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Cassondra Murray has two life mantras. The first is how hard can it be? Never afraid to take on something new, her sordid career track has including event planning, Search & Rescue dog handling, photojournalism, songwriting and beekeeping. The one thing she’s done consistently since age 11 is write.

She lives with her husband in Southern Kentucky farmland amid grain fields and cows, where she juggles two dogs, five cats, one hive of honeybees and a smack-talking crow. She writes suspense and futuristic romance, and tries hard to avoid the homemade cake on the counter, since her second life mantra is, Life is uncertain…eat dessert first.

If it’s a water gun duel or truck nuts, Cassondra considers it fair game for a blog. So if you see her watching, be careful! You could end up in a post on

It’s Good For A Laugh

I was invited to dinner this evening at the home of two close friends.  As we ate, one friend told us about his recent visit with his grandmother, and how they were watching comedy DVDs. As I listened to his stories, I was struck by how he (late twenties) and his grandmother (mid seventies) were both laughing so hard they were literally crying.    And they were laughing at the same thing.  The funny stuff that had them (his words )about peeing in their pants was the old Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts.   These apparently ran on tv from 1974-1984.  I don’t
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The Magic *Ping*

Last year about this time I told my close friends and the people I work with that I didn’t want to travel in the spring of 2014. I have several trips I usually make at this time of year.  Been making those trips for six or seven years now. For y’all who might not know, spring is the start of conference season for writers, and there are all kinds of events for readers–luncheons, teas, weekend events where readers meet writers…you name it.  I LOVE those events.  I love meeting and getting to know people.  I love readers and I love
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A Pet By Any Other Name…

I had all kinds of pets when I was little. My first dog was Princess. She was a pekingese mix, and she came with that name already installed. I got her when I was three and she was three.  I grew up as she grew old.  She was my best friend.     Since I grew up on a farm, I also had “my” chicken, Henny Penny, and “my” cow, Rosie.  I had a pony named Peanut (name also pre-installed).  Kittens were Chocolate and Vanilla. Yeah. Bet you can’t guess the colors.  And more kittens, Salt and Pepper.  Hey, at
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