Time Keeps On Slipping Into the Future…

One thing I love about January (and no – it’s not the snow) are the new just-waiting-to-be-filled calendars.  I have to admit it.  I LOVE calendars.  They offer such possibilities – all those blank spaces.  They make me feel organized, even when I’m not.  They’re great communicators, reminding me when my aerobics class starts up, and when my various writer groups are meeting. 

Planner padMy can’t-live-without calendar is something called a planner pad.  Here’s what it looks like.  No pretty pictures.  Just lots of writing room.  The planner pad shows one week at a time.  The top third is for listing the things that need to be done for the week.  I allot a bit of time every Sunday, just me and a cup of chocolate mint truffle tea (It smells heavenly!) to sit and think about the upcoming week.  I consider the things that need to be accomplished for the family, for my writing, for myself, etc.  It’s like the old Steve Miller song.  Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future.  I feel as if this special time, just me and the calendar, keeps time from slipping away without purpose.

So I schedule my page creation writing goals in achievable chunks.  Sometimes I’ll add under writing the need to check out a research book or watch a DVD.  I’m currently watching science dvds on string theory, black holes, and quantum physics.  LOL.  Quite a difference from my research on scotch distillation…or maybe not.  After a glass of scotch (or a few of those single malt infused pieces of fudge my agent sent my for Christmas), the theoritical possibilites seem to make more sense.  🙂DVDs

I schedule out the family needs – put up the Christmas decorations, take down the Christmas decorations 🙂 , break out the Valentine’s decorations.  My daughter has a birthday this month so I jotted down that I needed to shop for her – both for gifts and a card – and that I’d need a cake.  Can’t have a birthday Book Cakewithout a cake!  If I could, I’d make one like this – isn’t it beautiful!

I have a section for promo.  Right now I’m giving away a book from my backlist every Friday through January and February to someone chosen from my author page “likes.”  Most of you are on that list so let me take a moment to say Thank You for that (Mwah!)  But I also put blogging reminders in this section, and the need to order swag for The Whisky Laird’s Bed.  It’s a neverending thing – promotion.

Then finally – I have a section for me.  Ever notice how it’s easy to overlook the things you need to do for yourself?  We always put ourselves at the bottom of the priority chain – so it’s good to be able to reflect about the things I want/need to do just for me.  It’s an attempt to keep that time from slipping into the future. 

The middle section of the planner pad is broken down by the days of the week.  This is where I schedule out the days I plan to work on those tasks listed above, plus all those routine sort of things that don’t require planning but still need to be done. I like that there’s a space to check off things as they’re completed.   There’s a certain sense of accomplishment in seeing that nice row of checkmarks.  Plus there’s always those days when nothing has gone right.  When every attempt to finish a task becomes an exercise in kicking over rocks to find more things that need to be addressed first.  On those days I can look at my planner and pull out some simple task then check that one off as complete.  Yeah, I like that.wall calendar

The bottom third of the calendar is for scheduling appointments.  At least until tax season takes off, I don’t need that.  I tried to use the section to keep track of how I used time but the calendar ends at 9 PM and I’m generally working till 2 AM.  🙂  So it becomes something of a note pad.

However, this is not the only calendar in the house.  I keep a pretty wall calendar in the kitchen for the entire family to note their appointments and what not.  It’s the hub for family organization.  I keep the calendar near the phone so we can quickly double check to see if we’re available on a particular night.  I think every family has a calendar just like this on their wall – what graphics/pictures do you have on yours? 

Downton AbbeyBecause calendar prices are always discounted 50% after Christmas, I patiently waited this year till after the holiday to buy another calendar.  This one is the Downton Abbey weekly calendar.  I justified the purchase to myself saying that I’d use it to keep track of the progress of tax returns.  But really, I bought it for the pictures – all those beautiful dresses and funny retorts from the Dowager Countess.

I bought another calendar to give away to someone leaving a comment today.  Here it is – a peacock calendar 🙂  So tell me, do you have a fondness for calendars?  What kind do you use? Are they absolutely essential or just pretty decorations.  Any tips for a great way to use them?  Let’s chat.Peacock calendar

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  • Jane says:

    Hello Donna,
    I don’t buy calendars anymore, but I used to love buying scenic ones with pics of Hawaii and Italy. I get mine from the bank and my mom’s friend gives her some cute mini calendars, too. I still consider them essential, but I know many people now just use their smartphones for their schedule.

    • Jane –

      I had a routine doctor’s appt this morning and it was amazing to see all the people in the waiting room studying their phones.

      I still prefer the printed calendar. Given my clumsy typing on my phone/ipad – who knows what I’d be scheduling 🙂

    • Looks like you won the rooster!!! Now there’s one pesky bird who’s bound to screw up your schedule 🙂

  • Kaelee says:

    I’m a calendar junkie. I usually wait until they are discounted to buy them except for the 365 page a day cat calendar. This year my husband and I found a page a day one from the Audubon society. I’d never even heard of a chin strap penguin but now I know where they live and all other kinds of facts about the birds we have seen so far. Love the Cornell University web page on birds.

    I used to buy at least 8 to 10 to hang all over the house but this year I have cut down as I have some other stuff I want to hang instead. I use a small monthly planner to keep track of when I’ve watered my plants. My husband uses the Google calendar on the computer for our daily tasks.

    • A calendar to keep track of watering plants! I love it. It’s bound to work better than my current approach of letting the leaves slump and turn brown. 🙂 Winter is hard on my plants. Between the dry inside air, the lack of water and Ohio’s lack of sunlight – that have to be real tough survivors to make it to spring. Your watering calendar might help. Thanks!

  • Mary Preston says:

    My local pharmacy hands out a free calendar each year. It’s always quite beautiful with big squares to write in. I’m happy. It gets very well used.

    • Mary – I must have gotten three or four free calendars in the mail this year. They generally are pretty landscapes but don’t provide the room I need to write. I’ve also received three little magnetized calendars from real estate agents – I keep one on the filing cabinet near the computer for quick reference – and a gorgeous calendar of multi-million dollar homes, sent to me by a very exclusive real estate agent/friend. I keep that one in case I ever need inspiration for a hero’s home 🙂

  • Helen says:


    My pharmacy gives us a calender every year as well and like Mary it has big sqaures to write our appontments in and each month has a different picture January is a lovely picture of a beach just what I need to cool me down it has been so hot over here. I also have a desk calander at work that I write in to remind of things that I need to do and I have a diary at work as well to remind me of meetings I have yet to master the diary/calander that comes with our email at work LOL. But I do love calanders with lovely pictures on them

    Have Fun

    • Helen – So my husband said to me yesterday, “do you know how hot it is in Australia right now?” Had to laugh. “Yes, I do.”

      Most of the calendars here have snow scenes for January. They’re beautiful, but I think I wouldn’t mind something warmer like your beach scene. I don’t need a reminder of how cold it is here.

  • Amy Conley says:

    Donna, I love calendars also. I mostly use mine to keep track of appointments for myself, hubby, and the in-laws (since I am basically their driver). I love calendars of different countries mostly. I’ve had calendars with castles on it, love those castles. Calendars with scenic views, usually of different countries, last year was Ireland.
    I also wait until after the first of the year to get my calendar….got to save those pennies for books, lol.
    I love calendars which are colorful and interesting to view.

    • Amy – I had one of castles a few years ago. I think I still have it upstairs – just can’t bring myself to throw it out because of the beautiful pictures. One day I hope to see some of those castles…

      An Ireland calendar – that would be lovely. Very green, I bet :-). I generally buy my wall calendar about October because I need to schedule out January activities that early. But I can wait till after Christmas for the others. Thanks for applying those savings towards books 🙂 (How did you like that cake?)

  • Shannon says:

    My job used to provide a desk blotter/calendar. I used it a lot. But then Outlook came along and everything started to go on that. Now there’s the smart phone.

    I love your idea of taking time to plan a week in a deliberate manner. I’ve never thought of doing that. My life philosophy is about time, not goals. I spent time at work, an hour for a walk, half an hour for a creative endeavor, a hour of reading, 30 minutes of cleaning. Somehow, things do get done, and I’m only stressing about making sure that I show up on time for the specified activity.

    As for calendars, I am still a sucker for the cute kitten ones. I do have one calendar of David Robert’s drawings of Egyptian archeological sites. I always planned to pick out my favorites and frame them. It won’t happen. I’ve gotten over my Egyptian motif.

    Off to the next thing, my time for blogs is up.

    • Shannon – Well I hope you’ve included some time to stop by and read the reply 🙂 LOL on the Eygtian motifs – too much of a good thing perhaps?

      I think time and goals are closely entwined. After years of meeting obligations and getting things done, at the end of the day I hadn’t really advanced a great deal. With my Sunday planning, I find I move forward. Some weeks just baby steps, not leaps and bounds, but forward. Hey, thanks for including us in your blogging time. It’s much appreciated. Have a good one!

      • Shannon says:

        Hope this reply works. Yes, I have morning and evening internet time scheduled; I love reading replies to my post but also what everyone else says. First priority for internet is the emails, then blogs. Let me rephrase that, first is the emails, Amazon if I need a new book, and then blogs. Still, I limit my on-line time.

  • Cathy P says:

    Donna, I love calendars. I usually have 2 of them: one for my desk, and one to hang up in the hallway. I usually buy puppy calendars, or get them free from my insurance agent.

    • Cathy P – Those calendars of little puppies or kittens just steal my heart. They are so darn cute! It’s no wonder whole sections of the calendar “kiosk” are devoted to them.

      Hmmm…calendars from an insurance agent. Hopefully it’s not of automobile wrecks – LOL. Have a great day, Cathy! Be careful out there.

  • Anna Sugden says:

    I tend to use both, Donna – there is a black cat calendar in the kitchen that all family events, dates etc are written on. If it’s not on there, I don’t know it’s happening! I use my Outlook calendar for work things like blog dates etc. I also have another write-on mini-calendar in my office, which I use for tracking my work progress. This year’s is an Audrey Hepburn calendar from our best man.

    We also have a calendar with gorgeous pictures of Australia – from a certain dear friend 😉 – which we have up in the sitting room, just because we love the photographs and I don’t want to spoil it by writing on the calendar bit.

    • Anna – Why am I not surprised at the black cat calendar? 🙂 I’ve never gotten the hang of the Outlook calendar. I did try once but was annoyed at all the pop-ups and musical beeps reminding me of various things that I didn’t need reminding of – LOL. I’m very much a pen & paper person. But I must admit to a certain panic when I can’t find that paper calendar. My life is on these pages!

      Have a wonderful day, Anna!

  • Barb says:

    Hi Donna

    I have a few calendars … One that I write all the family dates on and any appointments and when DH will be away …. One that has been sent by a friend of Coventry UK … The place we were bought up in… And I have a daily desk calendar with patchwork and quilting patterns.

    • Barb –
      Oh – the daily desk with patchwork and quilting patterns sounds especially intriguing. How sweet of the friend from Coventry to send a calendar from home. I wonder what they did before the invention of calendars? One day would leak into the next. If nothing else, the calendars serve as a countdown to the next season. Somedays I need that! 🙂

  • Maureen says:

    I use a wall calendar to mark down dates that I need to remember but I like your idea of taking some time to fill in a calendar each week. I think this would cut back on my surprise when I don’t remember everything I should.

    • Hi Maureen!

      I truly value my planning time. Part of it is because I feel better knowing that I’m prepared for the week ahead and that I’ve taken the time to schedule out small advances on big projects. But I think I also value the quiet time to just sit and think about the future. Quiet time can be a rare thing these days. 🙂

  • Laurie G says:

    I received a family picture calendar for Christmas which I have hanging on my wall.

    I have a second calendar for jotting down appointments, birthdays, bills to pay etc. It’s a catch all for important information which I can’t live without.

    Last year’s featured National Parks as my dream is to visit all of them.

    This year I was gone over the holidays. I’m using a freebie from the place where I get my car fixed.

    Love the gorgeous colors of your signature peacock calendar!

    • Hi Laurie G !

      Yeah – when I saw the peacock calendar, I knew it would be a prize on the blog 🙂 .

      Your photo calendar made me think of a gift my husband reached from an employee. Every picture on the calendar was golf-themed (my husband is a golfer) and every photo had his name somewhere in the photo – like the sand in a sand trap spelled out his name, or the name of the golf club was his name, and so forth – really cute.

  • Hellion says:

    YES, I have calendars everywhere. I don’t like to use the one on my cellphone; it’s just not the same. This year I bought a CELTIC SACRED PLACES set one; and then later I found a PRE-RAPHAELITE one with some of my favorite paintings and I *had* to get that one as well. OH, and I got a desk calendar for a “word of the day” because I love those things as well.

    Appointments are kept willy nilly–either on one calendar or the other or possibly the computer or phone calendar…or written on the dry erase board in big letters when the appt is coming up.

    • Hi Hellion!

      I know what you mean! Those calendars on the phone are good for a quick check of a date if I’m away from home, but i don’t get the same enjoyment of it as I do from a pretty calendar…or even from my planner.

      I’ve gotten caught in the past if I put juggle appts. between two calendars. LOL I’ve had to make it a rule that appts. always go on the wall calendar first, then my planner, then maybe my phone. Usually the only things that make my phone are when I’m going to be out of town.

      Love the sound of the Celtic and Pre-Raphalite calendars!l

  • Hellion says:

    Oh, and I used to get weekly desk calendars, but Harry Potter themed–so I’m intrigued there was a Downton Abbey one! Wish I had seen that!

    • I saw it when I was buying a fishing calendar as a gift for my son. I really had to restrain myself not to buy the Downton Abbey at full price. I went back to the kiosk after Christimas – and it was gone. Curses! But when I when to the toy store to pick up a couple of jigsaw puzzles – sale priced, of course – I found that they had the calendar – YAY!

      BTW – that fishing calendar was the gift my son just couldn’t put down. It was full of tips on how to catch different kinds of fish. The sweaters and socks and such just laid unwrapped about his feet while he continued to look at the calendar. They make great gifts 🙂

  • Diana Huffer says:

    We love calendars, too! I’ve got desktop page-a-day calendars that are just for fun. Wall calendars in every room, the one in the kitchen that we keep all our appointments and “stuff” on. I also carry a pocket calendar that pretty well mimics the one in the kitchen. And then there are various wall calendars throughout the house that are mainly just for fun — horses, butterflies, hummingbirds, Shih Tzus, etc. So, yea, we LOVE calendars! 🙂

    • Hi Diana!

      LOL – I almost titled this post after the Chicago song – Does Anyone Know What Day It Is? and the answer would be YOU! No excuses with a calendar in every room 🙂 But I understand. Those photos can be irresistable.

      • Diana Huffer says:

        What’s really funny is that I still rely more on my computer for the exact time and date! ~LOL~ Oh yeah, we have a clock in every room, too. It’s a pain in the rear when the time changes — takes an hour to reset all the clocks! Hopeless… 😉

        • Diane – I do the same about relying on the computer for the right time, date, and temperature (which is a brisk 15 degrees at the moment). Same too with all those digital clocks. We have a grandfather clock that doesn’t keep good time but has personality. Then every blasted device these days has a digital clock in it.

  • Patty L. says:

    I love my calendar too. We have a family calendar that is on our refrigerator with everyone’s work schedules and spots. I have one personal for me that keeps everyone’s spots as a back up and also personal goals. Then of course I have the calendar on my phone. LOL Finally, I have one in my home office. This one is for my writing goals. I haven’t picked out a new one for the office this year. Between the snow and rain I have been writing in the house and not trekking out to the office.

  • Hi Patty!

    It’s one of the nicest things about writing – we can do it in the house, we can do it with a mouse (computer mouse that is 🙂 ) I’ll be glad when January is over and the worse of this bitter cold will be over.

    Sounds like you’re well situated with calendars. Not sure how I’d function without mine. I understand the invention of sundials back in the day…I wonder how they handled calendars?

  • Connie Fischer says:

    It’s so ironic that you post this today, Donna. I have always lived by my calendar and have it right by my computer. I guess this goes back to my structured life when I was working. Every year, I have received free calendars from places and was really surprised when I did not get any this year. When I went looking for them, no one was carrying them so I headed to Barnes and Noble to grab one. Would you believe that was like January 3rd and they were almost gone? Next December, I will be on the hunt to get one before the end of the year. I learned a lesson this time.

    • Connie –

      LOL – I think I got all of your free calendars! For some reason, I received a lot of them this year. Would you like me to send you some? I hate to just throw them out. Let me know.

      I usually buy my planner pads in the summer, so I’m always covered there. I buy my wall calendar probably in October because so many things stretch into the new year even that far back. LOL – you need to make a note on your calendar to buy new calendars 🙂

  • Cassondra says:

    Donna, I love calendars and always buy too many.

    I’m doing better though. I’ve quit buying those “page a day” calendars because really what I want to do is read them all the first day or two, and then it’s done. And usually after the first week, it sits there unread, and I don’t need the clutter. Hard to resist when they go on the 50 percent off sales though.

    My MUST-HAVE calendar is a spiral-bound month-at-a glance version. It’s about 8.5 X 11, but it’s light and thin-I can keep it in my bag. I need to see the whole month. It has a space for notes on the side. And I’m not a bit neat. I tend to scribble all over it and write too big, but it works for me. The other calendar is one I keep by my bed and it’s a “phases of the moon” calendar, with astrological symbols in each day. I think it’s a throwback to spending so much time with my grandmother, who planted by the phases of the moon and the “signs”. I just like staying in touch with what the moon is doing. More and more, I’m using my phone for reminders to pay bills, etc. Don’t think I could ever give up my calendars though.

    • Cassondra – For years and years and years, I lived by those thin spiral bound month-at-a-glance calendars. Especially when I was working the day job. Once I started doing taxes, I used it to track appts., what returns were in house, which ones were complete, etc. My husband gave me a pretty tapestry covered binder type organizer one year for christmas – so I would buy month at a glance for that and use it instead (but it’s thick – not as elegant as those black vinyl covered calendars. However, I LOVE these planner pads. They include a month at a glance feature, as well as the daily stuff. I love the planning feature. That has made a difference for me.

      I thought you were going to say that you record dreams on your moon phase calendar. That sounds so ethereal. Cool!

  • EC Spurlock says:

    Yes, Donna, I too am a calendar fanatic! The only way I can keep organized is to have stuff right in my face, so I too have the big calendar in the kitchen that lists everyone’s appointments, work schedules etc. Don’t care if it’s free or bought or what pictures are on it (Last year I had Japanese prints and wrote a haiku for each one; this year DH picked it and it’s country-store Coke ads; we’ve also had freebies from our bank and our congressman, the latter of which I kept because it had facts every day for the anniversary of the Civil War) but it has to have BIG squares to fit all the info! I also have a smaller one for my desk at work to keep track of the same info (last year I waited too long and got stuck with a bland “scenic America”, this year I lucked out and got a nice Susan Wright country still lifes on sale). I’m also the person who makes out the daily work schedule calendar for everyone at my job, so a printout calendar of this month’s assignments is hung up on my desk beside the other. One of the companies I work for produces an annual calendar of cross stitch patterns, so I usually get one of those for free as a contributor copy, since I usually have a design in there (last year I had two!) They send a pocket calendar with it as an extra freebie (I designed that this year as well) so now I use that to combine ALL these calendars into a quick reference. That way I know not only what days I have open for appointments but also which jobs I have at work on any given day so I know what TIME I have available as well! Very handy when I need to schedule appointments on the fly.

    • EC –
      I love Susan Wright’s work. My wall calendar is Linda Nelson Stocks which is very nice in a homey way. I would LOVE the Japanese prints one. How cool that it inspired you to write haikus. I’m always impressed when you mention your counted cross stitch abilities. I’m still plodding along on my Christmas tree skirt, a little each year. Maybe when I have grandkids and they’ve all grown, it’ll be done. 🙂

      I’m so with you on the BIG squares – but it’s got to have a color picture or photo of some sort on it. A calendar of nothing but squares would not appeal to me. Love the calendar of Coke ads. My husband swears my Diet Coke consumption has kept them in business all these years.

  • Donna,

    I’m so glad you talked about calendars today!! Usually I buy a country themed or quilt themed one for the family to hang on the refrigerator in the fall or at least in December. This year I was so sick in December, it slipped my mind. I must get one!!

    I’ve been keeping a Calendar on my google page for the past six months. I put family birthdays, lunch dates, doctor appointments, trips and appearances or obligations as a writer on it. I’ve also taken to putting my daily word count on it. I abhor the word G*al. (Can’t even write it without cringing.) So having the word count lets me know how I’m progressing with my book and how I’m focusing on the writing. Sort of self discipline!

    • Suz –

      Glad to know you’re feeling better! I share your love of quilts – a quilt themed calendar in the kitchen sounds perfect.

      Isn’t it funny how your life gets so complicated – calendar wise – once you publish? That we can say that we have to schedule “appearances” still makes me smile. Who would have thought? I have to keep my word count in a visible place as well – sometimes that’s a good thing…sometimes not 🙂

  • Dianna aka Hrdwrkdmom says:

    I have a calendar at home and a calendar at work.

    The one at home keeps track of paydays, bill pays and family appointments, doctor, dentist, etc.

    The one at work keeps track of meetings, deadlines and scheduled days off. Hmmm, I guess I have two at work if you count the outlook calendar that jumps up in my face if and most often when I forget something.

    The one at home is the pretty one with photos taken by West Virginians of West Virginia. The picture for January is of a railroad tunnel with a coal train going through it.

    • LOL Dianna –

      Do you circle the payday dates on the home calendar with lots of celebratory colors? I would 🙂

      West Virginia is really a beautiful state. I bet that’s a gorgeous calendar. The one at work…well maybe not so much. 🙁

  • catslady says:

    I love calendars. Some years I have 8 or 9 of them lol. I have some that I actually reuse – the days are wrong but not the dates (those are the ones where you put one card in front of another and the two I kept are cat calendars – big surprise lol). I hand them up around my desk and then I have two that I write in – one upstairs and one down. Those I put down the events coming up, birthdays, appointments etc. This year I only have 3 or 4 – I’m slipping lol.

    • Catslady –

      You know – I’m surprised by the number of people who have said that they have so many calendars. I thought I was obsessive with my three 🙂

      Can’t blame you though. Those kitty calendars are hard to resist. Big eyes on a bundle of fur – it’s amazing the expressions both cats and dogs manage without words. It’s the power of emotion.

  • Donna, I hear you on diaries/calendars/date books. Just love them to death. I’ve actually got all my beautiful calendars from the last 30 or so years in the cupboard – suppose I really should throw them out but they’re so pretty, I hate the idea. Most years either someone gives me a really pretty diary (like a week at a time on a page like you) or I buy one. Last year, for various reasons, I managed with a horrible mean little student diary which depressed me all year. So this year, I shouted myself a diary from the Victoria and Albert Museum of historic textiles and costumes. LOVE IT! Nice to start every day with a bit of beauty.

    • Anna –

      LOL with being depressed with the student diary. You know, you’re allowed to change over to something pretty mid-year. You don’t have to absolutely fill every page 🙂 .

      I know what you mean though. I had a week-at-a-glance from the Smithsonian Institute that had all sorts of interesting tidbits scattered through it. I ripped out some of the pages and still have them because they were too beautiful to toss out. I’d love the idea of a V&A calendar – what a great idea! I’ll have to watch for one next year. The Downton Abbey one is working for me right now.

  • Janie Mason says:

    I have to buy the kind with the large pocket along the bottom for appointment cards and papers that I’ll need at a certain time. I also can’t seem to bring myself to throw them away. Someday I’ll be able to reference when I did something or when something specific happened. And yes, I have packrat tendencies…

    • Hi Janie –

      I’ve seen those, but not found one that I particularly loved. I used to have a little book with pockets for birthday cards that you would tuck away in the months for upcoming birthdays. That got to be a bit much for me – now I just keep a bunch of cards in a box to send out on ocassion. The appt. cards I toss after they’ve been written on the calendar. I figure if I need to find the company, I’ll do it on the internet. So far it works.

  • Minna says:

    Hey, I’m waiting for that book by Brian Greene to arrive to my mail box soon. I’ve seen the documentaries, too. Every time I watch them I start hearing Everything You Know Is Wrong by Weird Al Yankovic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KThlYHfIVa8

    I get many pretty calenders for free every year, from the Company that takes care of our garbage, from magazine I order etc. I put one of them on my wall and it’s always the one that contains information about what is going on in Joensuu during the year, no matter what the calender looks like. Usually it’s pretty enough, animals, pretty landscapes, but this time it’s full of black and white pictures, because the newspaper is celebrating it’s 140th anniversary.

    • Minna –

      I need color! That black and white calendar would drive me nuts. I get a lot of free ones from various companies. So far none from funeral homes yet, so I think that’s pretty good 🙂

  • ellie says:

    I enjoy calendars since they are all unique and practical. I buy one each year and use it daily, above my desk.

  • trina morgan says:

    Every time I see anything peacock I think of you Donna. 😉

    • Hi Trina –

      You know, the whole peacock thing started innocently enough. I’ve always liked peacock feather and their bright irridescent colors. I associate them with the Victorian period and so starting giving them away at booksignings. Than I found some peacock themed tops…and a stamp to use at signings…and one thing has led to another. This year my husband gave me one of those Lenox statues of a carousel peacock (combining two of my loves). But I do love those feathers…

  • Diane says:

    Calendars are in the kitchen, computer room and are so important. I try to buy them before they are all bought out. I love bright ones of different countries and large areas in which to record appointments.

    • Sounds like we look for the same things, Diane. Yes, I start shopping when the stores are well stocked in October. Funny – so many beautiful calendars but I’m always drawn to the same images, country scenes and castles. But they MUST have big blocks for writing.

  • anne says:

    I am captivated with calendars since I use them daily and love being surrounded by the photos of scenes especially. Useful, of course, necessary and a requirement in our house.

    • Hi Anne –

      I’m with you. Definately a requirement in our house. Got a call from my husband today asking if we had anything going on a day in March. Not sure how I’d manage without them.

  • Deb says:

    Hi, Donna! I used to buy the Lang calendars that had the big, beautiful Americana illustrations or the teacher themes. I had a lovely barn-red wooden calendar frame….But, they got to be expensive and my lawyer gives smaller, but just as pretty, calendars to his clients for Christmas. I keep the calendar on the side of the fridge with heavy magnets and try to write down basketball games, birthdays, meetings, etc. I’m bad about looking at the darned thing, though. 🙂

    • Deb –

      I used to have one of those calendar frames. They made the calendar look like a piece of artwork – but flipping forward or back a month or two was a real pain. You’d have to take the calendar out of the frame, check the month in question, then put it back in I abandoned the frame for just sticking the calendar on a hook. But sometime the weight of the calendar pulls the hook right through the prepunched holes. So by the end of the year my poor wall calendar has been bandaged up with so much tape it just looks pitiful 🙂

  • Marcy Shuler says:

    I love calendars and frequently give them as Christmas gifts. My BIL always gets a tractor calendar and I try to find one for my MIL. I have a friend who usually gets a Maxine calendar because she loves that snarky old woman. LOL I’ve gotten a free wall calendar from Pillsbury for the last couple years. While I don’t usually cook the featured recipes I still like to look at the food and imagine someone making it for me. 🙂

    • LOL – Have to say that I enjoy that snarky old woman myself. 🙂

      I think calendars make great Christmas gifts. Pretty and practical. I gave my nephew a Harry Potter one this year.

  • flchen1 says:

    I do still use a wall calendar, but now it’s one that DH creates each year for our family from Shutterfly or something similar 🙂 I don’t have a smartphone, so all our to-dos go onto the calendar–if it isn’t on there, I’m probably going to forget it needs doing or attending 😉

    • Fichen –

      My husband got one of those personalized created ones this Christmas from work. Every page is a golf scene and every page has his name somewhere in the picture. Sometimes you have to look really hard to find it. He came home all excited to show me. Loved it.