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Christie Kelley was born and raised in upstate New York. As a child, she always had a vivid imagination and the bad dreams that go along with it, or perhaps the dreams were caused by the five brothers and three sisters she lived with. After seventeen years working for financial institutions in software development, she took a leap of faith and started her first book. Seven years later, her first book EVERY NIGHT I’M YOURS was bought by Zebra books.

She now lives in Maryland with her two sons.

Winners from both of Christie’s blogs

I have no idea which day number my blogs fell on so here are the dates! Congratulations to the winners. Please email  me at Christie @ christiekelley. com with your choice of print or e-copy, and your email or mail address.   December 17 – Christie – Giving away Enticing the Earl —  Barbara Elness December 20 – Christie – Giving away Enticing the Earl   — Shannon   Merry Christmas!! Christie

Holidays with the Pets

It wouldn’t be Christmas without our pets. They make things so much more fun during the holidays. And they look so adorable with their Santa hats or elf costumes we receive on Christmas cards. They are little angels. Mine are no exception. Say for example the other night when both Maks and Nicky decided to get wild out by the tree. I got out of bed three times to chase them away from the tree (which I rigged with bells so I know then they are in the tree). Just as I drift off again, I hear an ornament break.
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Snow or not?

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? I am! Growing up in upstate NY, we had many a white Christmas. So for me, I really get in the mood for the holidays when I see snow. Only so far, it keeps missing me. We’re talking barely missing me. People I work with have 8+ inches on the ground while the most we’ve had is about an inch, and that is already gone. The weekend snow up in the northeast missed me entirely, except for the rain. That we keep getting. What is it about the holidays that make us think
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