Why Men Want to Save the Ta-Ta’s!

c31286832933a827610f6a7067008ddbDid you know that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

If you’ve tuned into any NFL Football Game, you’ve surely figured it out.  For a wonder, the players of the NFL, these big, burly, Testosterone laden guys are alllll about the PINK in October.  Grins.

If you doubt me, ck out http://www.nfl.com/pink

Now there are plenty who decry the League’s interest in all things Pink.  They claim its a marketing ploy to get women to watch.  They say the NFL’s policy is “Pink it and Shrink it” – i.e. make clothing form/size appropriate for women and slap some pink on there.

As a proud owner of Official NFL Carolina Panthers Football Gear, I can guarantee you this is NOT the way to my football-lovin’ heart.  Good hard, formidable play ON THE FIELD, as well as staying OUT of the media for stooopid stuffe you can avoid, THAT’S the way to my football loving, non-pink-loving, fandom heart.

Media stuff and my lack of love for the color pink aside, I think it’s REALLY great that the players go PINK in October.

Pink armbands.  Pink gloves.  Pink shoes.  The Referees wear pink whistles.  Some years, they’ve even thrown pink flags for penalties.  It cracks me up, in the best possible way.  This year’s been even funnier to me as the new mouthguards look like an infant’s binkie.  Having it be PINK is even funnier.  Snork!!

Now, the Baseballers, not to be outdone, have coined the phrase SAVE SECOND BASE!! SNORK!!  OMGosh, that just makes me snork out loud.  It’s clever.  It’s sly.  It’s got that double-entendre thing going….  baseball_field

Wait, is the whole “making it to second base” (getting a girlfriend to let you play with “the girls”)  just an American euphemism or is that global?  Clue me in, oh ye who follow cricket and footie and rugby and hurling as opposed to baseball!!

There are more theories than grains of sand as to why men love women’s breasts.  Start with the whole “nourish and sustain” thing in infancy and move right on up to all the caveman theories.  Really.  TONS of theories as to why men love breasts.

Whatever the reason, universal or specific to a given man, they just love ’em.  They may be “leg men” or enjoy a woman’s backside, but when it comes to eye-contact or that quick chest peek virtually every man does, well…no contest, they notice the breasts.  They ALL do the cleavage check at some point, first or last.  Ha!

Romance writers have fun with this, of course.  We play it up, we make sure we have our heroines knock down the idiots who think a woman’s brains are in her bra, and we make SURE that our heroes appreciate ALL their woman’s body parts, not just her ta-tas.  And in some very poignant stories, we make sure our heroes adore their women still, no matter what cancer or any other accident or injury may take from them.  Isn’t that the essence of romance?  Loving the whole person, just as they are, even if they don’t always feel complete, womanly, or “enough” ?  That’s the essence of hero.  Loving a person as they are, where they are.

Pretty cool.

Today’s news feed and the not-so-new statistic that one in 8 women will get some form of breast cancer.  That means if you’re in the Starbucks line with eight women, chances are one of them has had, or knows someone who’s had breast cancer.  That person may be you.  That person may be your mother, sister, aunt, friend, fellow writer, fellow reader or unknown person whose story has touched your heart.


One piece of really GOOD news is that detection is coming earlier and earlier, thanks to mammograms and self-exams, so more women are surviving and thriving post-diagnosis.  Other great news is that rates of incidence have dropped 2% since 1990.  Bad news is it’s the second cancer killer after lung cancer, for women.  Arrrgh!

Still.  We’re getting there.

The interesting thing to me is that somewhere along the line, whether it was the Susan G. Komen Walks or the Race for the Cure, or the NFL putting on the PINK, guys figured out that its important to Save the Ta-Tas.

It’s a global guy-awareness movement and not just in sports.  That phallic picture to the left (Wikimedia Commons) is Tokyo Tower lit up by the Architects Association to support Breast Cancer Awareness.  In 2008, the White House was awash with PINK for a gala event to support awareness.  The buildings (and builders) are figuring out that they too need ta-tas.

Rather than shake my finger and cry shame over any misdeeds this year by players or architects or politicos, I’m going to celebrate that…wait for it…

Guys Love Boobs.

I’m also going to encourage YOU to love your beautiful ta-tas too.  Check out these 31 Important Facts About Breasts – some I didn’t know, by the way! – and see how interesting Boobies are.  http://bit.ly/1sbSm4W

It isn’t all about cancer either, you know.  It’s about HEALTH.

Takin’ care of the “girls” is as important as skin regimens, beauty routines, hair color and those gorgeous pumps you put on hold at Nordstroms.  Grins.

So, don’t let it be just the Guys who adore the boobs, make sure YOU love ’em too.  Ha!  

Get a good fit on that bra!  If you’ve not been measured for fit for a while, go to your local department store and GET MEASURED!  One designer estimated that more than NINETY percent of us are wearing the wrong bra size!  YIKES!!  I was, last time I got measured.  I’d lost some weight (yay me!) and the bra didn’t fit.  New size, better fit, Ahhhhhh!

If your wardrobe is all white, stick with white bras, for sure, but if not, next time you go to buy a bra (after you get those good girls measured correctly!) pick something FUN!  At least try ON something other than basic black, okay??  Promise??

So, on the nice rounded eighth of October, celebrate Breasts.  Healthy, happy, wonderful breast-day!!  Save-the-Tatas-Logo-1

Did you know that the average American woman is a 40D?  HOLY CANNOLIS!!  I had no idea!

According to Guinness Records, the largest natural-breast bra size is a 48V.  This is not a true manufactured size, this poor woman has to have her bras custom-made.  She measures 70″ around the bust.  HOLY CANNOLIS!!  That is 5’10” of womanly glory!  (I’d go for immediate reduction surgery!!)

Did you know that women with 36 cup or less get a wider selection of gorgeous/cute/sexy bras?  

(Not a true “stat” but it’s just my observation…lucky people!)

What’s your favorite color bra?  The most popular are white, black and skin color, in that order, for obvious reasons, but I love my blue one with polka dots.  Grins.  I took an informal poll and got everything from “Beige – it goes with everything!” to Purple to Burgundy!

Did you know that the first ‘modern’ bra was patented in 1914, replacing the waist-cinching, tortuous corset.  The corset died a final death with the WWI call for scrap metal – they called on women to give up their corsets and support the cause.  Going to bras freed up a whopping 28,000 tons (yes TONS) of metal that would have gone into corsets.  OMGosh!!

And last but not least….the concept of “cup size” came in 1928, when a German émigré founded Maidenform.  

How’s THAT for saving the Ta-tas!?!?!

Now really, tell me truly, what do YOU think….are ALL men obsessed with breasts?  Why?

(All photos are either personal or were taken from public media/commons sites.  No copyright infringement is intended.)

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  • Amy Conley says:

    The GR is finally coming baack?

  • Jane says:

    Hello Jeanne,
    I had no idea 40D is the average for American women. Everyone one loves breasts, but I can’t say for sure what it is that makes them so popular. Love black bras, but I also love the nudes ones because they look best when wearing a light colored top. I love lace bras of any color, but some are super itchy.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Oh! I know what you mean about the lace ones! They look gorgeous and you go to try them on….scratchy. Yuck. Too bad too, because some of them are so nice.

      And isn’t that an amazing stat, about the 40D? I kept thinking “seriously?”

  • flchen1 says:

    Whoa. I’m seriously bringing the average WAY down…

    And don’t forget to load your reminder app to check the girls 😉 The men involved are rather entertaining 😀


  • Amy Conley says:

    Let’s talk TA-TA’S:
    1. By guess from working in retail, 99% of women have NEVER been properly measured for a bra!!! I’ve known the proper way to measure since I was in 7th grade and our slightly CooCoo home Ec teacher taught us.And I’ve never forgotten.
    2. We tend to think about how breast cancer runs in families, but there are other reasons why women are prone to breast cancer; not having a child before age 30, not breast feeding, and larger breasted women are all more apt to develope breast cancer.
    3. When going for your mamogram (which ALL insurances now cover 100% of costs, so even if you don’t have insurance, all is good) go to the breast center with the newest machines and whhich do ultrasounds (better for the Ta-Tas anyway), and give you your results right then and there. This way you aren’t sitting around chewing your nails wondering.

    Personally, I had a breast reduction and my surgeon told me my chances of ever getting breast canceer were slim to none since 99% of my breast tissue was removed. If you are big chested you may be able to get your insurance to cover this surgery, mine did. 🙂

    My husband is a breast man all the way and he freely admits it. He almost cried after my surgery, and even though he loves “all” of me, it was hard on him. I asked him before hand if he was ok with it, knowing his love of the Ta-Ta’s, and his reply was, “No, but it is your body and I hate seeing you hurting all the time.” Now just because I had the surgery and my chances are slim to none, they were slim to none before hand (other than because of size), I STILL have my yearly mammogram, because I have a little bit of scar tissue in there, and it can become cancerous. So we smash them, then they do the ultra sound and I walk oout with my results saying I’m all clear.But I think I am one of the few people I know who doesn’t have a mother, sister, aunt, any female relative who doesn’t have/has never had breast cancer.

    My mother-in-law was diagnosed21 years ago and haaad a partial mastectomy (she only haad one ta removed.) I went to every chemo treatment, eveery time she was hospitalized cause her counts went to low, I gave blood, but then they couldn’t use it (long story, but I just can’t give blood). I’ve gone with her to every dr’s appointment since then and also every mammogram. Last July she was sick and had been sick for a while with UTI’s. FINALLY a dr, a Urologist, put her in the hospital to try to find out why she was getting all these UTIs. The culprit, maastisized Breast Cancer. She didn’t have a lump in her ta, but it had spread to every single part of her body. SHe tried chemo again, but it didn’t work. We asked the dr how long and he said 6 months to a year It haas now been 15 months and she’s still hanging in there. She’s down to 92 pounds and uses the wheelchair since she is so prone to falls, but she’s hanging in and that’s what matters.

    So, my advice if you are diagnosed is LAUGH! Everyday, LAUGH. The first cancer go round my hubby and my f-i-l didn’t get it when we would joke about who woould go bald first, my mil or my fil (of course she did), but if you don’t laugh, all there is is crying and really why cry. Get as much info as you can, and just LAUGH and enjoy everyday as if it were your last…cause it might be.Remember, knowledge is POWER!

    And as for my favorite color bra…invisible! I swore after my surgery I would NEVER wear a bra again, and I haven’t. I do have a nude colored cami I wear under certian dresses and shirts, but I don’t evven own a bra!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Amy, you are SO right! There are even studies that show that when healing, or in need of healing, laughter really IS some of the best possible medicine. Patch Adams, the famous Dr., had outstanding results, partly because he could make his patients laugh and focus on something besides thier diagnosis.

      And good for you on the reduction surgery. A friend had it and after 25 years of chronic back pain, headaches, and all kinds of other issues, she is 100% pain free after the reduction surgery. Like you, she still gets all the checkups, but oh! how happy she is! Grins.

  • Helen says:


    A lot of our sportsman go pink here in Oz as well I love that they do and yes we should always check although the last mamogram I had cause a haemotoma that has never gone away I have had surgery and had it drained many times and it is painful and I have just got my reminder for my mamogram and yes I am going to have it done I need to ring and make the appointment.

    Getting to 2nd base is somehting that is used over here as well and my bras are all white black and nude 🙂 pretty normal

    Have Fun

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Whew! Glad to know that “second base” is a global euphemism. SNORK!

      How cool that the rugby and cricket and footie guys go PINK too. LOVE that!

      And good on you for getting your mammo. Hate the dratted thigns, but….early detection is a life saver! Grins.

  • Sally Schmidt says:

    Yes yes yes, ALL men – young, old, in-between – love to take that peek. Or in my case, being a DDD cup, that bug-eyed stare. Love pink bras but they are might hard to find.

    Scary statistics. So important to do those monthly checks.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Sally! I’m betting more than just the guys do the goggle with a triple D cup! Yikers! Grins.

      I have a friend whose sizeable as well and she and I were bemoaning the lack of pretty – and affordable – larger sized bras. Once you’re past a 38, Victoria’s Secret will “order one in your size” in the prettier ones, but then you have to wait, and try it on, and if it doesn’t fit…arrrrgh. The friend found a great website where you can get larger, gorgeous bras, but they are atrociously expensive. Grins. Guess I’ll stick with black. Ha!

  • Anna Sugden says:

    Great blog post, Jeanne! I second or third the call to get tested! And to make sure you do a monthly self-test too. Early detection is the key!

    There are a number of romance authors who have or had breast cancer, so it’s dear to our hearts. My hope is that all cancers will benefit from the work done and that one day we will be rid of this nasty disease.

    Favourite bra – red, of course!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Woohoo! Hurrah for the red! I have several in red and love them

      I’m so digging Fedora’s App! That is freakin’ outstanding. Everybody go get the app! (And watch that hilarious video!!)

      As to writers, I just learned the Pamela Clare, whom I’ve admired and often competed against in romantic suspense contests, has been diagnosed. I believe there’s a kickstarter to help her with expenses as well.

      Its good that we pull together and help in these times.

      But, yes, most importantly, CHECK YOURSELF! (Not you specifically, Anna. Snork.)

      Does Hockey go PINK?

      • Anna Sugden says:

        They used to , but now they do Hockey Fights Cancer where they raise money for a number of cancers including prostate and pancreatic cancer, as well as Leukemia and Lymphoma. Since there have been a number of recent and current players affected by cancer – from Mario Lemieux to Saku Koivu to Jason Blake, as well as our beloved, late coach Pat Burns – they’ve broadened their efforts to other charities.

  • Shannon says:

    It’s cool there’s emphasis on breast cancer, and it’s a delight to see that it’s gone from being a death sentence to a curable disease in so many cases. I’ve just had five friends have one form or cancer or another. The good news is that everyone either was doing her routine screening (mammogram, colonoscopy) or noticed something wrong and got to the doctor.

    As to my breast size, I was a 42 or 44D when I was pretty heavy, and I could usually find a bra. Now that I have lost the weight (some of it’s back because of an evil med that I bugged the doctor about until he took me off of it), I cannot find a bra that fits. I’ve been fitted and bought the $50 bra. I’ve used that size and near variations on mail order bras (much more selection, colors) but they still don’t fit like the used to. Did I change in shape as well as size? That’s my current theory.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Shannon! Obviously you’ve more than had the “one in 8 women” experience. I can count three in my BFF circle who’ve had to either have surgery and/or surgery and chemo, but every single one of them are doing great and are totally healthy. Early detection is the key. :>

      And yes, I’m betting on shape change. OMGosh, when I had kids, everything, from boobs to hips changed shape. Even if the size was right (pants, for instance) the fit was different. Arrrgh. And now that I’m getting the excess weight off, same thing, and yep, same thing with the bra. So yes. Sometimes a good fitter can help you with the shape issue. Interestingly enough I just bought a Jockey bra and was fitted by an expert – they used the usual tape measure for the round-the-chest-measure but THEY actually have these cup-fitting forms so you actually get a superb fit on the cup size. Jockey. They rock!!

  • Jo Robertson says:

    Delightful and informative topic, Jeanne. Thanks for reminding us about breast cancer awareness. And let me add that men ALSO can get breast cancer!

    My dear husband has always said that a man who loves a woman says its her breasts, legs, butt, whatever is unique to HER that makes him that kind of a man. My guys a leg man, not so big on my not-so-big boobs.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Heehee. One of my guy friends says that men don’t really care what size they are and that “more than a mouthful is a waste anyway” SNORK!

      And YES! Men can get it too…

  • My husband is a self-professed breast man. I was surprised by that 40D statistic – especially as the catalogues with the cute bras rarely go up that high and never go to DD (which would be me). It’s hard to find athletic bras when you’re large-chested, even if you use the Title 9 catalogue.

    My favorite bra is french made and it looks like a corset – love it. Lots of support, comfortable, but–after the first time I washed it – it creaks! I checked the internet. It’s a common problem. But when I wear it, you can hear me move LOL.

  • Cassondra says:

    Great blog Jeanne!

    I love the pink on the sports guys, and I love that we’ve gone from “don’t talk about breasts” to making the talk fun and finally just being open about the fact that men love breasts. I love the “Save the ta-tas” campaign, and since Steve works in diagnostic imaging, the facility where he used to work had a “Save the ta-tas” bra decorating contest every october. People would donate bras and at one point they had a display of about 2000 bras hanging in front of their clinic. Everybody would honk and wave. It was FUN!
    And I think that’s the key–making it fun and focusing on “save the ta-tas” rather than making it a heavy, ugly subject that nobody wants to talk about.
    I particularly like “Save Second Base,” and I think that may be one of the more clever things I’ve ever seen.
    I have some shirts from Steve’s work that say “Save the ta-tas” and one woman actually told me she thought it was vulgar. I just grinned at her. I wanted very much to say, “lighten up, sweetheart, you only get one go at this. Make it fun.”

    I personally do not understand why men love breasts so much. Sometimes I start wondering about this, and I’ve asked Steve. “They’re just breasts,” I say. He just blinks at me.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Heehee. I think it’s because there’s no real male analogy – we get blase about our breasts. They’re just breasts. Men NEVER feel blase about their manly parts, so….no common reference. Snork!!

      I wish you had said “Lighten up, sister!” to that gal. I think the save the Ta-tas thing is hysterical. We all need to lighten up anyway, and about that? Definately.

  • ellie says:

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago. I was healthy all my life, took vities, ate healthy and exercised. What a shock. But I had radiation, and chemo and am recovering. Weaker but alive and well.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      YAY, ELLIE!!! SO glad you’re making it and feeling better. The chemo is tough and it does make you weak, and that lingers for a while, I know. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts and seeing you as vital and healthy and ENERGETIC again! Yay!

      Glad it was caught and treated. Thanks for being HERE too…hugs!

  • Jeanne, what a timely post! I did not know that about the corsets. Or about the most common size. Holy cow!

    I love “Save Second Base.” Very clever.

    I don’t know that all men are obsessed with breasts, exactly, but they certainly do all seem to be interested in them. All the straight guys, anyway. I’m not sure why except maybe it’s because they don’t have them and normally can’t see all that much of what those of who do have them, er, have. Or maybe they’re just wired that way.

  • catslady says:

    Maybe men like them because they don’t have any lol – the opposite of the so called penis envy which quite frankly I never understood (except maybe the ease of going to the bathroom when in the woods lol).

  • Becke says:

    Too funny. I want to know why a good bra is now almost $100!!! That is so crazy. Where is my little training bra?

    I have hot pink, taupe and blue that is gorgeous and then nude-boring! Also the pink doesn’t show through the white-interesting.

    Corsets sound like torture systems and this has to be the one time that something good came out of a nasty war!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Becke, you are so right – 28,000 tons of steel NOT made into corsets is a GOOD thing. Hahaha!!

      As to the cost. OMGosh and Holy Cannolis! I’m aghast at sneakers that cost more than $100, and still wear out in 3 months, much LESS a $100 scrap of fabric with some hooks on the back being that much. Ha!

      Colors sound great! Yay for colors!

  • flchen1 says:

    And don’t forget about the new updated app…