The Velvet Touch! Denise Rossetti is in the Lair

deniseIt’s my pleasure to welcome back my good friend and writing buddy, Denise Rossetti to the lair today with a sumptuous story about a corset! Welcome, Denise!

My word, it’s lovely to see all you Bandits and Bandit Buddies again. It’s been a while . Christina , thanks so much for inviting me over to the Lair. *beams*

I was mulling over some story ideas the other day, something I do a lot, often in the car. (You need to keep an eye out for me and my little red Mini. I suspect I’m dangerous.) Christina and I go walking by the river together most weekends, and as we stride along (I use the term the term loosely), we thrash out those poor story ideas ‘til they’re limper than overcooked noodles. It’s cruel, really.

It’s a puzzle where the stories come from. The Story Mountain? But I have to say I love it when an idea comes not only free, but gift-wrapped all pretty. I still recall Nancy Yost, my clever agent, ringing to say she had a brilliant theme for an erotic anthology and what did I think of – CORSETS?

What did I think? What did I think?

My brain went into overdrive. Oooh, the possibilities! But because I’m strange, I wanted more than sexy lingerie, I wanted a challenge. Could I make the corset a character as well as a foundation garment? Hmm…

Turns out I could – and I did. The result was Rubies and Black Velvet, which is now available as a standalone novella. And I’m delighted to tell you that you can finally buy it in Australia, the UK and other countries (in Kindle), as well in the USA and Canada. (See below for the links.) Yay!

Rubies and Black Velvet is about love’s faith in the face of evil, its sacred power to heal and redeem. I loved writing it and loved Meggie and John together, they were so right for each other. *happy sigh*

A beautiful corset of sumptuous black velvet and hearts-blood rubies calls out to the innocent Meggie, but the instant the laces tighten, she’s caught in a curse laid by a vengeful sorceress. Trapped in a deeply erotic game of domination and submission, Meggie must resist the corset’s sensual power…or lose the love of her life–forever!


Rubies and Black Velvet

Holdercroft on the Cressy Plains, Palimpsest

rubies2When the thunder came again and again, rolling around the tall heads of the mountains, the good folk of Holdercroft village shuddered. “They’m at it again,” they said, shaking their heads. But the tavern on the plain was warm and snug, the doors and windows shuttered against the fierce driving rain.

“‘Tis the dragon djinn,” grunted old Griddle, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

“And the sorceress,” whispered his wife. She made the two-handed sign of the Sibling Moons. “Brother and Sister preserve us.”

“Seen `er once.” Griddle held out his tankard for a refill. “Ridin’ a storm cloud, the night the big tree came down, ye remember?”

“Ye were drunk,” scoffed his wife.

“Naked as a bebbe she were. All pale and long.” Griddle’s rheumy eyes took on a faraway look. “Hair down to `er waist, flyin’ like whips o’ black silk. And when she looked at me, `twas like starin’ hell in the eye. So dark, so deep.” He buried his long nose in his ale.

“Ye stupid old sot.” Griddle’s wife poked his shoulder with a bony finger. “Why would a sorceress look at ye?”

Griddle subsided, grumbling into his ale. “She did,” he muttered, almost too low to hear. “Like she wanted to chew me up and spit me out. Like she hated me for livin’.” Abruptly, he banged his empty jug down on the bar. “Gimme another!”

At evening’s end, his wife had to call for the blacksmith’s boys to carry him home through the rain on a plank.


Out in the barn behind the Mackie place, John knelt at Meg’s feet, grumbling as she toweled his hair. “Give over, Meggie. You’re not my bloody mother.”

But Meg only laughed, that deep delicious chuckle that never failed to make something inside him flutter. She pulled his head down between her generous breasts and rubbed harder. Giving up, John pushed his nose deep into the warm, fragrant depths of her cleavage and inhaled with tremendous satisfaction.

Meg. His Steady Meggie.

Even at nineteen, he had no doubts. The gods had made Margaret May Mackie just for him. His center, his refuge, when the emotional tempests at home got too much. They wore a man down, his family. Between Ma and Da and his ten brawling siblings, there were times John couldn’t think straight unless he held Meggie’s hand in his.

He stroked a broad, callused palm over the luscious curve of her rump. The only girl in the Cressy Plains who could match him. Five foot eleven inches in her sturdy bare feet, Meg’s cushiony body fitted perfectly against his huge frame, her long legs and smoothly muscled thighs a comfortable cradle for his eager weight.

John fumbled a hand down to rearrange the part that ached. He wasn’t embarrassed. With Meg, everything was natural, easy. She knew him, better than he did himself, he thought sometimes. He hadn’t got inside her yet, though it was all he’d been able to think about through the long, golden summer, the pink musky flesh between her pale thighs. They’d done just about everything else though. Grinning, he traced the crescent of freckles on the inner curve of one breast with his tongue. Then he blew on the damp, creamy flesh.

rubies_vlargeMeg yelped and tweaked his ear.

One day. He leaned forward to rub his cheek against the softness of her belly through the fabric of her sensible nightgown. One day, Steady Meggie would swell with his child. They’d make their own family, one without fists and fury and slamming doors. If they were fortunate, her frail widowed father would live to see his grandchildren, the farm in good hands, before he passed to the gods.

And John would be hers too. For the rest of their lives.

It gave him such pleasure to think of it. His life in her steady, capable hands.

A corset is an amazing garment. A properly fitted corset will straighten your spine, flatter your figure, and make you feel like a million, very sexy, bucks. Tell me about the corsets in your life. Do you own one – or more? Or have you seen one in a shop window and yearned for it? I have a Kindle copy of Rubies and Black Velvet to give away!

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  • Helen says:

    Is he coming to my thundery place

    Have fun

  • Helen says:

    Hi Denise

    Oh I love the sound of this one I have never owned a corset (I don’t really have the figure for one) lol but I have admired many in shop windows they really are lovely with all the lace.
    I must get this book I do so love your stories. And we are in the middle of another thunder storm here today there have been a few so the GR will be staying indoors

    • Hi there, Helen! I’m firmly of the belief that any woman looks good in a corset – flattering for every figure. 😉

      We’ve got a line of thunderstorms coming through too, but the dog hasn’t started her ‘Chicken Little’ impersonation yet, so must be a reasonable distance away. Poor old thing is more reliable than the Bureau of Meteorology!

  • flchen1 says:

    That’s wonderful, Denise!! Love the sounds of this… I don’t own a corset, but have admired how they look 😉 Maybe I just need to read this for a little inspiration!

  • What an amazing idea – a cursed corset. Love it.

    Yes, I own a leather corset and it feels immensely sexy to wear. I think one that properly sized makes anyone look extremely hot.

    Can’t wait to read this one, Denise. Bravo!

    • Hi Donna!
      Thanks for the kind words. And totally agree, corsets are awesome!
      Yep, I sure know how to make it difficult for myself. 🙂 It was worth it though, so interesting so write.

  • Laurie G says:

    Hii Denise,

    Unfortunately I’ve never seen a corset. They do remarkable things to correct shape deficiencies! The sexiest underware I own is a teddy.

    I’m interested in reading your cursed corset series. I loved the heat you generated between Meg and John!

  • Oh, Laurie, I think teddies are so pretty. They always seem kind of 1920s to me.

    So glad you liked Meg and John. They really, truly do love each other and it’s that love that gives them strength to persevere against real wickedness.

  • Caren Crane says:

    Denise, so great to have you back! I adore your writing and this book sounds fantastic. I can’t wait to read it!

    I’ve been a bit fascinated by corsets since I first saw Scarlett being laced into one in Gone With the Wind. I have to say, though, I’ve never wanted to actually wear one. I also confess I don’t enjoy seeing them as outerwear. Maybe I’m just a Victorian lady at heart, but I think corsets should be shared in private! LOL

    • Hi Caren!
      Yes, I know what you mean – the Corset As Waistcoat Look. My daughter thinks that’s really cool. Like you, I’m not convinced. LOL

      And thanks for the kind words. 🙂

  • CateS says:

    I remember girdles… no corsets for me!!! But I do love them in books!!

    • Oooh, girdles! *wince* *gasp* Oh yes, Cate, I remember them too. Might as well have been wearing armour – or a chastity belt! Hang on, maybe that was the idea… LOL

  • Hello, Denise! SO happy to see you in the Lair! And I LOVE the idea of an evil corset!

    I certainly thought some of the corsets I wore when I was singing were evil! Being strapped into a corset by an Austrian opera dresser makes some S&M masters look like choir boys.

    I was rather fond of a few of the ones I wore when I was singing the leading role in Alban Berg’s LULU. Have to love a character who murders her lovers, has other lovers murder her husband and then walks out of the police station to be murdered by Jack the Ripper!

    Corsets are great for the figure and can produce bodacious cleavage no matter how much cleavage material one is given!

    • Louisa, only you would say ‘bodacious cleavage’! I was trying to think of the right words for the way a corset shoves the girls up under your chin and I couldn’t think of the right way to say it. Trust you – that’s perfect! 🙂
      And I cannot imagine trying to haul in enough air to sing opera while wearing a corset. The mind absolutely boggles…

  • Hey Denise! Always good to see you back in our Lair!

    I love the idea of corsets. Should I wear one, yes! Will I…not as long as I can work in my jammies at home! hehehe

    But it’s going to be a cold, cold weekend here in Texas, so I think I’ll download your novella and enjoy it, then hubby can enjoy some snuggling!

    • Hi Suzanne, Comfy PJs on a cold day sounds brilliant – ditto to a snuggle with the man of your dreams. I can hardly believe it of myself, but I’m actually giving thought to those onsie things, but strictly for home use only. Have to admit, I’m not sure I could write a sex scene while wearing one though, especially if it had floppy ears!

      Hope you enjoy Meg and John! 🙂

  • Hi Denise! Hi Christine! Lovely to see you both together. Looking forward to our next get-together. Denise, Christine and I have regular (well, probably about every six months) girly weekends where we discuss all things romance – and all things generally! They helped me come up with my Sons of Sin series for which I am eternally grateful! How wonderful that Velvet is finally available worldwide. Congratulations!

  • Hey there, lovely Anna. Sooo looking forward to our next get together. I have an SF plot I need you girls to pull to pieces for me. LOL Not to mention all that food and wine and lolling about in the pool. Ah…

  • Cathy P says:

    I have never worn or seen a corset, except for in pictures. Looking forward to reading John and Meg’s story.