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Regan Black/Debra Webb WINNERS!

BanditBootyCongratulations to the winners from our extra-fun visit from Regan Black and Debra Webb. Sadly, no mentoring was on offer but we have a few other goodies to give away:

ANITA H. has won a $10 gift card to either B&N or Amazon (her choice) and an autographed tote bag!

SECRET NINJA/ADAhas won a $10 gift card to either B&N or Amazon!

Lucky you guys! You can use your gift cards to buy BULLETPROOF by Regan Black, which is available for pre-order for Nook and iTunes and on sale everywhere October 17! To claim your prize, please contact Regan at black.regan @ gmail . com.

Congrats again and thanks for being such great commenters!



The Inherent Magic of Mentors with Regan Black and Debra Webb

I’m thrilled to be hosting a couple of dear friends in the Lair today. Both should be well known to you by now, since both have guested with us before! Regan Black and I met eons ago, back when we still had young children and life was hectic and somewhat crazed. Regan and Debra met a couple of years later and gradually the circle closed until we were all chums. I admire both of them so very much and seriously love their books. Today they’re talking about something that happens often in writing circles but is rarely discussed with readers: mentoring. Debra and Regan both write suspense (though Regan’s tends toward the paranormal) and Debra sort of took Regan under her very experienced wing. Showed her how to do what she already did even better. Now Regan is here to talk about this mentor relationship and what it does for both of them. Deb will probably be popping in to answer comments, as well. Settle in, pull up a chair, grab a cold beverage and a warm canape and listen in.

blackwhiteregan2Thanks so much, Caren, for having us back in the lair today! Deb and I always have such fun here.

Mentors are people we look up to, people we admire for their various skills and expertise. They are the people we’d like to resemble when we grow up. Debra Webb, one of the top names in romantic suspense, has been that person for me for the majority of my career. She’s driven, prolific, and quick with a plot twist if you find yourself in need of one.

We first met at a Smoky Mountain Romance Writer’s conference ages ago (but miraculously, neither of us has aged a day since). Her advice from those sessions carried me in good stead (and still does). Though our publishing paths differed, Deb has always been a tremendous source of support and encouragement in my career.

Deb gave me my first cover quote for Justice Incarnate. She taught me how to write a synopsis (a feat my critique partners greatly appreciated). She helped me sort out the editorial language of revision letters. In 2011, she introduced me to the editor of the Mammoth Book of Futuristic Romance, who purchased an original Shadows of Justice novella for that anthology.

debra webbBut let’s fast-forward to August of 2012.

With Deb’s stunning success early in 2012 self-publishing Obsession and Impulse, the first two books in her acclaimed Faces of Evil series, Grand Central picked up the series. Just as her books were about to be re-launched in ebook and paperback, Deb called to check on me.

Seriously. Yeah, she’s good like that.

My year wasn’t going nearly as well as Deb’s. In fact, I was sure my career was going down in flames. I had the obituary written (it was some of my best work), but Deb refused to believe it. More importantly she refused to let me believe it.

That phone call last year was a tremendous change-up. I took pages of notes while she efficiently dissected my career circumstances, listened to my goals and ideas, assessed my strengths and productivity, and laid out a plan to move me forward.

Deb always has a plan.

Bullet Proof - NewBULLETPROOF, the first book in a new paranormal romantic suspense series, is the big next step in that plan. Deb brought these characters from vague concepts to three-dimensional with in-depth brainstorming and “Oh! What if…” phone sessions. She kept me motivated with hard release dates, promotional schedules, and killer advice for the cover art concepts.

A soldier is nothing without his honor.

To avoid a dishonorable end to his decorated military career, John Noble made a deal with the devil. He gave up his name, endured harrowing training, and accepted every mission thrown at him for one purpose: redemption.

An ambitious reporter, Amelia Bennett, is about to break the story of her career, if she lives long enough to tell it. Caving to her boss’s demand, she hires a bodyguard and soon it is obvious John Noble is the only obstacle standing between her and certain death.

Just when John believes he has found someone he can trust and love, who loves him unconditionally for who and what he has become, his orders are amended: Amelia Bennett is to be terminated.

 Introducing Unknown Identities: an alternative for elite soldiers and spies facing criminal charges… if they can survive the program. Don’t miss Double Vision, the next installment of this sizzling, action packed series.

Available October 17, BULLETPROOF has enough of a paranormal edge to keep my muse happy, but still this venture often feels like a giant step into a new genre for me. When I start to freak out, Deb pipes up with the familiar ‘don’t worry’ refrain. (Sing it with me!)

Shadows of Justice kindle.boxset.1It’s a blessing to relax in her utter confidence. And she should know whether or not I need to freak out. Not only is she one of the best in the business when it comes to romantic suspense, she was the editor-in-chief for BULLETPROOF.

Deb’s philosophy of mentoring is rooted in the theory that authors need to work together for mutual success. While our writing styles are different, we can still brainstorm, evaluate, and share experiences (or nightmares) from marketing to formatting to tangled plots in order to help each other stay productive.

Some days that involves listening to the natural highs and lows of working in the weird, non-linear publishing industry. Other days it means a swift kick in the creative pants to get ourselves back to the keyboard and into the next wonderful tale that wants to be told.

To celebrate this new book and the Unknown Identities series, Deb and I would like to give one lucky winner a $10 gift card to Amazon or B&N along with a signed BULLETPROOF tote bag. To enter, just leave a comment about your experience being mentored or being a mentor.

Good luck everyone!

Live the adventure,


Okay, y’all know what to do. Tell us about your adventures in either being mentored or being a mentor!


Happy October!

I love fall.  There’s so much to look forward to–chunky sweaters, soft scarves, fresh-picked apples.  Then there’s the first frost, first pumpkin pie, first crockpot chili…  Some among us might say football season (I’m looking at you, Suz & Jeanne) but some of us married Nebraskans without full disclosure about much of every weekend would be sacrificed to televised Husker coverage.  (It’s extensive.  I should’ve been warned.)

But here in the Lair, there’s something for everybody!  And October is looking awesome.   Check out what’s in store for you!





Love a good historical?  Check out Christie Kelly’s new release ENTICING THE EARL!

Kick Start



More into the witty contemporary?  Caren Crane’s KICK START is now available as a trade paperback!




Trish--Out of the Night


Looking for something a little darker?  How about Trish Milburn’s OUT OF THE NIGHT?


Click on the covers for more details!






On Wednesday, October 2nd, Anna Campbell hosts lair favorite Annie West (, who’ll tell us about her latest passionate tale, AN ENTICING DEBT TO PAY. Annie’s always great fun and we look forward to hearing about what’s going on in her life!  Plus she’s giving away two copies of her new book!  

Caren--Bullet Proof - New



On Thursday, October 3rd, our own Caren Crane will host Regan Black and Debra Webb as they discuss the Magic of Mentors. Regan and Debra will share what makes their professional friendship so beneficial – and so productive.  They’ll be giving away an autographed BULLETPROOF totebag & a $10 Amazon gift card, so swing on by!






On Friday, October 4th,  Sara Jane Stone will be celebrating her debut release, COMMAND PERFORMANCE, with us!  Tawny says that this is one hot, hot debut, so you might want to wear oven mitts.  One lucky commenter will receive her own e-copy of COMMAND PERFORMANCE! 




On Monday, October 7th, Susan Sey invites Tamara Hogan to talk about all the things authors should never say on Twitter (but maybe want to.)  Come hear all about it, & maybe win a copy of Tamara’s latest release TEMPT ME!







On Friday, October 11, Christine Brooks bring us another lair favorite–the fabulous Amy Andrews with her brand new release from Momentum, HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO. 







On Monday, October 21, Nancy welcomes Gerri Russell back to the Lair.  Gerri will talk to us about her new release, A LAIRD FOR CHRISTMAS, and dating customs in the 1700s.


Anna Campbell is holding a Halloween contest to celebrate a month-long price cut on her very romantic ghost story, THESE HAUNTED HEARTS, which is now only 99 cents. She’s giving away two copies of the novella (international). All you need to do is email her on and tell her the name of her 2012 Christmas novella featuring Alicia and Sebastian. You might just find the answer on Anna’s book page: For more information, please visit Anna’s contest page:

And that’s just what I can round up in advance!  Stuff is always cropping up last minute, so make sure to stay tuned!  

Turning over that calendar page always brings surprises–some welcome, some not so much.  Any surprises on your agenda this week?  



Regan Black’s Mammoth Winner!

Congratulations to long-time Bandita Buddy PAT COCHRAN!!


Pat, Regan will be mailing you an autographed copy of  The Mammoth Book of Futuristic Romance, featuring her award-winning novella In the Interest Of Security. If you need to update the address on file with us, please contact Caren through her Writing Cave. Congratulations, Pat, and happy reading!

Regan Black Explores Justice, 2096 Style

IThose of you who hang around the Romance Bandits Lair often will recall the dazzling and multi-talented Regan Black. Regan and I met back in the mists of our writing careers and have been critique partners, friends and fans of each other’s work ever since. Regan writes in several different genres, but my personal favorites of her books are the futuristic romantic thrillers. I’m excited to have Regan back with us today to talk about a story she has in The Mammoth Book Of Futuristic Romance. Regan, welcome back to the Lair! I had the boys pull these exceptionally comfy chairs over by the fireplace so we could thaw out a bit. The Lair is so drafty in the winter!

blackwhiteregan2Regan: Ooh, I love this chair! The fire is nice, too. It’s been near freezing in South Carolina and I’m not geared up for that these days. I’m excited to be back in the Lair, but…a little sad the cabana boys have taken down the Christmas decorations. It was so festive…

Caren: I know, it’s always hard to adjust to the lack of sparkle once the decorations are down. Paolo does an amazing job with the tinsel every year and when he has to take it down, even he goes into a bit of a funk. Let’s get him to create drinks for us. That’s sure to cheer him up. Oh, Paolo! [Paolo schleps into the room, his brown eyes flat and dull, his blindingly white teeth barely showing behind his sullen lips] Regan and I are going to be chatting for a bit, so do you think you could bring us something to drink? Something warm since it’s so chilly outside? We have no idea what we want, so why don’t you surprise us?

[Paolo practically skips away]

Regan: Wow. I’ve never seen a grown man skip before.

MBO Futuristic Romance coverCaren: Well, he’s barely grown. Anyway, I want to hear about your new story in the anthology The Mammoth Book Of Futuristic Romance – which, by the way, has the most beautiful cover I’ve ever seen!

Regan: Thank you. I’m excited about this story. As you know, I have created a futuristic version of Chicago in my 2096 series. Set in the late 21st century, this series paints a rather dark vision of humanity’s future. There are some very malevolent people in positions of power. Today, the drug trade uses “mules” to smuggle goods into and out of the country. In my future world, there is a high price tag on lots of commodities we take for granted today. Things like sugar have a high street value. An important secondary character in my Justice series is Slick Micky, a smuggler with more heart than is necessarily a good idea. The story in TMBOFR is called In the Interest of Security  and it involves two characters who have hovered at the fringes of the 2096 series. Jim, the hero, heads up Slick Micky’s state-of-the-art security systems and Lorine, the heroine, is a single mom who works for Slick Micky in order to hide from her uncle, a doctor who has done terrible things in the name of advancing science.

Caren: I love your evil future science plots! Sounds like the stakes are really high.

Regan: They are high, indeed, especially for Lorine. Give a woman a kid and the stakes are always higher.

Caren: I’m lucky enough to have read the previous 2096 books, but some people won’t have. Do you think this novella requires any prior reading to understand the world in which Jim and Lorine live?

Justice-Incarnate_cvr_ReganRegan: I intentionally kept the story tightly focused on Jim and Lorine’s immediate adventure, so readers don’t have to read all of the previous books to understand what’s going on. The editor for the anthology did a great job of helping me target the world building in this novella so readers wouldn’t feel lost. I was beyond thrilled when In the Interest of Security won the Best Novella of 2012 in the Paranormal Romance Guild’s Reviewer’s Choice awards!

Caren: Congratulations! That calls for a toast of some sort. Here’s Paolo with our drinks! [takes two fizzing glasses off a silver tray and hands one to Regan.] Salut!

Regan: [grimaces] Well, that was…unexpected, Paolo. Um…thank you?

Caren: Paolo,  I detect fennel and licorice in this fizzy concotion. You didn’t break into the forbidden stash of absinthe. Did you? No. Do NOT blink at me like you don’t understand English. Absinthe. It’s vile green and locked in a safe behind the bar. You broke into the safe, didn’t you?

Invasion-of_Justice-Regan-BRegan: Don’t be upset, Caren. I’m sure he was just trying to do something special for us, right Paolo?

Caren: When Sven finds out, you’re gonna be in a world of hurt, that’s all I know. Regan, if you start hallucinating, I apologize. Paolo has no idea how handle absinthe. We’ll just have to do our best. So…how many of these 2096 books do have planned, anyway?

Regan: Well, way back at the beginning I only envisioned three books in the Shadows of Justice series: Justice Incarnate, Invasion of Justice, and Veil of Justice. My husband said from the start there should be seven books. So far it looks like he might be right. There are five novels now that Tracking Shadows and Shadows to Light are available, as well as numerous short stories that feature characters from the series.

A sixth novel will be released later this year (July or August) and with what I discovered while I was writing In the Interest of Security, I’m now toying with a spin off series to explore the adventures ahead for Jim, Lorine, and her son.
Caren: I can hardly wait to read them! And no, you are not hallucinating, a rooster really did just run by the library door. He pops in every now and again to check up on things. Or whenever someone is creating chaos (Paolo!). Let’s just ignore the feathered one and see if we can’t engage some of our Bandita Buddies in some scintillating 2096-type questions.
Regan, thank you so much for hanging out with us today. While we wait for the hallucinations to kick in, we can enjoy the fire and chat with our Bandita Buddies. Buddies, we have a question for you: Thinking about the future, do you feel hopeful or wary? Could you picture yourself working for a smuggler to feed your children? And way back when you were just a wee little Bandita Buddy, what did you imagine 2013 would be like? Regan is giving away a signed copy of The Mammoth Book Of Futurstic Romance to a lucky commenter!

January’s Coming Attractions!

Welcome to the Lair!! It’s a blustery cold day outside. The weatherman has been predicting colder than usual temperatures and possible flurries this month, so Sven and Paolo have been busy stocking in warm drink supplies, (cocoa for hot chocolate, rum for hot buttered rum, whiskey for hot toddies, dark red wines for mulled wine), while the gladiators have been cutting down trees in the forest outside the Lair so we have plenty of firewood!

As always we have a steady stream of zany, provocative and fun posts from all the Banditas. (17 different personalities pop up monthly!)

Starting tomorrow with an art gallery tour of my house! Intrigued? Wait till you see it!

And to help keep you warmly entertained, here are our guests for this month:


On Monday, 7th January, Anna Campbell will host sparkling Aussie author Jennifer St. George in the Lair. Jenn will be talking about her debut romance The Convenient Bride.




January 21st Caren Crane will host Regan Black, who will give us the intel on the newest installment of her 2096 futuristic romantic suspense series, In the Interest Of Security. The novella is included in The Mammoth Book Of Futuristic Romance.



On the 24th self-publishing sensation, Liliana Hart makes her first appearance in the Lair with Suzanne Ferrell to talk about self-publishing and Liliana’s newest release Shadows And Silk. Love that cover!



We just love debut authors in the Lair, (heck we all were one once, too!) and on Jan 27th Joan Kayse hosts author Alison Atlee with her debut book The Typewriter Girl.



On January 29th, Grace Burrowes chats with Nancy Northcott about the pleasures of writing a long series and her newest book, Lady Eve’s Indiscretion.



On Jan 31st, New York Times bestselling author Carla Neggers will be here to discuss her latest release That Night On Thistle Lane, with Bandita Beth Andrews.



Joan Kayse is holding her first-ever contest on Goodreads. Opportunity to win one of 10 print copies of The Patrician.  Entries through 1-22  Here’s the link

Anna Campbell is holding a Christmas in January contest where she’s giving away five downloads of her e-novella The Winter Wife. All you need to do is email her on anna (no spaces) and tell her the names of the hero and heroine of The Winter Wife: A Christmas Novella. You just might find the answer here: For more information, please visit Anna’s contests page:

Tawny Weber has a Goodreads contest running from Jan 1-14, giving away copies of A Seal’s Seduction.  

Donna MacMeans is having a prize drawing in March for the readers who like her Facebook fan page



We are excited to announce that Betty Hamilton is December’s Members Only prize bundle! Congratulations, Betty,  you get rewarded for being our friend!!  :-) Contact me at and I’ll see that the Prizes get delivered asap!

To qualify for January’s Members Only prize bundle, simply sign up for access to our Members Den and receive the always-entertaining Romance Bandits Newsletter. Be sure to open the e-mail and read the newsletter. We will choose a randomly-selected winner from the list of those who opened our newsletter. It’s as simple as that!

The Members Only January prize bundle will include:

  • Signed copies of KIDNAPPED and HUNTED by Suzanne Ferrell
  • A Kindle or Nook download of Nancy Northcott’s Renegade
  • A special Rooster Mug and Starbucks coffee from Jeanne Adams
  • Download of The Winter Wife by Anna Campbell
  • Joan Kayse is giving away a download of The Patrician

What are you waiting for?!? Sign up right now in the MEMBERS DEN!

Holiday Anthology For Everyone Winners!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to celebrate the release of the fabulous, multi-genre romance anthology A Season For Romance. We are pleased to announce the following winners from our commenters on Sunday!


BARB has won the download of Kimberly Hope’s The Heiress and Her Fake Fiancé!!

DIANE SALLANS has won the download of V.R. Marks’ The  Thief !!

And last, but certainly not least…

EC Spurlock has won the download of the fabulous anthology by Regan Black, Kimberly Hope, Jay Keelan and V.R. Marks, A Season For Romance!!

Well, it certainly is a season for romance and prizes in the Lair! Ladies, to claim your prizes, please send an e-mail to Regan Black at black DOT regan AT gmail DOT com and let Regan know what format of download you prefer!

A Holiday Anthology For Everyone!

I’m excited to host some old Romance Bandits friends here in the Lair. Some of you may recall a previous visit from the gorgeous Regan Black. Well, Regan is back with a great anthology she’s put together with three other fabulous writers! Joining Regan is my long-time friend Kimberly Hope, plus new friends V.R. Marks and Jay Keelan.

Guys, we adore anthologies here in the Lair and we also adore holiday stories. So a collection of holiday novellas is sure to delight Banditas and Buddies alike. What can you tell us about this promising collection?


Thanks, Caren, for having us here today.  Our holiday anthology, A Season for Romance, started as a bright idea over the phone one day when we were steadfastly avoiding work and a thousand miles separated us all. “Oooh. We should write a holiday anthology of short stories. We have plenty of time!” Things went downhill from there, kind of like this:


Kimberly Hope: I’m writing a Christmas story.


Jay Keelan: I’m writing a Christmas story, too.


Regan Black: {blushing} My story’s YA.


VR Marks: Mine’s a Thanksgiving story. Don’t give me any grief. You know we men are all about the food.


Kimberly: I’m writing a contemporary reunion story.


Jay: I’m writing a contemporary reunion story, too.


Regan: Mine’s a contemporary story. With a paranormal angle.


VR: No reunion. Sorry. But it is contemporary.


Are you sensing a pattern here? This is what happens when you throw four independent authors into one mix. Contemporary. Paranormal. Suspense. Multiple holidays. Yeah, our cover artist loves us. But there’s something in A Season for Romance for everyone.


All of the stories are set in small town North or South Carolina. Except Snow Covered Resolutions by Regan Black. That’s set in the Midwest.


So as release time closed in, we searched for any common ground beyond ‘contemporary’ and started shooting random interview questions back and forth via email. Here are the highlights:


Which Disney character would you be?

Kimberly: Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty (unless someone knows where to find the Hunstman from Once Upon a Time… then I’ll be whoever he wants me to be).  🙂


Jay: Rapunzel, because I have a frying pan and I’m not afraid to use it.


Regan:  Mulan because she can kick butt like my daring, adventurous heroines.


VR: The Genie from Aladdin. (short answer wins!)


What kind of pets “help” you write?


Kimberly: My Doberman keeps me at the keyboard, sometimes she even lets me type.


Jay: Like Kimberly, my dog keeps my toes warm after she steals my slippers.


Regan: Our two greyhounds usually let me write while they’re napping.


VR: Two cats. {crickets chirp in the silence} But they’re manly, Maine Coon cats.


“Common ground” might be a pipe dream in this anthology. Clearly, we’re all a little whacked. But the one thing that ties all our short stories together is that they’re all about discovering what matters most about heart and home.


So, it’s the holiday season. While you’re playing ’12 Days of Christmas’ on your iPod, we’re playing Sesame Street’s ‘Which One of These Things Is Not Like the Others?’ As illustrated here:


Kimberly: In my first sassy contemporary romance, The Heiress and Her Fake Fiancé, Jessica’s Grandma Violet is the town matchmaker. In my Meddling with Mistletoe in the anthology, we see Violet’s first matchmaking attempt, involving Jessica’s parents and a wine cellar.

 Jay: In Finding the Focus, when Ethan Myers, an award-winning photographer who is short on inspiration, leaves his studio for the road, he never predicted he’d run into the one woman he had never forgotten.


VR: We meet Sheriff Cochran in my romantic suspense novel, The Thief, but we don’t learn exactly how he feels about Ruth Williams, the owner of the local diner, until her annual Thanksgiving feast in The Sheriff’s Proposal in the anthology.

Regan: In Snow-Covered Resolutions, it’s New Year’s Eve and all the Pixie Chicks from my previous YA novels have someone special to kiss at midnight – except Austin. In this season of resolutions will she stick to hers, or will the snow-covered magic of Hobbitville sweep her up in a whole new adventure?


In addition to the short stories, Kimberly Hope and VR Marks have both added the first chapters of the first books in these series to the anthology. And in the spirit of the season, we’re giving away one copy of the anthology and one of each full-length novel: A Season for Romance, Kimberly Hope’s The Heiress and Her Fake Fiancé, and VR Marks’s The Thief.

To enter, all you have to do is post a comment telling us which Disney character you’d be and why! Okay, Banditas and Buddies, which one will it be? I’m off to do some animated movie watching…I mean, research…


Be sure to come back to the Lair on December 13 when we kick off the annual 12 BANDITA DAYS OF CHRISTMAS! Prizes and recipes every day!! Roosters. Books. Starbucks goodies. Books. Dragons. Books. Cookies. Books. Godiva. You know you want the cookies, for sure, so come home to the Lair for the Holidays! Who knows, you might win something, and you’ll be guaranteed to have fun!! (Did we mention there might be books?)