Traveling Around the World with….a Hamster???

It’s true! Some people do travel with their pets including rodential types like hamsters.

The idea for this blog came from an article in our local paper. It talked about the who’s, the where’s, the why’s of traveling with your pet. Granted, the occasional gerbil, parrot or yes, snake is rare. But lots of people do travel with their dogs and cats.

(Shimmer to daydream imaging)

Is that our luggage?

“MeWOW, this place in incredible.” says Grayson, straining at the required harness as we rush to Terminal A.

“Yeah, yeah,” replies Joanie, batting away the fur flying out of Cricket’s regulation soft-sided travel case slung on her shoulder. Poor baby is easily stressed and will pull out fluffy chunks of fur. Dear Lord, please don’t let her be bald when we arrive at Suz’s house.

Grayson raises nose and  sniffs. “What’s THAT smell?”

Joanie inhales and sighs “That’s Cinnabon, the human equivilent of catnip.”

Going through security is no picnic but Joanie and her baby cats finally arrive at the gate.

“Grayson! No! That plane is NOT a perch! Get down!!! Get off the wing!

 What? No, it does fit under the seat, it does. I don’t care if the lady in A16 is allergic, I know my rights! Back off TSA, I’m going on vacation and these are my children…er, I mean they are LIKE my children.” Wipes hairball off taser. “We travel together. End of story.”

Three hours later, huddled in the cargo hold, staring at a bald Cricket and watching Grayson leap from suitcase to suitcase Joanie rethinks her decision.

Now granted, kitties PROBABLY don’t travel as well as many dogs but I tell you…when I’m out of town I MISS them with a passion! I would love to have them with me but recognize the impracticality of it. I mean, in none of the resources on how to travel with pets do they talk about LITTER BOXES! No cat is going to hold it that long.

My brother takes great care of them but I worry that they miss me. This image of Grayson looking longingly out the door is one I have plastered in my head. How will I ever go to Ireland again? How can I be gone THAT long?



There are car trips of course, and a good friend and her husband just traveled to the beach with their Springer spaniel Sadie and they had a great time but they don’t want to always go to the beach.

So what about ya’ll? Do you travel with your pets? Have you taken them on a plane? A train? An automobile? Got any stories or advice? Where do you think your pets would like to go on vacation?


What do you mean, it’ll be over the 50 lb. limit?



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  • Fedora says:

    ROFL! Wow–well, we actually don’t have any live pets, but the kids do sometimes travel with their chosen “animal friends.” Some of these have gone internationally, including to Canada, Korea, Thailand, and so on 🙂 I imagine the logistics of traveling with an actual pet would be much more challenging, depending not only on the mode of travel but on the quarantines, etc., required by some countries!

    • Fedora, the quarantine in Australia is a huge big deal. We don’t have a lot of the diseases here that the old world has (the advantage of being a long sea trip away although that advantage is gone now in the age of jet travel). You’d have to really love your pet to want to bring it over here!

    • Joan Kayse says:

      Good EARLY morning to you all! Well Fedora….you won’t have to worry about traveling with The GR. He gets on flights wearing his pilots disguise.

      I would consider taking Grayson to Thailand a country who truly DOES revere cats…but his whiskers might get a big head 😀

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Fedora! Those are some well-traveled “pets!” grins.

      Congrats on nabbing the chook today!

  • Joan, fun post. I love the photos! And I went AWWWW when I saw Grayson waiting for you to come home. On the other hand, a trip to Ireland is a trip to Ireland and he’ll get over the trauma! Aren’t I ‘orrible?

    • Joan Kayse says:

      No, I know he would and actually, the same friend that took her Sadie to the ocean said she would come over several days just to “be” with them. An added bonus since I er, kind of spoil them 😀 Now, just to get the bucks and time off to go!

  • Helen says:


    Great post we have taken two of our dogs once to my sisters place for a weekend but it is only 1 and 1/2 hours drive away and they didn’t like it much other than that we have always had my friend Barbara look after any pets when we have gone away and they are always really excited to have us home. At the moment my daughter has a rabbit named Chester and I don’t ever see us taking him away LOL.

    Have Fun

    • Joan Kayse says:

      Yes, my babies are always glad when I get back,. I bring them prezzies! My trip to Virginia last month garnered them a huge bobble mouse and catnip bubbles…which kind of freak them out.

      As to Chester you could travel with him. Just put him in a “hat” and pull him out…get it? Rabbit in a hat…pull out…tada 😀

  • Anna Sugden says:

    Great post, Joanie. Meows to Grayson and Cricket from my girls.

    Much as I love my cats, travelling with them would be a nightmare. I’ve seen people travelling with small dogs on internal flights in the US and know it wouldn’t be the same with the cats! It really stresses cats out.

    Having moved to and from the US, I can tell you the quarantine laws make it very difficult to move animals back to the UK. Although we now don’t have to put them into quarantine itself, the whole process takes at least 6 months. We got a great pet relocation firm to move our girls home and they did a wonderful job.

    Keep the catties home and safe!

  • Dianna aka Hrdwrkdmom says:

    Just going in the car puts one of my cats in traumatic stress mode, hair just falls out and flies around the car, not something I am inclined to do unless it is a dire emergency.

    Since I am not a traveler myself it isn’t a big deal at my house although I have been trying to figure out a way to go see my daughter and will have to come up with some kind of plan then. I will be leaving the kitties at home and depending on BF to stop and feed them for me. Little girl (Patches) will miss her mommy cuddles but BF will take the time to do that

    • Joan Kayse says:

      I know Dianna…Grayson esp. is really ON to me when I bring out the carrier. I stalk HIM in those cases…and he often wins.

      My brother may not be able to cuddle them like me with his own work schedule (He refused to call them “honey bunnies” like I do) but…they are not overly wired when I do get home.

  • Mozette says:

    Little Miss Stevie has always gone on holidays with me. As she’s part of the family, she knows when I pack my ‘Hawks’ travel bag with everything I need for holidays, I’ll also pack her box with her seed, shell grit and millet too… and once her covers are in there, she knows she’s going to be traveling in style!

    next to me that is. 😉

    She’s not a nervous traveler either. And that’s a good thing… she loves hanging off the side of the cage and seeing where she’s going – just like a kid looking between the front seats. 🙂

    Otherwise, she’s been moulting lately and been very quiet over the last few days … and tonight, she started running around when I went to the toilet, making clicking and kissing noises and even sang out to me! How good is that? After two days of silence, I’m so happy she’s getting to be social again. 😀

  • LOL! What a funny post, JT!

    No, we don’t travel with Her Majesty. Not all motels accept dogs, and we worry that she would be anxious if left alone in a strange place–while we went to dinner, for example. This might lead to excessive barking. The places that do take pets charge big deposits, too.

    So we have house sitters (“replacement servants,” in her parlance) stay with her and look after the house. That’s actually cheaper than boarding a large dog and much cheaper than boarding two, which was our alternative for several years.

    But we always miss her, and seeing other people’s dogs at the beach makes us wonder how she would like it. On a long trip, we get homesick for her.

    • Joan Kayse says:

      Yanno, I’ve thought about a petsitter but…it makes me shiver at the idea of strangers in my house (that’s an old country song)

      Brother got a gift card to Red Lobster to take his lady out…I scrubbed his bathroom, cleaned his kitchen and after THAT..he owes me!

      • Anna Sugden says:

        Our pet-sitter was police-checked and insured and came recommended by the vet. They also had to pass muster with the girls.

        They didn’t stay at the house, but popped in a couple of times a day to feed the cats and change the litter trays. They also watered plants and kept the house from looking empty by turning lights on and off.

      • Joanie, I understand that feeling. We got our sitters because the dh knows so many students, and our friends had some college-age kids. Our current sitter is a friend, so that works out well.

  • Connie Fischer says:

    Oh my – Yes! Years ago when our family moved to Paris for the first time, we took our two toy poodles with us. Picture this: Arrive in Charles de Gaulle airport with two exhausted little boys in hand and a huge cage for the dogs. That was an undertaking for sure. You would have thought that we had learned our lesson, but no! The next time we moved, we had the younger son with us (the older one was in college in the U.S.) but younger son insisted on taking his cat. We decided to give her some meds to calm her for the flight. Picture this: We are in NY waiting for our Paris flight and the cat is conked out and has peed all over herself. There we are in the bathroom with this limp cat trying to clean her up. So funny! After we got to Paris, that poor, traumatized cat stayed in my son’s bedroom for three solid years until we moved back. I don’t think she came out of that room ever! We have a new kitten now and she has us wrapped around her paw(?) Wanted to take another cruise this year but not sure I want to leave her. How pathetic is that? 🙂

  • Susan Sey says:

    Good morning, Joanie!

    I haven’t done a ton of travel with pets, though I did once drive across three states with a goldfish bowl clenched between my thighs. Does that count? Now I travel with kids & that’s all the peeing, fighting & barfing I want to deal with!

  • catslady says:

    I could just see me traveling with 5 to 7 cats hahaha. Luckily I don’t travel very much.
    I’m afraid a few years back though I took a vacation with my daughters and left my poor husband with 5 cats and a dog. I gave him all kinds of instructions, especially for an older cat that got special extras. But another cat who was my dearest cat (rescued and bottle fed) must have stopped eating and hmy husband didn’t know it. I rushed him to the vets as soon as I came home but after a misdiagnosis he was gone in two weeks. I don’t think he could have been saved but I will never know 🙁

  • UHM…Dear Joanie…I see one piece of this dream trip you forgot….NO CATS are allowed at my house. Besides the fact that Rocky would take serious offense…. I LIKE BREATHING too much to allow them in the dang door, girl!!!

  • OH, and as for traveling with Rocky-the-wonder-dog? Not happening. When DH and I travel together, he has his former master, my son taking care of him in his own home. This summer when the three of us had an unplanned trip to Ohio, my very good friend, Karen, who watches lots of dogs took him to stay with her family, including Lufie her dog.

    We called it Karen’s dog spa!!

    Rocky had a blast!

  • Jeanne Adams says:

    Hey Joanie! What a funny, funny post! Having shown dogs for years, I have traveled with my dogs all over the country. California, Texas, so many places!! :>

    Now, I don’t show so much any more, but I do still travel with my dogs sometimes. :> ONe of them loves the car so much, I’ll take him around doing errands with me.

    I’d always love to travel a lot of places, and so, hey, the dog would get to go too!

  • Joan Kayse says:

    Hey guys! Sorry to be gone so long. Had to go to the “real world” of work at 11 am :0

    Nobody has said where their PET would like to vacation.

  • Louisa says:

    Great post, Joanie! Traveling with cats sounds like a disaster movie in the making! My boys would never stand for it and my little girl is too hyper to travel anywhere except the vet once a year.

    Now my dogs often travel with me to my Mom’s. They LOVE to go to Nana’s as she has lots of treats and sneaks them people food when Mom isn’t looking.

    Fortunately I have a really great dog sitter who comes to the house when I am away for more than a day. And I have had my niece and nephew sit for me at times as well. My crew just does better in their own home.

    I think Frodo the Horrible would LOVE a trip to England. He has some cute little jackets and even a bright yellow mackintosh to keep him dry on a rainy English morning.