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And the Winner is….

1BanditBootyAMY CONLEY!

I love her idea to ask the rake – “Do you believe in love?”  I would think a rake would have a flippant answer that would give a clue as to what happened in his past.  Or he might have been in love in the past, but was refused, so now he doesn’t allow himself to fall in love.  Lots of good paths in that answer.

So Amy – please send me your address and I’ll get your tin of Single Malt Scotch Whisky Fudge in the mail.  Thanks everyone for playing.  You may find some of the questions in the final version of TO BAIT A RAKE.  You never know… 🙂

A Fresh Start, a New Year & New Adventures

Happy New Year, Everyone!

January is always a “Clean Sweep” sort of month for me.  By it’s very position as the first month of the new year, it’s an ideal time for starting over, setting new goals, finishing off old projects.

Cleani1While in the past I’ve resisted taking down the Christmas decorations until mid-month (now 🙂 ), this year I couldn’t wait to get it all down and put away.  In part, because I wanted to start fresh symbolically with a clean house, but also because my newly retired husband decided we needed to take a vacation for the next three weeks to someplace warm!  That doesn’t leave me much time to get things wrapped up, packed, and planned.  If you saw my office, you’d appreciate that cleaning that small room alone is a full month project!  🙂 In cleaning out the promotion closet, I see I have some goodies to share as a prize to today’s post.

Then there’s the writing…as you know, I released CHARMING THE PROFESSOR in December amid the crazy project of finishing the floors, CharmingtheProfessorfinalChristmas, and learning the ropes for self-publishing.  It’s been a whirlwind!  I’m sure my promotion of the book is not up to snuff, but I was just exhausted from all the effort.  (And thank all of you who so graciously have left a review on Amazon and Goodreads) With that book, behind me, I’m turning my attention to two projects.  One is revising and re-editing a Romantic Suspense called IN A HEARTBEAT.  This story was released with Samhain under a pen name back in 2007.  I’ve written a number of books since then and, quite frankly, am a better writer now than I was back then.  So I’m almost finished revising and re-editing this book for hopefully a Spring release.  InaHeartbeatIt’s a project I’ve been working on here and there through 2015.  Here’s the cover.

But more importantly, I’m working on TO BAIT A RAKE, the next book in the Rake Patrol Series.  If you read my Christmas short story, SCOTLAND CHRISTMAS REUNION, then you’ve already read a taste of the new book.ScotlandChristmasReunion B&N  You will recall that the Rake Patrol formed as the four ladies involved were determined to root out the rakes that placed personal ads advertising to meet women in the Mayfair Messenger.  My four Rake Patrol members were convinced that such ads were placed for nefarious purposes and they sought to expose the men behind the ads – however, in the last two books, the men weren’t rakes at all.  This is a problem.  How does one find and identify a rake?

Enter Abigail, a young widow who wishes to be part of the Rake Patrol. She volunteers to interview the men who believe themselves to be rakes, so the Rake Patrol can recognize specific characteristics as they investigate the personal ads.  To lure men forward for their study, the Rake Patrol places it’s own ad with an invitation, and all manner of difficulties, conflicts and romantic trysts ensue.  This should be a fun book and I’m hoping to get more time to work on it once we head South for warmer climes.

So my question is:  If you happened to be a curious, very sheltered young widow, what question would you ask a rake if you had the opportunity to interview one?  Anything goes 🙂 .  The person leaving the best original answer will win a tin of Old Pulteney Single Malt Scotch Whisky Fudge (Made in Scotland).  I can’t wait to hear your answers. 🙂



Time Capsules…

I recently saw an article in the (where else?) Wall Street Journal about a room at Oglethorpe University that is, in essence, a huge time capsule. It’s received the name “The Crypt_of_civilizationCrypt of Civilization” (which is interesting as it was created in 1936) and is slated to open in 8113. Well…I won’t be around. 🙂 Thank you to Wikipedia for the photo on the left which shows the contents of the crypt.  It has 800 books sealed inside as well as other items of note.

Back in the ‘60s, my family lived by a community time capsule that had been buried not long before we moved in. The capsule was set to be opened in 44 years time – much too early to my way of thinking – but the people behind the project probably realized that the property set aside for the capsule would be too valuable to sit idle. They were probably rubbing their hands, thinking about advancing real estate prices.

Nevertheless, just the thought of a time capsule inspired some of my friends and I to make our own time capsules and bury them on the dedicated property. Hmm…I seem to recall a dissected frog buried with considerable pomp and circumstance on that same spot. I doubt his shoe box container would survive groundwater issues, but at the time we thought he’d be buried a good long time. That’s an old photo of the monument and time capsule to the right.  I believe that’s my younger sister, Sharon, in the picture and definitely our dog, Gypsy.  Not sure who the other child is.  You can tell the old polaroid picture (remember those?) is fading – a problem to consider for timetime capsule capsule photos.

I found an article about that time capsule.  You can read it here:  It’s interesting as I can already see changes from my years in Forest Park in the article as the city didn’t have an “activity center” back then.  That spot was the community swimming pool.  LOL.  The community library was directly across the street (Sharon Rd.) from my house.  I hope that wasn’t “re-purposed” to be a city building  as well.

Seeing that article about time capsules brought memories back. I wonder if we were to bury a time capsule today, what would be in it? I’d include a copy of my books (bound in plastic…that ground water issue). I’d be tempted to include a Kindle or Nook as a symbol of reading technology today, but honestly, I’d be concerned about the technology. Would future civilizations be able to use the new technology, or would the Kindle be like those Beta DVD tapes – or Polaroid photographs, a good idea but no longer able to be read/viewed.

peacock-feathers-beautifulI’d include a copy of the Wall Street Journal and a Columbus Dispatch – mainly for the ads so they could see the current fashions.   Maybe I’d toss in a map of the area as it’s bound to change. I could include a peacock feather.  🙂 At the rate we’re going, peacocks might not survive into future generations. Maybe I’ll include some photos of life here on my back porch with a note that this is where I write my novels.  Right now, research books are scattered across the round table on the porch while I’m working on To Bait a Rake – the next book in the Rake Patrol series.  I’m sure the view from the porch will be different in a hundred years or so.

How about you? What would you include in a time capsule and where would you bury it?