoy the small things. The large things are so…large.  And daunting.  But small things?  You can DO those.  You put a bunch of small things on a list & you can crank out a day full of victories, albeit tiny ones. But, hey, a victory is a victory, right? I’ve found that this principle applies to amusement as well.  To be frank, I’ve never been a very tough sell in this area.  It doesn’t have to be wildly hilarious or insanely funny to tickle me.  I like my small amusements, but I’ve been really focused lately on
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Old Dogs, New Tricks

The old adage would have us believe you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Friends, I must disagree. I am an old dog at this point in my life and I am having to learn new tricks daily!  Things are changing rapidly in all parts of my life. When I think how different things are today than they were just 10 years ago, it is mind-boggling. At work, we haven’t quite achieved the “paperless” office we were promised in the ’90s, but we are getting there. Things we used to file on paper, we scan and archive. Records we
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Tracey Devlyn’s Winners!

Tracey Devlyn was our guest on October 9th, and she’s offering  EITHER a signed print copy of one of her Nexus historical romantic spy thrillers, or an e-copy of NIGHT STORM, Book 1 of her Bones and Gemstones historical romantic mystery series. And the winner is….Catslady!     And the BONUS Prize from me–the LAST HERO STANDING ebook box set to benefit author Pamela Clare (which also includes one of Tracey’s novels) goes to…. Quantum! Catslady and Quantum, please contact me at  Cassondrawrites    AT    gmail  DOT com to give me the email address associated with your e-reader.   (FYI, I’ll try
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What’s So Funny???

Some days, you just need a laugh.  I mean, seriously.  Have you had one of those weeks?  I have.  It’s been gloomy and rainy, and it SHOULD be bright, blue-sky October!!  My favorite month!  Instead, its been raining so much here in DC that I haven’t set up my usual amusing paranomral extravaganza in my front yard for the Halloween season.  Hasn’t been a day that I could!  Yikers! So, I was a weeee bit glum.  Heavy sigh.  I decided I needed some cheering.  Whenever I really need a laugh, I have friends that I call who can invariably make
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USA Today Bestselling Amy Andrews is in the Lair!

I’m thrilled to bring yet another Aussie friend back to the lair. Today, its Amy Andrews with her new steamy read, NO MORE MR. NICE GUY. Isn’t that a fabulous title and a great cover, to boot! Welcome, Amy! An Essential List for Nice Guys looking to Bring Out The Bad. My sexy new Brazen, No More Mr Nice Guy, has been out for a couple of weeks now and it even hit the USA Today bestseller list – colour me happy! The story revolves around Josie, who’s thoroughly sick of being a good girl and Mack who’s done with
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We have 2 winners of print copies of CLOSE TO THE FIRE! CONGRAUTLATIONS…Lucy and GAMistress!! Email me your snail mail addresses at suzanne AT suzanneferrell DOT com and I’ll see you get your books ASAP!

Party Like it’s 1989

Okay, I know Prince’s song is really “Party Like it’s 1999,” but you see, this weekend I’ll be attending my 25th high school reunion. That certainly doesn’t seem possible. But I’m looking forward to catching up with old friends, driving around my hometown, going to a high school football game, and walking the halls of my old high school. So in preparation, I thought it might be fun to look back to May 25, 1989, the night I graduated from high school. I was living in a small Western Kentucky town that had two stoplights in the entire county, visible
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Is It Too Early?

According to the handy dandy Christmas Countdown Clock, there are 71 days left until Christmas. Now, whether that’s “ONLY 71 days left, holy cow how will I get everything done?!” or if that’s “Chill, there’s still 71 days, what’s the rush?” is always up for debate. If you’re a crafter, 71 days might be worth freaking about.  Most of the stores have had holiday craft supplies in stock since August, some are starting to sell out as Christmas decorations nudge Halloween crafts off the shelves.  I started thinking about card making supplies about a month ago, trying to decide on
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She Said….

“This just doesn’t seem right.” The three BB’s spared him a glance over their shoulders as they dragged Paolo by the wrist down the fifth hall from the left. Crazy women, Paolo grumbled to himself. Didn’t they know The Lair was like one of those magical mazes? You could be in here for years before you find the right portal. Cassondra had insisted on that layer of protection and it was only by the grace of Suz who liked her margharita’s fresh and frozen that all the cabana boys and gladiators had GPS bands on their wrists.   “We have
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