Favorite Halloween Treats

I was on deadline. It’s not my fault. I sent my husband out to get the Halloween treats, and he came home with… Cheetos? See? I kid you not. Trick-or-treat Cheetos in glow-in-the-dark bags. Clearly a winning strategy from the Cheetos marketing team, since I doubt anyone would’ve thought of this on their own. When I think Halloween, I think candy. And not even just candy. For me, it’s gotta be chocolate. At first, I was outraged. Cheetos???? Cheetos????!!!! How could he do this to me? It’s been a long time since Halloween gave me nightmares, but this just might
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Dianna Love and Demon Storm

 Take three best Friends– Evalle Kincaid Evalle has been an outcast since day one because she’s an Alterant—half Belador, half unknown. From the beginning of BLOOD TRINITY, Book 1 of the Belador series, Evalle has been fighting to save the world, to save the people she loves, and to earn the right to hold her head up and have a normal life. Oh yeah, and the right to NOT be caged as a dangerous beast. All of that depends on uncovering the origins of her mixed blood. Vladimir Quinn Quinn climbed out of a Russian gutter to become one of
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A Trope for Every Taste

Ah, romance tropes! We all have some we love, some we dislike, and some we can go either way on, depending on the story. When I decided I wanted to talk about favorite tropes here on the Romance Bandits, I came up with about six off the top of my head. I knew there were plenty more, but was astonished at how many popular ones there really are! Here are just a few of the ones I enjoy: Military or Law Enforcement Alpha Hero – this trope gives us a sexy, strong hero who is tough on the outside, sometimes
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Vanessa Barneveld’s Winner!

Thanks to everyone who swung by yesterday to turn my friend Vanessa Barneveld’s launch of her debut YA THIS IS YOUR AFTERLIFE into such a party. I’m delighted now to announce the winner: DONNA FLINT! Donna, please email Vanessa on ness @ vanessabarneveld.com (no spaces) with your preferred ebook format and the address where you’d like Vanessa to send both your Amazon $20 gift card and your download of THIS IS YOUR AFTERLIFE. Happy reading!

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An Author by Any Other Name …

Have you ever read a book that you’ve really enjoyed, by a new author, only to discover that the author is actually one you know and love, writing under another name? Being an author myself, you’d think I wouldn’t often be caught out – and I’m not usually. But I was this week!  I can’t remember who suggested that I read Candice Proctor’s historicals, set in Australia – I think it was either Anna Campbell or Christina Brooke – but  I do remember that they were recommended because I enjoy western historicals and found the concept of romances set in Australia’s past a
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This Is Vanessa Barneveld!

I’m delighted to host for the very first time in the lair, my very dear friend Vanessa Barneveld, a triple Golden Heart finalist. Vanessa’s debut young adult romance THIS IS YOUR AFTERLIFE comes out from Bloomsbury Spark today! Vanessa and I met some years ago, working as captioners on television programs for the Deaf. We bonded over a mutual love for romance and a shared dream to be published romance writers. I’m so happy for Vanessa that her dream has come true in such style! Here’s the blurb for THIS IS YOUR AFTERLIFE: When the one boy you crushed on
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Parting Gifts

This is one of those blogs that started out headed in one direction and then, because of things that happened, veered to another. Sunday afternoon a week ago, after Moonlight & Magnolias, I drove into downtown Atlanta to attend the memorial service for the editor of the Daily Dragon, Nebula Award winner Eugie Foster, pictured at left in a photo graciously supplied by Amy Herring.  Eugie died in late September of respiratory failure following a stem cell transplant to fight sinus cancer. The memorial was held at the Hyatt Regency, one of the host hotels for the con and the site of the
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Small Things

I’ve decided to enjoy the small things. The large things are so…large.  And daunting.  But small things?  You can DO those.  You put a bunch of small things on a list & you can crank out a day full of victories, albeit tiny ones. But, hey, a victory is a victory, right? I’ve found that this principle applies to amusement as well.  To be frank, I’ve never been a very tough sell in this area.  It doesn’t have to be wildly hilarious or insanely funny to tickle me.  I like my small amusements, but I’ve been really focused lately on
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Jesse Hayworth’s Winner

Sorry for the delay in posting this.  Life has been happening a lot lately.  Anyway, thanks to everyone who stopped by when Jesse Hayworth was in the Lair.  The winner of Harvest at Mustang Ridge is…   Kate Sparks! Congratulations, Kate!  Please send your snail mail contact info to Nancy AT NancyNorthcott DOT com (no spaces), and I’ll forward to Jesse.

Old Dogs, New Tricks

The old adage would have us believe you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Friends, I must disagree. I am an old dog at this point in my life and I am having to learn new tricks daily!  Things are changing rapidly in all parts of my life. When I think how different things are today than they were just 10 years ago, it is mind-boggling. At work, we haven’t quite achieved the “paperless” office we were promised in the ’90s, but we are getting there. Things we used to file on paper, we scan and archive. Records we
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