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On the 10th day of Christmas, I went back in time.

Santa's rideOne thing about writers, we tend to research.  It doesn’t really matter what the genre is, there’s always something that requires more in-depth knowledge than we normally possess.  Therefore it should not be a surprise to learn that I did a bit of research into the physics of time-travel in the course of writing CHARMING THE PROFESSOR.  I read several books about time theories and it’s relation to space and gravity.  I watched endless videos to explain the basics of quantum physics.

So it is with some authority that I can state that… Santa Claus is a time-traveler.

It’s true.  Consider Einstein’s theory that says time slows as one approaches the speed of light.  It’s been said that in order for Santa to visit all the houses of good little children to deliver presents in the 32 hours available to him in this one night (that’s the true number ofAlbert_Einstein_Head hours given time zones and the earth’s rotation), Santa would have to travel three times the speed of light.  At that speed, time would reverse – didn’t the movie SUPERMAN show this to be true? (And isn’t there a clear resemblence between Santa and Einstein – hmmm?)

Also, it’s been proven that time slows as one moves away from a gravatational force.  Thus time goes by more slowly for those that live/work at the top of a skyscraper than for those at street level.  (Of course, those at the top have to wait for the elevators to take them down, causing them to waste their found seconds of time.)  Santa Claus travels at heights that would laugh at gravity thus giving him more than the necessary 32 hours to deliver gifts.

So the jolly old elf must be a time-traveler!

CharmingtheProfessorfinalAllow me to present an excerpt from CHARMING THE PROFESSOR to help explain time travel.  In this excerpt, Madeline is a French charm teacher who has been transported to modern day New Orleans.  She’s trying to get home and her best bet is Professor Grant Stewart who teaches quantum physics at Tulane University. She doesn’t come right out and tell him of her plight because telling the wrong person could land her in a straight-jacket.  So she’s feeling him out to see where he stands on the issue of time-travel.

“Every year,” he said. “My quantum students talk about building a H. G. Well’s time machine. Just climb aboard and select your year.”

          “A time machine?” Her disappointment lifted. “Where might I find this Mr. Wells?” Perhaps that gentleman could return her home.

          “In a library.” Grant frowned. “It was fiction, Madeline. Don’t you remember H. G. Wells and the Time Machine? Or The Island of Doctor Moreau, or The War of the Worlds?” He shook his head, returning his gaze to the road ahead. “So many people confuse actual science with science fiction.”

          Frustration extinguished her brief flare of hope. Now what was she to do? She’d been so certain that escaping from the iron gates into the company of a time professor was not just coincidence. Even Doc and his voodoo saints thought Professor Stewart held the answer. At least Doc and Cici believed that she had somehow stumbled into this period from the past. Professor Stewart clearly would not.

          “Right now there’s an experiment with entangled particles that holds promise,” he said. “A transporter may result from that discovery. Of course, a transportation device like the one on Star Trek is still decades away. It wouldn’t connect the strings of time, but a transporter…that would be a step into the future.”

          “Strings of time?” She dismissed the confusing combination of otherwise ordinary words, like entangled and particles, stars and trek. “What are strings of time?”

          “That’s right. You missed my lecture last night.” He glanced quickly her way. “Thank you for coming, by the way, you were a life saver. Sometimes Kimmy can be a handful, and if you hadn’t come when you did…”

          “Professor,” she urged softly. “Strings of time?”string theory research

          “Yes. There’s a theory that our existence occurs on a specific string of time, simultaneously with other strings that hold alternate existences. Thus, our medieval past might be occurring in real time on one string and our distant future on another string. Some scientists believe these strings to be an infinite number of bubbles on a plane in space called a brane, but the entire concept is still called string theory.”

          “That is astounding.” She felt her jaw might have unhinged at the discovery and dangled unattractively. She quickly composed herself. “This is what you spoke of yesterday?” she asked. “I would have liked to have heard your speech.”

          Perhaps his speech was the very reason fate had led her to this professor. She needed to hear his speech. And yet once again she’d managed to miss the opportunity. Still, she couldn’t dwell on her disappointment, not with a time professor with such valuable information seated next to her.

          “What happens if two strings were to touch,” she asked. “Say a string from the medieval past and our string of the present?”

          “Then it might be possible for an armor-clad knight to chase a dragon down Canal Street.” He laughed. “But the fact that such an occurrence only happens as playacting proves that such time collisions are not possible.”

          A time collision…could that have been what happened? She’d survived the colliding of strings? But if that were the case, why did the others touring the foundry not follow her in this collision? Why was she alone in this dilemma? She shook her head. None of that mattered now. What mattered was finding the way back.

ScotlandChristmasReunion B&NWe all know that Christmas is a magical night when miracles can occur.  If you could travel to any time past or future, where would you go?  Don’t worry, you’ll be back in time for the opening of presents on Christmas morning.  Let’s take a peek at a time-traveling Christmas (Hey, Scrooge did it – so can we!)  Someone leaving a comment will win a copy of the short story: Scotland Christmas Reunion.  Thank you to Think Geek for the string theory cartoon.

To add a little New Orleans to your holiday, add some creamy pralines 🙂 .     Creamy Pecan Pralines recipe

To add a little break from all the Christmas madness, consider a copy of Charming the Professor.  It’s bound to put a smile on your face.

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Or for when you only have time for a short story, Scotland Christmas Reunion

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Merry Christmas everyone!


Charming the Professor Launch Party!!!!!

Light the chandeliers!  Bring out the eats!  Roll out the Jazz Band!  It’s time to celebrate, New Orleans style!

Kate and LeopoldToday I’m launching a new time-travel set in modern day New Orleans.  Do you recall as a child pretending you had a friend –another child–only the friend was from a century earlier?  You had to explain all the wonders of the modern age to them…or was that just my childhood fantasy :-0 .  That is basically the premise of CHARMING THE PROFESSOR.  A French woman from 1853 suddenly finds herself in modern day New Orleans and her best chance to get back home is with a Physics professor.  This is a fun book that involves the assistance of a six-year-old with an open mind (unlike her professor dad).  Think of the movie KATE & LEOPOLD and add some New Orleans spice.

The Charm Gates have stood at The Court of Two Sisters for more than a century with no one guessing the secret they hold. A jealousCharmingtheProfessorfinal vindictive queen and a blackmailed alchemist have encased French “charm teacher” Madeline Charlebois’s essence inside the gates, at least until a grieving professor touches them during a storm and Madeline tumbles out, not in her own 19th century Spain, but in 21st century New Orleans.

Quantum physics Professor Grant Stewart has mourned his wife’s death for the last three years.  But he must move on for his young daughter’s sake, the child who delights in terrorizing babysitters.  Grant needs adequate childcare to pursue tenure at Tulane.  What he doesn’t need is a French beauty believing nonsense like time-travel and voodoo, and whose very being is melting his heart.

Maddie may be without resources but she’s good at making new friends, even if they are on the quirky side. She believes Professor Stewart can return her home, but first she must earn his trust to win his cooperation.  Babysitting his daughter gives her both proximity, and love for the child. Will Grant be the key to returning to her time? Or will she, in turn, unlock his frozen heart? All they need is time and maybe a little voodoo…

So let’s celebrate!

CHARMING THE PROFESSOR contains a dance sequence at the Tulane faculty dinner-dance.  Madeline and Professor Stewart are there – although not with each other. dancers-clip-art-Kcnkpzncq Grant’s bestfriend, Professor Richard Gaston invited Madeline to the dance.  Grant is there with his career-focused girlfriend, Jennifer.  peacock-feathers-8176918A jazz band is playing and the tables are decorated with lots of peacock feathers (naturally).  We have gumbo and alligator tails with bananas foster and pralines for dessert.  Hurricanes are served in a tall glass.  Either you can come as someone from the past and have someone from this time as a date…or your date must be from the past and you–will be you!  🙂

So tell me the identities of your party and – well, whatever else you want to tell me 🙂  Let’s have some fun!

I’ve got a Mardi Gras mask ornament (because – hey – it’s Christmas season!) and a voodoo keychain along with a digital copy of CHARMING THE PROFESSOR, and some digital copies of THE MOOR’S TEAR for someone leaving a comment.

Oh – I forgot to mention the voodoo element.  My voodoo practioners do no harm, but they have been known to slip a love portion into the punch.  Did you get a cup?

You can find CHARMING THE PROFESSOR at  (just click on Amazon or the appropriate link and you’ll be taken to the site)


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My Love Affair With Time Travel

My name is Caren and I’m a time-travel addict. I heard the murmurs of, “Hi, Caren!” coming from you guys, so don’t be shy if you’re an addict, too. I’ve been reflecting on my love affair with time travel romances lately for a couple of reasons. Really good reasons. Even hunky reasons!

Jamie and ClaireIn case you’ve been living under a large and marketing-impervious rock, you’ve probably heard that Diana Gabaldon’s fabulous Outlander is finally coming to the screen! Of course, it’s the small screen and it’s only on the Starz network, but still. It’s coming to our homes! I fell in love with Outlander when it first came out in hardcover. As a recently-graduated-from-college single mom in 1991, I didn’t buy hardcover books. BUT, I joined the Book Of the Month Club. Some of you may have done that, too. I forgot to send back my postcard or something one month and, before I knew it, Outlander showed up in my mailbox.

outlander-original-cover-jacket-by-diana-gabaldonIt sat around for a few weeks…and then I got bored enough to pick it up. I kind of hated the cover, which featured an ormolu clock whose glass face is in the act of shattering. It made me roll my eyes. But once I cracked the cover and started the tale of Jamie Fraser and Claire Beauchamp, I was HOOKED. I read the novels assiduously until about the sixth one, which came out about the time my life got really complicated and I no longer had time to devote to Clan Fraser. I took a hiatus from time travel romance, but it wasn’t a conscious decision.

Last week, a good friend from church asked me if I had read the books. Duh! She then asked if I wanted to come to her series premiere party. Double duh! She had very expensive invitations made to her premiere party that look like wedding invitations. They are printed with the Fraser plaid on back. Swoon! So yes, August 9th is a highly anticipated date by many time travel romance fans!

dd_everything_200x316Then, another interesting thing happened. My friend Dee Davis, who is one of my Red Door Reads buddies, posted a link yesterday to a collection of six time travel romances for 99 cents! WHAT?!? Yes, I snapped it right up. You should, too! As I clicked the evil “Buy now with 1-Click” button, I reflected that all signs seem to be pointing me toward time travel romance once again. My deep, dark secret is, when I first started writing romance, my very first manuscript was a time travel romance. No one was writing those in 2001! I managed to final in Georgia Romance Writers’ prestigious Maggie contest with that one, but was bested by…Sandy Blair! How could I be upset at being bested by the novel that became her first published time travel romance? 😀

Have you had a love affair with time travel romance? If so, what books were your gateway drug? If not, what keeps you from indulging? And if you had the chance to travel back in time to be with the super-hot love of your life (Jamie Fraser), would you go? Why or why not? I can’t wait to hear everyone’s time travel experiences! 😀

Weird Science

One of the best things to writing a book is doing the research.

What!  You say.  Doing research is work.  It’s hard.  It’s definitely not fun…but it is.  The thought of all that hard work researching a time period with which I was unfamilar held me back from writing historical romances for a long, long time.  Silly me.  Once you start doing the research, it’s easy to get lost in the learning and forget about writing.

Weird ScienceBut I’m not researching a time period this time.  I’m researching time and science.

You see, the hero of my work in process – a really fun time travel – is a quantum physics professor concerned with string theory.  In order to protray my hero, I need to learn the buzz words and some of the concepts of his profession.  To help with that, I’ve been watching some of the NOVA science series and other science DVDs and I’ve got to say –  science is uncovering some seriously freaky stuff.  (I had another four letter word in mind, but “stuff” will cover it.)

For example – Did you realize that time is not the same for everyone?  Gravity impacts time.  The closer you are to the center of the earth, the faster time moves.skyscraper  Thus the farther away you are from earth, the slower time ticks by.  That’s one of the reasons it’s said that if you go up far, far away in space, by the time you return, everyone you knew will have aged years while you may have only aged months.  The segment said this change in time works for being on high sky-scrapers as well.  If you live, work, and pretty much remain on the ninetith floor of a building (I choose that floor at random), you’ll age slower than the people on the street below.  Of course, the difference is probably not visible to the naked eye as it’s so small – but, hey, you’ll know and that’s all that counts. 🙂

airplaneThe same thing occurs with speed.  The faster one goes the more time slows down.  To prove this, scientists took two precise atomic clocks that measure time to the mega – mega – second.  The clocks registered exactly the same time.  One clock was placed on a jet that flew incredibly fast around the world.  When it returned to the starting point, the two clocks were compared and the one on the plane registered a time that was several mega seconds behind that of the other clock.  Time had slowed for the high-flying clock.  Think about that the next time you squeeze into a tight airplane seat to fly all around the country just to get to the state next door.  This little scientific fact must explain the GR’s youthful appearance.  His constant flights have earned him eternal youth.

Then there’s the whole concept of particle entanglement.  Without going into a lot of scientific explanation, entanglement is when two particles influence each other to do the exact thing.  If one twists right, the other twists left at the same precise moment.  They are entangled.  The cool thing is that if you split these entangled particles and send one far, far away – it’ll still have the exact star treksame arrangement with it’s entangled partner.  One twists right, the other twists left and at the exact same moment they switch.  Cool – huh?  It’s believed that this will lead to a teleportation model in the future.  Star Trek is here, folks!

Even though this next piece of science has nothing to do with time, I thought it was interesting, particularly for lovers of romance.  There is a condition called blindsight whereby once sighted people lose the ability to see out of one eye due to an accident or a stroke, etc.  The connection that takes visual cues to the visual cortex for interpretation is damaged rendering the person blind in that eye.  In an experiment, scientists had blindsighted individuals look in a contraption that had a partition to brainbetween the eyes of the person looking into it.  Thus the test subject would only be able to see the image portrayed in front of the “good” eye.  The image projected in front of the “blind” eye should be lost or not seen – yet it was.  The contraption showed the good eye pictures of faces with absolutely no expression.  Simultaneously, they showed the “blind” eye pictures of people showing great emotion.  The test subject’s face would mimic the emotional faces even though they could only see the expressionless faces.  When questioned, they didn’t know that they had that reaction.  Scans of the test subject’s brain showed that even though the visual cortex never “lit up,” other areas of the brain did – the ones that process emotion.  The scientists felt this would suggest that a sixth sense exists that registers emotion.

I think this must be true because when I read an emotional book, I’m quite certain many, many areas in my brain light up – even though I’m not “seeing” anything but words on a page.  It’s the power of emotion, and as romance is the most emotional of all the genres, in my opinion, romance must be the most powerful of literatures.  At least it is in my world 🙂sunshine

Speaking of time – don’t forget that this weekend marks the start of daylight savings time.  We’ll be springing forward on Sunday night.  And if we’re “springing” forward for the sake of co-ordinating our clocks, can the start of spring in the form of warmer temps and flowers and sun be far behind?

I must say that even though I was a bit of a science geek in my early years  (I mean really, who else takes college level Chemistry just for the fun of it?), I sometimes feel that the world is rushing ahead leaving me in the dust.  There is so very much that I don’t know and never imagined.  Do you ever feel like that?  Have you ever encountered some weird science that you’d like to share?  Are you a Big Bang Show enthuiast (I am)?  Are you now or have you ever been a science geek?  What are your thoughts about time-travel?   Are you as anxious for Spring as I am?  Let’s chat. 




Karyn Gerrard time travels to the lair

First, thanks so much to the Romance Bandits for having me here today.  The Bandits is the first romance blog I ever visited. These lovely ladies continue to inspire me in so many ways. Cheers especially to Donna MacMeans for hosting me!

TIMELESS LOVE from Evernight Publishing is my 4th ebook release (Have two more this spring!) 

It is the sequel to TIMELESS HEART (which I talked about here  At Romance Bandits last year with Anna Campbell) It is an erotic romance/time travel/fantasy novella and follows the only woman in the carriage, Lady Catherine Worthington. She appears in 1969 and practically in the lap of underworld figure and dangerously sexy guy, Joey Indelli.

I set the story in another Canadian location, one that has a special place in my heart. Saint John, New Brunswick. I was born there, but we moved away when I was four. I returned many times to visit grandparents and other extended family. So writing about the various locations in the city was not a hardship, I lived it. I just aged myself! Granted I was only a small child, but I remember enough. I even gave my grandfather a cameo in the story.

1969 was as the picture says ‘The year everything changed.’  Woodstock, The first man to walk on the moon, The New York Jets win Super Bowl III and the New York Mets win the World Series. Altamont and Easy Rider.

Prices: (U.S.)

Gas 35 cents a gallon
Average house, 15,500
Average income 8,500
Average new car  3,270
Dozen eggs: 62 cents
Postage stamp 6 cents
Gallon of milk 1.10



1.  Sugar, Sugar-  The Archies
2.  Aquarius -5th Dimension
3.  Honky Tonk Women- The Rolling Stones
4.  Come Together/Something` The Beatles
5.  Everyday People- Sly and the Family Stone
6.  Crimson and Clover- Tommy James and the Shondells
7.  I Can’t Get Next To You- The Temptations
8.  Get Back -The Beatles
9.  Someday We’ll Be Together- Diana Ross and the Supremes
10. Dizzy-Tommy Roe


1.  Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
2.  Midnight Cowboy
3.  Easy Rider
4.  Hello Dolly!
5.  Bob & Carol &Ted & Alice
6.  Paint Your Wagon
7.  True Grit
8.  Cactus Flower
9.  On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
10. The Sterile Cuckoo

Talk about a trip down memory lane! So I am asking, what do you remember the most about the late 1960’s? Styles? Cars? Or tell me your favorite music and movies from the era! You dig? Don’t be a square, share!

I have a PDF copy of TIMELESS HEART and TIMELESS LOVE up for grabs to one lucky commenter!


  1969—Underworld enforcer Joey Indelli didn’t expect an English Regency Era carriage to appear before his very eyes in a thunderbolt of light. Inside he discovers a disoriented beauty, the honorable and delectable Catherine Worthington.

Catherine finds herself immediately attracted to her rough and very masculine rescuer but is determined to return to her home in 1821 Cornwall, England.

Seeing the carriage appear in front of him, Indelli believes her story but is convinced she has no choice but to stay in 1969.

Will the love that develops between them fade with their parting or somehow keep them together and prove…timeless?

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