The New Fall Season is Here!

The Autumn equinox occurred in the United States last night at 10:29 pm.  Did you absorb the moment?  Dance naked and howl at the moon?  Well…neither did I 🙂 .  But I did settle in last night after a very trying tension filled day to soak in the autumnal equinox of televised America.  That’s right, I’m talking the new fall television series lineup.


GothamI’m a huge Big Bang Theory fan (Monday, 8:00 pm on CBS), but I passed on the new series last night to watch Gotham (8:00 pm on FOX).  I’ve been waiting for this one.  It promises to be dark, which is not my favorite, but I’m willing to give it a chance.  At least for a little bit.  I plan to pass on the new series of Sleepy Hollow and instead watch the new show, Scorpion (9:00 pm CBS).  The show is based on Walter O’Brien, the real life genius who at 13 hacked into the NASA security system.  Scorpion was his hacking name.  He’s 39 now andScorpion has a company that helps out the US on some of their biggest cases (I believe I read he helped with the search for the Boston bombers).  Anyway, that’s the reality.  The television show has added three more geniuses to the mix.  I read that this is CSI meets Big Bang Theory but is a drama, not a comedy.  I might finish up with State of Affairs at 10:00 NBC.  (Just can’t get into Blacklist).  But most likely, will be back at the computer to incorporate edits into my WIP.


Now to be honest, I won’t be watching much TV tonight.  We’ll be at a hockey game (Did I just see Anna Sugden just do a fist-pump? 🙂 ) in what we hope is a victory celebration.  But if I Flashwas home, I’d be watching The Flash at 8:00pm on CW.  I read that Grant Gustin wears the Flash suit as if he were born to it.  I’m disappointed to miss that.  While I’d normally watch NCIS: New Orleans (9:00 CBS) because my WIP is set in New Orleans – always researching – this time I’d probably give Marry Me onMarry Me NBC a try.  It’s a romantic comedy which means great pacing is a must.  It’s one I’d like to see.  I’d finish the night (if I were home) with Forever – the new immortal series at 10 pm ABC.  Shame I don’t have a DVR, but one thing about television – there’s always multiple opportunities to see a show.


Red BandI watched the Red Band Society last week and loved it so I’ll be back at 9:00 pm Fox to watch the series.  The story is set in a hospital and is narrated by a boy in a coma.  At 10 pm I’ll switch over to Nashville on ABC.  I’ve enjoyed the earlier seasons and am looking forward to the new season.


I do aerobics on Thursday nights and will probably miss some good shows, but I should be finished, showered, and in my comfortable jammies in time to watchHow to Murder How to Get Away with Murder at 10pm on ABC.  Of course, I’ll be watching it by myself for a while as it competes with Thursday Night Football – my husband’s preference.  Funny.  Thursday used to be “must see tv” night for me but not so much anymore.


ConstantineAnother night that I can generally pass on tv, but I’ll probably watch Grimm on NBC at 9:00 pm.  Constantine is a new drama that looks interesting.  This show is based on a comic book character that uses his wit and occult knowledge to fight evil while he tries to find a loophole in his impending sentence to hell.  I’m won over by the “wit” but if the show is too dark, I’ll pass.  That’s on at 10:00 pm on ABC.

I watched Madam Secretary Sunday night.  That might be a good series, and I’m really looking forward to the return of The Newsroom.  Of course, I’m watching Outlander on Saturday nights.  There’s only a couple episodes left!  Then what?  Walking Dead?  Banshee?   Can’t wait for the Return of Game of Thrones.

How about you?  Any particular shows you’ve been waiting to see?  What new shows did I miss on my list?  What did you watch last night?  Let’s set the books aside for the moment and chat about “must see tv.”



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  • flchen1 says:

    LOL! I’m SO not a TV watcher, Donna! DH has been watching The Blacklist, so I’m sure that’ll be on! I’m still working on my TBR (which grows faster than I can work it down!) 😉

    • I hear ya, Fichen –
      For the most part, I’m not a big tv watcher either – except for this week…well, maybe the next couple of weeks. A lot of the new shows won’t live up to the hype and I won’t watch them, others I know I probably catch on the reruns. But I like watching the new shows for creative ideas if nothing else.

    • Hey you got the rooster! My guess is he’ll flop alongside your husband and watch tv if you let him. He tends to think of himself as a furry James Spader.

      • flchen1 says:

        *snork!* Maybe he’ll be a better TV watching buddy than I am 😉 I tend to flee the room at the rising tension… either that or ask a million annoying questions since I haven’t been watching from the start… 😉

  • Jane says:

    Hello Donna,
    Happy Autumn. There were so many shows on that I can only watch a few and need to record the rest, plus I’ve been watching Derek Jeter play his last games before retiring. I’m really excited about Gotham, Constantine and The Flash. I love Viola Davis so I’ll definitely check out her new show. Madam Secretary looked boring, but it might just be that Tea Leoni doesn’t appeal to me in that role. I do like enjoy seeing her in comedies, but this show isn’t reeling me in.

    • Hi Jane!
      We should really get a DVR or something to record shows, but we’re one of the few families that don’t. Tea Leoni has this silly “ka” thing she does that drives me nuts – but I’ll give the writers a few more episodes to get the ball rolling on the show. I think the first show is just too new, establishing characters and whatnot to judge.

      Have to see how everything shakes out 🙂

  • Mozette says:

    Great post, Donna…

    I didn’t know they were bringing out a drama about ‘Constantine’!!! Woot!

    Now… if I was you, I’d rent the movie before setting foot near the tv show. It will show you more about the man than the show will over 2 hours and most probably scare you a little.

    ‘Constantine’ is a very dark type of show, and Keanu Reeves plays a great part as the man himself… I love the movie and have enjoyed watching it when I have nothing else to watch… or don’t feel like watching anything else, and want to watch something kinda evil, kinda dark and all kinds of bad. 😛

    • Thanks for the warning, Mozette. I’m so not a fan of dark shows.

      Actually, I believe I’ve seen some of the movie – don’t think I made it through the whole thing. But tv shows can be totally different from the films – mainly because of the change in actors and directors. Constantine is played by Welsh actor Matt Ryan in the tv show. Fingers crossed (in my case) that the show is less dark and gloomy as the movie.

  • Deanna says:

    I’m a huge Big Bang Theory fan, so I’m looking forward to that. Being a comic buff, I’m super excited about The Flash but I need to catch up on Arrow first before I get into that. Of course, as continuing series go, I’m super excited about the new season of Marvel Agents of SHIELD. Gotham I’d like to try, and also Constantine. And of course, NCIS New Orleans looks like it is going to be good. There are some great shows in this season’s line up. 🙂 The geek in me is happy about all the geeky shows out there.

    • Hi Deanna! –

      You’re obviously a big comic fan! Isn’t it cool that so many are making their way to the little screen? I never really got into Arrow – like I said, I love the hype and expectations that come with new shows but they have to catch me just right to make me become a fan. This year’s lineup though is working the spandex 🙂 . We’ll have to see how it plays out.

  • Amy Conley says:

    Hey Donna love this post. I got to see FOREVER tonight and can’t wait to see more tomorrow night. Otherwise OUTLANDER is .my .must see tv.

    • Hi Amy –
      I’m loving Outlander as well. Did you see the wedding & wedding night on the last show? Loved it. And MacDougal’s jealous threatening position? Yes – I’m planted in front of the tv on Saturday nights (I’ve been sending in the code word in hopes of winning a trip to Scotland 🙂 ).

      I ended up watching Forever last night as well and skipped State of Affairs. Loved Loan Gruffudd as Dr. Henry Morgan. Interesting the twist of another.

  • Helen says:


    I am so not a TV watcher LOL although I have been watching Outlander and enjoying seeing as how I have not read the books I have watched 5 episodes so far and the 6th is waiting for me when I get a chance, I do watch sport and the footy finals are in full swing even though my team is not in them and of course things are starting to warm up over here so the cricket will start very soon 🙂 enjoy your TV showa

    Have Fun

    • Hi Helen!

      I’m only a big fan of the shows for a few weeks and then I’ll pick and choose over the new crop as to the ones I’ll make time for. It’s the newness of it all that I like (grin).

      Yes, the weather has taken a downward turn here which means you guys are heating things up! I don’t watch as much tv when it’s lovely outside as I do in the winter. I’m jealous of your promise of Spring/Summer 🙂

  • Shannon says:

    I rarely watch TV, except for news; books are my entertainment. Current affairs is a must for work. Radio is also my media. I have NPR on when cleaning, but that is also news. Part of the little TV is I need to be up at 4 for work if I’m to get a walk in during the day. So it’s taping programs or Netflix and then binge watching later on (when no one is into the series). The other part is that my living room is chilly. I cannot wait for the date to be in an apartment where all the rooms are the same temperature.

    • Hi Shannon

      I hear you on the swing of temps of various rooms. Why is that? My living room is chilly as well and is the prime reading room in the house (no tv in that room) so we keep lots of warm throws and quilts handy. It gets warm upstairs so that’s where we tend to hibernate.

      These days, I tend to be working on books all day and need that respite of tv at night 🙂 We’ll see if I’m still watching in a couple of weeks.

  • Debbie Oxier says:

    I watch ed Scorpion last night and really liked it. Tonight is NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans which I have been anxiously awaiting all summer. Gibbs is back! Used to watch Person of Interest until they killed off Detective Carter. Haven’t been able to watch since. It was a bitter pill to swallow. Lol! I do want to try out Forever. Like the star and also Chicago PD as I didn’t get to see it last season. Madame Secretary was pretty good. I do like Tea Leoni. The show I really want to see is Stalker which premieres next wee. It stars Dylan McDermott and Maggie Q. Can’t get Outlander and never read the books so don’t know if I’m missing anything or not.

    • Hi Debbie –

      Well my dear – you are missing out if you can’t watch Outlander. Sorry. It’s a good show – a bit slower I think than the books – but being able to see the scenery and the characters adds a different dimension. I still love the books more (isn’t that always the way?) but I’m grooving on the series as well. Hope you get to see the DVD.

      I like the concept of Person of Interest, but there’s too much whispering and low voices on that show. I’ve abandoned it. Bummer about Det. Carter. I liked her.

      Watched Scorpion last night and it has possibilities. I thought the opening episode was too techy though. I think they need to focus more on the characters. Interesting introduction of the young boy in the mix. Have to see how it all plays out.

  • Anna Sugden says:

    Wooohooo! Donna going to a hockey game! Love it! I have your two pucks proudly displayed in my office :).

    I’m looking forward to lots of new seasons for shows and several new shows too, though it may be a while before we get some of them. Love Blacklist and will give Sleepy Hollow a go too. Also Castle, Person of Interest, Once Upon a Time. Will give Scorpion and Gotham a try now that I’ve seen them.

    Also over here looking forward to Grantchester.

    • Hi Anna!

      We been invited to watch the game from an attorney’s private box. He said his wife caught a puck last year when a player tossed it into the crowd. If one comes my way, you’re welcome to it – though three Blue Jackets pucks might be pushing it a bit 🙂 .

      I never could get into Blacklist. I think it’s a bit to violent for me (though for a hockey fan, it may be just right 🙂 LOL ). I love Icabod Crane on Sleepy Hollow – could watch him all night 🙂 but the storyline is leaving me cold. Always love Castle, and the hook from last season’s finale has me anxious for more. Not so big on Person of Interest anymore. I like to see how Once Upon a Time deals with the characters. This year they’re introducing the Frozen heroines, but that’s another that leaves me cold as far as the storyline goes. Loved the young Penguin on Gotham (another Sugden plus 🙂 ) Waiting on Scorpion to mature, I think.

      Grantchester sounds good. Gotta love an investigative vicar 🙂 Hope it’ll be available over here on DVD.

  • Caren Crane says:

    Donna, you know I rarely watch TV shows when they are actually on the air, but I am making an exception for Outlander. I head over to watch it at Sabrina Jeffries’ house every Saturday I can!

    Game of Thrones will be appearing in our queue shortly after it airs, as will The Big Bang Theory. I am interested in Gotham, but probably will watch the entire season later, in a marathon. Same with How to Get Away with Murtder. I love Taraji Henson!

    • Caren –

      I think watching with Sabrina Jefferies would be half the fun of watching Outlander 🙂 . When the series started, my husband and I would cuddle up under the bed covers to watch together, but now that football is in full swing, he switches back and forth between the two so I watch with my daughter downstairs in the family room. Can’t wait for Game of Thrones to start up again. They haven’t started advertising it yet so I’m guessing we’re still a ways away.

      Watching an entire season in a marathon makes sense. You’d get a lot more continuity that way, but it doesn’t work for me. I get too antsy about the work I’m not doing so I can only handle about two hours at a time. I know this makes no sense but if the show is on television at its regular time, I do other things while keeping an eye on the set. If I do a marathon, I watch the set so it seems less productive. LOL. I know – crazy.

  • Wow, Donna, that’s some TV line-up. It will all end up here, probably sooner rather than later. They’ve started doing shows express from the US so that we get them only a few days (sometimes a few hours) after you do.

    I seem to be in an anti-drama mood at the moment. It feels like such a commitment when my head is so full of other stuff with the move. When I get settled, the plan is to get a DVD that works (mine doesn’t) and sit down with boxed sets of a lot of these series and hopefully get back into the swing of watching a longer story on TV. LOVE the Big Bang Theory!

    • Hi Anna –

      Isn’t it amazing the technological advances we get to enjoy now? I would think with the world wide internet, there’d be worldwide streaming as well. I wish more of the Britsh shows were available here. I think you get those more than we do – but in time, maybe we’ll get those on a timely basis.

      Hugs on the move. Selling a house and packing/sorting/cleaning out rooms – it’s my worse nightmare. I don’t envy you the task. I hear you on the DVD. The tiny tv in my office has a built-in DVD and is the only one that I can work. (That’s a topic for another blog LOL.) So I have to sit upright, surrounded by all the piles of things that require attention, and stare at a tiny screen. Hmmm….my birthday is in October. Maybe a DVD or DVR will make its way to the wish list.

      • Donna, we get a lot of British TV here (which is great – I love a lot of it and they seem to be obsessed about antiques!). I had English friends staying and they were completely astonished at being able to watch all their faves from home.

        Hope you get your DVD!

  • Minna says:

    It’s always nice to know what we’ll be watching here in Finland sooner or later. My new favourite is Murdoch Mysteries and because there are so many seasons of it, we get 5 episodes a week.

    • LOL Minna –

      I’ve not heard of the Murdock Mysteries. I’m guessing that’s a British show.

      But it could be an American show. It always amazes me that of the several hundred stations that we have through cable and regular tv, often times there’s STILL nothing on worth watching 🙂

      • Minna says:

        Nope. Actually it’s a Canadian series.

        • And another country heard from. LOL. I don’t think I’ve heard anyone mention a Canadian series before. Sounds intriguing.

          • Pissenlit says:

            Murdoch Mysteries is super fun! It’s based on a series of books by Maureen Jennings, which I’d enjoyed. The tv series is much more light-hearted, quirky and full of little future foreshadowing in-jokes. 😀

          • Minna says:

            Well, if someone has mentioned a Canadian TV series, it’s probably me. Here are a couple older ones: Due South -I just loved that one. Who wouldn’t love a Mountie? Corner Gas -that was so funny!
            Oh, I’m finding some old favourites when I’m looking through the list on Wiki. Forever Knight -it’s about a vampire cop.

          • Minna – Loved Due South and I remember Forever Night though I didn’t realize that was a Canadian show.

  • Pissenlit says:

    Last night, I watched the two new eps of The Big Bang Theory, then the pilot of Gotham, then Sleepy Hollow(saved Scorpion for today because I’ll want to keep it around for awhile, unlike Sleepy Hollow), and then The Blacklist(caught the pilot for Forever back in August). In other words, I was entirely unproductive and glued to the tv all evening…which will probably be the case tonight too 😛

    Also, I’m really looking forward to NCIS:New Orleans(hee hee hee, NCIS:NO?) and Constantine(can’t wait! doesn’t look super dark, so maybe not too dark for you?). Selfie(a modern day Pygmalion) looked kinda funny so I might watch it a bit despite usually skipping sitcoms…though I miss Karen Gillan’s Scottish accent. But…what I’m super duper most looking forward to is going to be a midseason fill-in for Once Upon A Time(so maybe in the winter?) and it’s called…Galavant! A musical comedy fairytale with Alan Menken? YES PLEASE! The cast looks good too. And I just about died laughing at the trailer on YouTube.

    • Pissenlit!

      I love that trailer!!!! I’ve not heard of Galvalant but I’ll be watching for it now – just my kind of show! I’ve heard a few mentions of Selfie – hadn’t really looked into it. I’ll have to check that one out. Fingers crossed on Constantine and two thumbs up on NCIS:NO. Especially as I can sort-of justify watching it as research – LOL.

  • catslady says:

    Thank goodness we finally got dvr with our cable co. lol. Last night was DWTS, the last of Under the Dome and Big Bang, then DWTS and NCIS, Survivor, Castle, Blacklist, Hell on Wheels, The Musketeers, and for new shows I want to try Scorpion, How to Get Away with Murder, and maybe Forever. And of course there is still baseball and now football and hockey too. And I hate that I have to wait for Vikings. (I’m also on the computer at the same time or I’d never get all these shows watched lol.)

    • LOL Catslady – That’s my fear that if we ever get a DVR, I’ll be watching tv 24/7 🙂 We get a number of the premium cable stations (why, I don’t know. My husband signs up for them but with the exception of Starz with Outlander – it’s not like they have anything I MUST see), and with the premium stations they have that option where you can choose any movie or series show on demand without paying extra for it. We do that sometimes.

      How was Under the Dome? I’ve watched that on and off but was getting bored with it. Did they ever discover what caused the Dome to exist and how to get rid of it?

      • catslady says:

        LOL about the Dome – they want you to keep coming back so they don’t tell you too much. It has it’s moments. I really should read the book since I’m a Stephen King fan but I hear it’s been changed of course for TV.

  • OMG, Donna, Your list is almost as long as mine!

    Monday: DVR Scropion and The Black List…since we have a household fantasy football league with several members of the family, there’s no missing Monday or Thursday night football. I missed the first episode of GOTHAM…will have to pick it up later.

    Tuesday: DVR: NCIS, S.H.I.E.L.D, Persons of Interest. Watching: NCIS New Orleans and maybe FOREVER

    Wednesday: DVR: Top Chef…any incarnation. Not much else interests me that night.

    Thursday: DVR Project Runway and How To Get Away With Murder, then watching Elementary when it debuts in October.

    Friday: Hawaii Five-O and Gotham repeats.

    Saturday: Outlander…then, hopefully DiVinci’s Demons will be back!

  • Becke says:

    Okay, I’m going to sound really old as in super-geezer. However, we get up at 4:30 so we read during the workweek and only watch TV on Friday and Saturday evenings. So everything is on TV on demand.
    I thought Scorpion and Madame Secretary looked interesting.
    We watch