Welcome Bestselling Author Barbara Devlin to the Lair!

iconThe last time my dear friend Barbara Devlin was on the blog, she’d just begun her foray into publishing with ENTER THE BRETHREN.  This is a MARVELOUS book, if you haven’t read it, go now and buy!  Grins.  It introduces us to the delicious world of The Brethren of the Coast, descendents of five Templar marinars, and the ladies who will capture their hearts.

And now, scant months later MY LADY THE SPY, Book Two in the series, is setting Amazon on fire!!  It’s hit #1 on the Amazon bestseller list for Historical Fiction, is climbing the Romance charts like it was a monkey on steroids, and both MY LADY THE SPY and ENTER THE BRETHREN are #1 and #4 respectively on the Amazon HOT NEW RELEASES list!  Grins.

With that fun going on right now – and an Amazon price deal! – I thought I’d have Barbara come back and tell us a little about herself, and about the books!  WELCOME BARBARA DEVLIN!!

To get us started, here are five fun questions and Barbara’s answers!

What five words describe you?  Bold, rebellious, stubborn, forgetful, humorous.

Jeanne: I would never have said forgetful….the others?  Ohhhhh yeah.  Grins.

What was the first story you wrote? The REALLY first one…the one that will forever stay under the bed?

A horrid little mystery featuring an old-world sleuth named Herschel Biltmore.  But I was so damn proud of that goofy story.  I think the murder weapon was a fingernail file.  Seriously.

Jeanne:  Fingernail file?  Snork.  I could make that work though….*ponders*  Yes, I could Cover for Rebeccamake that work. 

What inspires you? Life.  Everyday people surviving extraordinary circumstances.  Really interesting, seemingly inconsequential moments in history.

Jeanne:  Life.  Yes, that’s one of the many reasons we’re friends.  As to the inconsquential history, I need to introduce you to our own Bandita Nancy….*ducks flung sabers*…Okay, okay, it’s NOT inconsequential!!!  Sorry, jeeeesh!

What distracts you?  Life, in general.  My husband.  Rufus, our very co-dependent Brittany.  Any song by Pink—I have to dance.

Jeanne:  Hahaha!  Having met both your husband and Rooofuuuus, the Brittany, I can so get this.  They’re both darling.

What’s your favorite story, right now, that you didn’t write?  It’s a bit obscure.  It’s the 19th Century American Gothic Hope Leslie, by Catharine Maria Sedgwick.  On the surface, it’s an unapologetic look at 17th Century New England and extermination of American Indians.  But at its core is a beautifully composed historical romance between the Indian Oneco and his “white bird” Faith, 220px-American_Brittany_standingand their subsequent inter-racial marriage, which was quite controversial given the that the book was first published in 1827.

Jeanne: Obscure, yes, but it sounds fascinating!!  I just read DB Jackson’s The Thieftaker, also set in the colonies, and it was quite engrossing.

And now, tell us about your writing…. We know about the ENTER THE BRETHREN, what else is available so far?

My current titles are the first three books in the Brethren of the Coast series:  Enter the Brethren, My Lady, The Spy, and The Most Unlikely Lady.  You can find them all on Amazon.  But that’s just the beginning.  Book 4, One-Knight Stand will be available in February 2014.  Each book is set in early 19th Century England during the Peninsular Wars. As a fun note, for the sea battle in My Lady, The Spy, I consulted an expert in 19th Century tall ships for the appropriate vernacular and strategy.

Jeanne: Having read them all…even the ones that come later!…I can assure you dear Banditas and Buddies,  a fabulous read.  And, like me, I think you’ll be impatient for MORE. 

Writing can be both fun and frustrating, as we’ve discussed many times.  What’s your favorite part? What I love most Enter the Brethrenabout fiction is an author can write from their experiences or their research, yet the reader has no idea what’s real and what’s make-believe.  Also, these stories, in particular, give me the opportunity to draw from the fun I had living in London, as an undergraduate.  The first time I toured the Naval Academy in Greenwich, I fell in love with the splendor and elegance, so my work merges two of my great loves: history and writing.

What would your characters say about you? (Be honest because we’ll be checking on this!!)  My characters would describe me as a ruthless perfectionist and bemoan the fact that every time I lose my way, they all contract the plague and die.

Jeanne: Seriously?  You must bring them back….

 Who would play your favorite character if they made a movie of their story?  Eek! I purposely avoid putting models on my covers because that ruins my ability to relate with the characters.  I want to think of them as I imagine them in my head, and that changes over time.  Call me shallow, but if I don’t find the cover models attractive, I won’t buy the book.   And I highly doubt anyone would ever consider a screen adaptation of my books, because it would cost a fortune.  In short, it would never happen.

Jeanne:  Oh, you never know!  They made Master and Commander! (swoon!)

Unlikely ladyWhat’s next for the Brethren of the Coast? 

Book 5, The Captain of Her Heart, is in the polishing stage.  It’s the story of Alex and Captain Jason Collingwood.  I had SO much fun creating their happily ever after.  The remaining Brethren books are fully plotted.  Also due to reader requests, I am going to write the stories of the five Templar Mariners, whose vignettes set the stage for each BOC novel.  I’ve really come to love those Medieval guys.  Also, I’ll be doing a short story detailing the courtship of then Lieutenant Mark Douglas and Lady Amanda Gascoigne-Lake in an upcoming anthology.

 Jeanne: And now, as promised, I’m going to get someone to “tell” on Barbara!  Since the Lair is a fairly magical place, I’ve invited Lady Rebecca Wentworth, AKA L’araignee, one of the most notorious and untraceable spies working for the Crown, to visit the Lair.  She’s come through the portal and a nearly-swooning Sven has made her comfortable.  Let’s get started.

Jeanne: Welcome to the Romance Bandits Lair, Lady Rebecca!  I’m so glad you could join us today and spring a little surprise on my friend, your author, Barbara.

Lady Rebecca: The pleasure is mine, I assure you.  This is a most…unusual place.

Jeanne (laughing): That’s an understatement, Ma’am.  Do you mind if I ask you some questions?

Lady Rebecca: Not at all.  Of course, do know that if the information is of a sensitive nature, I will not reply.

Jeanne: Understood.  Even on this end of history, we know about that sort of thing.  So, first off, which of Barbara’s fabulous books will we find YOU in?cloak

Lady Rebecca: My story is featured in the novel My Lady, The Spy. It is a historical romance, with a tad mystery and suspense, as I danced a perilous waltz through society’s ballrooms to lure a traitor to the Crown.  You see, my previous partner was murdered on the Continent, because he stole something of importance from one of General Bonaparte’s couriers.  The turncoat believed I possessed the item and therein lies the heart of the tale.  To protect me, Sir Ross Logan, the head of the Counterintelligence Corps, assigned Nautionnier Knight Dirk Randolph as my new partner in espionage, and we fell in love

Jeanne: How wonderful!  This often happens to my characters, who are usually in peril, so I do understand how it can come to pass.  Can you tell us a little about yourself?  What should we know about you?

Lady Rebecca: I am the youngestchild and only daughter of Dawson Wentworth, fifth Earl of Calvert, and my mother was French.  My parents were killed in France, in the riots of revolution.  I joined the Counterintelligence Corps and became a spy as a means to avenge their deaths.  As you can imagine, female spies were something of a novelty, which created all manner ofdifficulty in my personal relationships, because I am intensely dedicated to duty.

sliderJeanne: I can understand that – both the difficulty and the dedication!  So just between us, what do you think of Barbara?  She’s a lot of fun, isn’t she? 

Lady Rebecca: Oh, she is quite the taskmaster. And we live in fear of writer’s block, as she infects her characters with the plague and kills the lot in a single blow. Of course, she resurrects us, but it is awfully tragic. Still, she draws on her experience as a law enforcement officer to portray the realities of such work, as well as the stress it can have on personal relationships. Men are often threatened by women who wear weapons.

Jeanne: Most are, but the best ones, the special ones, aren’t!  How do you feel about your story, MY LADY THE SPY?

Lady Rebecca: Well, if truth be told, I would rather forgo the more brutal parts, but I suppose it was necessary, in the end, to tell the whole of it. War is a nasty business. And Dirk and I endured numerous trials, which made the finale all the more sweet, so I dearly love our tale.

Jeanne: I can understand that.  Tell me, do you like being a character in a book?

600px-Claymore2-MorgesLady Rebecca:  Actually, I am terribly proud of my role in the book, as I concur with the author that it is important to convey the contributions women made to the war effort. Not much is known of the women who spied for Wellington, except for the Spanish ladies he employed to seduce French generals. Even then, little is written about female spies. When the author first conceived the story, back in 2004, we were a rarity in our genre.

Jeanne:  I remember hearing that, when, back in the very beginning, I learned from Barbara about the story she’d devised for you.  Without giving anything away – which you, of course, wouldnt! – How do you see your future?

Lady Rebecca: I should like, very much, to enjoy a long, uneventful life. And I would dearly love to start a family with Dirk. My only impediment is my ability to break free of the underworld of espionage.

Jeanne: I can truly understand that!  So, once MY LADY THE SPY is done, will we see you again?

Lady Rebecca: Oh, you will see all of the Brethren and their ladies in subsequent novels, as our world evolves with each successive tale. But I believe Dirk and I play a prominent role in Dalton’s story, though I am not at liberty to say more.dining hall

Jeanne, grinning:  That’s a very secretive smile you’re wearing!  I like it!  Thank you, Lady Rebecca, for joining us and telling us a bit about your tale, and your author’s proclivities. 

Lady Rebecca, also smiling: You are most welcome.  Perhaps I could have a tour of your interesting…Lair, did you call it?…before I go.

Jeanne: But of course!  Let me get Sven.

Well, now that I’ve sent Lady Rebecca off with our very own Sven, who will no doubt spill every secret we’ve ever had in the Lair to the most intruiguing lady, let’s get to YOU, dear Banditas and Bandita Buddies!

What five words describe YOU??

What is your favorite book – obscure or common – that you go to for “comfort” or as a re-read when you can’t find something else to read?

Have you read ENTER THE BRETHREN? James-Bond

Would you ever date a spy?

Would you ever BE a spy?  If so, who would you be most like –  James Bond, Jack Ryan, or  Maxwell Smart – and tell us why!

Barbara is giving away a free download of MY LADY THE SPY to one lucky commenter today!  You can also find her at www.BarbaraDevlin.com and on Twitter and Facebook!

I can’t WAIT to hear some of these answers…. 

(Photos are Wikimedia Commons, my own, from the author, or from Photobucket with requested permissions)

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  • Cassondra says:

    Gosh it’s cold. I need feathers to keep me warm.

  • Helen says:

    Hi Barbara and Jeanne

    I do love the sound of this series I have added them to my must have list 🙂

    What five words describe YOU??

    Caring Fun Independent Forgetful and easy going

    What is your favorite book – obscure or common – that you go to for “comfort” or as a re-read when you can’t find something else to read?

    I don’t re read I have way too many books on the TBR pile 🙂

    Have you read ENTER THE BRETHREN?

    Not yet
    Would you ever date a spy?

    Could be fun

    Would you ever BE a spy? If so, who would you be most like – James Bond, Jack Ryan, or Maxwell Smart – and tell us why!

    I would have to be Maxwell Smart I don’t think I could be too serious about it 🙂

    Have Fun

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hi Helen!! I had to LOL about not taking the spying too seriously. Grins.

      I’d so agree with your five words BUT…forgetful? I don’t see that. Grins. Any more that I did with Barbara. Hahah!

      I know what you mean about not rereading. I don’t reread too often, but sometimes I have to go back to an old favorite for fun. :>

    • Hi Helen,

      Well, as I participated in quite a bit of undercover operations, I can honestly say I was somewhere between Jack Ryan in regard to my analysis of the situation at hand and Maxwell Smart in my approach.

  • Quantum says:

    I also like the sound of this series ……. Romance on the open seas …. wonderful!

    Five Words studious, handsome, imaginative, adventurous, fun-loving

    Favourite Book Paul Dirac ‘The Principles of Quantum Mechanics’ (my Bible!)
    As a supplement I would add Dirac’s biography ‘The Strangest Man’ by Graham Farmelo.

    Enter the Bretheren I have just downloaded it …. fantastic price …. Thanks!

    Date a Spy Definitely. As long as she is glamorous, intelligent and will do anything to discover my secrets. LOL

    Be a Spy James Bond. He is British. I also want to drive those incredible cars and advise Q on some gadgetry ….. Q is like my alter ego! LOL

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hi Quantum! Oh! I love Dirac’s book – brain twisting, fascinating and deep! Didn’t know there was a biography, however, so I’ll be getting that today.

      Love that you would date a spy and be one too. As to Q, the gadgetry just makes Bond, doesn’t it? And now, in the newer movies, John Cleese as Q? Brilliant.

      Love your five words too. :>

    • Hi Quantum!

      Okay, I so would’ve loved to have you whispering in my earpiece on stings. Can’t tell you how difficult it is to keep a straight face while negotiating the price of a blow job (with or without a condom) with some perverted SWAT officer talking dirty in your earpiece. At least you would’ve had a British accent–which gives me shivers…

    • Quantum says:

      Barbara, you will have to do better than that to get the low-down on my latest unpublished theories. In the UK we have more subtle ways to make you talk …. involving ice cream and chocolate. LOL

      Jeanne, the Dirac biography is very revealing of the man’s strange personality and behaviour. It also gives a fascinating account of the state of Physics at the Cavendish under Rutherford, and world wide reaction to Dirac’s ideas. A very readable account.

      • Quantum,

        I have some theories of my own. I actually minored in aeronautical engineering–why? I have no idea. Strange person with a thing for pain.

        As for interrogation, I’m not so big on ice cream, but I’m all about the chocolate. When I attended the University of London, my Brit buddies loved to eat Oreo’s with red wine. I’m not kidding. That was in the mid-80s, so I’m sure things have changed since then. But it was a really inventive, cheap drunk.

      • Jeanne Adams says:

        had to LOl at your answer! I’ll be checking out the bio!

  • Cathy P says:

    This book sounds fantastic! Can’t wait to read the whole series!

    Five words that describe me are loving, caring, loyal, learning to live my life without my wonderful DH of 39 years that I lost to cancer on August 1st of last year, and humorous.

    I don’t have a comfort book that I reread. I have way too many on my TBR pile to reread. If I did, it would be GONE WITH THE WIND.

    No, I haven’t read ENTER THE BRETHREN

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Cathy! I’m so sorry for your loss! I can see how that’s part of what defines you right now. It’s indescribably hard to lose someone and manage to keep going. Books help, at least a little – and that swaying TBR pile…yeah, I can see it from here. Wow.

      Grins. You’ll enjoy Brethren and Spy both if you like historicals!!

      Would you be a spy or, when and if you’re ever ready to date again, would you date a spy?

      • Cathy P says:

        Jeanne, I wouldn’t mind becoming a spy if the US needs me. Yes, I wouldn’t mind dating a spy if I thought he was very special.

    • Dearest Cathy P,

      I am so sorry for your loss. As an aside, I was recently diagnosed with liver cancer, but I have a very good but lengthy prognosis, so I think about the impact it’s having on my husband, who just signed his retirement papers in December. Would love to know your thoughts as the primary caregiver. If you don’t mind, and it’s not too painful, you can email me at barbaradevlin at gmail dot com.

      • Jeanne Adams says:

        Barb, I know it’s been tough on you and your DH! (As I’m sure it was on Cathy as well) Fingers crossed for you and sending HUGE Piles of healing energy your way!!

  • Cathy P says:

    Somehow, I hit the comment button before anwering all the questions.

    No, I haven’t read ENTER THE BRETHREN yet.

    The only way I would date a spy is if I was one. I think living that kind of life with a spy if I wasn’t one would be way too hard on me.

    I really enjoyed the interviews with Barbara and Lady Rebecca.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      OOps, didn’t see the next comment was you finishing the questions! Hahah!

      I get that – dating a spy if you were one – much more comfy that being a regular person dating a spy. :>

  • Shannon says:

    What five words describe YOU??
    1. What is your favorite book – obscure or common – that you go to for “comfort” or as a re-read when you can’t find something else to read?
    The Malloren series by Jo Beverley

    Have you read ENTER THE BRETHREN? James-Bond

    Not read Enter the Brethren. I think I did read some of the Ian Fleming books.

    Would you ever date a spy?

    Yes. I’m pretty sure I have.

    Would you ever BE a spy? If so, who would you be most like – James Bond, Jack Ryan, or Maxwell Smart – and tell us why!

    Yes. My job would be like Jack Ryan’s before he got involved in all that movie stuff–following a country and it’s military piece by piece.

    • Hi, Shannon.

      You dated a spy? That sounds fascinating. I tried dating a fellow police officer, but it was just too stressful. And the divorce rate for cops is 100% in the first 5 years on the job. After that, it drops to 99%. I ended up marrying a firefighter. Jan. 27 is our 19th anniversary.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Shannon! I love your five words, and I love the Mallorean series too!

      Had to LOL that you’re pretty sure you’ve dated a spy. (I think I did too at one point!)

      And YAY for Jack Ryan!

  • Shannon says:

    Oops.. Five words
    Intelligence. Introverted. Loveable. Changeable. Reader.

  • Maureen says:

    Congratulations to Barbara on all her success. It’s tough but I would pick five words as smart, loving, sarcastic, optimistic and determined. I don’t think I would be a spy, I don’t have the nerves to handle that kind of pressure.

    • Hi Maureen.

      You know, I became a cop out of necessity. My bachelor’s degree is in Accounting, but if you recall the state of banking in the US in the late 80s, you know why I needed a career change. And I never expected to enjoy it as much as I did. I figured I’d try out law enforcement and go back to the financial industry when things calmed down. And policing isn’t so much about nerves as it is about dealing with fear. Everyone is afraid. You just have to accept and deal with it to perform.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      You and me, Maureen, we could be the Reading Spies. We’d calm our nerves before a mission with a bout of book reading and be steady as rocks when the action hit! Grins.

  • Caren Crane says:

    Welcome back, Barbara! Jeanne, I’ll confess I have Master and Commander in my Netflix queue. If they can make Game of Thrones and the rest of that series into film, the geniuses in Hollywood can do anything!

    As to spying, I would have no trouble being in a relationship with a spy. As long as I had lots of free time to do things by myself, he could anything he wanted and I would be only mildly curious. Myself, I would be the most hapless spy ever. I have no ability to “blend”, apparently, although I try.

    I would definitely be the Maxwell Smart of the group. There would be much bumbling and getting things wrong. Although I might not get my man in the end, unlike Maxwell. 🙁 I would definitely need a 99 to keep me straight!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hahah~! Well you’re distinctive, Caren, and that’s fabulous! Grins.

      Okay, so you be Maxwell, I’ll be Clouseau, and we can get Barb and Cassondra as 99 and Cato….we’ll catch ALL the crooks! Bwahahahahah!

  • Hi Caren,

    It’s good to be back in the lair. And I’m a huge Patrick O’Brian fan, which probably played a small part in my decision to write about tall ships. I’m very curious to see the new Starz series “Black Sails.”

    And you know, the key to undercover work is simply being yourself. It’s when people try to become something they’re not that they get caught. You just have to remain calm. Too much drama is a dead giveaway. My friends would tell you that I have a wicked sense of humor. Jeanne calls me “Pure Evil,” or PE for short. I used a lot of humor in my operations, especially the hooker stings, and I was the last whore anyone would guess was a cop.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      I always have SUCH a hard time picturing you there, doing that….and then I don’t. Hahahah!! And yes, my darling PE, sting is probably the apt word for anything you did involving perps. Sssssssting! Gotcha! Hahahah!!

      • Jeanne,

        One of my nicknames on the job was “Shit Magnet.” Seriously. It wasn’t unusual to get a call with details that made you shake in your shoes, and then it turned out to be nothing. But if I got the call, the guys would jam the radio traffic trying to take my assist, because they knew it would be good (or bad, depending on your perspective.)

  • bn100 says:

    Haven’t read these books yet
    Never met a spy

  • Hey Barbara! Glad to have you back in the Lair. Thanks, Jeanne, for the fun interview with both Barbara and the Lady Rebecca.

    Truth be told, I’m waiting until all five of the first books are out to start them, (the first two are on my kindle already), because I have a feeling I’ll want to read them like eating Lays potato chips, one right after the other!

    So…lots of questions today:

    What five words describe YOU?? Loyal, stubborn, calm, determined and sarcasti

    What is your favorite book – obscure or common – that you go to for “comfort” or as a re-read when you can’t find something else to read? Saving Grace by Julie Garwood but then I think everyone knows that!

    Have you read ENTER THE BRETHREN? No, see above statement as to why! 🙂

    Would you ever date a spy?If I KNEW he was a spy, yes. otherwise I’d think he was having affairs because he was keeping secrets…then I’d have to follow him, find out what’s up, check his phone records, pockets for receipts, browser history…. yeah, not good.

    Would you ever BE a spy? If so, who would you be most like – James Bond, Jack Ryan, or Maxwell Smart – and tell us why!

    I think I’d be like Jason Bourne, because I’m good in an emergency, capable of thinking outside the box and making quick decisions. But I’d probably come across as Maxwell Smart!

    • Hi Suzanne,

      Thank you so much for your support. One-Knight Stand will debut in February. Captain of her Heart will come out probably in late spring or early summer. In fact, I just contacted Lyndsey about the cover design. She informed me that, due to increased business, she raised prices by 25$. I had to laugh at that, because she’s my cover designer–period. Then it’s on to Dalton’s story.

      • Jeanne Adams says:

        Isn’t Lyndsey fabulous??? So glad she’s doing cover work the way she is. It’s spectacular, really.

        Had to LOL about the $25 too – seriously. I’m okay with that.

        • Barb and Jeanne…I’m giggling, too. You can bet she worried and prayed over raising the prices even $25. She loves her clients and making covers that much!

          • Suzanne,

            I’ll pay whatever she needs me to pay. She’s my cover-gal. You don’t mess with success, and I’ve had enormous success on the strength of her covers. Not a day goes by that I don’t hear from a reader just raving over my covers. Entering the cover for Unlikely Lady in a ebook awards contest.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Suz! I think you’d be a hell of a spy. Grins. No one would ever, ever suspect with that smiling, charming exterior….then BLAMMO! you’d have them. :> Bwahahaha!

      I knew about Julie, oh yes, I did. Snork.

      And I loved your five words. Perfect for you.

  • Cassondra says:

    Welcome Barb! So great to hear this series is doing so well. Jeanne has bragged about it to us for years.

    The questions…lessee…

    Five words…we’ll have to go with today because any five words are only good for the moment.
    1. Harried
    2. Calm
    3.curious (eternally and endlessly)
    4.serious (a little too)
    And yes, some of those are opposites. that’s me. A bunch of opposites jammed together.

    No, I would not date a spy. Spooks in general are an odd bunch.

    I have Enter The Brethren on my TBR pile, but I haven’t read it yet. I must move it up!

    My comfort reads right now are all light contemporary romance because when life gets stressful, I run toward the easy.

    • Hi Cassondra.

      Congrats on the whole rooster thing.

      As for the series success, it’s been a total shock. I’ve got a group of 60-something retirees from the British Navy emailing me, because they love the battle scene in Spy. Who’d have thought?

      And I know what you mean about serious reads. My Lady, The Spy gets very dark, but it goes out on a light note. I never try to leave my readers in a depressed state.

      As a cop, I was temporarily assigned to the academy as an instructor. When teaching domestic violence, crimes against children, and sexual assaults, I always ended the day with a Pastor Gas video. They feature the former televangelist Robert Tilton. If you’ve never seen one, and you need a quick pick-me-up, just google Robert Tilton and Pastor Gas. They’re hilarious.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      SNORK!! EIther you or me calling ANYONE – even Spooks – an odd bunch is a bit of pot/kettle isn’t it? HAHAHAHA!!

      I love the five words. That curious is so apt. :>

      • Jeanne Adams says:

        And me, brag on my friends? Really?


      • Cassondra Murray says:

        Jeanne, I was trying to be nice using the word “odd.”

        I first typed a bunch of other words. Then I decided I should back WAY off.

        gnarly. Spooks are a gnarly bunch.

        That’s a little more accurate but still not ugly. How’s that?

  • Hi Jeanne and Barbara – and Lady Rebecca! My, why is the lair smelling of bilge water and tar today? Could we have set sail for adventurous shores while I wasn’t looking or is Paolo playing with his rubber ducky again?

    Barbara, huge congratulations on your success. That’s blooming brilliant and you must feel wonderful about the decisions you’ve made. You go!

    Five words to describe me: curious, interested, humorous, romantic, booky

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Booky. I like that. Grins.

      Actually, I think Paolo is slipping in and out of the secret passages following Lady Rebecca and a very smitten Sven on her tour of the Lair.

      Either that or he’s trying to avoid the dragon again.

    • Anna!!

      Thank you so much for the Twitter follow. It’s an honor, believe me. And I’m doing quite well in Australia, so I love the Aussies!

      And I’m so glad I took the self-pub route. It’s been great having so much control over my work, my titles, my covers, and my promos. While I never cared about the financial success, I am surprised that I earned more money in the last three months than I did teaching 6 English sections in two semesters at a major four-year university. Now my husband wants me to pump out the books, but I’ll do it on my own schedule, because I am a perfectionist.

  • Diana Huffer says:

    5 words that describe me: imaginative, smart, loving, loyal, confident

    I don’t recall any book that I have re-read. I can always find something to read — my library, paper and kindle, are full with unread books.

    I have not read ENTER THE BRETHREN yet… 🙂

    Yes, I would date a spy.

    I would not be a spy — I don’t have the daring or courage to carry it out. Besides, I can’t keep a secret! ~LOL~

  • Cassondra Murray says:

    *raises eyebrow* Why are the last few comments showing up bold? I went in and tried to edit and fix that, but I can’t see how. do y’all see that or is it just my browser?

  • Hi Barb and Jeanne – I think one of the words that describes everyone in this state at least is …cold!!!

    My five words…hmmm….analytical, fun, adventurous, clumsy, unintentionally intimidating LOL.

    I could never be a spy because my face gives everything away. I could never marry a spy because I’d get him killed.

    Barb – I haven’t read ENTER THE BRETHREN but it sounds wonderful. Much luck and success with the series.

  • Barb, welcome back and mega-congrats on your success! This sounds great, and so do the medievals. Will there be kilts, or is this English medieval?

    Five words…dreamer, obsessive, kind (I hope), bookish, analytical.

    I would not date a spy. I suspect those guys are more fun in the imaginary world than in actual life.

    I haven’t read Enter The Brethren, but it sounds terrific!

    • Hi Nancy,

      My persecuted and hotly pursued Templar virgins take refuge in England, so no kilts. Historically, it’s said that only a handful of mariners escaped France, which is what led to the series. But they’re completely unaccustomed to the gilt and glitter of court, as well as the ladies, which provides ample opportunity for fun. When I decided to write the vignettes of the ascendents, as I call them, for the prologues of each book, I had no idea my readers would fall in love with them. Arucard, Morgan, Demetrius, Aristide, and Geoffrey are swimming in unfamiliar waters when it comes to women and love, but that’s right up my alley, so I plan to have a good time with those guys.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Nancy, I think you’re probably right – the spy-types are probably WAAAAAY more interesting on page and screen than in real life. Grins.

  • pjpuppymom says:

    Hi Barb! Welcome to the lair. Jeanne has been telling me great things about your books. I’m looking forward to reading them.

    I always have a hard time describing myself but here goes: organized, caring, friendly, adaptable and sunny (Trish called me sunny the other day and I decided I really like that.) 🙂

    I don’t think I’d want to date a spy. Probably wouldn’t want to be one either though I am excellent at keeping secrets.