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Maggie Robinson’s Winner!

Thanks to everyone who swung by Maggie Robinson’s post this week when she visited to talk about LORD GRAY’S LIST, her latest release. And thanks to Maggie for being such a great guest.

The winner of their choice from Maggie’s books, including LORD GRAY’S LIST, is:


Kaetrin, can you please email Maggie on maggie @ (no spaces) with your snail mail details and your choice of her books and she’ll get your prize out to you. Congratulations and happy reading.

By the way, if you need help choosing your book, check out Maggie’s books page on her website:


Maggie Robinson Has Got a Little List!

With apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan!

I have for you today the very model of a modern romance novelist, Maggie Robinson.

OK, fine, I’ll forget the G&S from now on. I promise, under threat of the snicker snee.

Maggie is a lair favorite and goodness me, she’s been busy lately. She has a whole stack of great things to tell us about, including her latest release LORD GRAY’S LIST, the first instalment in the London List series. This sounds absolutely luscious.

You can read reviews and an excerpt here:

Maggie, absolutely lovely to have you back again! We love having you visit us. Congratulations on LORD GRAY’S LIST, the first book in the London List series released by Kensington Brava on 30th October. Can you tell us about this story?

I’m so happy to be back! The Banditas throw the best parties. LGL is a war of wits and will between Evangeline Ramsey, a strong, independent businesswoman, and Lord Benton Gray, the man who inadvertently broke her heart years ago. Here’s a little blurb:

Sometimes scandal comes looking for you…

Every Tuesday, The London List lands on the city’s fashionable doorsteps. Valets and viscounts alike can’t wait to read all the news that’s not fit to print. When Benton Gray’s scandals appear week after week on the front page, he’s forced to take desperate measures—he’ll make a gentleman’s agreement to buy the newspaper and shut it down. But when he meets the person responsible for reporting the gossip, Ben finds he’s no gentleman. It’s his lost love Evangeline Ramsey, wearing trousers and wielding a poison pen!

Sounds like great fun! What were the inspirations behind this book?

I saw an article on the illustrated blog “Missed Connections,” followed shortly thereafter by vintage lovelorn ads. I dreamed up a Regency-era newspaper that would be a clearinghouse for needy people looking for love and jobs, financed by the scandal on the front page. Originally, the book was called “Lord Craig’s List”, but the marketing department was a little leery of that, LOL.

Well, gray is definitely the shade du jour! The London List sounds like a delicious source of scandal. Can you tell us about the list and also about the series as a whole?

The paper has all the lists of anything one might need, naughty or nice. In the next book, February’s e-book exclusive CAPTAIN DURANT’S COUNTESS, Captain Durant reports for a very unusual job with scandalous consequences. The last book, LADY ANNE’S LOVER (August) has Lady Anne going undercover as a housekeeper who burns everything but the hero’s heart.

Love the titles. I notice that you’ve sold a series set in Edwardian London to Berkley Sensation for release next year. Yay, more Maggie Robinsons to read. Can you tell us about the Ladies Unlaced books?

Oh, I’m so excited about these. I’ve been dragged into the twentieth century, LOL. There are cars! The Evensong Agency finds a temporary husband for the heiress of IN THE ARMS OF THE HEIRESS in the first book (July), and Mrs. Evensong finds her own in the second (November). Yep. That’s four books next year. People are going to get sick of me.

Never! Maggie, you write a sizzling hot love scene. Can you give us any insight in how you go about creating these steamy encounters? 

My agent kept writing “more” in red when she looked over my manuscripts, so you can blame her. I used to be satisfied with a sentence or two. I always think my scenes are much more mental than physical, so what do I know? I had one reviewer rate the heat level as “YIKES!” which I thought was a little bit of an exaggeration. 😉

Personally, I often skim those long, long sex scenes in a book, and have to gird my own loins to write one. Speaking of which, here’s my question: Are you a skimmer or do you savor every thrust, lunge and lick? Who has written the hottest scene you’ve read? (I need inspiration.)

One commenter will get a copy of LORD GRAY’S LIST, or any book from my backlist if you’ve been wonderful enough to have already bought a copy.

Get commenting, people! This book sounds delicious!


Be sure to come back to the Lair on December 13 when we kick off the annual 12 BANDITA DAYS OF CHRISTMAS! Prizes and recipes every day!! Roosters. Starbucks goodies. Books. Dragons. Books. Cookies. Godiva. Books!! (By Banditas and friends like Sabrina Jeffries, Liz Carlyle, JD Tyler, Deb Marlowe, and many more!) You know you want the cookies, for sure, so come home to the Lair for the Holidays! Who knows, you might win something, and you’ll be guaranteed to have fun!!

Maggie’s Winner!

by Anna Campbell

Thanks to everyone who swung by for Maggie Robinson’s visit! The winner of MASTER OF SIN is:

Betty Hamilton!

Congratulations, Betty! Please email Maggie on maggie @ (no spaces) with your snail mail details and she’ll get your book off to you. Happy reading!

Maggie Robinson

by Anna Campbell

I’m delighted to bring back to the lair for your reading pleasure Maggie
Robinson. Maggie is here to tell us about her latest historical romance MASTER OF SIN.

This book has been garnering rave reviews everywhere. For example, Romantic Times Book Reviews said:

Robinson crafts an intelligent, powerful, emotional, highly sensual love story with a damaged hero and an exceptional heroine, moving the story beyond the typical and into the unconventional. Readers will become so invested in the characters that the fast pace and heated sexual tension only add to the delight. Fine storytelling.

You can find out more about Maggie and her books at her website:

Maggie, welcome back to the lair! Congratulations on the release of your latest book MASTER OF SIN, the last in the Courtesan Court series. Can you tell us about this story?

I’m thrilled to be back and rubbing shoulders, etc. with the lair’s cabana boys again! The blurb-writers at Kensington are much better at this than I am, so I’ll just cheat and quote the back of the book:

Andrew Rossiter has used his gorgeous body and angelic face for all they’re worth—shocking the proper, seducing the willing, and pleasuring the wealthy. But with a tiny son depending on him for rescue, suddenly discretion is far more important than desire. He’ll have to bury his past quench his desires—fast. And he’ll have to find somewhere his deliciously filthy reputation hasn’t yet reached…

Miss Gemma Peartree seems like a plain, virginal governess—or so she hopes. True, she has a sharp wit and sharper tongue, but handsome Mr. Ross wouldn’t notice Gemma herself. Or so she hopes. No matter how many sparks fly between them, she has too much to hide to catch his eye. But with the storms of a Scottish winter driving them together, it will be hard to keep her secrets. Keeping her hands to herself might prove entirely impossible…

What were the inspirations behind this book?

Andrew appeared as a quasi-villain in MISTRESS BY MARRIAGE, and I just couldn’t get rid of him. I sent him to Italy on the page, but he kept shouting from afar. I’d given him sooo much baggage I couldn’t imagine turning him into a hero, but he was insistent. That makes me sound kind of crazy, but there you go—I wanted to give him his own HEA after torturing him so viciously.

Can you tell us about the Courtesan Court series as a whole? Will you be revisiting this scandalous address in the future?

The series is loosely connected by the un-mistressy women who accidentally wind up living on Jane Street, fictional home to the most exclusive, expensive courtesans in London. I revisit it very briefly (but pivotally—is that a word?) in December’s LORD GREY’S LIST.

I see on your website that you’ve recently sold CAPTAIN DURANT’S COUNTESS to Kensington Brava. Can you tell us about this book?

I’m excited to have a digital-first book fall between LORD GREY’S LIST and LADY ANNE’S LOVER. This is my new series, the London List trilogy, where a newspaper, kind of a combination Craigslist/National Inquirer, links the characters. In CDC, a broke ex-Army officer responds to a most unusual advertisement. He’s desperate for a job, but the requirements for this one may prove to be his undoing.

Ooh, sounds intriguing! What’s next for you?

I’m working on a super-secret project, hopefully another trilogy. It involves research, which I love. Amazon is delivering to me daily.

I’m in awe of your productivity. Do you have any hints on time management for us (um, me?)?

Ha. Well, it helps that my four kids are grown and gone, and I quit my library clerk job when the high school girls wanted to read my books, LOL. My husband is extremely supportive and does almost all the cooking except for holidays, when I still put my arm into the turkey’s nether regions. I get up very early and write until late morning, unwashed and unbrushed, aiming for at least 1000 words a day. In the afternoons I try to be normal, but it’s not working.

And can you give us a taster of your delicious new romance MASTER OF SIN?

Here’s the first paragraph:

Andrew Rossiter was on the cusp of reformation. He could taste it, sweet as the wine Giulietta had passed him at dessert from their picnic basket, bold as the wind that whipped the sails of their little yacht, tempting as the green coast of England would be at this moment. Alas, he was cruising the Mediterranean, the city of Savona in the distance, still steeped in sin, and rather bored with it. The only saving grace was the sight of his little son drowsing on a velvet tufted cushion, his small fist curled under a distinctive Rossiter chin–square, dimpled and determined.

Thanks, Maggie. You have many fingers in many pies right now! Great to get your update and good luck with MASTER OF SIN! Do you have a question for the Banditas and Bandita Buddies to get the conversation going?

Anna is famous for her tortured heroes, and I hope Andrew Rossiter can hang out with them. Who is your favorite reformed master of sin in fact or fiction? One commenter will win a signed copy of MASTER OF SIN!

April’s Coming Attractions!

Welcome to April, & we’re not fooling!  There are tons of treats & hijinx to be had in the lair this month.  Here’s a quick preview of what’s in store….



On April 2nd, our own Anna Campbell hosts Lair favorite Miranda Neville!  Miranda is coming back to us to cause general mayhem & talk about her wonderful new Burgundy Club book CONFESSIONS FROM AN ARRANGED MARRIAGE.  A lot of romance fans have been hanging out for Minerva’s story and it’s about to arrive.  Huzzah!





On April 3rd, Suzanne Ferrell brings JD Tyler to the lair to talk about SAVAGE AWAKENING, the second full book in her Alpha Pack series.  She and Suzanne will discuss   JD’s sexy wolf shifter, Arik Savage, and all the newest developments in the world of the Alpha Pack. Will Arik meet his mate or find himself a victim of secret experimentation claiming more than one shifter?



On April 4th, Anna Campbell’s back with Maggie Robinson who will tell us about her latest release MASTER OF SIN.  Maggie writes a really hot historical so we’re expecting the windows of the lair to steam up when she starts talking about her latest hero Andrew Rossiter.  



On April 5th, if she escapes from the chaos of having her house totally revamped–walls knocked down, kitchen replaced, etc.—Kate Walker will be talking about the publication of her latest Presents Extra title–THE DEVIL AND MISS JONES– and celebrating being 60.  In book terms, that is.




On April 6th, Jessica Andersen returns with the penultimate Nightkeepers book, MAGIC UNCHAINED.  Join us for a chat about the hunky hero, Sven (no relation to our equally hunky Sven, alas) and his magical familiar.




On April 9th, Eloisa James will be back in the Lair to chat about her fabulous memoir, PARIS IN LOVE, and the year she spent in Paris. 


On April 18th, Trish will host Mari Mancusi, who will be celebrating the re-release of her zombie post-apocalyptic YA, Tomorrow Land.  Can true love survive the apocalypse?  How about the walking dead?




And finally, on the 27th, Grace Burrowes comes to the Lair to discuss the latest release in her delicious Windham series, LADY MAGGIE’S SECRET SCANDAL.  

It’s sure to be an exciting month,so don’t miss a day!


First of all, a great big round of applause for our very own Anna Campbell & Donna MacMeans, both of whom are finalists in the Birmingham Southern Magic Chapter Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence.  Anna’s finaled with MIDNIGHT’S WILD PASSION and Donna with REDEEMING THE ROGUE.  Congrats, ladies!

Now, for your chance to win something wonderful, check out Anna Campbell’s CATCH UP ON A CAMPBELL contest!  During the months of March and April, Anna is giving FIVE lucky people the chance to win a book of their choice from her backlist.  That’s CLAIMING THE COURTESAN, UNTOUCHED, TEMPT THE DEVIL, CAPTIVE OF SIN, MY RECKLESS SURRENDER or MIDNIGHT’S WILD PASSION.  Just email Anna at and tell her which book you’d like and you go into the draw.  The contest closes April 30th, 2012, and entry is open internationally.  For more information, please check out Ann’s contest page:

And don’t forget our monthly prize bundle for one of our lucky Romance Bandits members!  This month’s Members Only prize bundle will include: 

*An Advance Reader Copy of Eloisa James’ PARIS IN LOVE!

*A copy of MAGIC UNCHAINED from Jessica Andersen

*Your choice of one book from Kate Walker’s backlist!

*A copy of COWBOY TO THE RESCUE from Trish Milburn!

*A copy of FRAIL BLOOD from Jo Robertson!

*Your choice of MONEY HONEY or MONEY SHOT from Susan Sey!



Ever want to see a bandita in person?  Here’s your chance!  Our own TRISH MILBURN is all over the map this month!  Catch her at the following events: 

April 10, at the Barbara Vey Readers Luncheon in Oak Creek, WI

April 11-15, at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in Rosemont, IL

April 21, at the Southern Kentucky Bookfest in Bowling Green, KY

It’s going to be a wild ride this month, so buckle up and we’ll see you along the road!

What are YOU looking forward to this month?


Maggie Robinson’s Winner!

Thanks, everyone, for a great day in the lair yesterday. It’s with great pleasure that I announce the winner of the signed copy of MISTRESS BY MISTAKE and the signed copy of MISTRESS BY MIDNIGHT by Maggie Robinson.



Cath, congratulations! Please email Maggie on maggie @ (no spaces)with your snail mail details and she’ll get your prizes off to you. Happy reading!

Meet the Mistresses by Midnight

by Anna Campbell

It’s my great pleasure to bring back to the lair a writer who really gave the cabana boys a run for their money on her last visit.

Maggie Robinson is the author of the saucy and sexy and super Courtesan Court historical romances for Kensington. The stories are all set in Jane Street where the rich men of London house their mistresses – so you can imagine why I call these stories ‘saucy’!

When I read Maggie’s debut, MISTRESS BY MISTAKE, I said it “sizzles off the page. A marvelously sexy romp.” By the sound of it, MISTRESS BY MIDNIGHT is equally crammed with wit, mayhem and high society hijinks!

You can find out more about Maggie and her alter-ego Margaret Rowe on her website:

So here’s Maggie!

Thanks so much to the Banditas (especially Anna)…and the cabana boys…for having me back at the Lair.

I’ve brought two new mistresses with me from my latest Courtesan Court books, Laurette Vincent from this month’s MISTRESS BY MIDNIGHT and Prudence Thorne from the novella “Not Quite a Courtesan” in last month’s anthology LORDS OF PASSION to keep the boys busy.

Both ladies—and they are, honest—are temporary residents of Jane Street, my fictional mistress row. Good girls gone bad.

And loving it!

Laurette starts off as a freckle-faced tomboy who has her sights set on the boy next door, who happens to be the Marquess of Conover. But fate intervenes, as they say in Romancelandia. A dozen years after they’re parted, Con’s determined to get her back any way he can. He’s not exactly obsessed—let’s just call him determined and prevaricate. Laurette can’t resist him forever, but she makes a valiant effort. It was such fun to flip back in forth from their teenage angst and lust to their…adult angst and lust.

MISTRESS BY MIDNIGHT is a little more serious than the other books in the series, slightly Cathy and Heathcliffish without the cruelty, insanity or so many dead bodies. Have you ever noticed how Emily Bronte kills off everybody? Even poor puppies.

For lighter fare and absolutely no dead dogs, Prudence Thorne delivers in “Not Quite a Courtesan.” She begins her story as a buttoned-up veiled widow and ends it as a belly-button-baring veiled harem girl. Darius Shaw, a dealer in erotic art and antiquities, is the bad influence who makes Pru feel so good.

I’m so lucky to share LORDS OF PASSION with romance legend Virginia Henley and wonderful Kate Pearce. Writing a novella on purpose was a delicious experience. I say this as someone whose first “book” seven years ago turned out to be about 25,000 words and included an amnesiac heroine in a whorehouse. I’m so ashamed.

I revisit Jane Street twice more this year with “To Match a Thief” in August’s IMPROPER GENTLEMEN, and the last official Courtesan Court book, MISTRESS BY MARRIAGE in September. I’ve become so fond of the ladies who live there that I’m pretty sure some will turn up in 2012 one way or another.

To find out more about the books, please visit my website (and check out my naughtier alter ego, Margaret Rowe).

I’m giving away a copy of LORDS OF PASSION and MISTRESS BY MIDNIGHT today to one random commenter who completes this sentence:

A hero should always ___________and never_________.

Those stories sound absolutely delicious, Maggie! Bandita Buddies, get commenting!

Surrender to Tiffany’s Winners!

Wow, we had a blast of a day in the lair yesterday! Thank you to everyone who came by and a special welcome to all the new faces!

As you know, Tiffany went wild with prizes, offering five books in total to readers from North America. I threw in a signed copy of CAPTIVE OF SIN to someone outside NA. So without further ado, here is the (long!) list of lucky winners:

The winners of Tiffany’s fabulous debut historical romance, THE SURRENDER OF A LADY, are:


The winner of Courtney Milan’s latest TRIAL BY DESIRE is:


The winner of Maggie Robinson’s MISTRESS BY MISTAKE is:


The winner of CAPTIVE OF SIN is:


Congratulations, ladies! We just need your snail mail details and we’re cooking with gas. For Tiffany’s prizes, please email her on: tiffany @ (no spaces). For Anna’s prize, please email her on anna @ (no spaces). Happy reading!

Maggie May…

by Anna Campbell

..I’ll leave you all to finish that title once you’ve read the post!

We’re talking about some hot potato books today! I read MISTRESS BY MISTAKE in manuscript and had to have a cold shower halfway through, it’s that tsssss hot!

I’ve known Maggie what feels like forever. Maggie, I think we first touched base way back with Avon FanLit in 2006. This was a great writing contest that Avon ran and so many published authors are graduates (and wonderful Bandita Buddies like our very own contest queen, Louisa). Maggie is a hoot – funny, smart and witty. And all of those qualities translate to her writing.

You can find out more about Maggie and her alter ego Margaret Rowe at her website:

Welcome to the lair, Maggie, and congratulations on the release of your debut historical romance MISTRESS BY MISTAKE. Can you tell us about the story?

Thanks so much for inviting me! And special thanks to Anna, who gave me a lovely cover quote for MISTRESS BY MISTAKE. I even have it framed.

MBM begins with a state of very mistaken identity. Sir Michael Bayard expects to find his brand-new mistress in his bed. Instead, it’s Charlotte Fallon, a straight-laced, lace-making spinster who is supposed to making excuses for her infamous sister’s absence. She goes a little beyond that.

I notice it’s part of a series called the COURTESAN COURT TRILOGY. That warms my heart, being an old courtesan fancier myself!

I’ve set the series on Jane Street, a fictional enclave of London’s most exclusive courtesans. My heroines find themselves there against their will, but they soon master their masters. MISTRESS BY MIDNIGHT (Dec 28, 2010) is Heathcliff and Cathy without the crazy and with a secret baby. MISTRESS BY MARRIAGE (out Spring 2011) features an icy hero and a firecracker heroine—a classic opposites attract story. You know who melts. Two novellas I’ve written also use the Jane Street setting. NOT QUITE A COURTESAN will appear in the anthology LORDS OF PASSION on November 30, 2010.

Ooh, sound delicious! Why do you think there’s been an upsurge in popularity in stories featuring courtesans?

If I’m going to be honest—and I do try to be—my courtesans are more or less accidental. But I think most of us would like to be experts at something, and there is a certain mystique about women who possess the charm to drive men mad. Well, except for Tiger Wood’s skanky mistresses.

Snork! In the lair, we LOVE call stories. Can you tell us yours?

It was for Margaret Rowe’s TEMPTING EDEN (more of her below). I worked in a high school library where I ran the after-school library program, and I knew from my agent something was happening after seven long months on submission. I had my cell phone with me all day as I shelved books. When it rang, it was late afternoon and just a few girls were still at school using the computers. I wanted to scream, but I was in the library and the signs I had printed myself told me not to. So I whispered and shook. And cried a little when I hung up. One of the girls was worried.

Great story, Maggie. You also write erotic historical romance as Margaret Rowe (which makes me giggle – MISTRESS BY MISTAKE is one of the hottest historicals I’ve ever read!). TEMPTING EDEN comes out this month from Berkley Heat. Can you tell us about this story?

TEMPTING EDEN is much darker—I’ve tortured my poor heroine quite thoroughly. Eden has to overcome Hell to find Heaven in her hero’s arms. This book is edgier and riskier than THE COURTESAN COURT books, and I fully expect people will have a visceral reaction to it. I’m polishing my body armor even as we speak. I may call on the Banditas for back-up.

Girding on gladiator sword as we speak! Do you find any major differences when you’re writing as Margaret Rowe and as Maggie Robinson?

Margaret writes about things that Maggie has never done, or at least won’t admit to. Margaret can be as bad and hot as Maggie will let her. Maggie is funnier and lighter, but still hot, of course. I feel fortunate I have two avenues to express my demented duality. It’s better than therapy and I get paid too!

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers out there?

Don’t give up. Try to write every day, even if you’re only tweaking what you wrote yesterday. It took five years for me to get an agent, six to sell, seven to publish. I have a totally supportive family, which is a huge help. Most of all, I was lucky to come across wonderful writing friends online who share my dream and keep me motivated and laughing.

Thanks, Maggie! Is there anything you’d like to ask the Bandits and Bandita Buddies?

Twirling black Bandita mustache* Who do you like to see tortured by the evil romance writer—the hero or the heroine? Who’s your favourite tortured h/h?

Hey, who left the mustache cupboard unlocked? I’ll see you when I get home, Mr. Sven!

Maggie has very kindly offered one commenter today a signed copy of MISTRESS BY MISTAKE along with some promo goodies. Good luck, everyone!

The Lair is Hot in June!

We Banditas enjoy vacations as much as anyone but we don’t take the summer off….too many stories in our vivid imaginations to take a break. And boy, do we kick the summer off right this month!

On June 2nd, Anna Campbell hosts debut historical romance author Maggie Robinson – or is she perhaps appearing as her alter ego Margaret Rowe? Maggie will be giving away a signed copy of MISTRESS BY MISTAKE.

And that’s just the beginning of a bountiful week.

Virna DePaul is visiting on the 3rd. Virna’s debut, CHOSEN BY BLOOD, is out with Berkley in 4/11 and she’s sharing her insights as she goes through the process of sold to debut. She’ll talk about Challenging Your Editor or Agent – when it’s really okay to speak up.

We end this first week on a high note with a return visit from Carrie Lofty on June the 4th. Our very own Christie Kelley talks with Carrie about her new release SONG OF SEDUCTION.

On June 7th Loucinda McGary hosts Vanessa Kelly to talk about her sizzling new release SEX AND THE SINGLE EARL.

Swing by the Lair on June 12th and see how a teenager who already has social issues deals with the suddenly acquired ability to interact with ghosts. YA author Maureen Hardegree chats with Nancy about HAIN’T MISBEHAVIN, Maureen’s new novel from Bell Bridge Books.

The 16th of the month yours truly hosts a return visit with RITA award winning author Kristan Higgins to talk about honesty and her most recent release “the next best thing”. I’m fairly certain we can get her to spill about her August release “all I ever wanted”. (Yes, I have started a FB campaign for my kitten Cricket to be featured on her next cover. Hey! It worked for Betty White!).

On the 21st, Kris Kennedy visits with us to talk with us about her latest THE IRISH WARRIOR.

Pamela Palmer is visits on the 27th, talking about Writing on the wild side – or Where do you come up with this stuff? And her latest release, RAPTURE UNTAMED which hits the shelves June 29.

We have one contest this month.

Anna Campbell has a mini novella called ‘Upon a Midnight Clear’ in THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF REGENCY ROMANCE (released on 24th June in the U.K. and 27th July in the U.S.). To celebrate, she’s giving away two signed copies! All you have to do is email her on and name two authors other than Anna Campbell who have stories in THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF REGENCY ROMANCE. You might find the answer in her June Latest News: or on the publisher’s website: The contest closes 31st July, 2010 and for more details please visit her website:

Whew! What a month! So fill up the lemonade (or margarita) glass, plop under a beach umbrella and prepare to have fun!