The Great Donut War – A Cassondra and Jeanne Food Fight

Cassondra: A really, really bad thing has happened.

Jeanne: Oh no!

Cassondra: That’s a picture of the bad thing down there on the left. See it?

Jeanne: *squints* Is that a donut shop?

Food fight dec 2014 krispy kreme bg storeCassondra: Oh, heck yeah. That’s a brand new Krispy Kreme donut shop. It opened this week in MY town.

Jeanne: Ew. Yes. That is a bad thing.

Cassondra: *takes a moment*   Wait. You’re serious?  *takes another moment* Are? You? Kidding? Me?

Jeanne: Nope. Don’t like ‘em.

Cassondra: You are my evil twin!  HOW can you not like Krispy Kreme? OMG. They’re from your home state! Wait…don’t say it. Just DON’T.

Don’t say you like cake donuts.

Jeanne: Yup! Grins. Love ‘em.Food Fight Dec 2014 Dixie Cream sign

Cassondra: Okay buddies, I think the busy season has fried my evil twin’s brain. And I can understand why.

It’s that time of year, after all.  It’s the time of year when we all get so harried and rushed that we’ll break rules. Rules like “I don’t eat that.” Not because it’s just so yummy it’s irresistible—though that may well be the case—but because we’re too darn busy to fix real food. It’s cuz of all those relatives visiting.

Jeanne: All those presents to buy.

Cassondra: All those presents to WRAP.

Jeanne: The house to clean.

Cassondra: The fridge to stock. The meals to plan.

Jeanne: And the travel. Don’t forget the travel. Up early and on the road at the crack of dawn.

Cassondra: What’s that? I’m not familiar with this crack-of-dawn thing.

Jeanne: Snork! Wish I wasn’t familiar with it… Anyway, it’s true. When everyone lands at your house on the holidays, what’s the fallback for breakfast?

Cassondra: Donuts.

Jeanne: Yep. A great big box of ‘em. Who can resist a donut?

Cassondra: I can. If they’re cake donuts. Or if they have gross filling.

Jeanne: *heavy sigh*Food Fight 2014 box of glazed donuts

Cassondra: Hey. Sue me. I like plain, old-fashioned glazed donuts.  YEAST donuts.  Hot and fresh out of the oven. *closes eyes, imagines yeasty, sugary donut smell* See that box over there on the right?   You bring me THAT at your theoretical crack of dawn, all hot and yeasty-yummy from the oven, and I might become familiar with the concept of morning.

Jeanne:  *looks skeptical* Seriously? All that fat and sugar just dripping off of that round, air-filled fluff of a thing? Where’s the substance? Where’s the OOMPH! That’s what can get you going in the morning. I mean, really, if you haven’t got time for the serious eggs, grits, bacon, biscfood fight dec 2014 apple fritteruit breakfast, this at least has heft to it!

Cassondra: Blech. Heft like an anchor. If I’m going to eat cake, I’ll eat real CAKE. Leftover homemade. German chocolate or red velvet with homemade icing. Not some thick, smarmy, heavy thing that’s been coated and deep fried.

Jeanne: You NEVER buy cake donuts?

Cassondra: Not for me. I have to buy apple fritters sometimes for Steve. And he likes those disgusting French fight dec 2014 cruller

I mean, really. French Cruller? Sounds like a fishing vessel.

Jeanne: Snork! LMAO

Cassondra: See that box down on the left? The one with the cake donuts? I could have missed all three meals in one day, and that would still gross me out. What is that pink thing anyway?

Food Fight dec 2014 box of disgustingJeanne: That’s a donut. With strawberry icing.

Cassondra: Can somebody open a window? I need air. Or maybe alcohol. Or both.

Jeanne: *fans Cassondra*   Oh, come on.

Cassondra: I like my donuts to have YEAST in them. It’s fried bread, okay? It’s slurpy good. Simple. Yeasty fried bread with simple sugar glaze on it.

Jeanne: Cake is bread.

Cassondra: See that photo down there on the right—the one of the Boston Crème donut in the box? There’s a reason that’s the last donut in the box! Not only does it have icky icing, but it has Food Fight dec 2014 LONELY boston creamdisgusting gooey…filling…stuff. Ew.

Jeanne: Okay, okay.  I don’t care for the fillings either, but don’t talk about the filled donuts in front of my oldest son. He loves those.

Cassondra: He’s a teenage boy. Need I say more?

Jeanne: Nope.  He can eat his weight in donuts, no matter what kind, but really likes those icky filled ones.

Cassondra: I feel faint.  The gladiators might have to resuscitate me.

Jeanne: *Grins* Yeah, nothing like a good gladiator for resuscitation!  And you’ll probably need a second go at it when I tell you that my husband likes the Boston Cremes, and will fight my son for them. Do you think it’s because his family is originally from Boston?

Cassondra: *rFood Fight 2014 plain glazed donutolls eyes and tries to ignore the cake donuts*  Maybe.  It just proves, once again, that men will eat virtually anything.

Jeanne: As a caveat, I have to say that my younger son, like you and I, eschews (so to speak) anything with filling unless it’s a corn dog.

Cassondra: That’s a different food fight – things on sticks. Let’s–*grin*–stick–to the point here. Glazed donuts are the only REAL donuts.

I mean, c’mon, Buddies and Banditas, look at that yummy goodness over there on the left.  It’s a glazed YEAST donut.  The ooooonly donut.  Don’t you agree?

Jeanne: *Scoffing* I beg to differ, oh, my evil twin. CAKE donuts are the original. Like those on the right.Food Fight dec 2014 plain cake donut

Cassondra:  Blech! But just so we can preserve our evil twin status on SOMETHING, I know you agree that none of this gooey-center glop should grace the box, especially if you have company.

Jeanne: Absolutely.  But….What do YOU think, Banditas and Buddies?

Cake donuts? Yeast donuts?

Plain or covered in anything?

And please, really, tell us you don’t eat those filled things?

Food fight dec 2014 christmas starCassondra: Or if you do like the filling, what kind?

And French crullers? Apple fritters? Bear claws?

*Cassondra hesitates*  What the heck is the point of making a pastry with toes, anyway? 

Cassondra: OMG! Look at that red blob on the left!  What the heck is THAT?

Jeanne:  That’s a star-shaped Christmas donut.

Cassondra:  Is it alive?  OMG!  Buddies, run! Run for your lives!

Jeanne: *facepalms* Okay, in honor of the 12 days of Bandita Christmas, we’re giving away goodies!  I’m giving away a Washington, DC, Starbucks mug and a $10 Starbucks card so you can have coffee with your Christmas Donuts.

Cassondra: And on top of that, I have a HUGE box of books. I’m going to do a grab bag. I’ll reach in and grab two random novels plus one piece of fun swag from my leftover box of conference swag, and I’ll ship it all to you if you’re in the continental US.

Tell us, Bandits and Buddies…how do you like your donuts?

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  • Deanna says:

    Oh, I love donuts but Ithink my favorites are either the plain cinnoman sugar ones or the custard filled ones, or even the cream filled ones. those are nice too. 🙂

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Morning, Deanna! WOOT!! You got the rooster! Grins. He loves donuts of all kinds.

      And a vote for the creme filled….Cassondra, I see it’s going to be a rough day for us on the creme filled.

      And she likes CAKE donuts! BWAHAHAHAH!!!

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      OH, dear. This food fight is not starting out in the right direction. Except for you, Deanna, have the rooster so he can’t get to MY yeast donuts. :0)

  • Jane says:

    I love cake and yeast donuts. Custard and Boston Cremes are my favorites. I also like glazed and even French crullers. French crullers are so light and airy. I don’t really care for jelly donuts unless it’s raspberry.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Oh, man, Jane, riding the fence of liking BOTH! Grins. I thought I was going to take an early lead with the Cake donuts here. Grins.

      And you and my son and hubby like those Boston cremes. I don’t get that one….

      As to Jelly Donuts, I’m not a fan, but if it’s the last kind in the box and I’m hungry, it has to be strawberry or rasberry for me to eat it. :>

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Yay Jane!

      It’s a vote for each of us. Hey, at least I won’t go down in flames, even if I’m probably destined to lose this food fight.

      Man, I want a donut so bad. I’m starving.

  • Helen says:


    I have to say I love them all 🙂 came and yeast filled and unfillrped I especially love custard or cream and jam filled donuts and we have pineapple donuts over here that are yummy. Krispy Kremes opened here in Oz about 5 years orso ago and we have one fairly close to us and I do love them but they are expensive so we don’t have them much but they do make great coffee 🙂

    Have Fun

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Afternoon, Helen! (Morning for us!) Oh, my. Another vote for FILLED donuts! Yikers! I see Cassondra and I are going to have to deal with this phenomenon. Grins.

      And you and Jane are fence sitting, liking them all. Hahaha!!

      I didn’t realize Krispy Kreme had expanded outside the US borders. That’s great! They’re expensive here too – compared to the grocery store brand or Dunkin Donuts – but probably not as dear as they are for y’all.

      Tell me about this pineapple donut? My youngest loves anything pineapple!

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Wow, another vote for both! Well, we both get a point.

      But the fillings….I just don’t get that part.

      Pineapple donuts? Yes, I agree with Jeanne. Tell us about those!

  • Amy Conley says:

    Kispy Kreme YEAST donuts, bought when the light is on, nothing better. Ask my hubby, oh he of four heart attacks, he still can’keep away.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Oh, c’mon now….Cassondra! Amy’s in your camp! Snork. I love the whole thing about the light being on. For those who don’t have a Krispy Kreme, they have a “HOT AND FRESH” sign that they light up when fresh, hot donuts are rolling off the sugar dipper and into the boxes.

      Drivers swerve across lanes, cut off traffic, and run red lights to get in line to get FRESH and HOT when the sign goes on. grins.

      (Snorking too, about your hubby. Somethings are worth the risk…but a glazed? Not so sure…)

      • Cassondra Murray says:

        Oh Lord. Traffic is bad enough on that road where our new Krispy Kreme is located. And how long do they STAY hot and fresh? I’m guessing you have to be first to get them while they’re awesome.

        • Jeanne Adams says:

          Its true, Cassondra. People will go in and have a cup of coffee and WAIT for the sign to go on. Or keep circling the drive through (ours has a drive through) until the HOT AND FRESH sign goes on.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Ha! I got a vote! I got a real vote JUST for Yeast donuts! YAAAAAAY!

      Ahem. Yeah, I’d begun to think I was all alone. Except that all those donut shops can’t survive with just one customer, since I hardly ever buy them.

      So there have to be more of us out there.

      • Amy Conley says:

        Snork! and yes Cassandra they do circle the parking lot or sitting there drinking coffee it’s a hot and fresh light comes on but it’s interesting cuz you get to watch a make the donuts dipped in sugar out if you can pull the first one off the rack so good.

  • fedora says:

    I definitely prefer yeast donuts–there’s something so magically delicious about that fried, fluffy goodness 😉 In times of desperation, I may turn to cake options, but in general, at the point, I’d just prefer cake 🙂 Mmm… donuts…

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      EEK!! Another Glazed fan!! Say it isn’t so!!

      Heehee. While I’m fond of cake-cake – and OH! I had THE BEST German Chocolate for my birthday last week!!! And pumpkin roll too! – I like my donuts substantial. They have substance.

      What is this light fluffiness? This airy costliness? Magically delicious???

      Sigh. One for you Cassondra!

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Yipee! I am not alone in the world! It’s Me, Amy, and Fedora! I am in good company *looks smug*

  • Shannon says:

    I love donuts in all kinds. Cake, yeast, diversity is good. My favorites in no particular order are blueberry cake, maple frosted, and the summer ones that a major donut store had two summers ago–lemonade and limeade pudding filled stars. I’d OD’d on cupcakes in the last two days, so on with the donuts and cookies.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      How can you OD on cupcakes? Cupcakes are yummy goodness personified in a small package. Grins. (Yes, I know how easily one can have toooooo many! Hahah!)

      And a lover of all. Very inclusive. Sigh. No points for me and my cake donuts. *brightens* but you DO like them! Yay!!

      Since I’m not big on filling (understatement) I’m not sure I could get behind lemon-and/or-limeade pudding filled. But my boys would adore them!!

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Shannon, if there must be filling, a lemon-type filling is the only kind I can manage to eat. It’s tart enough that it cuts the icky-sweet sugar-slime-ish-ness and makes it sort of interesting.

      Oh or cream cheese. But nobody puts real cream cheese in a donut.

  • Mozette says:

    Okay, here’s the thing: I love donuts. They’re lovely, spongy, sweet and sugary delightful things…

    … my guts don’t. I get cramps, bloating and gas in the worse way… 🙁

    *starts crying in the corner* why me God?

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Oh, that IS a total bummer. I’m that way about a couple of foods I really love.

      Sigh. But I’d rather feel good and have a happy body.

      Still. It ain’t no fun.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Awww, Mozette–that’s rotten.

      No worries. We’ll have another food fight tomorrow. *grin*

  • I am not going to make either one of you happy. I love the yeast donuts. Hot Krispy Kreme glazed donuts are, like, a gift of Providence. Cake donuts are just…why?

    BUT I like mine chocolate-glazed and really love the custard-filled, chocolate-covered ones. Even though a single one is probably my entire calorie allotment for the day, not to mention the fat grams.

    When my college basketball team played in the old Charlotte Coliseum, some of us in the pep band would stop at Krispy Kreme at the corner of Hawthorne and Independence (which is no longer at that location, alas) before heading back to campus.

    The year the boy was in 4th grade, he didn’t want a cake at school for his birthday. Instead, he wanted Krispy Kreme glazed donuts for the class. They were a huge hit.

    There’s a Dunkin’ Donuts not far from my house, and although wonderful smells come from it, I go there only because it’s also a Baskin Robbins.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Harrrrumph!!! A gift of Providence indeed! Harrumph, I say!!

      And Cake donuts are their own raison d’etre. Slurp!!

      Icing is good, but filling? Really, Nancy? grins.

      Had to LOL on the boy wanting the KK for birthday. A lot of kids in the schools these days have picked up that trend. Of course, this year, they stopped allowing birthday celebrations in the classroom. Sigh. The kids get a happy birthday pencil instead. *frowns, feels sad* Kinda Scrooge-like, if you ask me. (As in Scrooge, prior to the whole ghost-transformation-thing)

      We used to get KK during exams. Maybe I just had too many of them. grins.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Ha! I can ignore the whole disgusting-chocolate-glazed thing and focus on the bottom line. A vote for YEAST donuts!

      And I could stretch that and count the boy and all his classmates, but that might be taking it too far. *grin*

  • Sally Schmidt says:

    Cake cake cake! Family loves Krispy Kreme. By the time I’ve finished half of my free donut while waiting in line I wonder why I took the first bite – sits VERY heavy ;-(. My mom had a little donut maker (cake of course) and when she lived with us she and my then 9-year old son used to make donuts together.

    Hungry now……

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      HURRAH!!! Someone who likes Cake donuts! WOOT!!! (I’m going to ignore the part about sitting heavy, or presume that’s the glazed you were forced to partake of whilst waiting for the family order!)

      And how fun that your mom and son used to make them together. That’s a great memory!!

      I’m hugry too. Considering going to Dunkin Donuts and getting a CAKE DONUT. Maybe I’ll bring Cassondra one, and some hot, strong coffee – plain! – in which to dip it. Snork!

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Awwww, Sally. I don’t blame you. It’s those fond memories of your little boy and mom with the donut maker–I understand how that’s swaying you to the cake donut side.

  • Debbie Oxier says:

    Sorry but I HATE KRISPY KREME DONUTS!!! I love cake donuts, preferably with chocolate icing and sprinkles! Occasionally I mix things up and have a jelly Bismarck.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      CAKE!!! A vote for CAKE!!! See that Cassondra? Another disliker of KK!! Snork!!

      Okay…I think I know what a Bismark is…the long chocolate topped, creme filled?

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Ah shoot. A vote for Cake donuts. Yuck.

      Debbie, we will just have to have our donuts from different boxes. Alas, it is destined.

  • Lois M. says:

    Well, I go for both – I mean, it is a donut, therefore, I will eat it. LOL But I had to think for a moment as to which one I preferred, given I never thought about it or anything… and sorry, I do believe I prefer the cake ones. And totally will go for filled ones – my preference is custard, but will have jelly.


    • Jeanne Adams says:

      WOOHOOO!!! I’m catching up! Thanks, Lois! Odd that you’d not thought about which you preferred. Grins. Glad to provoke thought. Had to LOL though about “Its a donut there fore I will eat it” line. Heehee!!!

      And since you like Cake donuts, I’ll give you a pass on the jelly filled bit…Grins.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Well, see, this is how I thought it would go. But now Jeanne is starting to gloat. Hey, Duchesse! Maybe we could take off half a point for liking the filled stuff???

      No? I didn’t think so. *sigh*

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      OH, yes. Meant to say…that line…”It is a donut, therefore I will eat it.” That’s epic.

    • Lois M. says:

      About that line… well, thank you. Same goes for most cookies, and chocolate as well. 🙂


  • Okay, I confess. I like both.

    I think it comes from working nights. Any kind of food brought in at 7 am, Krispy Kremes, sourcream cake donuts, Kalachis (sp?)…yep, I love them all!

    Equal opportunity donut offender here!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Snork! I have a friend who works shift at the local hospital where my boys were both born. She says that if there’s food at 7 am, anywhere, any kind, virtually any source, the night shift WILL eat it. Grins.

      And another fence sitter. Sigh. Likin’ both. LOL about equal opportunity.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Suz, Steve works in Nuc Med, and when he’s on call at night, he’s learned to not leave any food in the fridge or on the break room table. But it’s not the radiology nurses. It’s the freaking DOCTORS!–The cardiologists who come in to look at the heart studies in the middle of the night. They steal food.

      • Yep, notorious food thieves…DOCTORS!

        However, they do tend to bring in donuts on a regular basis! LOL, had one Dr. miss delivering a baby, because she thought she had time to stop and pick up Dunkin’ Donuts for the night shift nurses!

  • pjpuppymom says:

    I love hot from the oven Krispy Kreme glazed donuts! I could probably eat the whole box. I’d regret it afterward but oh, the joy. 🙂

    My donut eating habits are actually tied to the time of day and what I’m doing. First thing in the morning? Has to be a plain cake donut. Too much sugar early in the morning gives me a dreadful headache.

    Road trip? It’s an apple fritter from QT (my favorite place to buy gas!).

    Late night post-concert/play/dance competition treat? Hot glazed from Krispy Kreme. (fortunately for my body, I don’t live close to one) 😉

    I like Bavarian Creme filled and Boston Creme filled but I prefer them in a plain (no chocolate topping) or powdered sugar dusted donut.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Ah, PJ! I should have known you’d be a donut connoisseur. Grins. And perhaps you’ve hit on why I like cake better than glazed. I tend to get a whopper of a headache if I eat too much sugar early in the day. Cake donut? No worries. glazed? headache city. Grins.

      Had to LOL about the prioritizing of donut selection and subsequent dispatch. Grins. Nothing like a late night run to the KK, right?

      • Cassondra Murray says:

        I think it must be the form the sugar comes in. Cuz there’s just as much on/in the cake donuts. It’s just in the filling instead of the glaze. So it’s the pure shot of sugar straight to the blood you can’t take. You need to digest it in cake-carb form first. Hmmmmm.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      PJ, so glad you like the Krispy Kremes. I actually prefer good old fashioned Dixie Cream Donuts (thus the logo included in the blog) but ours has been sold to an Asian company called Best Donut, and…well…it’s not the best donut. Nope. It’s not.

  • Hey, if I don’t have to make it, and I don’t have to go out of my way to get it, I’ll eat whatever is available and enjoy it. 🙂 Actually I like both kinds of donuts, and I love French crullers (Sorry, Cassondra). I love Bavarian Creme or Boston Creme donuts, but I hate those jelly filled things – nasty :(. For a road trip, give me an egg McMuffin and hash browns. But afterwards, crack open the box of donuts.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      *sigh* Another fence-sitter. Gosh, it seems the goodness of donuts brings peace.

      Hmmmm. Maybe we could use that as a military strategy. I’ll have to think about that.

      Donna, I’m like you in that I want some kind of protein first thing in the morning if I’m going to last all day. I get a sugar crash from the donut thing, but I love them. OH, man, I love them. Hot and soft.

      • Jeanne Adams says:

        Maybe we could lob them into remote villages in Afghanistan. Or drop them in – HOT AND FRESH – by special KK planes or Amazon drones. Grins.

        Peace would descend upon the land. AhhhhH!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Donna, I’m so with you. Egg-a-muffin or bacon egg and cheese. Yep. THEN donuts. Ha!

      But another all-appreciating-donut-person. Hmmm.

      • Rick Brennan says:

        Did you just say Egg-a-muffin? Are you by any chance familiar with the old skit by Christopher Guest and Bill Murray? That’s the first time I ever heard it, and I busted a gut laughing. LOL

        • Jeanne Adams says:

          OMGosh, that’s hysterical! I’d not seen it. I forget where I picked up the habit of calling them egg-a-muffins. Grins. Probably from someone who saw that!

  • Jacqui Sue-Ping says:

    I love both cake and yeast donuts, however I do not like Krispy Kreme! Dunno what the fuss is about. Then again, I am a Tim Horton’s gal where you can get both kinds!

    Oh and a bit of trivia…here in Canada the French Crueller (which I love) are now called Honey Cruellers 🙂

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Jacqui, I don’t know what it is about the different batter for the French thingies–Crueller? Did I spell it wrong?

      Anyway–there’s something different about that batter, and I don’t like the flavor at all. But my husband, Steve, LOVES them. He says it’s because they taste like eggs to him, and I really don’t much like eggs. So maybe that’s it.

      Still sounds like a fishing vessel though. *sniffs*

      • Jeanne Adams says:

        *snorking* I’m right there with you on THAT, my evil twin. It DOES sound like a fishing vessel. “The good ship French Cruller” or “In other news today a French Cruller Class sub was grounded…”

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Jacqui! Another Cruller lover! Wow. I had no idea the things were so popular. :> And had to LOL about the local place that offers both. I like that.

      As Cassondra said, maybe it’s a peacemaker.

  • EC Spurlock says:

    I am the only person in our office who will not eat a donut. Our tech manager buys them for the office every Friday and I always turn them down. It doesn’t matter what kind they are, they are just always too heavy and rich for me. The only kind I will eat are the special cider donuts made by our favorite orchard, which are somehow lighter and not as greasy and just dusted with cinnamon sugar instead of that hard sugar glaze. Although once in a while I will indulge in one of the specialty Krispy Kremes with the seasonal fillings, like the pumpkin cheesecake. (NOT jelly donuts – those are the worst!)

    On the other hand, son#2 is ecstatic that a brand new Krispy Kreme is opening right on his usual bus route, so he can stop and grab breakfast on the way to class. Like you said, guys will eat anything…

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      CIDER donuts, EC? Wow, now that’s a new one for me.

      I will confess to you that those little packages of miniature powdered sugar donuts from the grocery store? I used to eat the heck out of those. Shhhh. Don’t tell Jeanne.

      Now I can’t take the overwhelming sweet. The yeast donuts, to me, are not as sweet. You get the sweet glaze, but underneath there is the yeast flavor.

      And yes, guys–especially young ones–will eat anything.

      • EC Spurlock says:

        I think you are in my neck of the woods, Cassondra? If so, make a pilgrimage up to Mercier’s Orchard in Blue Ridge. They have fantastic cider donuts. Panorama Orchards in Ellijay also make some great ones, but I go there mostly for the apple pie fudge and the smoky bacon spaghetti sauce. 😉

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Oooh! Cider donuts! What a treat those must be! That’s a mouthwatering taste.

      LOL about the KK opening on the bus route. Yes, young, growing men will eat anything, and ask for seconds. Grins.

      And Cassondra…I HEARD THAT!!! Hahah!! Litlle powdered sugar CAKE donuts!! I heard it!!

  • Rick Brennan says:

    As a lurker, I feel I must come to my friends, defense. Yeast…all the way. Light fluffy goodness with a sugar glaze, or perhaps some icing. Perhaps with sprinkles if we’re feeling saucy.

    Heavy donuts or fillings, not thank you, I will leave those to the donut junkies like police, video game players and computer coders on a binge. Well actually, OK, as a pilot with little standards when I’m starved, I’ll eat a cake donut….but only in a pinch…and if it’s free. Yeah, definitely if it’s free, but noooo fillings!

    • Rick Brennan says:

      Sadly I have apparently lost my ability to spell properly this morning. Low blood sugar MUST be the cause. Hmmmm, what cold I possibly eat to alleviate my terrible condition?

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Haha! I love it that you love YEAST donuts, my friend! *high fives* but I completely understand how the combination of free and starving could lead you to the dark side.

      Carry on, Yeast Donut lover! Carry on!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Yes, but how can you fly on that sugar high??? Grins. And hey, free is good for ANY food. Heehee.

      I’ll have to cede this one to you, Cassondra. If he’ll come out of lurk mode to declare for yeasty glazed donuts, he’s unconvertable.


  • Ladies, ladies, can’t we all get along? I love ALL donuts alike! And, er, I think it shows. Hmm. 🙂

    My favorite donut shop of all time is Top Pot in the Seattle area. What a heavenly place that is. There’s something for everyone’s taste. Cruellers and buttermilk and glazed and custard-filled and cakey. And all made fresh and they’re BIG and orgasmic! Forget Disneyland. Top Pot is the happiest place on earth.

    I love Krispy Kreme, too, but I do have one problem with them. Their donuts are too darn small. 🙂

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Kate, I hear you. But I must persevere in the fight for Yeast Donut superiority!

      And gosh, now I want to go to that donut shop!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      If I promise to get along can I go to that place? Grins. Since they serve both, it MUST be the happiest place on Earth! Grins.

      And oh, wow, buttermilk dounuts. Wow. Must find somewhere here in DC that makes those so I can try them…

  • Joan V. says:

    I do like Krispy Kremes, especially straight out of the oven/fryer. But my favorite is cake donuts with cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on them.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Ah, JoanV, alas, we must fall on opposite sides of this sugary-good war, though I do appreciate your reaching out with the olive branch of liking Krispy Kremes. At least some things we can all have in common.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      WOOT!! WTG, Joan V!! Cake, cake, cake!! Grins.

      And I too appreciate the olive branch of meeting in the middle at Krispy Kreme. Grins.

  • anne says:

    Donuts are always a treat especially in the a.m. I prefer yeast type since I am old school. No goo.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Ha! *fist pump* A Yeast Donut lover! Yes! Come over here to this side of the room, Anne. Sven has laid out a gorgeous spread of plain glazed yeasty good warm donuts for us. We’ll chat over that and a glass of nice milk or coffee.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      *pouts* I have coffee on MY side of the room too, you know. Sven made it too. Grins.

      I’m going to take the high road and ignore that you like glazed and say WOOT on “no goo.”


  • Kim says:

    I like donuts, but I prefer glazed, fry cakes or custard filled ones. BTW, around here, cider donuts are fry cakes.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Hmmmm….you like filled donuts, I see. But I *think* I can count that as a glazed win, right? Yeasty glazed donuts?

      But fry cakes? I know nothing of these. I know about Cherokee fry bread *slurp* and funnel cakes (also slurp) but never heard of a cider fry cake!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Okay, I too am ignoring the whole “filled” love-fest today. Grins.

      And cider donuts, whatever they’re called, sound like heaven in circular form.

  • Elaina says:

    Donuts are a rarity but I will not refuse one ever. I love a lemon or custard filled donut the best of all.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Hmmmm…this seems to be a fence-straddling issue. ;0)

      I’m guessing neither of us gets to claim you for her side, given that you like them all.

      If I had to force down a filled donut, it would be a lemon one.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Okay, Elaine, I’m guessing this is like the epic line of “it’s a donut, I’m eating it” Grins.

      And what is it with the filling today, Cassondra? Eeek! We’re surrounded!!

  • catslady says:

    I try to stay away from donuts but they are my favorite. Boston creams are a favorite and bear claws. Probably the only donut that I won’t eat is coconut on top – don’t care for the texture of shredded coconut.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Catslady, I love coconut, even the shredded kind, but on a donut? No. Nope. No way. That’s just wrong.

      And you know, it’s the chocolate on top of the Boston Cremes that grosses me out, even more than the filling!

      Can you explain the popularity of bear claws? I have never understood that pastry. A donut with toes. I don’t get it.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Much as I love German Chocolate Cake, I don’t get shredded coconut on donuts. Nope. That would not be on my list of “good to eat.”

      And I too would love to know the allure of Bear Claws….

  • ellie says:

    Where I used to live the donuts were fantastic and the best choice, a famous and known chain, well loved and popular with coffee and an array to die for. Where I am now poorer choice and I would love to indulge. If someone brought over a bag filled with freshly baked donuts I would salivate and enjoy.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      OH, I’m sorry you don’t have a ready supply of fabulous donuts near you!

      And when I have been short of money, I thought of it as a fabulous indulgence to go in and get Just. One. Donut. *slurp*

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Oh, Ellie, what a bummer to have a dearth of donuts! Grins.

  • pearl says:

    What a special treat which I avoid but crave, especially creams and a genuine chocolate glazed. Yum.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Pearl, surely you jest! Creams and chocolate glazed?

      Jeanne will be all over that–the chocolate glazed thing.

      The cream filled? That’s not for either of us, but you’re still welcome at our donut table. ;0)

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Totally welcome, of course, even with Boston Creme in hand. I’ve learned tolerance now that both hubby and Eldest eat the things. *Sigh*

      And hey, SCORE! that you like cake and chocolate covered!!

  • Hellion says:

    I can eat with Cassondra. Which I’ve known for several many posts now that Cassondra and I are SOUL TWINS.

    Yeast, lightly glazed donuts are the only acceptable kind. (Krispy Kreme is AWESOME. Seriously how can you not love those donuts?)

    Cake donuts are disgusting (though I will do powdered donuts in a pinch, if I’m truly desperate or wanting to eat junk)–and jelly filled…EWWWWWWW. Just ewww.

    Yeast donuts though…you need to savor those. Sigh. Thank the Donut Gods for Yeasty Fried Bread.

    And not a fan of bear claws, et al, or the other weird ass things they do to perfectly good pastry. I do like me an occasional eclair which does have pastry cream in it–so Cassondra might think I’m a bit odd there, but otherwise, I think we could raid the local Krispy Kreme together.

    Sorry, Jeanne!

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Hellion, I think our record stands, doesn’t it? You’ve fallen on my side of nearly every food fight so far! Maybe we were born with the same body chemistry or something. I think Jeanne will win this one though. I haven’t counted, but most people like either both, or choose cake donuts. Only a few of us like the yeast better.

      And for the record, in MY world, eclairs are not donuts. That flaky, puff-pastry crust made with Choux pastry–I think of that as being totally different. I don’t love eclairs, but if they’re homemade and the filling is good, I can chow down on one of those now and then. Never my first choice though. I like cream cheese danishes because–hey–cream cheese! But I don’t consider them donuts either. Hmmmm…perhaps I need to more clearly categorize my fried bread cravings.

      • Hellion says:

        That’s true, eclairs are actually steam-baked in the oven and not fried, so they are different. Though it’s rare people bother with those and they lazily stuff cream in a yeast donut and call it the same. I will eat that, but not nearly as often as a regular good yeast donut.

        I don’t mind being in the minority. People who are right frequently are. *LOL*

      • Jeanne Adams says:

        We could blog about that…we could. I ADORE cheese danish. NOT, mind you, the “industrial danish” that come in dried, crusty fak-o round shapes with either cheese or some kind of alternative universe-jam-substitute in them. Nay, those are NOT danish, I declare unto you.

        However, a REAL cheese danish? OMGosh. Heaven. That’s a “What a Friend we have in Cheeses” moment.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Alas! Alack! I’m not with you on this one, Hellion. Grins. I’m begining to wonder, however, if my KK aversion is a too-much-sugar-in-the-morning thing. Grins.

      And I’m with Cassondra on the Eclairs. I’m not really sure they qualify as “donuts”

  • bn100 says:

    covered in chocolate

  • Joan Kayse says:

    Thanks a LOT girls…It’s 5 pm and now I’m CRAVING DONUTS!

    I’m a fence straddle. On the yeast side, chocolate iced, round or Long John NO FILLING ugh…On the cake side, Dunkin’ Donuts Chocolate Honey Glazed.

    Now I have to go eat toast cause that’s all I’ve got :9

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Sorry Joan! I’ve been craving sweets all day, thanks to this post. Grins. And there’s this Twitter site @Foodporntho that I follow? Oh, lordy-dee, they had this donut? OMGosh….

      Yeah. Hungrrrrrreeeeeey!!!

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Ah, Joanie…I had to drive by Krispy Kreme today on my way into town. And I did.
      I drove right by.

      I think I deserve some kind of award for that.

  • Becke says:

    This was too funny. Aren’t you thankful you live in the US where you can publish your favorite donut? I mean really. Imagine being imprisoned if you ate the wrong kind?

    I used to love donuts–usually yeast. However, now they effect me like dogfood–they blow up inside me and make me feel wretched.

    I also loved the little baby cake donuts you could buy at the fair. And yes, I could consume the entire bag!

    Now, I think it’s probably a good thing I can’t tolerate them.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Ah, a vote for Cassondra’s yeasty, glazeds! Grins.

      I’m grateful in a way that I can’t access the cake ones that easily. They’re very popular and usually are long gone if I actually bestir myself to go to the Dunkin Donuts. Grins.

      Long live the Donut!! (And yes, I’m TOTALLY grateful to live in the Land of Free Speech!)

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Becke, I don’t even want to think about not being able to blog about donuts. I bleed red white and blue and would stand in the gap and fight for my right to do so.

      And to eat glazed donuts, and not be forced to eat cake donuts.

      Thank God I grew up in the land of glazed. *hand over heart*

  • Cathy P says:

    After reading this, I am craving donuts. Give me a chocolate long john or a chocolate cake with nuts on top, please.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hahah! All part of our cunning plan to increase the dividends of our stock in donut companies….bwahahaha!….just kidding. Grins. Cassondra and I just like to argue about food. Ha!

      Okay…I’ll also take the bait….what’s a long john?

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      *heavy sigh* You get this one Jeanne. She clearly said chocolate “cake”

      But what’s a Long John?

      We sleep in those down here in the country.

  • Great! You two are talking about Krispy Kreme and the nearest one is TWENTY-FIVE miles away! Shame on you!!

    Of course we do donuts at Walmart, but they are NOT Krispy Kreme!

    I love all kinds of donuts. Absolute favorite? Yeast ring with chocolate icing! Right after the light goes on!

    I do not like the Boston filled, but I love the white creme filled donuts. Raspberry filled donuts are great as well. We do raspberry filled with chocolate icing. Yum!

    However, I do like vanilla cake donuts with a hot cup of tea to dunk them in.

    The only thing I do NOT like about donuts is if my donut person doesn’t show up in the morning. That means my boss is going to call me at the butt crack of dawn and ask me to come in early. Me! The person who, given the choice, would not rise before 10 AM ! And my crew HATES it when I am called to work before 7 AM because I am NOT a pleasant person when I have to come in early. Not. Pretty!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Ah Louisa, you are our sister, both mine and Cassondra’s, as we too are NOT fans of “morning.”

      Sorry about the Krispy Kreme distance. I’d give you mine but…yeah. And I’ve actually had a fairly good donut or two from Walmart. Cake donuts, btw, Cassondra. :>

      I would, however, despise being the one who got up and MADE them. :>

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Oh, Lord.

      I would not survive in that job, Louisa. I’d be better off to be the night person who made the donuts last thing before I left in the morning!

      And it appears you like both cake donuts AND filling…which makes you on Jeanne’s side of the donut war. But I love you anyway. *smooch*

  • Pissenlit says:

    ARGH!! I totally want donuts now!! I like donuts. Most kinds of donuts, really. But not Krispy Kreme donuts. They gross me out.

    I love both but I’ll eat yeast donuts before cake donuts because I find cake donuts a bit on the heavy side.

    Donuts covered in anything and everything! Or plain if all the others are gone.

    I love filling!! Boston Cream! Maple Filled! JELLY DONUTS!!! Omnomnomnomnom!

    I love apple fritters!! I find french crullers kinda tasty but they weird me out a little. I’ve heard of bear claws but I haven’t a clue what they are.

    That red blob scares me.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Snork! That red blob scares everyone, apparently, except my 14 year old son who will eat anything not nailed down. He’ll also eat anything remotly akin to donuts. This, since it was purchased AT Dunkin Donuts, is supposed to BE a donut. He ate it and is still alive, so….its all good. Grins.

      *High five* over Krispy Kreme NON-love. Grins. But Pissenlit, you like glazed? And filling? Sigh….ah well. Someone has to eat them I guess.

      I’ve tried French crullers, which I persist in typing French CURLers tonight, but never liked them. Not sure if it’s taste or texture, but…yeah.

      • Pissenlit says:

        Are you SURE that’s a donut that they dunked in red stuff??

        Look at it this way, I’ll eat the donuts with the filling which will then leave more of the glazed for non-filling-lovers 😀

        Texture. Definitely the texture of the crullers. The texture is SO WEIRD!!

        • Jeanne Adams says:

          Pretty sure, Pisseenlit, but since the boy has sent it to it’s ghastly reward (he ate it), I can’t verify. Still, it looks like a mutant starfish, or the blob that ate Manhattan, doesn’t it?

          And yes, it’s the texture with the crullers. Ick!

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Pissenlit, you are wise. Wise, indeed you are, to be afraid of the red star blob.

      That’s an alien disguised as a donut. I just know it.

      As to the yeast glazed…you like yeast glazed better but you don’t like Krispy Kreme. That’s interesting. Do you have a store near you that serves glazed yeast donuts? Homemade?

  • Mike Miller says:

    Why can’t cake donuts be yeasty?

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      I supposed they could be, Mike, but they are more like cake in texture and in ingredients (flour, sugar, eggs, no yeast, etc). Glazed donuts are lighter, use yeast, and rise like a bread product, and you can actually TELL that glazed, fried bread dough donuts HAVE yeast by the smell. Grins.

      How’s that for Cooking 101 technical? Snork!!!

      And, to my horror…there are hybrids…..eeek!

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Because this would be the same as saying why can’t Darth Vader be Princess Leia.

      It is dark meets light. It is sin meets holiness.

      It is substance meets the void.

      And yeast is the light.

      Just sayin.

      • Jeanne Adams says:

        Riiiiiiiight. *rolls eyes* As if.

        I will clear my throat – ahem – and clasp my hands and joyfully sing:

        CAAAAAKKKKKKEEEEE!!! (Perfectly on key, of course)

        • Cassondra Murray says:

          What? What is that?

          Is that the sound of the Death Star locking on lasers to destroy Earth? What is that?

  • Deb says:

    Hmmm, I do like yeast donuts because they are light and airy. But, not crazy about plain glazed ones. Cake donuts are good, too. Filling is okay if the white, fluffy stuff you find in Twinkies. Crullers I can pass on.
    I make round Danish aebleskivers, made/fried in a special pan with round compartments. Pancake batter poured in half of the compartment, top with applesauce or finely chopped apples, cover with more batter. Fry a bit, turn over, fry some more, roll in granulated sugar. Kind of like a filled donut hole.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Deb! I’ve had those ableskivers! They are YUM!!! Grins. My step-mom even gave me one of the pans, but since I’d probably be the only one eating them I’ve not given it a go. My sons are not ones who want to mix fruit with their sugar intake. *rolls eyes, sighs* They don’t like fruit pies, or fruit on pancakes. They are aliens.

      To their credit they will eat virtually any fruit God made, without sauce or stewing. I can’t keep apples in my house, they eat so many of them. And as long as I don’t actually COOK the apples, we’re all good. Totally crazy.

      And I see that you, too, will give the crullers a pass. Hmmm. Taste or texture or both? And a fence sitter on the yeastvscake debate. Drat!

      • Deb says:

        Cool! Not many people know about aebleskivers. Crullers are too…crumbly? Like a coffee cake gone wrong. Yes, a fence sitter. 🙂 But, tend to go with cake donuts more often than not. Easier to dunk?

        • Jeanne Adams says:

          Omgosh, perfect description of a cruller – or curler as I keep typing – coffee cake gone wrong! LOVE IT!!!

          As they say in Moonstruck, “THANK you for answering my question!”

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Deb…Danish aebleskivers? Okay I’m one of those who has never heard of them.

      ARe you descended from that culture?
      Is it like one huge donut? Or is it a pan where you make a lot of small donut-sized ones?

      I am interested in this!

      • Deb says:

        Hey, Sharpie, I mean Cassondra. Ok, only you’ll get that remark, ha! An aebleskiver pan usually has 5 round compartments and like a deep skillet. I lugged mine, heavy as the darned thing was, all the way home from Denmark…then found one several months later in a specialty shop, go figure. My mother’s is an antique from the 1930s and heavy cast iron. My grandfather immigrated to Iowa from Denmark on 1913. 🙂

  • Kaelee says:

    Well they opened a Krispy Kreme here in Calgary a number of years ago and it failed. Most Canadians eat/like Tim Horton Donuts but now that Burger King bought them I’m not sure what will happen. My favorite donut is maple glazed with with a cream filling.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Kaelee, we had a Krispy Kreme in our town several years back, and it failed. I say it was poorly managed. There was no hot/fresh sign, and it was in a spot you couldn’t get to. Really Bad location. It’s a franchise, so yours might havefallen to bad management as well.

      I’m guessing this new one will do great. They’ve got the hot/fresh sign right out by the road.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      OH! Meant to ask–what’s Tim HOrton donuts?

      Is that a franchise?

      What kind do they make?

      • Kaelee says:

        They usually have a mix of doughnut types and muffins. They are also known for Tim Bits which are donut holes. Every month they feature something. In October it’s usually pumpkin flavored things as that is the month our Thanksgivings falls in. There is usually a strawberry month, a blueberry month and a maple syrup month.
        Their coffee is well known as well. Everyone in Canada knows what a double double is even it they don’t drink coffee.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      You’re the second to mention Tim Horton, Kaelee. I do dislike it when a big chain buys out a local favorite. Usually it does NOT make it better. The lone exception, so far, is the purchase of Baja Fresh by Wendys. They changed nothing. Just improved the “back end” or so they said. From the customer perspective, it was just as good and fresh and fast, but no corporate gimmickery. Love that.

      We’ll hope that stays true for Tim Hortons too!

      • Kaelee says:

        Tim Hortons Inc. (known internationally as Tim Hortons Cafe and Bake Shop) is a Canadian multinational fast casual restaurant known for its coffee and doughnuts. It is also Canada’s largest quick service restaurant chain; at the end of 2013, it had 4,592 restaurants in Canada, 807 in the United States, and 38 in the Persian Gulf region.It was founded in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario, by Canadian hockey player Tim Horton and Jim Charade, after an initial venture in hamburger restaurants. In 1967, Horton partnered with investor Ron Joyce, who assumed control over operations after Horton died in 1974.

        Now it’s owned by Burger King so expect it in more locations in the USA.

  • Amy Conley says:

    122 comments I don’t think any other blog has had this many comments.

  • Kimh says:

    Like glaze and yeast thanks

  • Teresa Hughes says:

    I love plain glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts! On occasion I eat Lemon filled. Yum!

    Now I want a doughnut!