The Weekend Agenda

We had a hitch with the blog this morning, but we’re ready to roll now.  It’s the weekend, and for different people, that means different things.  My neighbors are having yard sale, for example, while the dh is planning to work in the garden and the boy is heading to a movie with friends.

When I was growing up, Saturday was housework day.  We changed the beds, dusted, vacuumed, did laundry, and cleaned the bathrooms.  No fun stuff was allowed until all this was done.  I’ve occasionally suggested to the boy, when he was bored, that whatever he was doing beat spending Saturday morning peering under the rim of a toilet bowl with a toothbrush in hand.

So let’s look at some possible weekend activities:

1.  The Mall.  Honestly, this has never much appealed to me, but I have friends who will “do” the mall from one end to the other on a Saturday, especially if there’s a sale.

2.  Sports.  We recently had a chance to see the Charlotte Knights, the AAA farm team for the Chicago White Sox, play at home.  The ballpark is new and nice, and the Knights won.  None of us currently plays a sport, though we sometimes like to watch them.  The dh and I prefer baseball or football, following the Atlanta Braves and Carolina Panthers to the extent we follow anyone, but the boy has been following the World Cup.  And I like tennis.  I recently enjoyed the Wimbledon coverage on ESPN, though not just on the weekend.

3.  Yard or garden work.  I have a brown thumb, so it’s best for all plants if I stay far away from them.  I have been known to mow the yard, clip hedges, or prune rosebushes on occasion, but the dh, who actually enjoys yard work, tends to do most of that.  He also has a garden, which I stay out of because I like to eat what it produces and don’t want to kill anything.

4. Arts events.  We sometimes go to movies or, less often, concerts on the weekends.  That’s also the time we’re most likely to visit a museum.  The photo below shows the dinosaur sculpture at the Fernbank Museum, Atlanta, when we were there a couple of years ago.


5.  Friends.  Because of everyone’s schedules, getting together with friends is easier on the weekends.  We like to have people over for brunch or dinner.

6.  Travel.  Taking a quick trip is easiest on the weekend because work schedules don’t interfere.  Most of my research trips to the Okefenokee have included weekends.  Our recent family vacation ran from Wednesday night through Sunday because that way, no one had to miss more than two days of work.

7. Housework.  You’ll note that this is last on the list.  Yeah.  Those memories of Saturday toilet duty have lingered.

How about you?  What are you doing this weekend, and is that typical for you?  How do your weekends usually go?



  • Shannon says:

    I’m a creature of routines. Of course, summer alters that routine.

    Saturday: get groceries, put up groceries, clean the kitchen including recycling and carrying out trash, then the pool (supposedly for exercise but really for reading), getting together with friends, coming back to housework (yes the dreaded toilet). End the day with reading.

    Sundays: See friends over coffee, walking or swimming, and sadly coming into cook stuff for the week/freezing. The highlight of Sunday is getting together with friends for a movie and dinner. Some of this summer’s movies that I’ve enjoyed include Maleficent, Words and Picture (hankie movie), Belle, and Jersey Boys. Lay out clothes for Monday and get to bed on time. (No late reading, really, no late reading this weekend.)

    • Shannon, congrats on nabbing the rooster! He enjoyed sleeping in this morning. It sounds as though you have a lot to do that he could help with.

      You’re way ahead of us on movies. The boy has seen more than his dad and I have.

      I end every day with reading. Sometimes it’s tempting to let it run too late.

      • Shannon says:


        He’s laying down for nap. The pool boys tried to rope him into fixing the pump. He doesn’t think much of housework, either.

        I haven’t told him yet that I’m making chicken salad later this afternoon.

  • catslady says:

    Our Saturday’s were the same. My mom lives to clean – me, not so much lol. Actually, I hate it. Sunday’s are my day to cook a nice dinner for my grown family and so I rarely plan anything else unless no one can make it. Some Friday’s are for my card group or running off to the casino with my best friend. We don’t do yard work like we use to but that is a chore for Sat. I got an extreme case of poison ivy a few years back so I limit what I do now outside.

    • Catslady, there are some leaves in our yard I keep a suspicious eye on. Haven’t had poison ivy in many years and would like to keep it that way!

      I used to belong to a bridge group. What do y’all play on Fridays?

      Family dinner on Sunday sounds like a great way to end the weekend.

      • catslady says:

        It’s called Sock and Shoe. Another version is Hand and Foot lol. Sort of like Canasta if you know that one.

  • Your weekends growing up sounded like mine. My dad was all about get up early on Saturday and get your room clean, the lawn cut, help clean the house by noon. If your chores were done sooner, you’d get to watch cartoons or the Monkeys.

    Softball, baseball or football games were in the afternoon or early evenings. (My brother and I played softball, he also played baseball and football.) If no family involved sports were going on, afternoons were for watching westerns or sports. Sunday morning was church, followed by a family breakfast/lunch (not brunch…we didn’t do brunch), then football, homework and a nap.

    As a nurse who worked tons of weekend shifts over the years, Jazzman and I did NOT enforce the weekend chore thingy. As for mall shopping, I’ve learned that going in the middle of the week is wayyyyyyyyyy more peaceful and less crowded! So are museums and art events. Movies…way less crowded on a weekday afternoon.

    So…having said that, what is a weekend like around here?

    Unless it’s a chapter meeting for my RWA chapter, (DARA), I’m hanging with the family/writing/swimming. 🙂

    • Suz, I didn’t know you played softball. I used to love it. But it’s a team sport, hard to keep up with on a person’s own. What position did you play?

      I hear you on the mall. When I have to go, I try to do it mid-week and be there when the stores open, gone by the time the lunch crowd rolls in.

      We used to be better about seeing movies during the week. Lately that just seems harder to manage, but it’s nice to miss the crowds. Of course, if you want until the movie is on only one screen, as seem to do these days, it’s not crowded then, either.

  • Amy Conley says:

    I have to laugh about your garden and staying out of the garden I was actually banned from my husband’s garden.
    this weekend we are going to see my grandson to be with him for a couple of days before we come back up to the DC area to be at the hospital with my mother. This is definitely not a normal weekend we’ve been here since Monday night. Usually on the weekends my husband get his mother’s and I spend the weekend with his parents and I do whatever needs to be done

    • Amy, I’m sorry your mom is in the hospital. I hope she recovers soon.

      So many of my friends are great with plants, gardens, landscaping, whatever. It’s nice to hear from someone else who has issues with it.

      • Amy Conley says:

        okay here’s an idea of how brown my thumb is, I’ve killed three aloe vera plants and several spider plants, 2 plants which are supposed to be virtually unkillable, yes I’ve killed several of them.

  • gamistress66 says:

    I remember those Sat morning chores too. yuck 🙁 blame it for my complete lack of desire to do such stuff as an adult, so I’m w/ you that house work belongs on the bottom of the list (if it has to be there at all) 😉

    relax & reading some always finds a way on my list for the wknd, usually near the top too 🙂

    • Gamistress, I definitely feel a little streak of rebellion, despite having been an adult for many years now, when Saturday rolls around and we don’t’ clean unless we feel like it. Of course, we generally don’t clean unless we feel like it, so we will never qualify as one of the world’s tidiest couples.

      I love reading on the weekend, too. I just wish it weren’t so muggy and the mosquitoes were gone so I could read outdoors.

  • Jane says:

    Hello Nancy,
    I attempt to catch up on sleep and then go run errands(post office, laundry, shopping.) Sometimes I just stay home and watch sports or catch up on TV shows I’ve recorded during the week and do some reading.

    • Jane, if we had a DVR, I’m sure we’d do catch-up watching on weekends, too. That’s on our list to acquire at some point before the end of the year.

      I also like to read on weekends and to sleep in for just a bit, though I find that if I sleep in too long, I can’t sleep at night. :-/

  • Helen says:

    Hi Nancy

    Yep Saturdays has pretty much been houswork day for me since I was very young and it is still that way I have a 3 day weekend 🙂 Friday Saturday and Sunday and normally Friday is shopping day and we often have grandkids to mind so no housework then Saturday is houswork day in winter Hubby goes out to soccer all day and once I have done enough housework I sit and read then on Sindays is normally my day unless we have family over or go and visit family although Hubby is at soccer again Sundays normally I have a quiet day reading but one Sunday a month I have my Romane reader lunch whic is today YAY looking forward to meeting up with friends and enjoying a great meal

    Have Fun

    • Helen, I hope you have a great time at your lunch!

      How nice to have a 3-day weekend. You seem to have a smooth routine for them. I like having the house to myself sometimes, and I like to read. I get more of that done on the weekend that other times.

  • Becke says:


    CRW meeting- missed you. Met with a friend prior to the meeting.

    Usually it’s a bike ride, my writing goal, and maybe one thing I want to get done–like pack for RWA.

  • Nancy, I think it’s such a great idea to spend Saturday mornings doing the chores! Sadly I’m the only one in this house who actually does them, but I’m happy for Husband to relax because he works long hours during the week. We’re pretty boring! We usually go to a cafe, sometimes for breakfast, sometimes for just a coffee, read the papers. Go to the park. Sometimes go to a party or have dinner with friends. I like weekends to be relaxing but I tend to do my big grocery shop and the washing and any spring cleaning, trying to keep my week days for writing mostly. Thanks for the peek into your weekend world!

    • Oh, yes, and Saturday mornings we watch our little guy play Rugby. That’s a fun social occasion as well because we love our team mums and dads.

    • Christina, that sounds like a nice, laid back approach. We’re pretty offhand about things, too, unless we’re having people over.

      We used to go watch the boy play soccer. The parents were a congenial bunch–no pushy jerks–but we didn’t stay in touch.

  • Deb says:

    Hi, Nancy. During the school year, Saturdays are extremely busy for me. I run errands, grocery shop (I live 30-45 minutes away from a major grocery store, depending where I go), and catch up on laundry, dusting, and running the vacuum. In summer, however, I am able to do that, usually, any day of the week. I hate to do housework. Bleh.

    Today, however, our oldest son and his wife brought lunch over; they grilled ribeyes, sweet corn, and baked potato salad. It was a nice surprise. Best of all, I got a sloppy goodbye kiss from Jace, our 16-month grandson. 🙂

    • Hi, Deb–How nice that your kids brought lunch. It sounds great, and I imagine seeing Jace was a highlight. Kids’re so cute at that age.

      I am so with you on the housework thing.

  • Mozette says:

    Aaah, a typical weekend for me? Let’s see…

    I sleep in as much as I can – which ironically isn’t anywhere past 8am seeing how my bedroom window sill creeks and clunks as it warms up with the sun! I’m an end townhouse in a very old townhouse complex (build circa 1984) and so, my place is like Venice, it’s sinking and moving a lot with the weather. In Winter the front screen door doesn’t latch early in the morning, and all year round, none of the doors upstairs close (and if they do, you’re stuck in that given room!).

    Anyway, on most Saturdays, I’m either out and about at a writer’s group – Romance or Sci-fi, it depends on the weekend. And if it’s not that, I’m at the Logan Art Gallery doing my volunteering work. These are usually held on Saturdays; making those Saturdays very full.

    Otherwise, I have the washing up to do in between meals as much as I can… and yard work… and laundry… and reading the paper while I’m eating pancakes on Sundays.

    Also on Sundays, I’m organising the rubbish that needs to go out into the bin for bin day on Wednesday (bin out on Tuesday night), then doing up my shopping list for shopping day – also on Wednesday as it’s pay day every second Wednesday. And then, on the last Sunday of each month, I’m to the Springwood Road State School to the Creative Markets as a retailer… selling my painted pegs, pencils, coathangers and other cute hand-painted and varnished things to the public. What a big day that is! And strangely enough, my neighbours around me seem to think it’s the best time in the world to have parties during the week and the night before! 🙁 Not happy about that, seeing I have to be up at 5am, while they’re all sleeping.

    Otherwise, my other chores around the house and garden get done during the week… and I’m not married or have anyone in my life, so I do all my own gardening, laundry, move all my own furniture, do all the shopping on my own, pay all the bills, put out the rubbish, wash the car, kill anything with more legs than a lizard and clean out the fridge on a regular basis… yep, I also do my own handyman/woman things around the place too… *phew!* what a life it is for a single woman, you learn so much about how to look after a house, and how to look after things – even getting out the odd service guy for the washing machine costs a fair bit… which my Dad hates, but we can’t do much about. 🙁

    But there are times where I just want to pack in the housework, hide under the covers of my duvet and wish it away…. but then I also have that love-hate relationship with everything around me… if I do it, it’s clean, but if I let somebody else do it, I feel bad and feel lazy.

    • Mozette, that’s a busy weekend! Sounds to me as though you’ve earned some hiding away!

      • Mozette says:

        Aaww… thanks. 🙂

        And my folks wonder why I’m always tired. 😛

        I guess it’s because they’ve never lived on their own for any length of time before…. ever. They’ve always been with each other.

  • Alyn says:

    Work for me at the mall and then shopping at any place but the mall.

  • Carol Cork says:

    Nancy, I have never been a creature of habit. I could be doing anything at the weekend…shopping, cleaning, ironing, going for a walk, watching TV or simply reading a book. It just depends on how the mood takes me.