It’s taken me some time, but I finally came to the realization that young cats (not kittens) are just like toddlers. They both need constant watching because they will get into anything they can. They both need love and attention. And they both need discipline.

Try 129626513098563891saying no to a toddler. They’ll just look at you like you’ve grown a third eye. After which, they will just do what they wanted to in the first place. Cats are no different. No matter how many times I tell them to get off the counters, they look at me with their he455ads cocked and a little mocking smile on their face. The moment I turn away, they are back on the counter.

Both are determined to do whatever they want. When my youngest was two, he was determined to go up the jungle gym just like his seven-year-old brother. And he did. My fuzzy boy, Maks was determined to find out what was on the other side of the wall in the basement. He found out…nothing and was then stuck until I made a hole in the drywall to set him free.

One the best ways to stop a toddler from their getting back in trouble is to distract them with something else. Again, cats are no different. If they still insist on getting into the Christmas tree, pull out a toy and they will focus on that, forgetting that irresistible tree for at least a few minutes.129626505601255827

Food. When a toddler wants to eat, they will bug you with all the words in their small vocabulary until you give them something to eat. Cats are no different. They will meow until they get you out of bed or they’ll attempt to trip you up as you walk down the hallway away from their food bowls.

Toddlers like and need routine. They need their bed time set because their bodies get used to it. Ask any parent about going into or getting out of daylight savings time. It’s hell. The kids are so tired and cranky because their routine is off. Cats are no different. Every Saturday, one of the fuzzy boys will come into my room before seven, crying and meowing to get me up. Perhaps they just want to make sure I’m not late for work. LOL….yeah, they wan129638542044808119t their food.479

Sometimes they both are just a little scary!

And when are cats and toddlers at their cutest? When they are sleeping!!!

So are you the “parent” of a toddler (either the regular or the furry kind)? What kind of trouble does your pet get into?



  • Jane says:

    Hi Christie,
    My cousin has twin toddlers and they rule the roost. They can be fun one minute and then the next they’re crying or having an attitude problem, but since they’re not mine I don’t have to deal with them.

  • Fedora says:

    LOL! True that little is cuter than a sleeping toddler and/or pet 😉

    We don’t have any pets, and are fabulously at the point where we no longer have toddlers either! We do truly enjoy the adorableness of other people’s toddlers and pets, but are enjoying being toddler free 😉

  • Helen Sibbritt says:

    I wonder who has him today

    Have Fun

  • Helen Sibbritt says:


    I have been a parent to both and did so enjoy it and I agree with you , they are very much alike. These days we don’t have a pet although my daughter does have a rabbit named Chester but he is always outside and I do have grandchildren that are toddlers and are alwys getting into mischeif and I so love it I think more so because they go home and I can rest but I love them

    Have Fun

  • Barb says:

    is he coming to the heat

  • Barb says:

    is coming to the heat

  • Barb says:

    I don’t have any toddlers now, even my granchildren are grown. When my GS was little he was always looking under stones and rocks, and of course here in Australia you could find venomous spiders or snakes but he would not listen… luckily he survived lol

  • Dianna aka Hrdwrkdmom says:

    My kitten gets on counters, the older cat never did that until she came along now I fight them both, I haven’t had a toddler in quite a while but I do remember their tendencies to plow head first into whatever they wanted to do.
    Patches (the girl) also has a habit of putting her food on the floor. I clean out her dish and put her food in there and she politely puts her paw in the dish and flips the food out on my nice clean floor then she bats it around bit and finally eats it. Really now, is that necessary? Doesn’t matter if it is dry food or wet she doesn’t it either way.

  • Barb, we have poisonous spiders and snakes, too, but not so much in the city. What a curious child your grandson must’ve been! What does he do now?

  • Christie, all our dogs have been adopted as adults, three from rescue groups, so we missed the rambunctious cuteness phase. We often wish we had pictures of them as puppies.

    One of them, #3, used to dig out the dh’s dirty socks to carry around, then leave in the kitchen, and she once greeted a guest with his underwear, but that’s about it.

  • Connie Fischer says:

    My “regular” toddlers are now grown. (Thank God!) However, I have a “furry” toddler that is busy these days trying my patience. She will jump up on the bar in the kitchen and just ignore me when I call to her to GET DOWN. Just like a regular toddler, she will stand there until I get up and come after her. Then, in the blink of an eye, she’s disappeared – until I sit back down again…and she’s back at it. Sigh. But I love that little stinker so much. 🙂

  • We are finally past the toddler stage, but I remember it well. For a couple of years I taught a toddler nursery school class – twelve two-year-olds every morning. Everythign I know about survival came from those two years 🙂

  • Barb, I wish I could come to the heat with him today! A cold front is moving in here and they are expecting snow in Northern Alabama. YUCK!

    Christie, what an adorable post! Your two furry toddlers are adorable and the human toddler is cute as a button!

    My kids have all had four legs and fur, but you are so right about the toddler stage. Puppies and kittens are exactly the same. You tell them no. They lick your hand, wag their tails and go right back to what they were doing! I used the old aluminum foil on the counters trick to break my cats of jumping on the counters when they were young. Now, they are too fat to jump that high.

    I did discover, however, that having an older dog around with a puppy really helps. My late Great Dane – Glory – was one of the smartest dogs I have ever known. She was deaf and learned sign language. She also learned to pick up her toys and put them in a toy box. When I got Frodo the Horrible Chihuahua as a puppy he spent most of his time following her around. In addition to teaching him to go to the door to let me know when he had to go out, she also taught him to pick up his toys. And he has taught subsequent pups. They learn by observing, pretty much like human toddlers!

  • Cassondra Murray says:

    Christie, all our children have fur or feathers. We *should* be out of the toddler stage for all of them, but we have one cat that’s a Savannah, and in my observation, even though he’s almost two, he’s still in that “toddler” stage. I think because Savannahs are so much bigger (maybe) they don’t mature as fast.
    He’s huge, and he’s always into everything. And he chews like a dog. I mean he chews furniture legs and shoes and electrical cords. He chewed through my old laptop cord and that was not fun to try to replace.

    And the counters? I’ve given up trying to keep them off the counters. I go through 409 like water.

    Yeah, I can definitely see the “toddler” analogy.

    So the wall in your basement had no top? I’m trying to picture how this happened.

  • Pat Cochran says:

    Grandparent status here of both human and
    fuzzy variety! Ten grandchildren with the
    youngest almost five, one household has
    two grandkitties and another has two
    granddogs. I deal only with the human

    Pat C.

  • Oh Christie, Rocky is non longer a toddler, nor a teenager, nor a young adult, not even middle aged. Poor fellow is geriatric! Which means he grumbles and humps like the old man he is. It’s hard for him to move most of the day, except in the early morning when my DH, (affectionately known to the dog as Mr. Man…I’m Nice Lady), takes him on a long walk or when we’re eating steak or hamburgers! Then he’s as spry as a puppy!

    Now Toddler grandchildren…those we have a plenty! Some are starting to move into the preschool and kindergarten ages, which is fun and crazy in its own right!

  • Jane says:

    Ack, my comment is still in moderation.

  • Joan Kayse says:

    Giiiiiirll….let’s talk kitties!

    Yeah, there are REALL similarities between human and kitty. They do naughty stuff and then you can’t hardly stay “mad” at them…..I hear you on the 409 though recently I read that when they start to do the counter thing, you need to turn your back and ignore them…but man! They lift up their little heads and ya just HAVE to pet and coo at them…

  • Christy –

    No toddler grandkids at the moment, but I remember those days well. I developed this theory that God made two year olds impossibly cute for their own defense. They’d get into everything.

    We have a little black kitty. She’s over a year but still more kitty than cat. My son also brings over his American bulldog who is still puppy like. It’s a while time when they’re both here. Maybe God is preparing me for grandchildren. 🙂

    • Donna, I can only imagine with the cat and the dog. My sister brings her 2 year old dog over to visit my mom’s dog who is somewhere between 8-10. They are so funny together!

  • Kaelee says:

    Any one sharing our house with us has been feline. We have only had two kittens out of the 7 cats so far. Our very first cat was found when he was just about 8 weeks old and our latest cat was found about the same age. The other’s were older when we adopted them.

    Our first cat thought he was a dog and would ride in the car and walk on a leash and threaten other “dogs” he met. His favorite trick was to hide under furniture and attack you.

    Our sixteen year old girl right now has my husband trained. She likes to eat outside no matter how cold it is ~ below freezing a lot these days. None of our cats have visited the counters a lot but the table ~ hello kitty!

  • flchen1 says:

    I could have sworn I posted a comment last night, but clearly I am simply losing my mind. And we no longer have toddlers and still have no pets 🙂 We’re enjoying this stage of life! 😀

  • Cassondra, my two are Siberians and they say breed isn’t fully adult until 3-5 years. Mine will both be two in May so I may a few more years. But thankfully, they are chewers.

    The basement thing…a previous owner had re-enforced the cinder block with this system (it’s a common thing with the sandy soil) so they had put drywall up to cover it but it was an unfinished section so they didn’t put in ceiling tiles or a ceiling. The cat climbed up on something and then jumped up and probably fell over. (toddlers!) Of course, then he couldn’t get back up.

  • Diane Sallans says:

    I’m an Aunt – so I could always give the ‘toddler” – human or otherwise – back to the parent when they wouldn’t be distracted or were just in a mood.

  • Caren Crane says:

    Christie, I could not agree with you more, though I would add puppies (dogs in general) in the “toddler” category. Our cat is a serious brat. He is an outdoor cat by choice – his choice. We had to adopt him because the woman who owned him had tried to turn a 3-month-old barn cat into an apartment cat. One and a half years later, he was about to drive her crazy AND get her kicked out of her apartment complex.

    So, he lives happily outdoors with us. Well, he has a nice bed in the garage with a bed heater for winter, a cat door, an automatic feeder on a timer and regularly changed water. He should be happy, but he complains incessantly.

    He craves attention and will meow loudly and endlessly until he gets what he wants. That may be petting or playing or someone to watch him eat. Seriously. When he is done with you, he runs off. Until then, you’d best stay and cater to his kitteh whims. He is a horrible, terrible, spoiled brat of a cat! But we love him. 😀

  • catslady says:

    Lol I have had many cats and I think you got it right lol. Of course they all have their own personalities too. At the moment I have 5 inside cats with the youngest 2 and the oldest 15. The young ones just have so much energy…They all still get into trouble though lol.