Wickedest Lord Alive Release Day!

Wickedest Lord AusHello everyone! Charge your glasses, choose your partners and devil take the hindmost! I’m celebrating the release of the third book in my Westruthers series, THE WICKEDEST LORD ALIVE today.

There are so many wonderful historicals out this month, I thought I’d celebrate the genre and give away three of them, including of course, THE WICKEDEST LORD ALIVE. (The cover below, right, is the audio version.)

But as usual, I’m going to make you work for your prize. Bwahaha! I thought we’d play a fun game that we’ve played in the past.

“Write the next line…”

So to go into the draw to win all 3 new historical releases, all you have to do is write the next line (or paragraph, if you like) of all three excerpts (and I mean make up the next line yourself, don’t go quoting the real next line!).

Here we go!


Steyne narrowed his eyes, as if to bring the prospect he described into focus. “In the meantime, I shall be smitten with your charms. Nothing will do for me but to propose within the week.”

Smitten. She couldn’t imagine it. With a laugh that verged on hysterical, she said, “It would almost be worth it to see you act the lovelorn fool.”

He grimaced. “It’s not a role I’ve had cause to play before. No matter. After a week or so, we’ll announce our betrothal. After which, we shall romantically elope and leave immediately for our honeymoon. That should let the rumor mill run out of power by the time we reappear.”

“You think I am likely to fall into your arms after one week of courting?” She raised an eyebrow and hoped it spoke eloquently enough of her disbelief. She didn’t see what choice she had in the matter, but he didn’t need to know that.

For an answer, Steyne met her gaze with that direct, piercing look that somehow lit her with cold fire. With a slight smile curving his lips, he moved closer. So close that her skin warmed a little from the heat of his body.

That warmth called to her strongly. It was so long, so very long, since anyone had held her.

But she kept her longing in check, clung to her sense of self-preservation like a drowning woman clung to a rope.

His hand came up. She braced for his touch, but didn’t back away. To do so would be to admit how powerfully he affected her.

One gloved finger brushed the pearl that hung from her earlobe. Then it trailed, lightly, ever so lightly, from the sensitive, vulnerable place behind her ear down the curve of her neck until it reached the pearls at her throat.

Tremors shivered within her, tiny fissures snaking through the armor of her defiance.

Galling beyond belief that his slightest caress wreaked such havoc. She’d need to shore up her defenses if she wanted to beat him at his own game.

“Admit it,” he said, fingering the pearls at her throat. “You are more than half in love with me already.”

Write Lizzie’s response!


LWLsmallLADY WINDERMERE’S LOVER by Miranda Neville

She turned to look at her companion, whose low voice dropped to an impossibly deep bass when he was particularly amused or especially cynical. His appearance alone was enough to make him stand out. His tall, lean figure was habitually clad in unrelieved black—this evening in satin breeches and an evening coat and waistcoat of velvet embroidered in black silk. Even his neckcloth was black. The gloom of his costume enhanced the satanic effect of dead-straight black hair, which he wore long and tied back in a queue with a silk bow. He sat upright beside her with arms extended, hands resting on the silver-chased knob of the ebony walking stick he rarely left at home. His dependence on the elegant staff was an affectation for a man under thirty in perfect health. Some people, including Cynthia, found it amusing. Others found it just one more reason to detest him. The Duke of Denford had plenty of enemies.

“I believe you enjoy shocking people, Julian.”

Denford’s mouth curled unpleasantly, then the thin face with the hawkish nose made one of the mercurial transformations that fascinated Cynthia, and had sent her scuttling out of town a few weeks earlier, terrified she would succumb to the heady seduction of the duke’s brilliant blue eyes.

“I enjoy shocking you,” he said.

Write Cynthia’s response!

Vixen in VelvetVIXEN IN VELVET by Loretta Chase

She stood before the Botticelli work titled Venus and Mars, and might have been standing on another planet or in another time, so completely did it absorb her. She stood and stared, and could have counted every brush stroke, trying to get to the bottom of it. What she couldn’t do was escape it.

If anybody had stood in her way, she might have throttled that person. Oddly enough, nobody did. The British Institution’s Annual Summer Exhibition continued to attract visitors. It drew as well numerous artists, who set up their easels in the galleries, in order to copy the work of old masters. These artists made annoying obstacles of themselves while they desperately exercised what might be their only opportunity to copy works from private collections.

Nobody stood in Leonie’s way. Nobody pontificated over her shoulder. She didn’t notice this, let alone wonder why. She hadn’t come for the art but for one specific reason.

A most important reason…which she’d forgotten the instant her gaze landed on the painting.

She might have stood transfixed until Doomsday, or until one of the caretakers pitched her out. But—

A crash, sudden as a thunderclap, broke the room’s peace.

She jumped, and stumbled backward.

And hit a wall that oughtn’t to have been there.

No, not a wall.

It was big, warm, and alive.

It smelled like a man: shaving soap and starch and wool. Two man-sized gloved hands, which lightly grasped her shoulders and smoothly restored her to an upright position, confirmed the impression.

She turned quickly and looked up—a good ways up—at him.

Ye gods.

Or, more accurately, ye god Mars.

Write the next line!

1BanditBootyUp for grabs today: One copy of THE WICKEDEST LORD ALIVE, one copy of LADY WINDERMERE’S LOVER, and one copy of VIXEN IN VELVET go to ONE reader who writes the next lines for the excerpts above! Good luck, everyone!

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  • ki pha says:

    Squeal~ I love these!!! The only one I can add on to is THE WICKEDEST LORD ALIVE!!! Not sure why but it left me plenty of room to add too~ So here goes…

    “Admit it,” he said, fingering the pearls at her throat. “You are more than half in love with me already.”

    She sucked in a breath as his words penetrated her thoughts and dragged her attention away from her reeling senses to the touch of his fingers on her person.

    She wasn’t going to coward in front of him so she did the next best thing.

    “Well,” she stepped away from him. “Aren’t I supposed to act the part of being enthralled by you if we want to fool the ton of our courtship?” she smirked, or at least she think she smirked. She wasn’t sure but hopefully it wasn’t faulting by her nervousness by his closeness.

    He grinned wickedly at her response. “Let’s see how well you can act the part then, shall we?”

  • Helen says:

    Hi Christina

    These are lots of fun but I am not very good at them but I do love reading other peoples

    Here goes

    Lizzie looked him up and down with eyes that seered through him “you are very sure of yourself and I am going to see how you prove this”

    Cynthia was shocked those blue eyes looking at her made her skin heat but she kept a calm look on her face and said ” And what would you get out of shocking me?”

    Had tha painitn gcome to life here in the museum

    My best try LOL

    Huge congrats on the release Christina it is next in line and I am so looking forward to reading this one 🙂

    Have Fun

    • Thank you Helen! I think you did an excellent job with writing the next line.

      I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to read the other two ladies’ books! They are auto-buys for me.

  • Mary Preston says:

    I’m going to love reading all the comments.

    My feeble effort for LADY WINDERMERE’S LOVER by Miranda Neville.

    “Then shock me my Lord!!”

  • Amy Conley says:

    Lizzie’s response:

    “You have a very high opinon of yourself and your charms, maybe to high. I shall enjoy watching you fall and fail at this game you think to play with you”, she replied, hoping she had the resolve to force of wil to resist not just him but the feelings he aroused in her.

  • Maureen says:

    Lizzie says: “Oh yes but it is not such an accomplishment since I am always falling in love with men who believe themselves irresistible. They are so very appealing.”

    Cynthia says: “How very important I must be.”

    Next line Vixen in Velvet: Staring at him like he was a painting would probably be noticed.

  • Anna Sugden says:

    Fangirl squee!!!! So excited!! Your book is finally here!! I’m eagerly awaiting my copy from The Book Depository!! YOu know how much I love your books *g*.

    How lovely to have another Miranda Neville book out too. Exciting times for sure!

    I’m trying to write next lines of my own, for my next book, so I’ll leave the fun to the others!

  • Laurie G says:

    LADY WINDERMERE’S LOVER by Miranda Neville

    “I enjoy shocking you,” he said.

    Write Cynthia’s response!

    She looked intently into his beautiful searching eyes. “As I do you.”

    VIXEN IN VELVET by Loretta Chase

    “Or, more accurately, ye god Mars.”

    Her eyes discreetly explored his physique. A blush stole across her cheeks. She could feel the heat. He was the naked lover in the picture!

    “Admit it,” he said, fingering the pearls at her throat. “You are more than half in love with me already.”

    Write Lizzie’s response!

    She quickly turned away and made a comment about the weather.

    All the heroines sound like handfuls of trouble!

  • CONGRATS on another wonderful book birthday, Christina! Can’t wait to get my hands on THE WICKEDEST LORD ALIVE!! Hehehe

  • Hi Christina! Congratulations on your new book (can’t wait to read it) and thanks for sharing your celebration with Lady Windermere.

    Personally I’d be struck dumb by the delicious Steyne. I can’t wait to see how Lizzie really responded 🙂

    • Congratulations to you, too, Miranda! I hope you don’t mind the liberty I took with your text! So looking forward to reading the rest!

    • Congratulations to you, too, Miranda! I hope you don’t mind the liberties I took with your text! Lovely to see you here today. Thanks for calling in. Can’t wait to read Lady windermere’s Lover!

  • catslady says:

    l. You already love yourself enough for both of us!
    2. Not shocked in the least but I will admit intrigued.
    3. He looked like Alexander himself!!

  • bn100 says:

    1. I admit nothing
    2. You are not shocking me enough
    3. He was built

  • Hi Christine – and congratulations on the release of the THE WICKEDEST LORD ALIVE.

    Cute game and I love the responses. I’m pleading the 5th though as I’m in the midst of my writing my WIP. Love, love, love your excerpt. I could feel the heat. You are one very talented author! 🙂

  • Christine, congrats on your new release! My copy is waiting on my iPad. I always liked Steyne and am anticipating his story.

    I’ll take a pass on the next lines since my head is full of mages today, but people have come up with some great ones.

    • Thank you for dropping in, Nancy and for buying WLA. I hope you enjoy it!

      So glad to see all the banditas saying they’re working hard on their WIPs. Lots more great books to come!

  • Kim says:

    Congratulations on the new book.

    1. Unfortunately, it appears your good looks are far outpaced by your conceit.

    2. Well then, we maybe outmatched, It’s never been my intention to shock anyone.

    3. Do you often make such a loud and unannounced entrance?

  • As I have no self control at all I have already purchased all three of these books, then again you, Miranda Neville and Loretta Chase are in the Top Ten on my auto buy list!

    Here are some lines just for the fun of it!

    1. Does this line of flummery work on any real women?

    2. I didn’t say you enjoyed shocking me. I said you enjoyed shocking people. To shock me you will have to try harder.

    3. When paintings come to life it is high time to forgo that second glass of sherry. She took the time to study this particular apparition. Hmm. Then again, perhaps not.

  • flchen1 says:

    Cynthia might have to respond, “Then we’ll have to see whether I enjoy being shocked tonight…let’s see your very best effort!” 😉

    What a great many releases to celebrate, and especially The Wickedest Lord Alive, Christina! Yay!

  • Anita H. says:

    Congrats Christina on the new release, can’t wait to read Steyne and Lizzie’s story!

    Here’s Lizzie’s response:
    “I won’t ever admit to such foolishness!” as she forced herself to turn away from his all-knowing gaze.

    Cynthia’s response:
    “I’m not one so easily shocked, as you well know,” she responded tartly

    For the Vixen in Velvet:
    A square jaw with just a hint of late afternoon stubble, a nose that spoke of a brawl or two and those dark eyes that one could drown in. He looked like the Roman God of War come alive, straight out of the painting.

    Thanks for the game, Christina, I tried my best, but I think I’m better suited for reading than writing! 🙂


    THE WICKEDEST LORD ALIVE…She only smiled at him, then tilted her head away from his hand saying, ‘I will only admit this, that I love my pearls more, so leave them be!’

    LADY WINDERMERE’S LOVER by Miranda Neville…Be careful, Denford, or you could be adding one more to your list of enemies!

    VIXEN IN VELVET by Loretta Chase…O’ good god, he is perfect! If only he kept his hands on me a wee bit longer.

    • LOL, Juanita, I’m laughing at how characteristic it is for you to say “hands off the pearls, buddy!” Given the exquisite outfits you post on fb, I imagine that reflects your own priorities! Thanks for playing 🙂