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A Fresh Start, a New Year & New Adventures

Happy New Year, Everyone!

January is always a “Clean Sweep” sort of month for me.  By it’s very position as the first month of the new year, it’s an ideal time for starting over, setting new goals, finishing off old projects.

Cleani1While in the past I’ve resisted taking down the Christmas decorations until mid-month (now 🙂 ), this year I couldn’t wait to get it all down and put away.  In part, because I wanted to start fresh symbolically with a clean house, but also because my newly retired husband decided we needed to take a vacation for the next three weeks to someplace warm!  That doesn’t leave me much time to get things wrapped up, packed, and planned.  If you saw my office, you’d appreciate that cleaning that small room alone is a full month project!  🙂 In cleaning out the promotion closet, I see I have some goodies to share as a prize to today’s post.

Then there’s the writing…as you know, I released CHARMING THE PROFESSOR in December amid the crazy project of finishing the floors, CharmingtheProfessorfinalChristmas, and learning the ropes for self-publishing.  It’s been a whirlwind!  I’m sure my promotion of the book is not up to snuff, but I was just exhausted from all the effort.  (And thank all of you who so graciously have left a review on Amazon and Goodreads) With that book, behind me, I’m turning my attention to two projects.  One is revising and re-editing a Romantic Suspense called IN A HEARTBEAT.  This story was released with Samhain under a pen name back in 2007.  I’ve written a number of books since then and, quite frankly, am a better writer now than I was back then.  So I’m almost finished revising and re-editing this book for hopefully a Spring release.  InaHeartbeatIt’s a project I’ve been working on here and there through 2015.  Here’s the cover.

But more importantly, I’m working on TO BAIT A RAKE, the next book in the Rake Patrol Series.  If you read my Christmas short story, SCOTLAND CHRISTMAS REUNION, then you’ve already read a taste of the new book.ScotlandChristmasReunion B&N  You will recall that the Rake Patrol formed as the four ladies involved were determined to root out the rakes that placed personal ads advertising to meet women in the Mayfair Messenger.  My four Rake Patrol members were convinced that such ads were placed for nefarious purposes and they sought to expose the men behind the ads – however, in the last two books, the men weren’t rakes at all.  This is a problem.  How does one find and identify a rake?

Enter Abigail, a young widow who wishes to be part of the Rake Patrol. She volunteers to interview the men who believe themselves to be rakes, so the Rake Patrol can recognize specific characteristics as they investigate the personal ads.  To lure men forward for their study, the Rake Patrol places it’s own ad with an invitation, and all manner of difficulties, conflicts and romantic trysts ensue.  This should be a fun book and I’m hoping to get more time to work on it once we head South for warmer climes.

So my question is:  If you happened to be a curious, very sheltered young widow, what question would you ask a rake if you had the opportunity to interview one?  Anything goes 🙂 .  The person leaving the best original answer will win a tin of Old Pulteney Single Malt Scotch Whisky Fudge (Made in Scotland).  I can’t wait to hear your answers. 🙂



12 Days of Christmas Master Prize Post

Blake BrosThanks to all that participated in the Romance Bandits 12 Days of Christmas…

On the 1st Day of Christmas SUSAN SEY gave away a Kindle copy of the Blake Brothers Boxed Set TROUBLE and a bag of Crapola Granola to SHANNON!  Email Susan at to claim your prize!

On the 2nd Day of Christmas SUZANNE FERRELL gave away an ebook copy of Close To Christmas and an ornament to JANE and COLLEEN C! Email Suzanne  at to claim your prize!!Forget Me Not

On the 3rd Day of Christmas, CAREN CRANE gave away a copy of the anthology FORGET ME NOT to BRENDA RUMSEY! Email Caren at to claim your prize!

On the FOURTH day – AKA the FUDGE FIGHT between Cassondra and Jeanne – the winner is KATE SPARKS!  (Please message Jeanne on FB within 30 days to claim your prize!)

On the FIFTH day – AKA – GRAVY WARS – the winner is Louisa Cornell – I have your email, so I’ll email YOU!!  Congrats, ladies!!

red_question_mark_circle_clip_artOn the 6th Day of Christmas TRISH MILBURN gave away a surprise pack, and it goes to…MARY PRESTON! Congrats!

Send me your mailing info either through the Lair mailroom or message me privately on Facebook


On the 7th Day of Christmas JO ROBERTSON awarded every commenter a free e-book of WITHOUT MALICE.  I think everyone responded and got her claimed her copy.  Thanks for participating!KOBO JO ROBERTSON MALICE

Cover2a-APerfectStormOn the 9th Day of Christmas, ANNA SUGDEN gave away a New Jersey Ice Cats ornament and a set of signed, limited edition, NJ Ice Cats short stories to … KI and to PISSENLIT! To apologise for not making it to the blog (due to bad weather, bad traffic and a bad migraine) she will also give away a free signed, limited edition copy of A Perfect Storm to any of the BBs who commented on her day. All winners, please email your snail mail details to Anna via her website or the Lair mailroom.

Moors Tear 1600x2400On the 10th Day of Christmas DONNA MACMEANS gave away a Mardi Gras mask ornament, a digital copy of THE MOOR’S TEAR, and a digital copy of SCOTLAND CHRISTMAS REUNION to….  BARB HEINTZ!   Barb, please email your contact information to to claim your prize!ScotlandChristmasReunion B&N

On the 12th Day of Christmas, NANCY NORTHCOTT gave a dragon ornament to…GAMISTRESS66! Please email Nancy via her website, nancy northcott dot com (no spaces) by January 8 to claim your prize.

The GRAND PRIZE Winner is SANDYG265.  Sandy, everyone will mail separately, but if you’ll email contact info to Nancy per the listing for the 12th day, she’ll get it to everyone.

Congrats to all the winners, and thanks to everyone who joined in our celebration!

Hope you all had fun.  I know we did. Jeanne and Cassondra will announce their winners a little later, but they will be announced 🙂

Wishing everyone a very happy New Year!


All’s Well that Ends Well

Let’s face it. Every part of a book is important. The beginning is important to hook the reader and draw her into the story. The middle is important to flesh out the characters, and ramp up the conflict. The back end is important for the emotional roller coaster of the climax and the all-important happily-ever-after. The best promotion is a good book.  It’s said that the ending of a book will sell the next.

I believe this. I’ve read books and short stories when the ending just…well…ends. And I feel cheated somehow. I want either that perfect sigh that all is right with the universe – especially with this couple that obviously loves each other – or I want a twist or a little punch that intrigues me and makes me rush to download the next book. You know what I mean.

Moors Tear 1600x2400The second book in the Hunger Games series, Halt and Catch Fire, was like that.  I was fortunate that my daughter had already bought Mockingjay.  Have to say I didn’t like Mockingjay as well as the other two books, but I still had to read it based on the previous book’s ending.

Earlier this month I released The Moor’s Tear. Several of you have read it (thank you.) What you may not realize is that I never really intended to write that story. My agent had an opportunity for me to sell a short story but I only had a weekend to write it. At the time I wasCharming the Professor final working on the beginning of Charming the Professor, and thought I could write a story that would tie into my time travel. With the help of fellow banditas Jeanne, Cassondra and Nancy, we plotted a story that I love. However, when I turned it in, my agent said that she forgot to mention that it couldn’t tie into an existing book. Now Charming the Professor wasn’t an existing book at the time, but the ending made it clear that something happened to the charm teacher. I rewrote the ending but I felt it was rather flat. The story didn’t sell and I got to put my original ending back on it. Meant to be, I think. 🙂

Scotland Christmas ReunionOn November 2nd, I’m releasing my Christmas story, Scotland Christmas Reunion. I had some unique challenges to this story. For example, did you know that Christmas was not celebrated in Scotland until the 1950s? This made it difficult to write a Scotland Christmas story. 🙂   It all worked out though. The heroine is the Laird’s mother from The Whisky Laird’s Bed. Remember her? But I Untitled-3had difficulty making the ending pop. I’ve rewritten the ending several times.  You’ll have to let me know if you like it. (and let me know what you think of the excerpt of To Bait a Rake – the next Rake Patrol book included with the short story).

So I’m curious. What endings of books do you remember the most? Were there any that made you rush out to read the next book? Let’s talk about endings today. I’ll give two people leaving a comment a copy of Scotland Christmas Reunion.

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As I’ve totally forgotten how to imbed the links in the book covers:  I’ve listed them here for anyone interested:

The Moor’s Tear

Scotland Christmas Reunion

The Whisky Laird’s Bed

Charming the Professor – coming December 2015 (still working on putting it up 🙂  )