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An Ode to Fan-Girls

One of the most amazing things about being a writer is to connect with readers.

As a life-long reader (especially of romance) I’ve always admired authors and have a slew of fan-girl faves. I auto buy their books, I read their interviews and peek at their websites on a regular basis. There are so many authors I’ve been following for decades, more that I’ve fallen in fan-love with in recent years. So it became a lovely by-product of my writing journey that I was able to meet so many of the authors whose books I loved.DSCN0047

Actually, that was one of the reasons I started writing for Blaze—many, many of my favorite authors wrote for the line. I was giddy when I got my first two cover quotes from two of my faves, Vicki Lewis Thompson and Julie Leto. But I’ve got to say the most OMG fan girl moment was at the Harlequin Party a few summers back.   The Harlequin Party is known for a few great things… It’s open bar, it’s wild dancing and the fact that Nora Roberts hits the dance floor each year. Nora Roberts is my hands down, absolute favorite, yes I’d worship her if she’d have me, author. And probably the only person in the world I get star struck over (well, Johnny Depp, but that’s more lust than anything else). That night I was seriously toasted (did I mention the open bar) and was heading for the cooler air with one of my fave peeps, Virna DePaul, when Nora walked by. My friend, much braver than I, Virna called Nora over. I got to meet her. I got to babble truly idiotic things to her, and I got my picture taken with her. Seriously, this was one of the highlights of my reading life. It would be a highlight of my writing life, too, if she forgets what I said.HQ Party

So, Nora and my big mouth aside, to me meeting authors has always been a fun and exciting thing. I mean, clearly I have this fan-girl thing down pat, right? But when the shoe flipped to the other foot? Wow!!! That got wild! Even when I began my writing journey, I never imagined having reading fans. It just wasn’t in my head. So every time I meet one, every note or email I get or random comment I see on Facebook about loving my books? It’s surreal. These are people who read and like my books in the same way I read and like my fan-girl authors’! This is what writing is all about. The fans, the readers. And there are so many levels of fans. The ones who read the books. The ones who read and email or write to share their thoughts. The ones who review and blog about the stories. And then there are the amazing ones –the ones who create entire communities to support the authors.RWA 13 lit signing with Heidi Ulrich copy

And that, dear Bandita Buddies, is you. Whether you’re a reader of mine or whether you’re here because you’re a major fan girl of one of the other amazing Romance Bandits, you’re what it’s all about. We are so grateful to all of you! Because, believe me, it wouldn’t be the same if nobody was reading our books!

Tell me about your favorite fan girl moment. It could be meeting an author or actor or anyone you admired, or it could be a fan meeting you. I’d love to hear about it!

And as a thank you for being awesome Bandita Buddies, I’m offering a Sexy SEAL three-pack to one lucky commenter. The winner will get autographed print copies of three of my early Sexy SEAL stories.

A SEAL’s Secret Release Party

Hmm, that sounds like we’re having a secret release party, doesn’t it.  I sure hope it’s not a secret, though!  Because I’m so excited to share A SEAL’s Secret that I want to shout it from the rooftops.  Or scream it from a mountaintop.  Or, you know, stand on top of a table here in the Lair, pop champagne and celebrate.  With tootie horns, of course.  I hope you’ll celebrate with me. And please, feel free to bring a friend or three.  Sven will be circling with champagne, the margarita machine is pumping out the icy tequila treats and there is chocolate for all!!!champagne

While you get a snack and I wait for my dream party date (Johnny Depp, of course) here’s a peek at A SEAL’s Secret:

“I like to win,” Livi admitted. “But I don’t think winning is everything.”

“Heresy.” His grin flashed like a lightning in the dark, quick and striking. “Don’t let the team hear you say that.”

“You play to win?”

“I play. I win.”

“You are so confident,” she breathed, shaking her head in admiration. That was almost as much a turn-on as his well-muscled body.

“I’m good.” His shrug said it all.

He was good. He knew it, and so did everyone else.

“But we drew,” she pointed out. Tilting her head to the side, she wondered, “Did that bother you? Since you’re used to winning, I mean?”

“I didn’t lose.”

“But you didn’t win.”

His smile was a slow seduction that meandered its way through her system with hot little licks of pleasure.

“Sweetheart, sometimes a draw is a win. It’s all about the bigger picture. What’s the real goal?”A SEAL's Secret cover

Right now her only goal was to taste him.

Livi wet her lips in anticipation, but couldn’t make herself say that aloud.

“Is that one of those military things,” she asked instead. “Like sometimes losing the battle to win the war?”

“I didn’t lose.”

As delighted as she was turned on, Livi laughed.

He really was confident.

What was that like?

Ready to find out, she touched the tip of her tongue to her upper lip and reached out to trace her finger over the letter S on his chest.

Oh, my. He felt good. Very, very good.

She lifted her eyes to meet his, tilting her head so her ponytail swept over his hand where it rested on her shoulder.

“Super SEAL?” she asked.

“Man of iron,” he promised, his hand sliding behind her neck to cup her head. Fingers tangling in her ponytail, he closed the distance between their bodies.

“Ready?” he asked, his mouth inches from hers.

“I think so,” she breathed, shifting closer.

His lips brushed over hers. So soft, almost sweet.



The third time, he added his tongue. Sliding it over the seam of her lips, along the edge of her teeth.

Livi’s body flashed hot, then cold, then hot again.

Her fingers curled into his chest, the other hand grabbing his shoulder for balance.

She’d thought she was ready for this?

Oh, how wrong she’d been.


Mmm, yeah. I don’t think either one of them lost… What do you think?  I hope you enjoy the excerpt, and the yumminess of the cover :-)

Please, party on, celebrate, grope Sven and enjoy the goodies.  I’m going to search for my date.

For a chance to win your own autographed print copy of A SEAL’s Secret, tell me this… If you could bring a date, any date, to the party, who would it be?  

Another Sexy SEAL

Woot, it’s party time again.  I’m so excited about my newest Sexy SEAL release, this one is a fun novella titled A SEAL’s Sacrifice.  I came up with the idea while writing A SEAL’s Proposal, a fun micro story that was included in the Tiny Treats Holiday Delights collection (along with more fabulous micro stories from many of our fab-o Bandits).  A SEAL’s Sacrifice brings some hot fireworks to New Year’s Eve.  Here’s the blurb:

Never underestimate a sexy, stubborn SEAL…Tiny treats

On New Year’s Eve…
Proud of the life she’s created, financial analyst Gwen Kirkpatrick moves easily among the rich and powerful of San Francisco, including dating her nice-guy boss. It’s quite a change from the broken hearted woman who got dumped on New Year’s Eve three years ago when the love of her life chose his Navy career over her.

As the clock ticks down…
For Petty Officer Noah Morelli, mixing his personal life and his dream career as a Navy SEAL seemed impossible. He made a tough choice, and for the last three years he’s been happy using his career challenges to forget the sweet-but-oh-so-sexy girl he left behind. Until he hears someone else is about to propose to her. Suddenly the idea of Gwen spending her life with anyone but him is unthinkable.

Anything can happen…
Gwen refuses to let her heart be broken again, but Noah is determined to win her back. Some sizzling stolen moments in a closet are all it takes to remind Gwen how hot they were together. She may be minus her panties, but she still has her pride. Now Gwen is the one confronted with a hard choice: a dream-come-true opportunity or the love she thought she’d lost. It’s New Year’s Eve, with new choices, new chances, and maybe a new life for them both.

A Seals Sacrifice coverand here’s a peek:

Noah was here, right here. Close enough to touch. Her fingers itched because, oh man, she really wanted to touch.

And he wanted her.

Her mind reeled with flashbacks of the many times and many ways he’d wanted her, pleasured her.

Gwen’s heart tried to climb out of her toes and do a little happy dance but she squashed it back down.

He wasn’t here because he wanted to spend his life with her. He wasn’t even here to claim her as his own.

He was here to prove a point. Like a dog with a bone he’d buried away. He didn’t want her, but he didn’t like the idea of someone else having her.

“You’d rather have Russell than me?” he asked, his tone somewhere between amused and shocked.

Gwen surreptitiously cupped her fingers around her opposite wrist. Yep, she still had a pulse. Which meant the answer to that was not only no, it was hell no.

But she wasn’t about to tell Noah that.

Novellas“How do I put this in sailor speak,” she mused instead, tapping a finger against her chin and pretending her insides weren’t shaking. “How about this. Three years ago I offered you a ride on the love boat and you walked away. Now you can live with the fact that this ship has sailed.”

“And if I said I was ready to commit?” he asked, his words as quiet as the night and just as intense. “What would you say then?”

Three years ago she’d have begged to hear those words. And knowing she wouldn’t, she’d offered to wait instead, without a commitment, without any promises. But Noah, so mired in his belief that a SEAL couldn’t be anything but, had told her to get on with her life.

So she’d got on with it.

I hope readers are as excited about this release as I am :-)  Want a chance to win a digital copy for your very own?  Just leave a comment about your favorite New Year’s Eve tradition!  

Holiday Twists

I love the holidays and am a big fan of traditions.  But sometimes, twists are even better.  I have been laughing so hard at the various videos and memes out this season that either twist, tweak or simply torture those traditions.  They are so fun, and better, funny!  I think thats one of my favorite joys of the holiday season–the laughter and lighthearted fun.

Here are a few of my favorites.

 I adore all things Star Trek:TGN and giggled my way through watching this (four or five times), then had an almost uncontrollable urge to start watching the entire 7 seasons.  But we’re in holiday movie mode right now, so I decided to hold off on my Picard love until the new year.  Although I am watching the Patrick Stewart version of A Christmas Carol tomorrow.   evil elf

I shared this meme with my sister-in-law with instructions to hide it from my niece, who loves the Elf on a Shelf tradition.  I’m having more fun watching the mocking of the Elf on a Shelf than having anything else.  whore in a drawerAnd then there’s the alternate to Elf on a Shelf (sorry, I know it’s totally inappropriate but I laugh like crazy whenever I see it) Whore in a Drawer.

There are a lot of holiday light memes floating around. The palm tree one makes me snicker every time I see it but I figured I was pushing the bounds of politeness posting Whore in a Drawer so I figured I wouldn’t post that one (you can google it though *g*). xmas lights So here’s a fun light meme that I’d love to do some year!

xmas cat And then there are those holiday truisms, like cats and trees are a combination for a funny mess.

And, okay, this is from last year apparently but I just saw it this week so I had to share.  Vrai Anna, this ones for you!!!

Are there any twists on tradition videos or memes that you’ve enjoyed this season?

And since I’m heading into the cave until the end of the month, I’m sending you all Holiday Hugs and Happy Wishes!! I hope your season is filled with joy, laughter and fun.  

Launch Party for Christmas with a SEAL!

Wooot!  It’s Party Time in the Lair and I’m so ready to celebrate!!! Not only is Christmas with a SEAL out, but I just turned in another book and get to climb out of the deadline cave to party!  Which means we need a lot more tequila in here.  Sven?  Lime’s please!!!


I’m really excited to share Christmas with a SEAL with you today.  This story is a little bit of a departure for me because unlike my usual, hero, Phillip Banks is a little, um, hmm… what’s a nice way to put it?  Oh yeah, uptight.  Uptight and upright, as his sister says.  He’s also been through hell as a captive of a lunatic drug lord and has faced some major life upheaval.  But thanks to one sexy silversmith–and the magic of Christmas–he gets to see life in a very different way.  I hope you’ll check out his story and let em know what you think.

Here’s the blurb:



A Sexy SEAL home for the holidays and a heroine who wants him to stay there. Their secrets could bring them closer together, or rip them apart forever.

Subject: Navy SEAL Lieutenant Phillip Banks

Mission: Resist one saucy redhead’s attempts to de-Scrooge him…and seduce him!

Silversmith Frankie Silvera has lost her creative mojo. And she knows how to get it back—by getting her sexy on with a certain hot sailor. Just the thought of Phillip’s hard, Navy-trained body against her, and everything goes molten. He’s the “inspiration” Frankie needs for the holidays!

Navy SEAL Phillip Banks is the prince of protocol. But after his last mission went horribly off-course, all of that control has dissipated. Now he’s at the mercy of one very determined female who is pulling out all the stops on Operation Christmas—including red-hot lingerie and the promise of oh-so-wicked delights… But does giving in mean giving up everything he’s worked for?


And here’s a peek at his sexy silversmith the beginning of the book:

      If she had a fairy godmother, Frankie Silvera would be sending her a big ole thank you bouquet for giving her the perfect opportunity to make some of her naughtiest dreams come true.

Or maybe it was her creative muse.

This was the kind of place that definitely inspired creativity. The Las Vegas penthouse was a kaleidoscope of sensations. Neon lights glinted off sparkling chandeliers, sending colorful sparkles off the crowd of partiers. Dressed in everything from sequins to plastic, denim to silk, bodies filled the room, covering the leather couches, perched on chrome stools around the horseshoe bar and flowing onto the dance floor.

Accenting it all were intense music, free flowing booze and men. So, so many men.

And oh, baby, they were gorgeous.

It wasn’t just knowing that most of these muscular, sexy men were Navy SEALs that made Frankie’s insides dance. It was knowing that somewhere among them was her dream hottie and the answer to all of her problems.

She just had to find him.Christmas with a SEAL cover

Would you like to check out the entire first chapter of Christmas with a SEAL?  Here you go… in an easily downloadable version of your choice of pdf, mobi or epub for your reading pleasure :-) Feel free to share the link with your friends –and let me know here what you think!!   And  you can check out more about the story on my website on the Christmas with a SEAL page!

To celebrate the release of Christmas with a SEAL (and, of course, my escape from the deadline cave), I’m offering up an autographed copy of any of my backlist SEAL books and a Sexy SEAL swag bag to one lucky commenter today.  

Since I’m so in love with this cover, I’ve got to know… what would you ask Santa for this year.  If, of course, Santa looks like this guy ;-)  

Is It Too Early?

According to the handy dandy Christmas Countdown Clock, there are 71 days left until Christmas.proc hurry

Now, whether that’s “ONLY 71 days left, holy cow how will I get everything done?!” or if that’s “Chill, there’s still 71 days, what’s the rush?” is always up for debate.

If you’re a crafter, 71 days might be worth freaking about.  Most of the stores have had holiday craft supplies in stock since August, some are starting to sell out as Christmas decorations nudge Halloween crafts off the shelves.  I started thinking about card making supplies about a month ago, trying to decide on a design for this years cards.  My tried and true method is to either immediately fall in love with a design and start prepping in September, then get busy and forget about it until November, then freak and rush to finish, barely getting cards in the mail.  Or in alternate years I can’t come up with anything, think I’ll just buy cards instead, then forget and don’t send anything.  I’m really bad that way.giftwrap

If you do a big blowout at at the holidays, this countdown might be kinda exciting.  On par with ‘how many sleeps until we leave for Disneyland’ or some other fun outing.  My late mother-in-law always gave us ornaments with our gifts.  She would start searching out the perfect ones early in the year as a part of her kicking off the holidays tradition.  I tend to start my gift giving list this time of year, trying to pin the family down to what they really want so I can have all of my shopping finished by Thanksgiving.  I have friends, on the other hand, who rely on overnight delivery and free gift wrapping and do all of their shopping the week of Christmas or others who simply give gift cards and ignore the idea of making a list.

So with all of that in mind, given how I procrastinate, 71 days isn’t really much time.  Barely more than two months.  I should be panicking a little, and making lists of the lists I have to make, right?  punkin

On the other hand…

I hate thinking about Christmas before Halloween.  Halloween rocks, and it’s way too important to rush past.  Even though my kids don’t trick or treat any longer, they still dress up and I have fun decorating the house and contemplating the joys that Halloween brings.  And its really difficult to do that if there are Christmas decorations already crowding my space.  Although come to think about it, how fun of a trick would that be to have a house fully ‘Christmased Out’ for Halloween.  Maybe give out candy canes and chocolate Santas?  thanksgiving

Thanksgiving I’m not quite as attached to.  I like it, but lets face it, thats a lot of time in the kitchen. And even if someone else does the dishes, I’m still worn out when it’s over.  I think its all the talk about Black Friday shopping that goes on around the table.  Since as I mentioned, I aim to be finished with all of my shopping by Thanksgiving, I never go out to face the crowds.  But even if I hadn’t bought a single gift, I’d probably still hide at home because, lets face it, those shoppers get scary.  I know this because I’m related to some of them.  I do usually begin decorating the house for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving.  For me, thats when it really starts.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not too early to start thinking about Christmas now, does it?  Maybe jotting down a few gift ideas, updating that ole card exchange list?

What do you think?  Are you already in the holiday spirit or do you want to close your eyes and cover your ears until December, so as not to have to face it too soon? Do you have a tradition of how you get into the holiday mood?

In Search of Balance

I suppose you could say that writers are, by trade, creative people.  It actually takes a lot of energy to spend so much time in create mode, though.  At least, it does for me.  So you’d think when I wasn’t writing I’d be giving those creative juices a rest, but I recently realized that I really don’t.  All of my hobbies or activities that aren’t related to my career (or my kids or housework *g*) seem to be centered on creative outlets.  And I know this is just me, because there are tons of authors (here in the lair alone) who have wonderfully well-rounded, balanced interests.
sigh… But not me.  I really wish I did, though.  But when I sit and try to figure out what or where I’d bring in balance, I get stuck.

I’m not into sports at all, and even though I do exercise on a regular basis I prefer solitary exercise with my headphones on and my mind free to explore whatever story I’m stuck on (cuz I’m always stuck on one story or another).  Thankfully my husband isn’t a big sports fan either, although he does do a lot of competitive shooting, so he’s not bummed that I’m clueless over teams or scores or whatsis that goes with sports.

I read, tons.  But over the last handful of years I’ve began wondering if that’s actually a pastime and relaxing pursuit, or if it’s yet another thing that should be slid into the pursuing my career category. So that doesn’t seem very balanced.IMG_1829

So I keep thinking, what else do I do?  Hmm, I do a lot of crafting. It used to be more scrapbooking but in the last year I’ve been mostly focused on making cards.   I actually prefer scrapbook pages, but I can end up spending a whole week on one, while I can make a few cards in one evening before I get distracted by a deadline, hence… cards.  bday card


I cook, but I call that a necessity.  Even when the cooking edges into baking and the results are yummy cupcakes or in yesterday’s case, apple bread.  And I’ve been known to forget to cook for weeks at a time during deadline crazes.  Luckily my husband and kids are really good at feeding themselves.  And I hang out with friends, but most of my friends are in the writing industry so talk inevitably turns to business.

There is yummy margarita consumption and heavy breathing over Johnny Depp, but I probably don’t do enough of either to consider them a real part of the equation.  So when I look at it, I feel like I have a couple of interests, a fun hobby, but, um, no balance.  Tha’s no good :-(

So what about you?  Do you find yourself gravitating toward hobbies that reflect or are similar to your chosen career?  Do most of your interests seem to focus in the same area?  And most important, do you have ANY tips on finding balance? :-D 

Annnd, a last winners shout-out:  The winners of the A SEAL’s Fantasy pre-release party prize: an autographed copy of any of my first 4 Sexy SEAL titles, along with a fun Sexy SEAL Swag Bag!!!  are:  catslady and Hannah!  Drop me an email hidden; JavaScript is required with your shipping info, including Romance Bandits Fantasy in the subject line to collect your prize ;-)

It’s Pre-Party Time for A SEAL’s Fantasy

Ahhhhhh!!! First off, I have to do a wild Happy Dance because my Sexy SEAL boxed set has had a wonderfully successful weekend. It’s discounted to only .99 cents this weekend, and it’s hit #5 on the Kindle Bestseller List and #1 on the Nook Bestseller List. Wheeeee, yay and a huge thank you to EVERYONE who added the boxed set to their collection. happy dance

But that’s not what we’re celebrating today (although do feel free to happy dance with me-I always dance better in a crowd). Today’s the big whohoooo is because we’re having a Launch Party! A SEAL’s Fantasy is out in digital at midnight tonight, which means today is the Final Day of Preorder celebration. See what I did there ;-) So instead of being a launch party, it’s a last day to preorder party today. The Cabana Boys are coming around with pre-release goodies in the form of grapes instead of wine, tequila shots sans margarita mix, strawberries that haven’t been dipped in chocolate yet, unfrosted brownies and chocolate chip cookie dough (chilled, of course). And here’s a peek at the story. I thought since it’s a pre-party, it’d be fun to get the pre-opinions Dominic and Lara have of each other at first sight…

Lara found her mark, front stage left, shimmying in place while the principles gracefully mounted ribbon-covered swings, arching their bodies backward as the swings rose to sweep out over the crowd. Catcalls rang out over the applause as the women shifted upward to dance on the slender bar of the swing.

     One of the perverts jumped onto the stage and tried to grab the swing, coming away with just a handful of plastic flowers. The dancers didn’t miss a step as a burly man dressed in black wove through their still kicking legs to grab the guy and haul him off the stage.

     Lara barely resisted rolling her eyes as the security dragged the idiot away. Then a movement in the front row caught her eye.

     Her gaze shifted to the left.

     Oh my. A little breathless, and not from the dance steps, her smile dimmed a little.

     He was gorgeous.

     Dark, intense and emitting such a gimme vibe that she was grateful that the sequins of her bra kept her nipples from showing.  

     He was big. Big enough to loom over the guys in the seats around him.

   He was sexy. The kind of sexy that made her knees weak and her tummy shake. The kind of sexy that made her want to promise anything, for just one taste.

     But she’d learned the hard way that every bite, nibble or lick cost a girl. And there was nothing she was willing to pay anymore. The good times just weren’t that good.

     Dance, she told herself.

Focus on the dance.

     Next to her, Sheri putt in enough extra shimmy that the beaded fringe of her bra swung in circles. Lara was impressed. Used to working the late show, the statuesque blonde had a gift for swinging her pasties, but the costume top was a lot heavier than a tiny flap of fabric and a few dangling glitters.

     Without thinking, her gaze shifted to the sexy guy in the audience to see if he was impressed, too. But despite the blinding lights, she could tell his eyes were still locked on her. It was unnerving. Flattering. And one hell of a turn on.

     Let it go, she told herself. Thankfully, the music changed and Lara led the chorus line in a swirling series of steps, upstage, then right, then back.

     She’d seen plenty of gorgeous men in her time. Dancers didn’t have to be pretty, but many of them were. Especially the guys. Of course, most of them were only interested in the other pretty guys, but that was beside the point. They were still plenty hot.

     So hot wasn’t worth wasting her thoughts on.

     And sexy was pure trouble.

     Now on the opposite side of the room, she felt safe looking at him again.

     But oh, what a yummy mouthful of trouble he’d be.

     It was probably the long, dry spell without sex that had her getting all wet and wild over a guy whose face she couldn’t even see clearly.   Maybe she should break open her piggy bank and hit the toy store. An adult toy might take the edge off.

     And, more importantly, keep her from thinking about doing anything stupid.

     She had plenty to think about already. She had goals, big goals. Goals she was this close to making a reality. And those goals required every single one of her thoughts.

So, sorry gorgeous guy. None for you.


And…A SEAL's Fantasy cover

Well, well. Apparently little sister Lara got all the looks in the Banks family, Dominic decided. And all the style. She had the same mahogany hair and green eyes as her brother, but the resemblance stopped there.

     Her hair was short, a wicked angle that highlighted sharp cheekbones and exotically long-lidded eyes. And her mouth… Oh, baby. Her lips were full and rosy, erotic enough to put a porn star to shame. Of course, that impression might be the result of watching her strutting her incredibly sexy body onstage for an hour.

     He dropped his gaze to take in that body up close. It was definitely one worth getting personal with. She was tall, in heels just a few inches shorter than him, with most of her height in those long, sleek legs. The kind of legs made to wrap around a man and take him for a wild ride. Her jacket obscured, but didn’t hide the lush curves of her breasts. His fingers itched to move that denim aside and get a better look.

     He resisted.

     Not because she was glaring gat him. Nor because of any stupid rules about her being off limits because she was Banks’ sister.


     He yanked his lust back, holding it in check.

     She was his mission.

     “Hi,” he said, his smile pure charm. He didn’t figure it’d take more than that. It rarely did. “You’re Lara, right?”

     “Excuse me,” she said, moving her hand from side to side as if flicking him out of her path. “I’m in a hurry.”

     He’d been able to resist her looks, stunning though they were.

     But that voice. Hello, darlin’, that voice was pure sexual invitation.   Low and husky, it was meant for dark rooms and silk sheets.

     “You’ve got a second, though, right?”

     She gave him a look, a combination of irritation and inquiry, as if she couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t listening.

     He could have told her he was listening just fine.   But her order and his wishes were in direct conflict, and Dominic made a habit out of getting his way. Especially when it came to beautiful women.

     With that in mind, he amped up the charm a little and tilted his head.

     “Look, I just want to talk to you.”

     “Right,” Lara mocked with a roll of her eyes. “Talk. Sorry, big boy. I’m busy. Why don’t you grab one of the girls on the corner. They’re never too busy to chat.”

     He snorted.   Damned if her smart-ass mouth wasn’t just as sexy as her legs.

     “We can keep it public. There’s a diner across the street. We’ll talk there.”

     “I’m not into talking, even in public,” she said as she tried again to pull her arm from his grip. He didn’t let go.

     “Sweetheart, you just bared your all to a theater full of drooling guys. You obviously have no problem with public displays.” A fact for which he was very grateful. He might not be planning to enjoy what she had to offer, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to appreciate its existence. Covered in shiny fabric or simple denim, the woman had a body of a goddess.

     “My all was fully covered,” she reminded him with frown.

     “Not fully enough to diminish the fabulous view,” he corrected, his smile automatically shifting to flirtatious before he could stop it. Not that he’d have tried. After all, a goddess had to expect a little worship with a body like hers.

     “I’m betting at some point, your momma probably taught you that look doesn’t mean touch.” She shot a pointed glance at his hand, still holding her arm.   “You wouldn’t want her disappointed, now, would you?”

     Dominic grinned. She was as clever as she was pretty.

     Still, he didn’t let go. Clever and pretty wouldn’t keep her safe. He, on the other hand, would.

     He just had to convince her of that.

Ahhh, they’re in for some fun, don’t you think? I hope you’ll check out A SEAL’s Fantasy at midnight (or preorder now if you’re so inclined) and let me know what you think.

In the meanwhile, I’m excited to celebrate and hope you’ll give me some more pre-celebration treat ideas. What’s a yummy delicious treat even before it’s reached it’s final stage? Share a few in the comments and I’ll draw two random names to win an autographed copy of any of my first 4 Sexy SEAL titles, along with a fun Sexy SEAL Swag Bag!!!


If you haven’t had a chance to grab the Sexy SEAL boxed set, today is the final day of the .99 sale:  Amazon |  B&N  |  Harlequin  |  iTunes   |  Kobo


And did I mention that A SEAL’s Fantasy digital release will hit readers at midnight?  ;-)   If you were looking to pre-order, here are a few links:  Amazon | B&N | Harlequin | iTunes  | Kobo

The Sexy SEAL Winners are…

Thank you so much to everyone who celebrated the boxed set release of the Sexy SEALs with me yesterday!  I consulted the all-powerful prize consultant (aka, the random number generator) and the following awesome guests are the winners:1BanditBooty

Sarah O’Leary, Darcy Weber, Dawn Matthews Medlock and Shannon!  Ladies, if you’ll email hidden; JavaScript is required you’d like autographed and sent to you, I’ll get those in the mail right away.  In case you’re not sure which book you’d like, you can check them all out at 

A Sexy SEAL Launch

Oh, Sven…

Sven?  Where’d he go?  He knows it’s launch day… Hmmm.  Okay, so Sven is probably off chasing roosters.  Why he”d want to catch one is beyond me, though – I mean, if the Rooster is gadding about, let him gad right?  At least he’s not drinking all of the party booze. And speaking of booze, what should we have to celebrate today?  I’m in the mood for something bubbly to go with the frothy margaritas.  Champagne, perhaps?  I know Sven is hiding a case in the back of the wine cellar, I’ll have the pool boys bring it around.champagne

What else do we need for a proper celebration?  Food, of course.  I’m always in the mood for chocolate and cupcakes sound fun, but what else?  How about fruit tarts for a change. We can call them healthy.

Music, music.  Hmm, should we bring in a DJ and rock out with the dance tunes? Or have mellow quartet playing in the background?cupcake

And for entertainment, well, that’s where the Sexy SEALs come in.  Because today, my hunky sailors get their very own boxed set!  Yep, the first four Sexy SEAL stories are now available in a handy dandy digital boxed set!
A SEAL's Seduction cover Hmm, who should we bring in?

There’s Blake from A SEAL’s Seduction.  The Boy Scout of the SEAL team, always prepared and ready to do the right thing (and boy does he do it right).

Or Cade, aka Slick.  Oh, so sexy and tempting, this charming rich-boy knows just what it takes to get the job done in A SEAL’s Surrender.  He’s always coming to the rescue!
A SEAL's SurrenderI’m partial to Brody, myself.  Also known as Bad Ass in A SEAL’s Salvation, he fits his call sign so well. And I do love me a brooding bad boy with a chip on his shoulder and a heart of gold.9780373797875.indd

But Aiden from A SEAL’s Kiss is such a sweetie.  Genius to his teammates, Aiden proves just how sexy smart can be.  And yeah, it can be really, really sexy.

A SEALs Kiss I loved writing each of these individual stories, but am so excited to see them brought together into a single set. Its like guys night, in book form ;-)

To celebrate their launch I’ll offer four prizes – one for each book in the set.  For a chance to win one of four autographed print copies of any of these first four books (winner’s choice) and a Sexy SEAL swag bag, just answer these easy party questions:

  • Margarita or ChampagneSEALs set
  • Cupcake or fruit tart
  • DJ or Quartet
  • And last but not least…  Which SEAL would you take for your very own?  Blake, Cade, Brody or Aiden?  

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