What true love looks like

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays you either love or hate, depending on if you are in a loving relationship at the time it rolls around.  I remember in high school how all the bouquets of flowers and balloons and teddy bears would arrive at the school office, sent to many of my female classmates from the guys they were dating.  I remember the sense of longing to receive one of those bouquets, and the heartbreak when I never did.  Little did I know that Valentine’s Day would take on new meaning once I started college and met the man who would become my husband.  He even proposed to me on Valentine’s Day.

DSC05798Over the years, Valentine’s Day has become less about flowers and candy and more about appreciating the fact that I have a wonderful husband.  That fact has been illustrated once again in the past couple of weeks as he has taken care of me after I fell and broke my wrist and had subsequent surgery.  He runs all the errands I typically do, helps me to all those things I can’t do with one hand, and even bought me and microphone headset and figured out that Microsoft Word has a built-in speech recognition program, allowing me to dictate things such as this blog post.  Yes it’s slower than my typical typing speed, but it’s better than my left-handed hunt-and-peck method of typing.  He’s also the guy who when he went to pick up my pain medication returned with not only the medicine but also cake and ice cream because I needed “feeling sorry for myself” food.  The things he does that don’t cost anything are the most important to me, such as when I’m feeling bad and he knows that I need a hug and support.  When I fell apart a few days ago, frustrated by my injury and lack of ability to do several things on my own, he just held me and let me cry.  I honestly couldn’t ask for a better person with whom to live my life.

rose-391304_1280Romance writers and Valentine’s Day are inextricably connected.  And I couldn’t be more proud of being a part of the romance writing community.  It has brought me so many wonderful friendships with fellow writers such as the other Romance Bandits and with readers around the globe, something that was unimaginable to me back during those high school days.

Since today is my last regular blog day here at the Romance Bandits, I wanted to thank all of you, Banditas and Bandita Buddies alike, for your friendship and support over the years.  But never fear, I’m not going far.  I’ll still be active over at the Romance Bandits Facebook page, so be sure to like our page if you haven’t already.



  • Shannon says:

    Is the great one coming my direction?

  • flchen1 says:

    Ah, Trish! It’s been such a good long run here 🙂 Glad to know you won’t be far away, and glad to hear you’re on the mend! I’m glad also to know that your true love shows you true love 🙂 What a blessing that is to know!

  • Helen says:


    I have a hubby like yours as well and to me that is the best I don’t need flowers or presents although chocolate is nice LOL we are here for each with a shoulder.

    Thank you for all f the fun times and yes we will always catch up on facebook and I hope your arm heels quickly hugs

    Have Fun

  • Amy Conley says:

    Trish, you got a keeper for sure. But another one biting the dust? That sucks. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    • Thanks, Amy. I’ll still be hanging with the Banditas — can’t give up these wonderful ladies — will just me doing it in a different venue. I hope to interact with the buddies on Facebook.

      And thanks for the kind thoughts. Had a bad night with the pain last night, so that’s why I’m late getting to the commenting today.

  • Trish, what a lovely, lovely blog. I think that absolutely is what love is all about–not one day of flowers and chocolate, although that can be nice, but that wonderful feeling that someone has your back. Your hubby is worth his weight in gold.

    Also, hugs on the injury. I know I’ve said this to you privately, but I feel for you in your frustration. Writers, like surgeons, can’t operate without their hands! Many hugs to you. I know we will still all be together but I feel sad at the end of the era, too.

    • Thanks, Christina. I am a very lucky woman.

      I like to think of myself as a strong person, but I admit there have been days the pain has gotten the better of me. Hopefully it gets better soon.

  • Trish, what a perfect post to run this weekend! It’s a true test when a significant other has to do basic things for someone who can’t do them because of illness or injury. Your hubby is definitely a keeper!

    I hope your wrist heals quickly and life gets back to normal.

    I just have to ask one thing–what’s the story in the viking helmets?

  • What a wonderful post about a wonderful guy! You truly got your Lifetime Valentine on Valentine’s Day!

    I so hate that you are having to go through all of this with you wrist. It has to be frustrating as hell. Wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery.

    I am so glad I will continue to see you at conferences and on the Facebook page. The Lair has been my home away from home for years now and I would miss the Banditas and Buddies terribly if there was nowhere to go for a visit again !!

  • Trish –

    Sounds like you have a keeper. I bet all those high school girls with the roses and teddy bears can’t say the same.

    Hugs on the wrist injury. This too will pass. Hope you get good news when you see the doctors nest.

    • Thanks, Donna. I hope to get good news. Am supposed to see doc in the morning, but hey’re calling for snow to be underway right when my appt is, so we’ll see how bad it is. Don’t want to get out and have a wreck.

  • Ki Pha says:

    Awww Your husband is definitely a keeper. I absolutely agree that Valentine’s Day is more than just roses and gifts from the man. Every little thing is a definition of love.

    All the best to you and heal wonderfully to your great self again. And no stress, sweets always makes things better. Plus candies will go on sale now since Valentin’s is done. 😉

    I’ll see you when I see you.

  • Trish, I love the “feel sorry for myself food”! And knowing when we need a hug is the best.

    Jazzman has a keen sense of when I need to talk. I came home after a particularly stressful case one morning. He met me at the door with a chilled glass of White Zinfandel, the phone and open arms. After I had a hug and my first glass of wine, I asked him why the phone? He said…call your mom and then call Sandy. They’ll understand what you need to talk about better than me. Of course by the time I talked it out with both of them, drank nearly the entire bottle of wine…I was ready to sleep. (He got the condensed version of the story much later.) But he knew me and my needs…and met them. Now THAT’S true love.

    It’s been such a pleasure getting to know you and your hubby through the Bandits!! Sending healing thoughts for your wrist!

    • Sounds a wonderful guy, Suz. Shane is much the same. He knows how much I like to go see movies but he’s not much on that. So he’s happy that I have my movie buddies.

  • Jo Robertson says:

    Lovely post, Trish. It truly is the priceless things that are priceless.

  • Pissenlit says:

    Aww, this was a nice last regular blog post. Your husband sounds like a superstar!

  • Kaelee says:

    So is the lair disappearing? I really hope not as I will miss it. I am not on Facebook. I would spend all day on it if I joined and I like to read too much. I’ll see you in your books Trish.

    You definitely have a wonderful husband. I’m sorry to hear about your wrist and hope it mends soon. Wishing you all the best and like I said above I’ll keep up with you through your books.