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My Luckiest Day

PJ1Well, I think it’s pretty fitting that my  blog day lands on Friday the 13th. It fit perfectly into the theme for this last post.

I am so damn lucky.

Yes, it was a choice to join up with a handful of 2006 GH finalist to build The Lair. I’ve learned a LOT from these ladies about a LOT of stuff…including but not limited to, writing, Indie publishing, networking, the wonder that is Costco 🙂 and loads of other things. Lucky for me we’ll still be together on FB, twitter and other venues. I also had a great opportunity to host some special guests over the years. I suspect it was to keep me from stalking them, but I know you added them to your TBR pile.

The luckiest part though? Was meeting all of the BB’s. I mean to tell you, you all are my friends. You are my readers and you are the BEST cheerleaders a girl could ask for as I took the step to Indie pub my Romans. Oh sure, you bought my books and yes…that’s great as I am career focused as an author (Please God let me be able to go part time as a nurse :0) BUT, more importantly, you liked my stories. THAT matters to me because I love writing stories. Must be the Irish in me 🙂

Here is a photo album from the past eight years:Louisa












I know I’ll see ya’ll on FB, Twitter as I launch my new paranormal series. I need the energy and time from blogging as I have 9 books to tell the Leithprachaun clan’s story. To help celebrate, one lucky BB will win a Kindle copy of Ruarc: Bound in Stone on it’s publication (expected by St. Patrick’s Day).  Now, I’ll be at work all day today (sigh) but will be able to read comments. Know this….I love you, each and every one!

Rurac Bound by Stone final for Barnes and Noble