The Trouble with Moonlight

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British spy James Locke has seen some odd events – but nothing quite as fantastical

as when, in the midst of a moonlit safe-cracking mission, he witnesses a ruby 

necklace being spirited away as if by a conjurer’s trick.  Following the jewels leads 

him to Lusinda Havershaw, who’s inherited the ability to become invisible in 

moonlight – but it’s just her skin, not her clothes.


To support her sisters, Lusinda slips naked through the London night to recover lost 

or stolen items.  Once her talents are discovered by the threatening Locke, she 

reluctantly agrees to assist him in service to the crown.  Locke trains her in

espionage – though her close proximity is bewitchingly distracting.  And as their 

mission to track Russian spies grows treacherous, they’ll find that the heart behaves

even more mysteriously than Lusinda in moonlight…