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Banditas in ARRA Awards!

ARRA 2014The Aussie Romance Bandits have done well in the Australian Romance Reader Awards nominations for the best books of 2014. Christina Brooke is up for four:

Favourite Historical Romance – THE WICKEDEST LORD ALIVE

Favourite Continuing Series – The Westruthers

Sexiest hero – Xavier Westruther in THE WICKEDEST LORD ALIVE


Anna Campbell is up for five:

Favourite Historical Romance – WHAT A DUKE DARES

Favourite Continuing Series – The Sons of Sin

Sexiest hero – Camden Rothermere in WHAT A DUKE DARES

Favourite cover – WHAT A DUKE DARES

Favourite Australian Romance Author

Winners will be announced at the ARRA Convention in Canberra on 7th March. You can see a complete list of the nominees here:


Greatest Lover Ever, the (revised)I’m so excited to be offering an Advance Reading Copy of my December 31 release THE GREATEST LOVER EVER today. For those of you who are reading the Ministry of Marriage/Westruthers series, this is Beckenham’s book.

I thought you all might like a sneak peek into THE GREATEST LOVER EVER and see the scene that inspired the U.S. cover 🙂 .

It’s been six years since Georgie Black jilted the Earl of Beckenham. Georgie goes in disguise to an extremely lewd party to rescue her sister, who has unwisely accompanied friends there. Circumstances conspire to find Georgie alone in a bedchamber with her erstwhile fiance. But does Beckenham recognize her? You be the judge!

“Take your clothes off,” he said to her over his shoulder. “I’ll be with you in a moment.” 

The room spun. Georgie put out a hand to steady herself against the mantel. She could not have heard correctly. Surely, she could not.

But she didn’t ask him to repeat his words because she knew very well her ears hadn’t deceived her. He’d just told her, bluntly, to undress. Because he thought that they… that she… Georgie’s face flushed with scalding heat.

After Steyne’s advances, she ought not to be so shocked. But this was Beckenham. Beckenham, who had never once gone beyond the line with her, even when they were safely betrothed.

Heedless of her reaction to the peremptory command, the earl stripped off his superfine coat and tossed it carelessly onto a chair.

Such a casual gesture. As if for him this encounter were the most mundane of occurrences.

A disorienting sensation came over her, as if the world swung upside down on its axis. Could it be true that Beckenham did this sort of thing all the time?

He continued to undress. Those large fingers unfobbed his watch and set it on the wash stand, then went to work on the buttons of his waistcoat. She quickly shut her eyes. But listening to him remove his clothes was almost as tantalizing as watching him.

Silk slid against cambric. A hush of cloth and a soft clack of buttons as the waistcoat joined his coat…

In moments, she opened her eyes again, hussy that she was, helpless to stop herself. She saw that he had indeed shed his waistcoat and was deftly undoing the ruffled cuffs at his wrists. He pushed his shirtsleeves up strong forearms before plunging his hands into the basin of water.

The intimacy of standing here in a bedchamber with the Earl of Beckenham as he performed his ablutions made Georgie ache for what might have been. If only she hadn’t been so rash, so stupid. If only he’d loved her. If only he’d understood.

Greatest Lover Ever Aus FinalHe splashed his face—once, twice, and dried it with a towel. Then he pulled his billowing shirt over his head in one deft movement. She ought to look away, but she couldn’t. She was too awe-struck by the solid, beautiful strength of his back and shoulders as he vigorously rubbed at his torso with a wet flannel.

Things were moving too fast for her reason to catch up. Dimly, she knew she ought to leave, and do it now, before this went any further. But threading through such self-preserving logic was a dark thrill of excitement. And a deep, powerful longing that had been inside her, suppressed, unacknowledged, ever since they’d met.

Georgie remembered—oh, how well she remembered—the firm, smooth texture of Beckenham’s lips against hers. He’d set her alight until her entire body was incandescent with longing for him. She’d burned to make him lose that awe-inspiring control. Yet, throughout their courtship, his kisses had been gentle, unthreatening. The air of danger that clung to him tonight was foreign to her.

Perhaps he reserved his true passion for females of quite a different sort?

The thought stiffened her spine.

Instead of explaining herself, or even making a hasty exit, she drawled, “My lord, you lack finesse.”

For a fraction of time, he froze. Then he laid the flannel down. Slowly, he turned. The gleam of candlelight slid along his bare skin.

His dark eyes glinted. “Is it finesse you want, sweetheart? I thought you were here for something quite different.”

BanditBootyOK my lovely Bandita Buddies! For a chance to win the ARC of THE GREATEST LOVER EVER, I want you to exercise those mad writing skills of yours and come up with the next line after this excerpt ends (you can write more than one line if you feel so inclined!) This is for a paper ARC, international.