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Bouchercon Mystery Conference

A High-End Finish by Kate CarlisleEarlier this month, I attended Bouchercon – Murder at the Beach, a conference for mystery writers and readers to mingle and plot murder.

Of the fictional variety, of course.

As far as I know.

The conference was especially exciting because the night before it started, I found out that my latest book, A HIGH-END FINISH, had debuted on the New York Times mass market paperback bestsellers list at #9! And my good friend Jenn McKinlay’s book debuted at #8, so we were bestselling besties all weekend. Jenn suggested we get tattoos to commemorate the occasion. As you can see, Edgar Allan Poe disapproved. He’s surprisingly judgmental.

Kate Carlisle and Jenn McKinlay with fake tattoos

Having written both mysteries and romances, I’ve attended conferences for both genres, and once again, I was struck by the differences between them. Such as:

The conference theme

Bouchercon was Murder at the Beach. If it had been a romance conference, it would’ve been something like Love at the Beach or Love in the Afternoon or Let’s Roll in the Sand.

Bouchercon 2014 program cover

The pitch of the conference buzz

Romance conferences are attended almost entirely by women, but mystery conferences are more evenly split, which means that the buzz of conversation has a much lower pitch.

Books in the book room

It was fun to see so many of my books in the book room! It was interesting, skimming all the mystery titles in there. The cozy mysteries, such as the books I write, all have great titles based on the theme of the series. Romance titles are often clever, too, but here’s the difference—I didn’t see a single Duke in the book room at Bouchercon. (Hmm… wouldn’t that be a great mystery series, following a Duke detective through Victorian England?)

Bouchercon Book Room

Workshop topics

I got to see a very cool cadaver dog demo. There were workshops on murder methods and investigation techniques and forensics. Come to think of it, I could imagine all of those workshops taking place at a romance conference, too. One of the things I love best about romance novels is that they embrace every other book genre. There’s a romance for everyone!

I was the moderator of a panel on culinary mysteries. Such fun! Here’s a selfie I took, and then another picture of the exact same moment, taken by Dru Ann of Dru’s Book Musing, who was in the audience. Just goes to show… everything is a matter of perspective!

Mystery author selfie


Mystery author selfie

All in all, it was a great time! The best thing that romance and mystery conferences have in common is the chance to see my writer friends and to meet readers. That, and the fact that after a hectic few days, I get to hole up at home again and dive back into my story.

I always learn something at conferences like this. Have you ever been to a big conference of any sort? What did you learn that you still think about today?

By the way, during the month of December, I’m going to give away a paperback every day. Sign up for my mailing list at so you don’t miss out on 31 chances to win!

Launch Party and Giveaway…

Here in the Lair, launch parties are usually for book releases, but today we’re celebrating the launch of my fabulous new website design! And to add to the party atmosphere, I’m giving away an autographed copy of THE BOOK STOPS HERE.

Whoop! Whoop!

An author’s website is a Very Big Deal. is my home on the web. It must accurately represent me and my books. Every word, every image, every color sends a message to readers, whether they realize it or not. And so my goal is to make sure that the message is true, that the expectation my website sets is the expectation that will be fulfilled when a reader tries one of my books for the first time.

It was complicated before because I write both mystery and romance, but now it’s even mooore complicated because with November’s release of A HIGH-END FINISH, I’ll have two ongoing mystery series… plus, we can’t forget about my romances! I will always have a deep and abiding love for romance!

Before, on my mystery site, I could tell my webmaster to give it a bookish look, to represent the Bibliophile Mysteries and Brooklyn Wainwright’s profession as a bookbinder. But now I need the website to also represent the Fixer-Upper Mysteries. Shannon Hammer restores Victorian houses in her hometown, Lighthouse Cove. Two different heroines. Two different settings—one a city, one a small town. Two different occupations.

One overwhelmed writer!

I have a wonderful web designer, Xuni Designs, who specializes in author websites. Maddee and Jen have become masters at helping authors define what they want. With a detailed questionnaire and thorough instructions about gathering images, they helped me identify the tone and the substance that I wanted my website to convey. Smart, funny mysteries about a bookbinder. Smart, funny mysteries about a home renovation expert.

Without further ado, I invite (implore) you to visit right now.

Kate Carlisle with thank you card

To enter for a chance to win an autographed copy of THE BOOK STOPS HERE, respond to this in a comment below:

Name one thing on my website,, that gives you the impression of either “Smart” or “Funny.” Let’s make a game of this—try to avoid repeating what someone else has already said. While you’re there, be sure to enter my super fabulous Road Trip Giveaway in the Secret Room!

Kate Carlisle on Book Tour

Kate Carlisle on Shelf Pleasure RadioNote: At 7:00 pm Eastern/4 pm Pacific today (Wednesday, June 25), I’m being interviewed for Shelf Pleasure, a radio show by book lovers, for book lovers. To listen live, go to and click “Listen Live!” in the left-hand column. Archived shows are available to play anytime on the LA Talk Radio show page or for download on iTunes under the podcast section or through Stitcher.


I’m writing this from the road. It’s Saturday, June 21. I did a signing yesterday at Clues Unlimited in Tucson, today at the Poisoned Pen Bookstore in Phoenix, and now we’re getting ready to catch a plane home. The perfect time to catch up with my Banditas, I thought.

Kate Carlisle signing The Book Stops Here

I’m just wrapping up my book tour for THE BOOK STOPS HERE, my latest Bibliophile Mystery. Yesterday’s signing was with fellow mystery writers Jenn McKinlay and Hannah Dennison. Hannah and I have done so many signings together over the past few weeks that we can (and do) finish each other’s sentences. The addition of Jenn yesterday was great because Jenn always brings cupcakes. Plus, a fabulous reader named Jennifer brought us all slushies. Soooooo welcome in that Arizona heat! (From left to right: me, Hannah Dennison, Jenn McKinlay.)


 Kate Carlisle, Hannah Dennison, Jenn McKinlay with slushies


Reader Jane with mystery author Kate CarlisleBook tours are both fun and exhausting. The fun part comes during the signing itself, when we get to meet readers who love our books. What a natural high! Communication is a two-way street, but to novelists, writing can feel very solitary until we have the opportunity to talk to people our books have entertained. I got a real kick out of the necklace made by reader Jane, featuring the covers of THE BOOK STOPS HERE and of THE SECRET GARDEN. (The Secret Garden is the rare book at the center of the mystery in THE BOOK STOPS HERE.)


Prior to coming to Arizona, we were at Murder by the Book in Houston. (I heart mystery bookstores!) We got some video that I thought you might enjoy. You’ll find a few more short videos of both me and Hannah at



Have you ever gone to a book signing? Who was the author, and what memory stands out for you about the event? (For the authors in the group, share a funny or touching story from one of your book signings!)

Writers in Movies

movie 1I was thinking the other day how often writers feature in movies and how much that celluloid image had affected my view of what a writer did when I was growing up wanting to be (you guessed it) a writer.

Luckily for everyone who knew me, I only saw THE SHINING very late when it was part of a special cinema release to mark the Wartner Brothers 75th anniversary. Such a scary movie. I think even at my most frustrated, I’m nowhere near as terrifying as Jack in that film!

Although I’ve certainly felt his fear of the blank page. Never to the point of wanting to chop up the neighbors, thank goodness!

There are a couple of things writers in movies always do which I NEVER do.

The first is drink like fishes as they’re writing. I’m sure there are writers who do/have. William Faulkner definitely enjoyed a tipple, as did Hemingway. Whether they drank as they wrote or after they’d done their immortal prose for the day, I’m not sure. Perhaps a Bandita or Bandita buddy knows.

 I have tried drinking while I write. While I’m writing, it’s wonderful – I’m convinced that I’m writing a masterpiece. And every extra glass adds to the glow. Sadly when I read the pages over when I’m sober, masterpiece isn’t the first word that springs to mind. I definitely enjoy a glass of wine or two, but not while I’m in the process of trying to wrestle a story into submission.

movie 5Another thing that writers in movies do is throw away a lot of perfectly usable paper. You know the scene. Tormented young man (they’re usually men!) sits down at a typewriter or with his quill pen and writes three words. Stares at them with a tortured expression. Sighs as if the world is out to get him. Then he rips out the sheet, screws up the paper and throws it on the ground. Even if there was a bin in the room, he misses it! The great artist is frustrated that he can’t get it right first time. But he persists!

Scene cuts away to the next morning/week/year, and the writer’s garret looks like it’s been hit by a paper snowstorm, but on the desk there is a chapter/novel/series finished. All those trees clearly didn’t die in vain. Throwing out the bad stuff meant that the good stuff lived to become a bestseller (they almost invariably do in these movies).

I’d like to say that I don’t do this because I’m too environmentally conscious. However I have a nasty feeling that it’s just because I’m too stingy to waste paper. A bit of crossing out and you’re ready to go again. A first draft is going to involve a lot of crossing out anyway.

Of course, now that we all write on computer, these dramatic if wasteful scenes are rather old hat. A movie where the author swears and hits the delete button several times lacks emotional punch, sadly.

movie 2Something else that always amuses me when writers turn up in movies or TV shows is that usually they’re fairly glamorous creatures. I’m thinking of the women in particular here. I remember a NEW TRICKS (a BBC crime series) where the investigating team go to interview a writer about a murder and she looks all dressed up and ready to accept an Oscar.

I’m sure there are writers who dress up when they write, just as I’m sure there’s a Tooth Fairy. But most of us look VERY shabby when we write.

I mean, come on, one of the advantages of this gig is that we get to wear our pajamas to work. And when I’m not in my pajamas, I’m in shorts and t-shirt or the winter equivalent. If you don’t believe how shabby I look when I’m on deadline, just ask my poor postman who is forced to face the horror that is me on a writing binge at the door on a regular basis.

Some of my favorite movies feature writers. I have a theory that so many movies feature writers because they’re written by writers. The whole ‘write what you know’ mantra at work.

What’s interesting is that movies about writing rarely give much film time to what is the largest part of a writer’s life. Sitting alone, scribbling or staring into space – or doing housework to avoid sitting alone, scribbling.

Writers write.

And sadly that’s not very cinematic. Or exciting. Or visually compelling.

movie 4Most of us don’t have the time to romance Robert Redford or murder people (probably a good thing) or save our sisters from Colombian drug smugglers.

Speaking of Colombian drug smugglers, my favorite movie about a writer actually does get a lot of it write. Uh, right. At least for a hardworking romance writer! Although a dashing adventurer is yet to bowl up my street on a yacht to sweep me to a life of adventure and love. Although having said that, my friend Helene Young lives with her wonderful, dashing husband on a yacht and has a very exciting life as a commercial pilot so perhaps the end of this film isn’t complete fantasy after all!

Of course I’m talking about ROMANCING THE STONE.

Please tell me you love this movie too!

I love how mousy Joan Wilder discovers her inner wild woman and defeats the bad guys and demonstrates the courage to seize her chance at love. I love how we get hints at the start that mousy Joan Wilder has a wonderful inner life and that really she’s very far from mousy in her soul. The seeds of the strong, dynamic woman she becomes are always there inside her, but expressed through her imaginary characters rather than her actual life.

movie 3The first time I saw this film in 1984 when it came out, I was many years from being published although I’d written a full manuscript and a stack of bits and pieces. Enough so that the opening scene where Joan is crying her eyes out and blowing her nose on post-it notes rang a loud bell. And I still love the bit where she opens a can of salmon and gives it to the cat as her only real way of celebrating writing the end on a manuscript. Sigh!

I think another favorite of mine is BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S, although George Peppard in that is more an ex-writer than a writer. Too much of that drinking while he wrote (and while he wasn’t writing!), I think!

So do you like movies about writers? Do you have a favorite?  Have you ever seen anything that struck you as just plain silly in a movie about a writer?

Have you seen any of the movies I’ve used as examples today? They’re all pretty good if you haven’t!



Breakfast Recipe Exchange

Blog Widget

Let’s talk bonus content! I’m working on my website update for 2014. That is to say, I’m writing a lot of notes, which my fabulous webmaster will turn into an actual update. I’ve decided that I want to add a lot more bonus content for my readers, things like games and recipes and interactive book excerpt widgets, like this one for SECOND-CHANCE SEDUCTION, which will be out next month from Harlequin Desire.

I also thought it would be fun to include pictures of things from my books. I have a Pinterest board for each book (, so I’ve asked my webmaster to post a Pinterest widget on each book page, too, like this one. Isn’t this just the coolest thing?!


Thing is, I’m not a natural cook. I try, I really do, but I just don’t have the knack. Still, I think if you keep trying different combinations, eventually you’ll come up with something delicious. (After discarding lots of not-so-delicious combinations.) Which is just what happened when I threw together this Apple-Bacon French Toast Casserole. It turned out really delicious, even with the surprise ingredient I threw in! And it looks pretty, too. If you make it, please email me via my website to let me know what you thought.


Kate Carlisle’s Apple-Bacon French Toast Casserole

apple-bacon-french-toast-web1 baguette, torn into 1-inch chunks
2 slices of bacon, cooked and crumbled
1 apple, cut into ¼-inch chunks
4 oz Monterrey Jack cheese, cut into ¼-inch chunks
6 eggs
¼ C maple syrup
¼ C apple cider

Place the chunks of bread, apple, cheese, and bacon in a large bowl. In a separate bowl, whisk together eggs, syrup, and cider. Pour over the bread mixture. Stir to soak bread thoroughly. Grease an 8-inch square baking pan, add the egg mixture, cover and refrigerate overnight.

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Bake the casserole until cooked through, and bread on top is golden brown, about 25-30 minutes. Serve with bacon and additional syrup. ‘Cause you know, you can never have too much bacon or too much syrup!

Okay, it’s your turn! Share a favorite breakfast recipe. Oh, and please do let me know what kind of “extras” you enjoy seeing on authors’ websites.

Quick Five: Favorite First Lines

Frustrated woman at computerI’ve been staring at a blank screen a lot lately. It happens whenever I’m trying to start a new book. That first line is key, and it’s disconcerting to calculate how much time it takes me to get it right. One thing I like to do during this phase of the book is study other authors and their first lines. Some of them make me laugh. Others hit me right in the heart. If nothing else, reading the first lines of other authors’ books stirs up my creative juices, and that can’t hurt.

Here are five of my favorites in no particular order. You might not find these lines in a book of “Famous First Lines,” but I found them memorable and evocative. And just to be friendly, I included one of my own. :-)

A Rake's Midnight Kiss1. “The whole world knows you for a slut, Madam.” – A Rake’s Midnight Kiss, by Anna Campbell.

2. If my life were a book, I would have masking tape holding my hinges together. – If Books Could Kill, by Kate Carlisle.

3. My wound is geography. – The Prince of Tides, by Pat Conroy.

If Books Could Kill4. Phoebe Summerville outraged everyone by bringing a French poodle and a Hungarian lover to her father’s funeral. – It Had To Be You, by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

5. “Your latest mistress is causing a sensation back in London, Masters.” – Mistress, by Amanda Quick.

What are some of your favorite first lines?

Yummy! Yummy! Yummy!

AnnaCookies2Are you a baker?

I’m not quite sure what it says about where my head is at the moment, but I seem to be on a baking jag. I’d say I’m nesting, but I can’t see why that would be the case!

Before I moved up to the Sunshine Coast, I lived in Sydney and I used to take in lots of stuff I cooked to share with the people I worked with. I was a very popular girl on those particular days! Over these last years, I seem to have got out of the habit.

Then somewhere in the last six months, I started baking again!

So far, it’s only a couple of old favorites so I think I need to extend my repertoire a little. But it’s so satisfying to stick some ingredients in a bowl, do a bit of mixing, do a bit of baking, and then voila, I have delicious morsels to share with friends.

CookiesMainly I make cookies – what we call biscuits down here. I tried cakes years ago but never had much luck. Maybe I should have another go. My mum was a fabulous cook and her sponge cakes could have floated away, they were so light. Her rich chocolate cake was a masterpiece of decadent eating pleasure!

Anyway, back to my current baking. Last weekend was no exception. There I was slaving over a hot stove on Saturday morning. I had a visitor coming for lunch and I was going to a get-together on Sunday night.

When I have to cater for lots of people, I do chocolate chip cookies as the recipe makes about 60 biscuits. Here’s a picture of the finished products. They were VERY well received. Pardon my boasting, but the host of the bigger party said they were the greatest cookies he’d ever had. I wouldn’t go quite that far, but I’ve got to say they really turned out well this time. Weird how sometimes everything just comes together right when you cook!

 SwansThat’s another nice thing about being on a baking jag – people are DEFINITELY happy to see me arrive these days!

See what I mean about instant gratification?

And the house smells like heaven when I bake. I particularly love the smell of vanilla. I bet the Garden of Eden smelled of vanilla essence!

Anyway, going back to the chocolate chip cookie saga. It was a perfect day on Saturday and the black swans were on the lake at the bottom of my  garden. I had a lovely morning tea outside with a couple of warm cookies, a big cup of tea and a couple of curious swans to say hello.

They’re such elegant creatures, aren’t they? Always feel lucky when I see them – they’re not always around, although just at the moment we’ve got up to a dozen at one time.

sliceI think my most popular creation is my variation on the Women’s Weekly recipe for chocolate slice (don’t ask for it – it’s a sworn secret!). It’s VERY chocolatey and occasionally I’ll do it as Christmas presents. The hardest part (pun originally not intended!) is cutting it – one Christmas I ended up with calluses on my fingers from pushing the knife through the base!

I only realized when I put this picture up on Facebook that slice seems to be an Australian term.

Slice looks like brownies, but it’s a different texture – I think of brownies as more like a rich cake whereas this is a crunchy biscuit base with a rich chocolate fudge icing on top. Slices are very popular here so I was surprised when I had international people querying the term.

Anyway, you’ve now seen pictures of my regular productions – chocolate slice, cherry nut biscuits and the chocolate chip cookies. I’ve promised myself that next time I cook, it will be something I haven’t done before. A girl needs to keep fresh, yanno!

And hey, if you’re passing, call in for a cuppa and a cookie!

THH low resSpeaking of little morsels of (hopefully) deliciousness, don’t miss my Halloween special on my Regency Ghost Romance, THESE HAUNTED HEARTS. Two love stories, an ancient Chinese curse, a bit of nooky, a stately home, and lots of emotion.

For October only, THESE HAUNTED HEARTS is available at 99 cents.

Definitely a treat and no tricks involved! If you click on the cover, it will take you straight to the Amazon link. We like to make things easy for you here in the lair.

You can read an excerpt and the blurb here:

So are you a baker? What’s your favorite recipe? Do you have any special memories tied up with baking?

BanditBootyBecause I can’t spirit you all across to my place in Australia for afternoon tea, I thought I’d give someone a nice bit of Halloween reading instead. One lucky commenter today wins a download of THESE HAUNTED HEARTS! Good luck!

The Distraction of No Distractions

Writing is hard. It’s so much easier not to write, and to complain about the distractions that prevent you from writing. Except… recently, I’ve noticed a very strange phenomenon. The lack of distractions can be very distracting! I wish all the distractions would go away, but when they do…

“The house is too quiet,” I think. “Something must be wrong.”

I can’t continue writing until after I investigate. So I check out the bedroom and discover that the bed needs to be made. Or it was made but the pillow is lumpy, and how can I keep writing when a pillow in the other room is lumpy?

Then I check out the kitchen and discover food in the fridge that, really, belongs in my belly. So I eat it. And grab something to drink. And I rearrange the items on the counter because how I can keep writing when the salt shaker is where the pepper shaker should be?

I just ate, and I can’t write with a dirty mouth, so I brush my teeth. While I’m in the bathroom, I clean the toilet because – everybody say it with me now – how can I keep writing when the toilet needs cleaning?

I love writing, I swear I do. But there is something addictive about not writing. You get a little fix of not writing, and you want more, more, more! (Or would that be less, less, less?) It’s intoxicating! And this addictive quality is stronger when one is under deadline stress. Like all addictions, it eventually leads to rock bottom, when you’re utterly overcome with panic as you realize that your deadline is NEXT WEEK and not writing has led you down a dark and dangerous path.

Yep. Next week the next Bibliophile Mystery is due to my editor.

Moral of the story? Just say no to not writing!


What nonsense distracts you from the important things you should be doing?

Emmie Dark Is Our Cup of Tea!

Emmie 2Welcome back to Aussie author Emmie Dark who visited us last year to talk about her wonderful debut for Harlequin SuperRomance CASSIE’S GRAND PLAN.

How time flies! Emmie’s back with us today to talk about her newest (and third) SuperRomance, JUST FOR TODAY, which came out in North America on 4th June. Here’s the blurb:

She’s not that kind of girl!

Veterinarian Jess Alexander doesn’t have one-night stands with the best man at a coworker’s wedding. But thirtysomething divorcée Jess is definitely in a rut that a night of reckless passion with a younger man just might break. And what better candidate than criminally good-looking Sean Paterson?

Being with Sean is exhilarating. But where could this relationship possibly go? Expecting anything more than a good time from Sean is a one-way ticket to heartbreak. Against her better judgment, Jess can’t walk away from whatever this is…not yet.

Emmie 1You can find out more about Emmie and her books on her website:

Emmie, welcome back to the lair. Congratulations on your new release for Harlequin SuperRomance, JUST FOR TODAY.  Can you tell us about this story?

Thanks, Anna! I’d love to tell you more about JUST FOR TODAY – it’s the story of Sean and Jess. Sean is an author of supernatural horror novels and Jess is a recently divorced vet. Sean is that rare breed of rockstar-style novelist, with passionate fans and a huge twitter following and serious Peter Pan complex. Jess is still licking her wounds from her marriage break-up and convinces herself that one night with the delicious Sean might just kick-start her back into the dating world. Of course it doesn’t turn out to be as simple as all that…

Sounds great. What were the inspirations behind this book?

I kicked off writing this book with a very clear picture of Jess – I wanted to tell the story of a woman recovering from an emotionally damaging relationship and finding her feet again. And then as soon as Sean hit the page I knew both Jess and I were in trouble! I based Sean’s character (and cheeky good looks) on Jensen Ackles who plays one of the lead characters in the TV show SUPERNATURAL. I also went to a couple of science fiction conventions to get a feel for the world Sean inhabits and a local neighbourhood vet was very kind and gave me time to ask lots of questions about Jess’s typical work day.

Emmie 3What’s coming up next for you?

I’ve got a few irons in the fire right now! But my next release will be a follow-up to my e-novella SPELLBOUND, which is scheduled to come out later this year. In the meantime I’ve got lots of travel planned, including a trip to New York, and hopefully will find some writing time in there somewhere!

Last March, you released a paranormal e-novella called SPELLBOUND through Destiny Romance, Penguin Australia’s romance imprint (available internationally). Can you tell us about this story? It looks pretty hot!

That’s because it is! :) SPELLBOUND is a fun, racy story about a modern-day witch, Belle, who has an unrequited crush on her downstairs neighbour, Nick. She sets about using some magic in an effort to “satisfy” herself and things quickly go wrong from there. While Belle is a witch and it does involve magic, it’s not a paranormal – it’s pretty much the ordinary world with a magical twist. It’s a short and hot read – different to JUST FOR TODAY in lots of ways, but similar in that it’s about finding love again after life has dealt you a difficult blow.

Last time you visited in February 2012, we were talking about your great debut for SuperRomance CASSIE’S GRAND PLAN. I’m wondering if there have been any surprises in the last eighteen months or so as a published author.

emmie 4It’s been full of surprises, actually! JUST FOR TODAY is my fourth book to hit the shelves in that time (three SuperRomances and SPELLBOUND with Destiny) and there’s been a lot to learn. I think the biggest lesson for me is realising that the work doesn’t stop with “the call” – in fact that’s where it really begins! And it’s been tough for me to go back to being a “beginner”. In my non-writing career I have twenty years of experience – I’m used to being the knowledgeable veteran. But in publishing I’m still learning – and I’ve so appreciated the support and wisdom shared by other authors as I find my way.

I notice from your website that you’re VERY fussy about how you take your tea. Do you want to give us the lowdown on Emmie Dark’s Way of Tea?

I am VERY fussy. And recently I’ve stopped drinking black tea totally, which only causes more headaches for anyone hoping to offer me hospitable cuppa, because if all you’ve got is Liptons in the cupboard, then I’m out, because I don’t drink coffee either. The lowdown, in all honesty, is simply to boil the kettle, give me a cup and leave me to it. I always have a little ziplock bag of my own tea de jour in my handbag, so I can easily grab out my own supplies and help myself to hot water. So in some ways, I’m a pretty easy guest, really!

BanditBootyI’m happy to giveaway a copy of JUST FOR TODAY to one lucky commenter today. I mentioned that my hero, Sean Patterson is a “rock star novelist”. Please leave me a comment and let me know your favourite rock star novelist – I’ll leave it up to you as to whether you interpret that as a very famous writer or a literal rock-star-turned-writer.

Get commenting, people! Good luck!

Mail Call!

Pony Express posterHave you seen the ad on TV, sponsored by letter carriers, asking us to let our congresspeople know we want to keep Saturday delivery of the mail? The United States Postal Service is planning to go to five-days-a-week delivery starting this autumn. I’m trying to decide whether I’ll miss getting mail on Saturdays and, if so, whether I’ll miss it enough to prompt me to write to my congresspeople. And if so, whether it would be just plain wrong to write to them by email.

Communication has evolved and continues to do so. Once upon a time, the telegraph was the latest thing. Have you ever received a telegram? I sure haven’t. And yet, I imagine that telegraph operators were unhappy when the telephone began to become ubiquitous.

Now we communicate almost instantly with people around the world – right here in the Lair, as a matter of fact. So we use the regular postal service less and less. Is it a tragedy or simply a natural progression, the continued evolution of communication?

Almost everything that comes by regular mail to my house is an advertisement for something. I’ve grown to resent the companies that send catalogs because it seems like such a waste of paper when all of their products can be viewed online.

Box of A Cookbook Conspiracy ARCs

But oh, a couple of times a year, the mailman brings me something really exciting. Last week, he brought my favorite package of the year so far – a box of A COOKBOOK CONSPIRACY ARCs! I’m so excited about this book, which will be my first hardcover. I immediately jumped onto Goodreads and set up a giveaway. That way, three lucky readers will have the pleasure of receiving their copies in the mail, too.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

A Cookbook Conspiracy by Kate Carlisle

A Cookbook Conspiracy

by Kate Carlisle

Giveaway ends May 31, 2013.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.


Enter to win

She's Having the Boss's Baby by Kate CarlisleThe next exciting package that should arrive will be my authors’ copies of SHE’S HAVING THE BOSS’S BABY, my may release with Harlequin Desire. I’m really, really excited about this one, too – but not so excited that I couldn’t wait until Monday if Saturday delivery were already stopped.

What about you? Do you think five days per week is enough? You Banditas and Bandita buddies who live in other countries, how often is mail delivered where you live? How would you feel if the government decided to cut out a day in order to save money?

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