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The Sexy SEAL Winners are…

Thank you so much to everyone who celebrated the boxed set release of the Sexy SEALs with me yesterday!  I consulted the all-powerful prize consultant (aka, the random number generator) and the following awesome guests are the winners:1BanditBooty

Sarah O’Leary, Darcy Weber, Dawn Matthews Medlock and Shannon!  Ladies, if you’ll email hidden; JavaScript is required you’d like autographed and sent to you, I’ll get those in the mail right away.  In case you’re not sure which book you’d like, you can check them all out at 

A Sexy SEAL Launch

Oh, Sven…

Sven?  Where’d he go?  He knows it’s launch day… Hmmm.  Okay, so Sven is probably off chasing roosters.  Why he”d want to catch one is beyond me, though – I mean, if the Rooster is gadding about, let him gad right?  At least he’s not drinking all of the party booze. And speaking of booze, what should we have to celebrate today?  I’m in the mood for something bubbly to go with the frothy margaritas.  Champagne, perhaps?  I know Sven is hiding a case in the back of the wine cellar, I’ll have the pool boys bring it around.champagne

What else do we need for a proper celebration?  Food, of course.  I’m always in the mood for chocolate and cupcakes sound fun, but what else?  How about fruit tarts for a change. We can call them healthy.

Music, music.  Hmm, should we bring in a DJ and rock out with the dance tunes? Or have mellow quartet playing in the background?cupcake

And for entertainment, well, that’s where the Sexy SEALs come in.  Because today, my hunky sailors get their very own boxed set!  Yep, the first four Sexy SEAL stories are now available in a handy dandy digital boxed set!
A SEAL's Seduction cover Hmm, who should we bring in?

There’s Blake from A SEAL’s Seduction.  The Boy Scout of the SEAL team, always prepared and ready to do the right thing (and boy does he do it right).

Or Cade, aka Slick.  Oh, so sexy and tempting, this charming rich-boy knows just what it takes to get the job done in A SEAL’s Surrender.  He’s always coming to the rescue!
A SEAL's SurrenderI’m partial to Brody, myself.  Also known as Bad Ass in A SEAL’s Salvation, he fits his call sign so well. And I do love me a brooding bad boy with a chip on his shoulder and a heart of gold.9780373797875.indd

But Aiden from A SEAL’s Kiss is such a sweetie.  Genius to his teammates, Aiden proves just how sexy smart can be.  And yeah, it can be really, really sexy.

A SEALs Kiss I loved writing each of these individual stories, but am so excited to see them brought together into a single set. Its like guys night, in book form ;-)

To celebrate their launch I’ll offer four prizes – one for each book in the set.  For a chance to win one of four autographed print copies of any of these first four books (winner’s choice) and a Sexy SEAL swag bag, just answer these easy party questions:

  • Margarita or ChampagneSEALs set
  • Cupcake or fruit tart
  • DJ or Quartet
  • And last but not least…  Which SEAL would you take for your very own?  Blake, Cade, Brody or Aiden?  

Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iBooks

Hot August Nights!

CA 6Anyone a Neil Diamond fan? There was a stage in my teenage life when I thought he was the bee’s knees and I wished my name was Caroline!

Wow, August is jumping in the lair! I hardly know where to look there’s so much good stuff happening. Here’s a list of the guests who will be lighting up the lair and of special events for your entertainment! Rosie will be cracklin’ all right!

On August 5, Nancy welcomes Jesse Hayworth to talk about the latest Mustang Ridge romance, HARVEST AT MUSTANG RIDGEjh.  Jesse will tell us about the challenges and the fun of writing a reunion of exes.

CA 5On Thursday, 14th August, we have one of Tawny Weber’s infamous launch parties in the lair! Yahoo! In anticipation of her September release, A SEAL’s Fantasy, Tawny’s Sexy SEALs are getting their own boxed set!  On August 12th, the first four books in her Sexy SEAL series will be hitting digital shelves everywhere.   You can check them out at   

kim lawContemporary romance author Kim Law will be in the Lair Aug. 18 to celebrate the release of her latest title, SPRINKLES ON TOP.

crazyforher_cover_lgOn Wednesday, 20th August, I’m hosting Sandra Owens who will be talking about her first K2 Special Services book from Montlake, CRAZY FOR HER. You know how we love Navy SEALS in the lair!

Phew! I told you we had a lot going on in the lair this August!

CA 2On Thursday, 21st August, lair favorite Lorraine Heath returns to talk about her latest, ONCE MORE, MY DARLING ROGUE. A gambling house overseer seeks to bring an aristocratic lady to heel by convincing her that she is his servant when he rescues her from the Thames and discovers she has no memory of him or the numerous times she publicly snubbed him. Sounds delicious!

CA 1On Wednesday, 27th August, author Jo Davis stops by to chat with Suz about her newest Sugarland Blue book, IN HIS SIGHTS. When a dangerous criminal targets those whom Sugarland detective Chris Ford holds dear, nothing will stop him from hunting down his man.…

CA 4On Saturday, 30th August, Christina Brooke hosts the lovely Melanie Scott, whose New York Saints series is about to take the romance world by storm. Mel will be chatting about her first book in the series, THE DEVIL IN DENIM! Love that cover!

Duke very low resBecause I have a new release at the end of August, I’m doing a big international giveaway on my website. There are FIVE chances to win a signed copy of WHAT A DUKE DARES (Sons of Sin 3). Just read the excerpt on my site and tell me the name of the Scottish captain of Cam’s yacht the Windhover (here’s the link to the excerpt). Then email me on anna @ (no spaces) with your answer. Contest closes 31st August 2014.

Are you old enough to remember the 70s? Do you have a favorite artist from back then? Were you another Neil Diamond fan? If you don’t remember the 70s,what’s your earliest musical memory?


What Would You Do?

I’m peeking out of the writing cave today to send you all a big wave hello!  Deadline-Ahead1Hi everyone, remember me?  Excuse the squinting, there’s not a lot of sunlight in the cave.  I’m deep into my 7th Sexy SEAL novel and it’s due at the end of the month (if anyone ever says writing a book in 7 weeks is easy, send them to me.  I want to know how they made it easy), plus the always fun but always hectic Romance Writers of America conference is next week so I’ve been trying to prep for that in my brief forays out of solitary confinement, cave-style.  question-mark

While I was out this weekend, someone asked me what I’d do if I were stranded on a desert island for an entire weekend.  I said sleep, of course.  Which is apparently a very boring answer, but what can I say?  The idea of an entire weekend of sleep is pretty seductive.  But that kicked off a fun discussion of What Would You Do…

I thought it’d be just as fun to play with all of you.

So here we go…

What would you do if you were stranded on a  desert island for one weekend?

MoneyWhat would you do if you had to perform in a talent show–tonight?

What would you do if you found an unclaimed $1000?

What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with your dream hottie?  (realistically -would you hit on him/her?  Would you be starstruck? Would you strike up a conversation?)

What would you do if you woke up in a Freaky Friday moment, where you’d switched lives for one day with the last person you spoke with?

I can’t wait to hear what you’d do!!! 

Its the Little Things

It’s been a week of little things…


Yesterday was the last day of school, which was a major whoohoo.  Not because it’s one of those milestone years, or because there were awards or accolades involved.  Since we homeschool, those tend to be rare. But because the schoolday was filled with tests and exams, which are usually a  source of stress for my daughter, and it went so smoothly.  Just like that, she flew through them all and voila, we are both free for the next 6 weeks!  We celebrated by making chocolate chip pecan cookies for dinner.  Nothing major, but it’s the little things.


After years of having a total handle on it, I’ve been struggling the last few months to write a career plan that works for me.  In part because I have some big choices ahead, but also because, well, nothing seemed to click and capture the ‘plan’ the way I knew it should be.  I’d gone the business route, visiting the SBA site and downloading their template.  But it was too dry and blah.  I’d googled my way through a half dozen writer or creative focused plans, but nothing felt right.  I revisited a workshop I’d taken from Author MBA years ago, but while the template rocked, it didn’t take into account where publishing is now.  I tried writing my own, but it made my head hurt.  Then earlier this week, someone mentioned that OneNote was available for Mac.  I’d used the program for years in goal setting and other projects, but had given it up when I switched from Windows to Mac. So this was so cool. Even cooler?    It was free (seriously!  Free!)  I downloaded it and within a day, my career plan started taking shape, ideas were flowing and everything just clicked along.  Not because the program has a template or anything like that, but because it simply flows in a way that works with my brain. See, it’s the little things.  

RWA13 HQ party 2

Wanna hear another one?  So, I’m going to the Romance Writers of America conference  next month.  And I was excited about going, don’t get me wrong.  But I was also a little bummed because so many of my friends aren’t going this year (including so many of the Bandits *sob*) and on top of that, my CP was stuck at a different hotel because the conference hotel had filled.  One of the things I love best about conference is this tradition that a handful of us started, oh a million years ago.  After the Golden Heart/RITA ceremony, once everyone was through partying, we’d all return to our various hotel rooms, get whatever we needed down for departure in the morning, wash off our makeup, get in our comfiest sloppy clothes and meet in a  quite corner of the hotel. We’d dish, we’d decompress, we’d plan, we’d quietly begin the mourning process that comes with not seeing each other for another year.  But with so few of us at the conference, and my bestie at a completely different hotel, I knew that tradition wouldn’t be a part of this conference. And it seriously bummed me out.  Then, mid-week, someone mentioned on Facebook that the conference hotel had openings.  Just like that, my CP was booked at the same place I was, and even if it’s just her and I, the tradition will continue!  Again, a tiny little thing, but it’ll make such a difference in my conference experience.  

cookie choc chipThere were other little things this week, enough of them that I spent last evening seriously reflecting as I sat outside watching the full moon. So often, we measure life by the big things–at least, I do.  Accomplishments, milestones, events.  But its the little things that make all the difference.

How about you?  Do the little things make a big difference for you, too?  Or are you already used to appreciate them (I am learning!)?  I think I’ll go celebrate my week of little things with another cookie! 

That Infamous Deserted Island

Let’s play a game, shall we.

I’m going to pretend everyone shouted “Yes!” just now, and didn’t groan.  island

You’re stranded on a deserted island for a month.  We’ll call it a vacation, since there are no chores, no phones, no electronics, no responsibilities.  It sounds kinda cool, huh?   The basics are provided (water, fruit, veggies and your protein of choice, shelter, sunscreen and all the sarongs you want to wear)

island 5

You only get to bring five things, one from each of the following categories:

  • A form of caffeine (remember, chocolate is caffeine)
  • A single author’s books (but you get their entire library of everything they’ve written) 
  • One snack (remember, you’ll be eating this same snack every day for a month)
  • The magic island seashell plays only one song when you hold it to your ear – you can pick whatever song (by whatever artist) you’d like
  • One person –any person– to share your month with.  For the sake of this little fantasy, lets pretend we’re all single (just in case your one person was of the opposite sex and a hunky movie star like Johnny Depp.  Oh wait, he’s on my island. Sorry ;-) )  island bench

So… what’d you choose for each category?  And how long do you think you’d last before you were bored crazy?  

The Procrastination Project

Help!  I have a little problem.  I’ve had it most of my life and have tried I know how to overcome it.  I’ve read books, I’ve listened to gurus, I’ve created workarounds.  I’ve made excuses, I’ve made deals with myself, I’ve even tried bribery.  I’ve organized my life, my work and my time and have become an avowed goal fiend.  And it still has me by the throat!  proc clock

So I’m here to confess.  I’m a procrastination addict and I need help!  

Seriously- my mother is now sending me emails with medical findings on how not getting enough sleep leads to a myriad of diseases, I’ve taken to writing my monthly goals and to-do list in pencil because it is less discouraging to erase things than to see all those scribbles through everything I don’t get to.   And I have 3 more contracted books to write this year, 2 indies and a single title proposal due asap.  I have an active teenager who deserves my attention, a closet full of jeans that only fit if I exercise and three dogs who like to play.  All good reasons to be on track, right?  

proc hurry

And yet, I’m not getting things done.  I justify some of it -I can’t write until all of the marketing/promotion work is finished. Writing blog posts, social networking, website maintenance, it does take up a lot of time.  The industry is changing so fast and I have to learn what’s what if I’m going to keep up, don’t I? And yes, the linen closet was an embarrassment when my sister-in-law grabbed a towel, but that doesn’t mean i had to rearrange and reorganize it all instead of doing the marketing in the afternoon, necessitating marketing instead of writing at night.  Does it?  My friends justify some of it, too.  Burnout, overwork, taking on too much all take their toll, as our own Vrai Anna reminds me :-D   

proc quote

But here’s the thing… I make my deadlines.  It might exhaust and stress me out in the process, but I meet my commitments.  And as long as I felt like I was doing something ‘productive’ I  was happy to accept all of those excuses. For awhile.  But reality is reality -if I’m going to get those books out and live a happy life, I have to get a grip on this thing!  So I figured who better to ask than the smart, savvy Bandita Buddies ;-) 

Tell me, do you procrastinate?  Have you found a cure, or do you have any tips or hints on how to overcome this?! Favorite procrastination quotes?  Or do you have any idea where I can find an extra three or four hours a day? I need them!  

A SEAL’s Kiss- Exclusive Excerpt

Here’s a peek from my April release, A SEAL’s Kiss:

“Look, as tempting as it might be to get carried away by the pretense, we aren’t actually engaged.  So no sex.”  Aiden said it so adamantly she had to wonder which one of them he was bossing around.  “And no situations that might lead to sex.  No scenarios that might give each other an idea to create a situation that might lead to sex.”

     That’s it.  Sage had had enough.

     He was only doing this for her father.

A SEALs Kiss     She got that.

     He didn’t see her as marriage material, because wanting something didn’t mean you should have it.  Whatever that meant.


     But if he thought he got to call the shots when it came to her and sex, he was sadly out of his mind.

     Because Sage Taylor had a policy against letting any man tell her how, where or when she’d enjoy sexual pleasures. 

     Aiden had just offered up a tidy lesson on the merits of mission planning and strategy. 

     Now it was his turn to learn a thing or two.

     Call it her way of saying thank you.

     Not sure what she was going to do, only knowing she was going to make damned sure they both enjoyed it, Sage slowly lowered her feet to the floor.

     The move sent her skirt floating, sliding along her bare limbs like liquid.  Aiden’s hazel eyes followed the fabric, settling for a long second on her bare toes before he yanked his gaze back to meet hers.

     Sage smiled.

     A slow, seductive smile.

     Then in a sinuous move she’d learned from the belly dancers in Persia, she got to her feet, her fingers skimming her hips, up her waist before she teased them along the sides of her breasts and up to her throat. 

     Wetting her lips, she gave a deep sigh.  Aiden’s gaze dropped to her breasts and his own lips tightened.  If the fit of his jeans were anything to go by, something else was getting tight, too.  He didn’t look too happy about that.  But Sage’s goal was horny, not happy.

     She stepped closer. 

     From the wild look in his eyes, she figured it was a credit to his SEAL training that he didn’t step back. Because he clearly didn’t want her body this tight against his.  Or, he didn’t want to want her this close.

     “You go ahead and set those rules,” she told him quietly, tapping one finger against his chest, then against his chin. 

     “You saying you won’t follow them?”

     “Rules one through three?  I’m one-hundred percent committed.”

     He closed his eyes for just a second, then gave her an arch look. 

     “And rule four?”

     “Babe, enforcing that one is all on you.”  She gave one last tap, this one on the tempting fullness of his lower lip. Then, for good measure, she leaned close and brushed her own lips over that same spot before giving him a wide smile.  “Good luck with that.” 



Release Celebration: A New Witch in a Dangerous Dozen

Woohoooo!  Its Party Time!  Today  I’m celebrating witches, magic and nasty exes because those are the themes of my new release, There’s A New Witch in Town.   

I’m so excited about this release.  New Witch is a story I wrote just for myself at a time when I really needed the reassurance that writing was something I loved.  I ignored all of the demands to change it, to make it more this or less that, I held tight to my vision of the story.  Why?  Because I seriously loved it just the way it was for a lot of reasons.  Here are just a few…balloons

  • Of every book I’ve written, New Witch still holds the prize as having my very favorite opening line:  

In the grand scheme of life, was slipping Viagra into your husband’s dinner really that bad of a thing?

Hmm, what do you think?  Was it?  

  • I won’t tell you what Miki decided to do, but she did end up issuing a pretty wicked curse.  It went like this:

She ground her teeth together, and focused on the still churning magical energy.  Drawing it in to calm her, she spoke through her teeth, “If it’s an ending you want, then ended we’ll be.  Appearances are all you ever did see.  You wouldn’t listen or give us a chance.  Now I curse you to waste that useless joke in your pants.  Only in public will it ever again work, that’s what you deserve for being a jerk.”

It was a lousy rhyme, but it did the trick.  Miki put her dramatic genes to good use and shoved away from the table so hard the silver jangled against the china and her half-empty glass of wine spilled, like blood, over the white linen.  Two narrow tapers toppled together, froze for a brief moment like a bright red X, then hit the table.  Melted wax splattered, rapidly followed by a lick of flames dancing directly toward where Perry sat watching in horror. 

New Witch Cover

She smirked through her tears as he jumped to right the candles, then slapped his napkin at the fire to put it out.  Smoke and the acrid scent of burnt fabric filled the air.   

Miki took one last look at the mess that so perfectly summed up her marriage, then spun on her heel and stalked to the door.  This had turned out to be the worst night of her life. 

Turning thirty sucked. 

  • And I wrote a hero that was the perfect example of mellow determination.  Here’s the reader’s first peek at Gideon:

Gideon Ross inhaled the rich scent of freshly brewed coffee with a deep sigh of appreciation.  Nothing like a small vat of java to start the day right.  Only one way better.  Gideon eyed the only other people in the diner, three old codgers arguing baseball and Marcia, the waitress.  She was fifty-going-on-eighteen, did scary things to spandex, and was one of the few single women in Rossdale, Idaho, population two thousand twelve.  Gideon took another sip of his coffee.  He’d stick with the java.

  • No cursed town is complete without a legend, I added this one:

Gideon grimaced.  Damn, he hated when conversations veered into the woo-woo area.  He hated all talk of magic.  But he knew the fairy tale Fred referred to.  Rossdale legend had it that Gideon’s own great-great grandpa, Hiram Ross, saved a beautiful woman from a mountain slide and earned her everlasting gratitude.  The woman, per the legend, was a witch who blessed the town with peace and prosperity as long as they welcomed faith, magic, and love.  There was even a statue in the town square commemorating the story.

  • And, of course, the villain.  Sven, can you cue the spooky music for Tilda, please:val toast

Tilda forced herself to release the anger and focus on the land, the energy flowing beneath her feet.  She hadn’t set foot in this town in six years, and as strong as the energy was, it was barely worth the fury stirred up by her memories of it.

            Damn Gideon for hauling her here to this rinky-dink joke of a town.  For thinking this would suit her, that she’d be content to waste away here in Nowhereville.  The only saving grace was the vein of magic tied to the land.  And once she’d realized she could tap into that without putting up with being smothered by the rest, she’d left.

           And Gideon, damn him, had refused to leave with her.  With the combined strength of her powers, the magic of the prophecy, and Gideon at her side, they could have done anything.  The key was Gideon though.  Oh, she’d tried other founding descendants.  But it didn’t work.  Either the prophecy was only half-true, or she needed the love of Gideon Ross to avail herself of its full power.

            And that had been his downfall, and how she’d known he didn’t really love her.  Because that ultimate power had always been denied her.  Like fine wine, revenge was best with age.  And Tilda would have her revenge.  Nobody, not even the sexiest man she’d ever had, turned away from her.  Especially not after she’d let him into her heart.

  • heart & flowerOh wait, the real  reason I love this story?  Miki and Gideon falling in love, of course :-) 

He leaned down and brushed his lips over hers.  Just a taste, soft and gentle.  Feeling her sigh against his mouth, he deepened the kiss slowly.  Like a blind man feeling his way in the dark, Gideon took the final steps, carefully navigating an emotional labyrinth.  As their tongues swirled together in perfect unison, he reached the center.

           And knew, without a doubt, he was falling in love with the woman in his arms.


            Shock ripped through his system as the realization took hold.  Gideon pulled back, staring down into Miki’s questioning eyes.

            “What’s wrong?”

            “Nothing.”  Nothing.  Being in love didn’t mean the end of the world.  It meant… what?  Gideon tried to calm his panicked heartbeat and willed the tension to leave his shoulders.  He had to get over his past. 

            Falling in love was a good thing.  Falling in love with a woman as wonderful, as normal, as Miki, that was a great thing.  He just needed a little time to get used to it, and decide if he was going to continue to fall, or bail before it got too ugly.  Once he’d figured it out, maybe then he’d share his discovery. 

I hope you’ll check it out.   You can find New Witch in the Dangerous Dozen: Heroes To Die For boxed set for only .99 cents (limited time pricing) or it’s on sale all by it’s lonesome as well.  Or for a chance to win one of three copies, tell me what’s the most important part of a  romance for you?  The heroine?  The hero? The love story?  What about the external plot or the heat level?  


April Coming Attractions

Last Temptation of Dr. Dalton

March was an AMAZING month in the lair. Our fabulous Tawny Weber hit the New York Times List as a part of the Lucky 7 Bad Boys boxed set, which features her story Naughty Vegas Nights. And if that wasn’t enough, Anna Campbell won the Australian Romance Readers Award for Best Continuing Series AND was nominated for a RITA award in the historical category for A RAKE’S MIDNIGHT KISS! 


But never fear that we’ve been too busy partying in celebration of our banditas’ successes. We have an action-packed April for you this month!

 On April 2nd, Robin Giana returns to the lair to discuss whether eyes are truly the windows to the soul.  You can see her inspiration in the cover of her latest release, The Last Temptation of Dr. Dalton.

CoverFinalLG-NewWitch new

 Our very own Thelma and Louise, Nancy Northcott and Jeanne Adams, hit the road on April 4 and 5 and will bring you their latest adventures on a research trip through coastal Georgia. Savannah, Brunswick, and (of course, since Nancy is involved) the Okefenokee are all on the itinerary, and there may be some surprises along the way. Safe travels, Nancy and Jeanne! No cliff-diving now, OK?



On 12 April, Nancy welcomes Alexis Morgan for her Lair debut.  They’ll chat about Alexis’s new release, Immortal Cowboy.

Break out the cabana boys, because Tawny’s full-length paranormal, There’s A New Witch in Town will released on April 14th!  A sexy fairy tale of a witch, a hot hero and a cursed town… and a whole lot of fun!

Cross Springs In Bloom cover2

On April 15 Trish Milburn celebrates the release of CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF LOVE the second novella collection in the Starfish Shores series from MJ Fredrick, Tanya Michaels and (of course) Trish Milburn!

April 16 – Caren Crane hosts Deb Marlowe and various others of the Red Door Reads authors to talk about their exciting new novella adventure. Be sure to Like their Facebook page before April 15 so you will be first to hear all the news!




April 17 — Elke Feuer debuts in the Lair with her book, Deadly Bloodlines, in which “A serial killer is determined to repeat a murderous pattern that started twenty years ago.”

Atlantis Dark Tide concept 2
On April 18, Lisa Tapp joins Joanie to chat about her debut novel, FINDING BETH.  

April 21 Allie Burton returns to the Lair with Atlantis Dark Tides, book 4 in her YA series, where treachery and spies determine the fate of the underwater world.

UrsulaLeCoeur_TheWillingWidow_1400px (2)[1]

April 23rd brings debut author Ursula LaCoeur to the lair.  Learn how the romance of New Orleans inspired her debut, The Willing Widow.



Suzanne Ferrell’s KIDNAPPED is FREE on Amazon, iTunes, and KOBO ebooks.

Susan Sey and Caren Crane will be participating in a huge Red Door Reads giveaway (prize is an iPad mini!) starting April 15. To keep in the know, Like the Facebook page.

Tawny Weber’s There’s A New Witch in Town will be out in the Dangerous Dozen boxed set on April 7th – for a limited time, the boxed set is specially priced for only .99 cents.
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