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A Visit with the Fabulous SOPHIA NASH!

SophiaNash4Bandits and buddies, I hope you’ll join me in welcoming back my dear friend, SOPHIA NASH!

Sophia’s been a guest on the blog several times, but it’s been a while. Sophia, for those new to the Bandits who might not know you, tell us a little about your journey to writing award-winning Regency-set historicals.

Sophia: A bit of a sad story really. My father was dying of cancer and when I suggested that he write a book as it was a dream of his, he replied, “No. Life is short and YOU want to write a book. So, write it and I’ll edit it.” We both loved Jane Austen and so I wrote a Regency set historical, “A Secret Passion.”

A year later my father died, but the book finaled in a contest and caught the eye of an editor, who offered a two book contract.

Jeanne: Oh, that IS sad,  and so bittersweet!  I’m sorry for your loss, but glad you actually DID write the book! When did you first know you were going to be a writer? Or more accurately when did you first want to be one?

Sophia: No one else in my family wrote, so I didn’t know right away. But I always loved books, movies, or any kind of storytelling. I became a television writer and producer straight out of college and it was during that job at a CBS affiliate that I realized how much I enjoyed writing.

Jeanne: Interesting…You’re the second award-winning author I know that worked in television! What is it about the Regency that is so attractive to writers and readers?

Sophia: I think so many people love the books (and/or the movies) by Jane Austen that that is a draw. I also liken the Regency period as 220px-Pickering_-_Greatbatch_-_Jane_Austen_-_Pride_and_Prejudice_-_She_then_told_him_what_Mr._Darcy_had_voluntarily_done_for_Lydiathe 1960s of the 1800s. There was a war going on, young men were dying, new music–the waltz, where people embraced while they danced– new art, architecture styles, daring fashion. It was an exciting time to be alive.

Jeanne: Are there any other historical periods in which you’d enjoy setting a book? Or other countries during a certain historical time?

Sophia: Aside from the Georgian period, which is fascinating to me, I also love the WWII era. And as I’m French and American, I adore both countries.

Jeanne: I’ve so enjoyed getting to know about WWII for a novella I’m working on, and since it’s partly set in France, you know I’m going to be picking your brain about France and all things French!  Grins.  

Now, tell us about this fabulous book, THE ONCE AND FUTURE DUCHESS! I adore that cover.  And about the series as well. This is the last book in the series, isn’t it?once_350

Sophia: Yes, this is, indeed, the last book in the quartet. And it ties up all the remaining questions concerning all the dukes in the series. This is truly the Duke of Candover’s story, and Isabelle Tremont, the Duchess of March.

She has been in love with him for most of her life, but duty and a promise made keep them apart. This is a story about the courage it takes to be vulnerable and to stay the course. In addition, The Duke of Sussex, from one of the other books, must find his destiny with Miss Amelia Primrose.

My absolute favorite scene in the book is when all the characters go out on a golf course. Who knew the game of golf could be so funny?

Jeanne: Well, it’s an odd game, but I can’t wait to see how funny YOU make it! Grins.

And now for some general fun that doesn’t involve golf….Since your Duchess is a bit unconventional, we’ll mix up some modern and historical questions.

mens-bambooorganic-cotton-boxer-shorts-eco-fabrik-bbx4-2a_47760_fullBoxers or briefs?

Sophia: As for me, boxers, but of course, the Duchess would not know what those were. And the Duke of Candover would not wear anything. Nothing gets between him and his breeches.

Jeanne: Snork! Well, that could make things interesting!

Lawn Darts or Lawn sex?

Sophia: Both. Together. At the same time 😉

Jeanne: OMGosh, that could be dangerous!! Hahah!

Ireland or Scotland?37988916_700x700min_1

Sophia: I love both and am dying to go, but Isabelle wouldn’t have gone to either. She’s very much the British Aristo, in love with her own country. And she’d never go there unmarried….wouldn’t want anyone to think she was after a quickie wedding!

Jeanne:England, is a great country (I know Anna Sugden, Nancy Northcott and all our historical Banditas would agree!), and I guess Scotland and Gretna Green were the Regency version of Vegas, for weddings. Snork!

Chocolate sauce or caramel?

Sophia: Are you kidding? Both!

Jeanne: Amen!

Let’s go for exotic….India or Africa?

IMG_0686Sophia: I believe Candover would choose a refreshing trip to America.  That would be sufficiently wild for him, but I’d go for the exotic and choose Africa, specifically, Namibia!  I went there this last year and loved it!

Jeanne: Ooooh! Namibia!! That is exotic!  I loved these pictures of you on the dunes!

Sidesaddle or hunt seat?

Sophia: The Duchess can, of course, ride either, but prefers hunt seat even if it’s a bit scandalous. The Duke secretly has a thing for sidesaddles–not.

Jeanne: Snork! Have YOU ever ridden sidesaddle?  I know you used to be involved in horse shows…2012445(2)

Sophia: Yes! One of the most terrifying experiences I’ve ever had was jumping a one foot fence riding sidesaddle. It made the nearly six foot fences that you jump while astride feel like a piece of cake!

Jeanne: I’ll bet. It just seems so off balance and…well…dangerous. Grins.

In that same vein…Riding habit or ball gown?

Sophia: For me, I’m the outdoorsy type, so I’d go for jeans and chaps to ride as opposed to the hose and ballgowns and shoes that hurt your feet.IMG_0458

As for the Duchess she would tell you she’s always dressed appropriately and meticulously. She wears whatever the occasion demands. (However, if pressed, she’d go for the riding habit and be outside in the fresh air!)

Jeanne: Riding works…Grins.

Bikini, one-piece or wetsuit?

IMG_0599Sophia: Seriously???? I’m going for the wetsuit. I like to surf, but it’s COLD in the water I like to surf in, in the Atlantic. I have to say though, if Isabelle were alive right now, she’d be rocking a bikini under her wetsuit. She’s just that adventurous.

Jeanne:  You go on with your bad self, Sophia!  Surfing!  Love it!  And from what I know about Isabelle, she would be right out there with you.  Grins.

So what about you, Bandits and buddies? What are your answers to the questions??

Boxers or Briefs?

Lawn Darts or Lawn Sex?

Ireland or Scotland? (Or both with England thrown in for luck?)

Chocolate sauce or caramel?

India or Africa?

Sidesaddle or Hunt Seat?

Riding Habit or Ballgown?

Bikini, one-piece, wetsuit or “not going anywhere near the beach”?

THE ONCE AND FUTURE DUCHESS came out YESTERDAY!  Go, buy, enjoy!  But wait till tomorrow…Sophia is generously giving away a copy to one lucky commenter! Have fun!

(All photos are the author’s, from Yahoo Free Images, Wikimedia Commons or private collection.  No copyright infringement intended)