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Tiffany Clare’s Winners!

Thanks to everyone who swung by to wish Tiffany Clare the best of luck with her new series and her fabulous new release WICKED NIGHTS WITH A PROPER LADY. Tiffany very generously offered THREE prizes so without more ado, here are our winners:




Congratulations! Carol, Tiffany will need your snail mail details and, Madison and Connie, she’ll need your email details. Please contact her on tiffany @ (no spaces) with your information and she’ll get your books out to you. Happy reading!

Wicked Nights with Tiffany Clare

So excited to have the wonderful Tiffany Clare back with us today. She’s got a new book and a new series to tell us about too – how great is that?

Tiffany’s latest, WICKED NIGHTS WITH A PROPER LADY, is already garnering great buzz in Romancelandia. RT Book Reviews gave WICKED NIGHTS WITH A PROPER LADY a Top Pick and said, “Clare debuts the Dangerous Rogues series to readers’ delight. Three naughty lords and their friend, the widow Jezebel, turn the ton on its ear in a most sensual, seductive manner. Clare sets up the series carefully without ever losing sight of the powerful “second chance at love romance” between a proper chaperone and her childhood sweetheart. Here’s the type of sexy love story that makes hearts beat faster and readers sigh with pleasure.” Sounds absolutely delicious.

Not only that, WICKED NIGHTS WITH A PROPER LADY has just been announced as one of RT Book Reviews‘ Reviewers’ Choice Award nominees for 2012! Congratulations, Tiff!

You can find out more about Tiffany and her wonderful books on her website:

Tiffany, welcome back to the lair! We love it when you visit. Congratulations on the release of WICKED NIGHTS WITH A PROPER LADY, the first book in the Dangerous Rogues Series.  Can you tell us about this story?

Thank you so much for having me. This is one of the most awesomest (I know that’s not a word) places to blog. You ladies know how to throw a party!

The first book is a reunion story. Leo and Genny met four years ago at one of the Carletons’ infamous house parties (there’s always a scandal going on at these particular sojourns in the country) and fell in love, but weren’t able to confess their feelings because someone interfered with them finding everlasting happiness. Leo is relentlessly charming in his pursuit of Genny and I do hope all my readers fall in love with him as much as I did writing him. Here’s the back cover blurb:

Leo Harrow, Earl of Barrington, is a regular subject of the scandal rags. Once an unrepentant pleasure seeker, he knows that young ladies are warned to look the other way when he enters a room. But when he comes face to face with a woman from his past—the one that got away—he will do anything to keep the rumors about him at bay. Or risk losing her forever…

Genevieve Camden is no stranger to Leo’s seductive ways. Years ago she was fooled into believing that he cared about her…and now that he’s back on the ballroom floor, he appears to be making amends. But this time Genny knows better: A scoundrel never changes his stripes—not even one as charming and handsome as Leo. Unless maybe he’s been in love with her all along…?

What were the inspirations behind this book?

I had this idea about four friends who caused all sorts of mischief because they eschewed the rules of the ton. But because of their high standing in society (a duke, a marquess, an earl & a countess—all rich beyond reason) no one would dare ostracize them. That is until an event changes everything for one of their friends and drastic measures are taken to save that person’s standing in society. I confess that Dangerous Liaisons had a bit of influence on this story (it’s written with such a modern flare of language that I was completely inspired by all the delicious scandal). I love intrigue and scandal and this story gives me a perfect opportunity to play around with both!

I notice book 2 in the series, MIDNIGHT TEMPTATIONS WITH A FORBIDDEN LORD, is out next April. Can you give us a sneak peek at this story?

This book was SO MUCH FUN to write. The hero and heroine’s story starts in the middle of a great scandal that will rock society! Tristan knows exactly how to charm a woman into doing everything he wants, but Charlotte throws him for loop after loop until he’s not sure who is leading the ruin of Lady Charlotte. The back cover blurb:

Tristan Bradley, the notorious Marquess of Castleigh, is a danger to any woman’s reputation. Devastatingly handsome and devilishly seductive, he delights in the challenge of a lovely new conquest—especially when she’s engaged to a man he despises. But when this particular young lady asks him to dance, Tristan realizes he may not be the only one playing a game.

Defiantly bold and disarmingly beautiful, Lady Charlotte Lindsey will do anything to break free from her loathsome fiancé—even destroy her good name to do it. What better way to seal the deal than a tryst with Lord Tristan, who’s led many a girl to ruin? But when Charlotte looks into his eyes—and Tristan takes her in his arms—all of their schemes melt away…because the heart has a plan of its own.

That sound fabulous! Any hints about the third story in the series?

All I can say is that it’s Hayden’s book (my dashing duke) and is currently scheduled for release in November 2013. I’d have to kill you if I revealed more! I do also have a prequel out November 5th, via Heroes & Heartbreakers that I can’t wait for readers to read. It’s a bit of a Regency romp for my scandalous Carletons in their heyday!

It’s a while since we’ve hosted you here. What exciting things have been happening in the world of Tiffany Clare?

We adopted a four-year-old Cavachon named Lucky to keep Scarlett company. They run around the house like a pair of lunatics and I wonder at my sanity in begging the husband for a second dog! LOL But they lurve each other so that makes it totally worth it.

In a bid to live healthier (really, I just want to eat anything and everything I want without gaining weight) and to not have to take the Toronto transit that I despise so much, I’ve started cycling. I just put my bike away for the cold rainy season we seem to be having, but I’ll be on the road again when we have a patch of sunny weather in the coming months! This is huge for me because I’ve NEVER found any exercise I loved to do enough to you know, actually do it (aside from swimming, but public pools ick me out). And how could you deny yourself the beauty of my city on my morning cycle?

And the best news for me recently: I became an auntie recently! ‘Lexi’ is the youngest bundle of joy in our family… Look how tiny she is curled up in my brother’s hand! She’s a darling.

Great stuff! I’m intrigued to know whether you see any particular trends in historical romance at the moment (apart from luscious, romantic covers!).

There are so many fairytale-like stories! I love fairytale takes and want to try my hand at one for sure! Other than that, I’ve only noticed an influx of Victorian settings, which I think is awesome, because it’s such a great period to write in!

You now know I have a certain fondness for Dangerous Liaisons, so tell me your favorite scandalous novel or scene in a book or even a movie!

Tiffany has very generously offered us two Kindle downloads of WICKED NIGHTS WITH A PROPER LADY for U.S.A. commenters and a mass market paperback edition for our international visitors. So get commenting, people!