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November Coming Attractions

Can you believe it’s November already?  Where has the year gone!

PrintI hope you’ll join us for an exciting November here in the Lair.


The Bluestocking Belles will join us on Monday, November 9th to talk about their new boxed set of Regencies.


Scotland Christmas ReunionYou won’t want to miss the blog on November 11th for some early Christmas shopping.  We’ll have a number of Christmas releases from the Banditas and friends for you to browse and enjoy.  Should be fun!





Osburn-OurNowandForever-FT-V2-200x300On November 17, Nancy welcomes Terri Osburn to celebrate the release of Our Now and Forever, the first book in Terri’s new Ardent Springs series.






Charming the Professor finalDonna MacMeans will talk about her upcoming December release, Charming the Professor, on November 23rd.  I guarantee she’s thankful for that one 🙂



November 26 is Nancy’s regular blog day, but it’s also Thanksgiving Day in the US.  Join Nancy Northcott and chat about the holiday season.



Forget Me Not_

Don’t miss the Thanksgiving Day release of Caren Crane’s new novella Lakewood Confidential. It’s part of a 10-novella collection called FORGET ME NOT, with all proceeds being donated toward Alzheimer’s and Brain Health research. Great reads and a great cause! Pre-order links up now on Caren’s website!


We’ll continue our talk into November 27, when anyone who’s avoiding the whole shopping thing or just needs a break from it can find a refuge in the Lair!

Anchor Island Secrets with Terri Osburn

My guest today is a Lair favorite, Amazon and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Terri Osburn.  Secrets figure prominently in her latest Anchor Island release, Home to Stay, so she’ll chat with us about secrets.  Welcome, Terri!

Keeping Secrets on Anchor Island

Terri_Osburn_headshot_ImageBack when I was writing the first book of my Anchor Island Series, called MEANT TO BE, a bartender walked onto the scene and practically stepped off the page. She was confident and real, with no frills except for the gold bangle bracelets that chimed around her wrists. And I had no idea she was harboring major secrets.

That bartender turned out to be Willow Parsons, known as Will around Anchor Island. (Though that might not be the name she was born with.) Throughout the second book in the series, UP TO THE CHALLENGE, Will makes her living working for various businesses around the island, and resides in a tiny surfer’s shack near the water. (Even though she could probably afford the biggest house in the village.)

Osburn_HometoStay_front_cvr_FINALYou see, Will isn’t at all the person she’s portrayed herself to be on the island. And in the third and most recent installment in the series, HOME TO STAY, there’s one person who senses that there’s more to her story than she’s let on. An adrenaline junky who owns the local water sports company as well as the only fitness center on Anchor, Randy Navarro is a big guy. Like, The Rock big. And for some reason, Will freezes up like a deer stuck between the high beams of an oncoming bus every time he’s around.

The reason for that is probably Will’s biggest secret of all. And Randy is determined to bring it out into the light so he can wipe that look of fear out of her eyes. Only life is never that simple, right? (Especially not in romance novels.)

One of the most fun aspects of writing this story was slowly revealing Will’s secrets to the reader. There were hints given here. Clues dropped there. And eventually all is revealed in a way that Will never saw coming. But once the thing she’s feared most comes to pass, Will learns that sometimes you have to face your demons head on. Especially when losing the love of your life is on the line.

We all have secrets we prefer to keep to ourselves, and so do our characters. Be it as simple as her hair color comes from a box, or as complicated as the ever-popular secret baby trope, secrets can keep us on the edge of our seat and take us completely by surprise.

Tell me some of your favorite romance novels or movies with big secrets. Did you see it coming? Or were you caught completely off guard? To prevent spoilers, maybe be as vague as possible about that actual secrets.

One lucky commenter will win a full set of the Anchor Island Series (to date – book 4 coming later this year) along with a tote bag and fun book swag. (US &Canada only.)

For more information about Terri and her books, check out her website,  You can also connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

Coming Attractions – Extra-Awesome MAY Style!

eightEvery month is a big old party here in the Lair, but MAY is especially special? Why, yes, it IS my birthday month! So kind of you to remember that my birthday is MAY 13 and I’m accepting gifts and brunches/lunches/dinners ALL MONTH LONG. 🙂  Still, we have another Big Event we celebrate each May. Our Romance Bandits Blogiversary! On May 8, we will be having a HUGE blowout of a Facebook party. We’ll spend almost the entire day partying like, well, Banditas and giving stuff away! You guys just have to come by and comment to win swag. We’ll have a huge prize at the end for one lucky winner: a Kindle Paperwhite and e-book prize bundle!! Super fun and easy! Go Like our Facebook page to be sure you don’t miss out!

And in other exciting news:A Rake's Midnight Kiss

Anna Campbell had a great month for contest excitement! Not only did her Sons of Sin books win Favorite Series Of 2013 at the Australian Romance Reader Awards, she received news that A Rake’s  Midnight Kiss has finaled in the historical section of the Romance Writers of America RITA® Awards. Woo hoo! We are all terribly proud of Anna!

LUD_382_LIV_COUV.inddAnna Sugden‘s French language version of A Perfect Distraction was an Amazon bestseller in France and Canada! Wonder why? I don’t think it was just the hockey player theme! 😀


Elements-5_5x8_5-100dpi-c8May 3 – Nancy and guest Suzanne Church offer us a change of pace.  Suzanne will discuss her new short story collection, Elements, with maybe a bit of Game of Thrones chat stirred in. (Dragon and knights and speculative fiction, oh my! I can’t wait!)

Back In the Italian's BedMay 5 – Anna Campbell hosts the brilliant Annie West in the Lair! Annie’s going to tell us all about her wonderful new novella Back In the Italian’s Bed, the first in her Hot Italian Nights series! (Nothing about Hot Italians can be anything but awesome!)

UrsulaLeCoeur_TheWillingWidow_1400px (2)[1]May 6 – Debut author Ursula LaCoeur will guest with Donna. Learn how the romance of New Orleans inspired her debut, The Willing Widow. (New Orleans-inspired Victorian suspense should be extra-spicy!)

Osburn_HometoStay_front_cvr_FINALMay 9 – Nancy welcomes Terri Osburn to chat about secrets, secret identities, and her new Anchor Island release, Home to Stay.  Join the party and get the inside info! (Sekrits? We love sekrits!)

Murder At Honeychurch HallMay 12 – Join Kate as she hosts the delightful Hannah Dennison whose wonderful new English countryside mystery series will debut this month, with Murder at Honeychurch Hall. (I’ve met Hannah. You’ll love her!)

DragonLover_w8322_300May 16 Karilyn Bentley returns with her dragon shifters to chat with Suz about her newest book, Dragon Lover. When opposing dreams collide, will love be the victor? (Ooh, dragons!)

Baby Steps medium cover NookMay 24 – Caren Crane‘s book launch party for Baby Steps, the second book in the Cross Springs series. Don’t miss the extra-fun return to Cross Springs for the heart-tugging story of how Connie Burns, the career-oriented, happily-childless best friend from Kick Start ends up a mommy! (Cutest cover ever!)

Lord Somerton's HeirMay 27 – Anna Campbell hosts Aussie historical romance author Alison Stuart. Alison will be talking about her latest release Lord Somerton’s Heir, a Regency romantic suspense set just after Waterloo. (Waterloo! Couldn’t escape if I wanted to!)


Anna Campbell is giving away three personalized print ARCs of What A Duke Dares, the third Sons of Sin What a Duke Daresnovel out in late August, in her current website contest. Just email her on anna @ (no spaces) and tell her the name of the hero and heroine of What A Duke Dares. You might find the answer here: For more information, please check the contest page on her website:

Hello, awesome May 8 Facebook Bandita Blogiversary party! Don’t miss it or you will feel like the out-of-the-loop kid sitting alone at home who missed the totally rad party when Kat and Bianca’s dad went out of town…or was that from Ten Things I Hate About You? Anyway, Like our page and join the party and win stuff!

Online Auction to benefit Diabetes Research: BrendaNovakForTheCure.orgAlso, the Banditas are offering a crapload of great goody packages (11 of them!) in the Brenda Novak auction to benefit Type 1 diabetes research!  Think you don’t know anyone with Type 1 diabetes? You know me and I’ve had it for 32 years! So check out the auction, bid on stuff and help cure my disease. There, I totally made it personal! You can check out our different packages by clicking the Romance Bandits link on the sidebar of the main auction page! 

Wowza! May is shaping up to be kind of amazing and – potentially – exhausting! So what do you anticipate will be your favorite thing about May in the Lair? I think it’s going to be hard to choose (but I’m totally casting a vote for MY BIRTHDAY)!

Weather or Not with Terri Osburn

I’m delighted to welcome an Amazon and Wall Street Journal bestselling author and longtime buddy of ours, Terri Osburn, back to the Lair.  The second book in Terri’s wonderful Anchor Island series, Up to the Challenge, is out, and we’ll be chatting about that along with our main topic, weather and romance.  Welcome, Terri!

Terri_Osburn_headshot_ImageThanks, Nancy!  Weather seems to be a prime topic these days. Considering the alternatives, which are politics, war, and inane celebrity haircut freak outs, I’ll take it. I mean, it happens, right? It’s hot, it’s cold, it’s wet, it’s dry.

It’s always something.

 Even in books. Though I admit, I sometimes forget to mention it. I get so wrapped up in what’s going on inside my characters heads and hearts, I forget that it can’t be sunny every single day. Breezes happen, sun heats up the pavement, and rain can ruin a really good hair day. But I’m getting better.

I’ve come to think of weather as the musical score to a book. In the movies, music sets the tone. It can create anticipation, dread, anxiety, fear, or even calm in the viewer. In books, weather can work in a similar way.

In a Romantic Suspense the heroine might be driving late at night through a downpour along a deserted back road when her check engine light comes on. Or maybe a tire goes flat. Now, you know it’s a suspense so you know this isn’t good, but as you’re reading along in the heroine’s head and visibility becomes more difficult and the lightning strikes and the thunder rolls…

You’re quite likely to come up for air and find that you’re teetering on the edge of your seat. 

At the same time, if a story begins with a clear sunny day and not a cloud in the sky, then you’re relaxed. Maybe you’re reading along with the hero and he’s whistling. You can feel the warm caress of the sun on your skin, and you don’t realize it, but you’re smiling.

And considering recent events, we can’t forget about the snow and cold. Oh, how we love the snowbound couple forced to huddle together for warmth. To drink hot chocolate by the raging fire as the blizzard rages outside. Or maybe they’re lost in the mountains when the storm hits and fighting for their lives. As the snow keeps falling, we wonder if they’ll make it to safety.

And again, we’re on the edge of our seats.

Early-CoverIn my current release, Up to the Challenge, my couple got a little help from Hurricane Ingrid. (Ironically, when I wrote the book, there had been no such storm. Then not long before it released, we had Hurricane Ingrid. Could not have planned that any better.)

Sid and Lucas, my head-butting couple trying who have been trying to ignore the sexual spark between them for nearly 200 pages, get caught in the storm. Nothing like a little hail and high wind to get the adrenaline going.  Here’s an excerpt:

The sound of the rain driving against the shed roof made it impossible to hear, so he motioned toward the door and she nodded in response. Lifting two cans, Sid ran out first, with Lucas close behind. They didn’t make it ten feet before tiny balls of ice filled the air, pelting them like golf balls on a driving range.

He heard a scream seconds before the cans hit the ground and Sid’s ass followed suit. The back porch was less than twenty feet away so Lucas made a hard right, dropped his two on the deck, then slid them toward the door. When he turned back, Sid was sitting with her arms over her head, trying to protect herself from the pounding hail.

She shouldn’t be out here, damn it. Shredding the ground between them, Lucas swept Sid off the ground, cradling her against his chest to offer what little protection he could.

“Wait,” she screamed. “We need the gas!”

He bent at the knees so she could reach the two cans, then once she had a solid grip, broke into a run again. He’d wonder later where he found the strength to pull off the Herculean task, but in that moment he’d have carried the damn shed if it meant getting Sid safe inside.

 Ducking into the garage, he tossed Sid to her feet and turned to close the door behind them. As he slid the latch home, he heard Sid dragging the generator into the middle of the floor.

 “Forget it,” he barked, grabbing her arm and dragging her to the inside door.

“But we need—”

“Dry first.” Pushing her into the kitchen, he bent to loosen his shoelaces, kicking the Nikes off next to the entry rug, then ripping off his socks and dropping them inside. “You got towels around here?” he asked, looking up to find Sid staring at him.

He couldn’t see more than her outline in the darkness, but her stance expressed loud and clear what his body had been telling him for days. They stood there, in Sid’s pristine kitchen, panting and dripping in silence for what felt like an eternity before Sid launched herself against him.

Needless to say, as Ingrid picks up steam outside, Sid and Lucas create lots of steam of their own inside.

For more information about Terri and her books, check out her website.

Do you notice the weather in the books you read? Would you notice if a book had perfect weather all the way through and think it odd? (It should rain some time, right?) And how is the weather in your corner of the world? Are you staying warm or maybe too warm down there in Australia? 

Comment today for a chance to win Kindle version of either of my first 2 Anchor Island books (winners choice – international) and be sure to enter my Belated Blog Tour grand prize giveaway to win your own Kindle e-Reader!

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