The Casanova Code

“A refined gentleman, age 25, of wealth and education, seeks the acquaintance, with a view to matrimony, of a high-minded, kind-hearted lady who prefers an evening of quiet conversation to the lively demands of society.”

Edwina Hargrove knows that this “gentleman” was, in fact, Ashton Trewelyn, a rake notorious for seducing the young and naive. In fact, five decent women have already been tricked and bundled off to the continent for scandalous purposes. There was a way to thwart his scheme though—by shadowing this devilishly handsome Casanova and warning his prey.  If only it were that simple.

The closer Edwina gets to Ashton, the more she is pulled into a web of intrigues, secret societies and coded messages.  Uncovering Ashton’s secrets arouses temptations only Ashton can satisfy.  But at what cost?  Can she gamble her reputation and secure future on an enigmatic code and a lust for adventure?