What A Difference A Year Makes!

Wow, 2012 has been one big mass of change! It was a roller coaster year for my family, my work and my writing career! Here, let me show you:

January: my daughter Lyndsey, (y’all have met her here) was laid off from the office managing job she’d had for nearly 8 years. Talk about a kick to the stomach to start the new year. She and her hubby have 3 small children, which she would love to stay home to care for, but finances might not let her do that.

February: My friend Liliana Hart sat me down at lunch after a DARA meeting and told me “You have got to self-publish your GH books, KIDNAPPED and HUNTED!” We talked at length about the process and what would make them more successful. She ignited a spark of interest in me, then flamed it higher when she talked about cover design. An idea popped into my head, not one for making millions of $$ for my books, but perhaps a way for my daughter to start a stay-at-home business. Lyndsey is a graphic artist who loves romance novels, YA novels and Steampunk. 

March: Lyndsey and I collaborated on the covers for my two GH books and with the help of my friend Kat Baldwin of Inklion Books for the formatting of the books, we launched my first Indie book KIDNAPPED. If you’ve seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, then you know the scene where Harrison Ford is asked take a leap-of-faith and he’s sure he’s about to step out into a chasm with nothing to stop his fall. Yep, that’s what it’s like to decide to self-publish your own work. Not only did I launch my Indie pubbed business, but Lyndsey launched her cover design business. Now the question was…would anyone buy the books? Would people love her cover work as much as me?

April: OMG!!! People were actually buying KIDNAPPED!

May: OMG!!! KIDNAPPED made it onto the top 100 list of Kindle paid RS books @ #22!! (Who the heck is buying all these books?!?!) Lyndsey contracted to do book covers for several Banditas, (Thanks Jo and Susan for helping her build her business!)

June: Feverishly working to get HUNTED ready for release as an Indie book. Great cover, more sales coming in for both KIDNAPPED and my EC book, The Surrender of Lacy Morgan. Got my first royalty check from both Amazon and B&N. How cool! Then the bottom fell out of my world!

My father died.

I release HUNTED on the same day, because he was so proud of me, my efforts to be an author and all his family, I wanted something to always remind me of the exact day. The man who’d been there for me, the strength in my character and whose rare smile was worth any effort to achieve…was no longer going to be there to give a hug to or listen to a lecture from. I miss him so much!

July: Pretty much a blurr. It started with a fourth of July burial for my Daddy. Helping my mother start to cope. Supporting my sister in decisions she had to make for them both. Work is always demanding in the summer months and especially so this year. Seems there was a baby boom in North Texas and our 9 bed L&D unit started doing 250 deliveries a month. That’s a huge amount for our highly trained staff!! Then came the RWA National Conference in Anaheim. It was wonderful to get to end such a hard month with my critique partner, Sandy Blair!!

August: EC’s Blush line releases CANTRELL’S BRIDE. The story that started my writing career. How fantastic to see it online for people to read and enjoy. Nothing like a great Mail-order-bride book to warm hearts! OMG, KIDNAPPED and HUNTED both hit the top 100 Kindled>paid>romantic suspense list!! Another trip home to spend time with my mother, which was very good.

September: Gearing up for self publishing CLOSE TO HOME. This book is different from the two RS books and I’m a bit nervous. Lyndsey’s cover design business is taking off with requests from various authors! The income and no need for day care have strengthened her desire to be home with her kids more. A trip to Eureka Springs with my Texas writer friends, the Foxes. Great fun! 

October: My first time to host a table at the Richardson Library’s Buns & Roses Tea for adult literacy! How Fun! And I got to participate in the signing. I only sold a couple of books, but we, as a group raised thousands of $$ for adult literacy!

November: Another trip home to be with my Mom and celebrate our birthdays. My present to me? Release of CLOSE TO HOME! Three Indie books out and a total of FIVE!! OMG…it took years to get published and now with the revamping of self publishing, my books are being read by thousands of people!! How cool.

December: Usually, at work, things slow down in November and December in the baby birthing world. Not this year! Add on top of it the zaniness of the Lair and the 12 days of Bandita Christmas (which was a blast, wasn’t it?) and trying to get another book ready for release, I’m not sure how Christmas got her and past so fast!! But it did.

So…to finish off the year I have another book being formatted. Yet again, a different kind of book. This is an American historical EROTICA, novella. I put the word erotica in caps, so no one will miss it! If you don’t like highly sensual or erotic novels, please feel free to skip this one. However, if you love wounded hero stories with determined heroines who mange to find their HEA despite the odds and through their erotic encounters, you will love, Love, LOVE, BELLA’S TOUCH!

Here’s the blurb:

Michael Barclay, an artist with a promising career before him, came home from the Civil War a broken man on the edge of despair. Wounded and sure his life as an artist is over, he’s ended his engagement to his beautiful muse, Bella.

Arrabella Taylor arrives at Michael’s rural Ohio home uninvited, but with great determination to confront her former fiancé. She means to find out exactly why he’s broken their engagement and try to convince him what a mistake he’s made. When she discovers he’s not only wounded from the war, but broken in spirit, she takes drastic measures to reawaken the artist soul deep inside Michael and rekindle their love.

But is Bella’s touch enough to save not only Michael, but both of them from a danger in Michael’s past that threatens their future?

And here’s the wonderful cover for BELLA’S TOUCH. I hope to have it up on Amazon as a $1.99 read before the first of January. With more books planned in 2013. I hope you will love it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


So, dear readers and Banditas and Bandit Buddies, how was your year? Was it as crazed as mine? Are you glad it’s over or longing to have some of those memories back to live over again? Is there someone you’re going to miss? A place you wished you’d travel to? How was YOUR 2012?

In memory of my Daddy and with great joy at all the fun self publishing has been for me, I’m giving away a $20 gift card to Amazon for one commentor today!




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  • Helen says:

    Is he coming to my place

    Have Fun

  • Helen says:


    You had a year and a half sad and lots of good things as well, I too have had year of ups and downs but lots of fun as well. I have read Kidnapped and Hunted and loved both of them I have Close to Home on the e reader ready to go and I will get the new as soon as it is available love your stories.
    I am looking forward to the new year with a few changes my son and his partner have seperated which Means I don’t get to see Jayden and Hayley as much as I did and am finding that I miss them heaps but I am sure things will get better in 2013 on that front. you never know maybe I will win lotto and get to travel to The States and visit you all. Keep writing those stories for us Suz love them

    Have Fun

    The GR is arriving to beautiful weather and Corey having a sleepover and we are taking him to McDonalds for dinner I hope the GR behaves there LOL

    • Deb says:

      Oh, Helen, it would be lovely to meet you in person and to give you a big hug! Perhaps I will get to come to Oz some day! 🙂

      • Helen says:


        Wouldn’t it be awesome what a great time we all could have fingers crossed that you will get down under one day

        Have Fun

    • Dianna aka Hrdwrkdmom says:

      Just tell the GR the chicken nuggets aren’t really chicken, he will be fine.

    • Helen,

      Thank you for loving my books. You are a great fan for all the Banditas!! It would be lovely for y’all to travel here for us to get together some day!

      So sorry you’re not getting to see your grandbabies as much. I know how much you love them. I miss not seeing mine if a whole week goes by!

      Hopefully 2013 will help make that easier!

    • Cassondra says:

      Oh, Helen, I would LOVE to meet you in person! I do hope you get to visit sometime. Or maybe some of us will get to make the trip Down Under and you’ll definitely be on the list of stops to make!

      I know every one of us would love the chance to give you a huge hug and swap stories with you!

  • Fedora says:

    What a crazy, amazing year, Suz! May the next be just as fabulous for you and for us readers 🙂

    As for us, it’s been a good busy–it’s amazing to realize how quickly the kids are growing up, and I pray that I don’t blink too often or I feel I’m going to miss so much of it! 😉 And well, my TBR keeps expanding, in a good way 😀

    • Hey Fedora!

      Do enjoy every moment of their growing up, even the hard ones. You’ll be surprised how they’ll remember the run things you did, even the silly ones. Often those stories come out here around the dinner table!

  • Barb says:

    You have had an up and down year Suzanne and you probably have more books there ….. all these things add to life….. I have had a good year, just carried on and no real downs…. and looking forward to a new year much the same

    • Hey Barb!

      Yes, it’s been an up and down year, but I think I’d like the next one to be more like yours, some ups, no downs and peacefully steady!

      AS for more books…after BELLA’S TOUCH, I have the second book in the Weston series in the pre-editing and cover design stage, so hopefully it will be ready by February to publish. And I’m working on the third RS in the Edgars family series.

  • Deb says:

    Wow, Suz. What a year for you. I’m sorry for the loss of your dad.

    My year has had its ups and downs as well. My parents do not have good health. My mother has been to the ER 3 times in the last 5 weeks with either irregular heartbeats or bronchitis. My dad has Alzheimers. He still knows his 3 girls, but isn’t quite sure about the grandkids.

    My husband hurt his back almost 2 years ago and his surgery wasn’t successful. He lost his job last May and isn’t even getting unemployment benefits. Because of his bad back, he hasn’t been able to find employment.

    But, on the positive side of things, my stepson came home from Afghanistan in August and will be getting out of the Marines in April after 6 years. My oldest stepson and DIL are having a baby boy in March. My daughter is in the musical “The Sound of Music”. Lastly, I have the love of my family and husband.

    OH, and I got a Kindle for Christmas. I’ve been reading more in the last 3 days than I have in months. Weird, huh?

    Blessings to all Banditas and BBs in the coming year.

    • Helen says:


      2013 will get even better for all I am sure. hugs to all of your family

      Have Fun

    • Hey Deb!

      Sorry things have been so hard this year. Hopefully 2013 will bring more ups for you and some sort of employment for your husband.

      So glad your step son is home from Afghanastan safe and sound! Yea, on the new baby. For some reason they always make things feel brighter! And congrats to your daughter on her musical debut!!

      And YEA! on the Kindle!! I just read the best story on mine…you might’ve heard of it…THE PATRICIAN by our Joanie!! I really loved it and the characters are stuck in my head today!

  • Jane says:

    Hi Suzanne,
    It’s been a little crazy. We had a few health scares and then Sandy hit us. I’m hoping we all have a healthy and happy 2013.

  • Minna says:

    This year has been crazy enough. Sometimes I’ve hoped there would be two of me so I could get everything done on time.

  • Mary Preston says:

    I’ve actually had a fabulous year. It seemed to just hum along nicely for me, which I always appreciate. I don’t crave excitement. I’ve had far too much of that in my life.

    Bring on 2013. I’m ready!!

    • Hey Mary!

      Oh fantastic on having a good year! I hope 2013 is much the same for you!

      As crazy and fun as this year it, I really prefer my drama to occur between the pages of my books!

  • Heathercm2001 says:

    I think I can safely say that I’m happy to see 2012 move along. Every year has had its ups and downs, but for some reason, 2012 has just felt not as good as other years. Probably because at the very beginning, we found out my grandpa had cancer, and he was gone just a month after that. Plus there were so many other passings amongst my friends and coworkers. Not to sound grim, but 2012 has been riddled with many funerals, and that is what has stuck to the back of my mind.

    Thankfully, it wasn’t all bad. I went to my first readers’ luncheon in April! That was awesome! You authors are some pretty amazing people to hang out with! 🙂 November brought my first trip to New Orleans, and the end of my 20s.

    Congratulations on all the book releases! That is such a huge accomplishment! The covers are fabulous! Good luck with all of the future releases! May everyone’s 2013 be the best year yet!

    • Oh Heather,

      So sorry to hear about your Grandpa. It’s hard when they go that fast.

      So glad you had some high points in your year! Author luncheons and teas are great fun, aren’t they? And whoohoo on the trip to NO! I live within driving distance, but haven’t made it there…yet! It’s on my to-do list!

  • Maureen says:

    I would say 2012 had good and not so good times. I am sorry for your loss but it is good news that your books are doing so well. I am looking forward to 2013 since our daughter will be graduating from college this spring.

  • MJ Fredrick says:

    I’m so proud of you, Suzanne! You should be super proud of yourself, too!

  • Laney4 says:

    Congrats, Suzanne, on all the work accomplishments this past year! And way to go making lemonade out of lemons with Lyndsey! As a stay-at-home mom with a typing business in the basement, I can totally relate. I love my flexibility so I can “be there” for others most of the time (except with rush deadlines), although working through the nights isn’t always a joy….
    My year? Wow. MIL’s Alzheimer’s is much worse. Now she doesn’t know her kids’ names and is cranky 24/7. Has had several trips by ambulance to the hospital for various complaints through the year. MY brother’s wife died during cancer surgery in October. My HUSBAND’S brother’s wife was diagnosed with bone cancer in early December. A woman I called Mom died in late November. With bad things happening in threes, I’m quite concerned about who will die in late December; time is ticking.

    • Hey Laney!

      Lyndsey says she’s happier now with her work than she ever was at the other job! You can see it in her face.

      So sorry to hear about all the bad news this year. Here’s hoping you’ve had all there is for a while and 2013 is a great year for you!

  • Karen H in NC says:

    My year was relatively quiet compared to yours. The most exciting thing to happen to me was my two cataract surgeries early in the year. I am amazed at how good my vision is today after 4 years of deterioration from the cataracts. So glad to have that over and done.

    Happy New Year to everyone…wishing you all much success in the coming year!

  • Margay says:

    I wasn’t as productive in 2012 as I’d like to be – here’s hoping 2013 is more productive!

    • Hey Margay!!

      Here’s hoping your 2013 is very productive, although I have to tell you I so stole the picture of the lady in her jammies doing nothing on facebook a few minutes ago! That’s how I’ve been feeling since Christmas!

  • catslady says:

    Oh, goodness, you really had some year. I am sorry for your loss. And that story about when one door closes another opens…congrats to your daughter. I think her covers are just wonderful! My daughter is also a graphic artist and her and her boyfriend have started a business last year doing various artistic things including air brushing, paintings, vinyl cuttings and logos etc. Hopefully, as time goes by business will get better (as it has so far) but she still has to work part time to hlep pay for all those school loans (sigh). I’ve had a very quite year (which is a good thing lol). We celebrated my mom’s 90th birthday and a birth of a new baby boy which is the first for my nephew at 45.

    • Hey Catslady!

      I love Lyndsey’s covers, too. Not just the ones she’s done for me, but for other authors, too.

      That’s been an interesting thing I’ve discovered with this Indie pub business. Not only did it open opportunities for authors, but it’s sparked several cottage industries…cover designers, freelance editors and formatting groups such as InkLion books!

      Here’s hoping your daughter’s business continues to do well, too!

  • Hellion says:

    I’m so sorry your daddy passed away. He sounds like he was a wonderful, generous, caring man who has instilled those things in you. *HUGS* I’m a total Daddy’s girl; and my Dad is almost 91. (I have lost my mother though; and losing a parent in general is just so hard.) I’m sure your dad admires your strength and grace that you have handled everything this year. Congratulations on your publications!

    The covers are lovely–and I’m so glad your daughter has found a new career and possibly a better one! 🙂

    • Hey Hellion!

      Thank you. Daddy was a very strong man who loved his family deeply. He was proud of all his children and our children. I have this great picture of him sitting in a local ice cream shop talking to my three grown teenagers (at the time) giving them one of his life-lesson lectures while they ate ice cream. 🙂 It always makes me smile!

      I’m so glad I still have my Mom. She’s a source of strength and inspriation, too!

      WOW, 91! Hope you have many good years left to enjoy your Daddy’s company.

  • sandyg265 says:

    2012 was an up and down year for me too

  • Anne says:

    Congratulations and best wishes on your writing. This year has been an eventful year on many ways, good and bad. In March I was diagnosed with breast cancer and have had 8 months of treatment and am now slowly recovering. March and April, we had two grandchildren born seven weeks apart.

    • Hey Anne!

      So sorry to hear about the breast cancer diagnosis, but glad you’ve made it through the treaments and are recovering.

      2 grandbabies in 7 weeks!! Wow, you’ve had a busy year. The closest ones I have are 6 months, but those two are very close in spirit!

  • diane says:

    I wish you only the best of health and happiness and success for 2013. Life is always up and down. A new baby in our family which is wonderful. Plenty of changes for us.

  • gamistress66 says:

    congrats on the wonderful high points for both you & your daughter this past year & for keeping on plugging toward them even when things sucked (I have no doubt your daddy is very proud & smiling at you). Thanks for the reminder that there can always be a good thing on the other side of the crap if you just keep moving toward it — always a good attitude to start of a new year. wishing both you & your daughter (as well as all the other banditas & buddies) a fab 2013 😀

  • Hey GaMistress!

    Thanks for the well wishes! Here’s hoping you have a great 2013, too!!

  • Louisa says:

    As chilly as it is here in the Deep South I wish I had stowed away in the GR’s luggage, Helen! Would love to visit you in Oz, especially at this time of year!

    Suzanne, you are my hero! What an incredible publishing year you have had! And I am so very glad you decided to indie publish Kidnapped and Hunted and all of your books! They are such great reads! Can’t wait to read Bella’s Touch.

    This year has flown by so fast for me and I feel like I haven’t gotten anything done at all! Work has been so stressful and soul-sucking. The only good thing is it has pushed me to write more and to pursue publication more ardently than ever. I really don’t want to spend the next ten years at Walmart! UGG!

    I did get my niece into college and she likes it! Mom continues in good health, which is really a blessing.

    The “Contest Courtesan” (slut is such an ugly word LOL) has done fairly well this year and the best part came a week or so ago when I received a call from the Maryland Romance Writers. My 2009 GH Finalist book The Raven’s Heart won first place in the historical division of the Reveal Your Inner Vixen contest and received a request from both the editor and agent judges! Apparently Tristan (the hero) is one hot lover as he also won the Between the Sheets contest a few years ago.

    • Hey Louisa!

      Thank you for the kind words and I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the books. I’m thinking Michael and Bella will warm you in this cold spell!! They did me!

      CONGRATS on getting the requests from the agent and editor and winning the contest!! Here’s hoping it snags you a big sale! (No one should have to spend 10 years at Walmart…1 hour is enough for me!)

    • Contest courtesan? I love it!

  • pearl says:

    A difficult year which meant holding on tight and having the strength to remain healthy and hopeful which I am for 2013. Your post was uplifting.

    • Hey Pearl!

      Sometimes holding on as tight as we can is the best we can do, isn’t it? Hope your 2013 gives you some room to breathe and I’m glad my post lifted your spirits some!

  • Connie Fischer says:

    I feel very lucky to have had a good 2012 and hope that 2013 will follow suit.

    I’m so sorry about the loss of your Daddy. I’m sure he would smile knowing you are doing something special in his memory.

    We never know what each year will bring which is why on the first of the year I always say a little prayer that nothing horrible will happen in any way to my family or my country. I pray that you all will be blessed and that your new year will be a joyful one.

    Happy New Year!

    • Hey Connie!

      So glad you had a good 2012! May 2013 be even better for you. Daddy was very proud that I’d published Lacy Morgan and Kidnapped. He didn’t read much fiction, (well, he liked Zane Grey and Louis L’Amour), but he knew my love of reading and writing, so yes he’d be proud.

  • ellie says:

    Wonderful to hear that news for you and your daughter. Such talent and creativity is always to be recognized and honored. I look forward each year to new adventures and maintaining a positive outlook.

    • Hey Ellie!

      Thank you for the kudos, Ellie! I’m so glad my daughter has been able to let her talent shine in such a profitable way. I’m in awe daily of her and her sister’s artistic abilities,

      You keep that positive outlook going in 2013, okay!!

  • Cassondra says:

    Wow Suz, what a year you’ve had.

    I can tell you that losing my dad was the hardest thing I’ve had to face in my life. I was Daddy’s girl. But it does get easier. Just takes time.

    So thrilled for you that you’ve launched your publishing career so successfully, both with EC and your own indie releases. I hope to follow in your footsteps, but I’m such a SLOW writer, I fear I’ll never get to where you are. Five books in one year! That’s just amazing!

    • Cassondra, it has been hard knowing Daddy isn’t going to be there when I call or visit. Being 1100 miles away has eased the pain some for me. I think my sister is having a bit harder time adjusting. Mama of course deals with it daily.

      And YES you can get your books out there. Here’s the secret as to why I have three self pubbed books out in one year. They were already written. All those years when I kept getting rejections and no offers of contracts from the big houses? I was steadily writing good stories. So all they needed was editing, editing and editing, then a good cover and POOF!

      If there’s a book you always thought others would enjoy reading, I say, dust it off and start the editing process! I’d love to read your work…heck I love reading your Lair posts!

      AS the penquins say…YOU CAN DO IT, DO IT!!

  • LyndseyLewellen says:

    Hey mom,
    Think you summed it up perfectly. I never thought this year would be so crazy and life changing for us, but I guess we never know what’s around the bend.
    Bring it on 2013!

    • Hey, sweetie!!!

      It has been a wild and crazy year, hasn’t it? And it started with a hair-brained idea to self publish my old books if you’d make me covers! YYIIPPEE!!

      Here’s hoping 2013 gives us more fun with this and hopefully YOUR YA Steampunk book can find a home, too!!

  • Suz, I was so sad for your when your dad passed away. I lost my dad back in May 2001 – I still miss him like mad. So glad you’ve had such a wonderful year with the self-publishing. Good on you, sticking to your guns and doing so well – and also proving that there is an audience out there for good romantic suspense. Here’s to bigger and better in 2014 – to the stars and beyond (am I misquoting Buzz Lightyear there?).

    And how lovely that your writing has helped Lyndsey to find a whole new career where she can use her fantastic talents and still spend time with the kids. I love the covers she’s done – yours are wonderful and so are the ones she’s done for Jo, Susan and Joan. That historical of Jo’s is breathtaking.

    I’ve had a really busy year – so busy I got to the end of the year only just clinging on by my fingernails, I was so tired. Had a week off over Christmas so feeling a bit more like it now. I had my first self-pub venture too, as well as my first Grand Central Publishing release. It’s been great fun having a Christmas book out – I think I’ll be doing something similar to the Winter Wife next year.

    • Hey Anna!

      I love that you took the chance with the Winter Wife! It’s in my queue to read and I’m looking forward to it!

      You sort of quoted Buzz…according to my grandson it’s…”To infinity and beyond!” hehehe and what a great way to face the new year!

  • Shannon says:

    Hey Suz! You forgot to say that you got to see 2 high school buddies in November! Wish we had been able to do more than just say ‘hi’. Maybe next time…
    It was mostly a good year – found out in April that we’d be grandparents again – our newest love was born in Nov., the day after the oldest gkid turned 13. Middle gkid turned 4 1/2. Oldest kid doing well in college (he went back at 30) looking toward becoming a nurse. Went to Texas visit my folks & sister in June (but somebody stole my debit card # just before I left) and managed to see both brothers while I was there. Then they were able to make it to Ohio to visit (1st time since dad had his stroke) and both got to see their siblings while they were here. Older daughter is liking her new job, so that’s always good. Younger daughter & s.i.l. settling into parenthood. And, oh yeah, I read a bunch of Suz Ferrell books!!!
    Hope 2013 is the best year ever for all of us! <3

    • Hey Shannon!!

      It WAS wonderful reconnecting with you and Susie again, and getting to chat a little when I was home! Maybe when I come home in June we can have a lunch get together?

      Wow, you have been busy! I left out the part where my youngest started back to school this year, too. He’s planning on majoring in math education! Shocked the heck out of me.

      Congrats on the new grandbaby! She’s a cutie!

  • CateS says:

    We’d like to get back to a beach vacation.. but since dh’s mom is ill… may not happen — Sorry to learn about your dad… but he’d certainly be thrilled for your success and that of your daughter!!

    • Hey Cate!

      Oh a beach vacation sounds lovely, especially when it’s cold in Texas! Here’s hoping 2013 allows some healing for you MIL and life is a lot more fun for y’all!

  • Pat Cochran says:

    It was a rather hectic year for us also.
    Much activity ongoing for a rather long
    time, but things seem to have settled
    down now. In 2013, we will be looking
    forward to our Ashley’s graduation from
    college. She’s the eldest of the ten GKs.

  • Cathy P says:

    My husband of 38 years was diagnosed with cancer in February, so it has been a very, very hectic year for us. We are praying for remission for 2013.

  • Chelsea B. says:

    My 2012 was very emotional. Health issues and the passing of my beloved papa. Honestly, 2012 had it’s moments, but I’m glad to see a fresh, new year coming in.

  • It’s been a great day chatting with everyone, but I have to go hit the showers so I can switch into Nurse mode and go birth some babies!

  • Barbara Elness says:

    Interesting post, congrats on how well your self-published books are doing. My year was actually pretty good, I was able to travel to California in July to visit my sister and several groups of friends and while I was there my sister and I attended the RWA Literacy book signing. My sister had never done anything like that and we both had a ball, even though her knee was giving her fits so I had to push her around in a wheelchair. It was worth it. 😀

  • chey says:

    I’m hoping not to get more bad news this coming year.

  • Quilt Lady says:

    2012 was a bad year for me. I had back issues all year. Had surgery on July 3 and still having problems. Also had injections in Nov and Dec. and now they are telling me I have a bad hip. I go see a doctor in Jan for it. I am mid to upper fifties and I am falling apart. Also husband truck is on its last leg. When it rains it pours and everything happens at once. I just hope 2013 is a better year.

  • Kaelee says:

    I had an up and down year but that’s just how life is most of the time. I wish I could say that 2013 is looking up but there are are few of my relatives who are not doing well health wise. Guess I will take it day by day and try not to worry myself sick bout it. One thing for sure is we will be traveling a lot of short trips next year going to see those not to well relatives. Good thing I can read in the car.

  • LilMissMolly says:

    Congrats on your great 2012. Mine has been OK. Working more than ever, for no more pay. At least I have a job….

  • Lianne says:

    Congrats on the self-publishing, hope 2013 brings more ups than downs for you!
    Here 2012 has haddownpoints but finding Romance Bandits is definitely a postive part of the year!