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Pretty Boys and Rugged Men

by Jo Robertson

In the world of Hollywood there used to be a standard for the leading man in film. Straight nose, high cheekbones, thick hair of whatever color, and sculpted mouth. Think Alan Ladd, who by all accounts was so short (a measly five foot six inches) that he wore lifts and often had to perform on raised platforms to appear taller than many of his leading ladies.

Then the standard for good looking men turned to the rugged, skewed looks, a tad off from perfection. Often the separate features of these men are odd, too large noses, crooked smiles, too angular jaws. But there’s an appeal about them, nevertheless.

Take Nathan Fillion of ABC’s Castle. Now, that man has a nose. Really, it nearly takes over the man’s face! His eyes are droopy at the corners and his lips are rather thin. Yet thrown together as they are, his features are appealing, interesting, captivating. At least to me.

As you may know, my husband, Dr. Big, is a large man – six foot, four inches. But more than height, he has big features. His head is leonine. When we shop for hats we can never find one in a size large enough to fit his head. His hands are huge, easily twice the size of mine (and mine aren’t dainty by any means). There’s nothing perfect about his facial features. And yet, for a man his age, the features all work together to form a rather nice-looking gentleman.

Besides, he has a lovely head of hair which has always been my main weakness in a man.

Consider Eric Bano, Aunty Cindy’s personal favorite. The man has Dumbo ears! I’m sorry, AC, but it’s true. Look!

And while no one could reasonably argue against Orlando Bloom’s looks, isn’t he just a little too pretty?

Some men, like fine wine, get better with age. George Clooney, anyone?

Richard Armitage, FoAnna’s not-so-secret love is movie star handsome, but he does have a rather sharp nose and thin lips. I suppose that’s why he plays Sir Guy Gibson on Robin Hood so well.

And what about heroines? Too many blonde-haired blue-eyed cuties? Dark-haired, green-eyed vixens? Do we prefer the heroine whose features are untraditionally attractive? Or the classic looks we normally read about in books and see in movies? Cute classical or interesting?

I’ve been wondering about this a lot because the standard set by Hollywood, for example, is realistically impossible. Regular men and women simply don’t look like that!

What about you readers? What do you like in your leading men or women? Pretty boys or rugged men? Sleek attractiveness or next-door-neighbor prettiness? Examples, please.

When you read about heroes who set your hearts thumping, who do you picture?

Men Of Sports!

by Suzanne

Before I go any further, I’d like to announce that the pitchers and catchers have reported to spring training!! Whoohooo! The boys of summer are almost back!

Can you tell I adore baseball? I’m married to a Cleveland Indians fanatic, so I watch 161 games a year. I kid you not! But luckily for me, the scenery isn’t too hard on the eyes.

There’s Grady Sizemore out in Centerfield. He’s beautiful and beautiful to watch, especially when he’s stretched out going for a fly ball. They guy simply loves to play the sport and goes all out. And when he scores a run or steals a base, the grin he gives lights up his whole being!

Then there’s Travis Hafner, the DH, who hopefully will live up to his potential. I mean the man is a farm boy raised in South Dakota…built like an oak and when he’s on can hit the ball a country mile. Every time Travis comes to the plate there is a potential for a game altering swing of the bat! I love his intensity and focus as he eyes the pitcher and waits for the ball. And watching his body move to take it downtown…poetry!

And to my great pleasure, (and any other woman who’s stared at the backside of pitchers on the mound) Jake Westbrook, the best looking behind on a pitcher’s mound, is returning to the rotation after nearly 2 years. Jake is one of my favorite reasons for watching baseball. That and I consider baseball a thinking man’s, or woman’s, game.

Another sport I adore is football. American football. Sigh. Being a Cleveland Browns fan long before meeting my hubby, I’ve suffered many a disappointing season. There have been highlights over the years. Bernie Kosar’s throwing. Clay Matthews (#57) 16 years as a fabulous linebacker who knew how to hit and tackle. And now the explosive kickoff and punt returns of Joshua Cribbs (#16) and the power blocking of Joe Thomas, I think there might be a light at the end of the tunnel for my boys. But because I rarely get to root for my Browns in the post season, I also admit to admiring Petyon Manning and the Colts. Peyton is one of the most beautiful passers ever to play this game. And talk about confidence? Mmmm.

Of course, there’s always my Buckeyes. Jim Tressel is on the road to greatness as a coach, IMHO. Being an Ohioan transplanted in Texas, well let’s just say I’ve had more than one occasion to boast about my home team!

Now, these are tried and true sports for most Americans. There are those who love basketball. My coach is die-hard Kansas Jay Hawke fan and my husband is ga-ga over LeBron James and the Cavs this year. However, I am not really much of a fan, although I do sit through my fare share of games. (Usually with my nose in a book, or working on the king-sized afghan for my son’s bed…a Christmas present it will take me until next winter to make.)

But the other day I was vegging before getting ready to head to work, when my channel surfing came across something unique to TV in America.


OMG!! It was like the heavens had opened up, a beam of light from above shone over me and I swear the choir of angels, (all female) hit a high C in perfect harmony!! (By the way, google rugby players and you won’t believe the pictures you get…uh, not for publication on the Bandit blog!)

Have y’all seen this? I mean truly watched the game? It’s like soccer, football and ultimate fighting all rolled into one glorious expression of male bonding and testosterone!!!

Super buff men in shorts…god they have great legs…no padding, literally beating each other up to get this huge football down the field. And when one of them is passing the ball in from the sidelines 2 guys lift a third way up in the air by his feet to catch it! Bloody noses, bloody lips, bloody eyes, dirt, twisted ankles and knees. (Yes, I’m slightly blood thirsty.) But I think I’ve found a wonderfully masculine game to watch.

Now, if I could just get the TV people to show more games!!

What does this have to do with books? Hmmm…well, I’ve read books with sports heroes in them. But I think it’s the whole males competing against males that piques my interest and I’d love to see more books with heroes from sports. (And yes I’ve read all of SEP’s books!)

So, what sport do you love to watch or at least don’t mind watching the men who play them? (Yes Anna…I know you adore hockey!) Anyone love rugby like me? Which sport would you like to see featured in a series of books?

Go Indians!!