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Traveling Around the World with….a Hamster???

It’s true! Some people do travel with their pets including rodential types like hamsters.

The idea for this blog came from an article in our local paper. It talked about the who’s, the where’s, the why’s of traveling with your pet. Granted, the occasional gerbil, parrot or yes, snake is rare. But lots of people do travel with their dogs and cats.

(Shimmer to daydream imaging)

Is that our luggage?

“MeWOW, this place in incredible.” says Grayson, straining at the required harness as we rush to Terminal A.

“Yeah, yeah,” replies Joanie, batting away the fur flying out of Cricket’s regulation soft-sided travel case slung on her shoulder. Poor baby is easily stressed and will pull out fluffy chunks of fur. Dear Lord, please don’t let her be bald when we arrive at Suz’s house.

Grayson raises nose and  sniffs. “What’s THAT smell?”

Joanie inhales and sighs “That’s Cinnabon, the human equivilent of catnip.”

Going through security is no picnic but Joanie and her baby cats finally arrive at the gate.

“Grayson! No! That plane is NOT a perch! Get down!!! Get off the wing!

 What? No, it does fit under the seat, it does. I don’t care if the lady in A16 is allergic, I know my rights! Back off TSA, I’m going on vacation and these are my children…er, I mean they are LIKE my children.” Wipes hairball off taser. “We travel together. End of story.”

Three hours later, huddled in the cargo hold, staring at a bald Cricket and watching Grayson leap from suitcase to suitcase Joanie rethinks her decision.

Now granted, kitties PROBABLY don’t travel as well as many dogs but I tell you…when I’m out of town I MISS them with a passion! I would love to have them with me but recognize the impracticality of it. I mean, in none of the resources on how to travel with pets do they talk about LITTER BOXES! No cat is going to hold it that long.

My brother takes great care of them but I worry that they miss me. This image of Grayson looking longingly out the door is one I have plastered in my head. How will I ever go to Ireland again? How can I be gone THAT long?



There are car trips of course, and a good friend and her husband just traveled to the beach with their Springer spaniel Sadie and they had a great time but they don’t want to always go to the beach.

So what about ya’ll? Do you travel with your pets? Have you taken them on a plane? A train? An automobile? Got any stories or advice? Where do you think your pets would like to go on vacation?


What do you mean, it’ll be over the 50 lb. limit?