The Cutest Guys of the New TV Season

Here in southern California, the average high temperature in August is 85 degrees. In September, it’s 83, and at night it gets down into the mid-sixties. We can’t exactly say “Fall is in the air.” No, here in the motion picture capital of the world, we say “Fall is on the air.” The change of seasons in sunny southern California happens on TV.

It takes a lot to tempt me away from my books. And by “a lot,” I mean “cute guys.” And if there are a lot of cute guys on the show, I’m even more tempted! Here is my take on the Top 10 TV Shows of Fall 2011, based entirely on the cute factor of the male actors on the show:

Hawaii Five-0

Alex O’Loughlin in swim trunks. ‘Nuff said.

While “researching” this article (sighhhhhhhh……), I discovered that there’s a Castle Convention in Los Angeles on November 12. They have a website and everything: Castle Convention. Alas, Nathan Fillion won’t be there!

Blue Bloods
Tom Selleck still curls my toes! This is a man who has aged very well.

Mark Harmon, another example of a man who got better with age.

Covert Affairs
A non-traditional hottie, Christopher Gorham.

White Collar
Matt Bomer. Ohhhhhh, Bomer!
I love you so much,
I want to write a poemer.

Dancing with the Stars
Who cares about the celebrities when we can watch Maksim dance? The man can moooove!

The next three shows are brand new. I haven’t seen them, but I’m tempted to watch because the cute guy factor is off the charts!

A Gifted Man
Doesn’t Patrick Wilson look a *lot* like Paul Newman? I’m a sucker for blue eyes!

David Guintoli looks man enough for the job of capturing or slaying storybook creatures.

Person of Interest
Jim Caviezel in a slick weekly thriller, produced by J.J. Abrams? I’m there!

Best show of the summer: Suits
Gabriel Macht is an honorable lawyer with a slickster veneer. Love him!

Who do you think are the hottest guys on TV today? Let’s play a game. Tell us what book you’re reading right now, and what actor you picture in the role of hero. I’m reading Maya Banks’ THE DARKEST HOUR and I picture … mmm … decisions, decisions … I picture Alex O’Loughlin in the role of the hero, Ethan. (Oh heck, I picture Alex O’Loughlin in almost everything!) Okay, your turn!