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It’s The Little Things

It started at a stoplight.

No, not my latest book (though…there IS a car involved in Ruarc and Aine’s first meeting ;D) No, I’m talking about the idea for this blog.

Several weeks ago, sagging against the post-holiday stress, I sat in my car waiting for the light to change. It was a cold, rainy, rainy day. I noticed a young family standing at the uncovered bus stop, glad to know they had coats and hats and their little 3 year old guy was happy and dancing around his Dad who kept a good hand on his son’s parka…traffic, yanno.

Then the Mom was motioned over to the car in front of me. She seemed to exchange words. I thought “Someone wants directions” and…sadly…”Hope they don’t have a gun” (I’m a neurotic writer…we go there sometimes.) Instead, she came away with an umbrella.

A Random Act of

A small thing  but it meant the world to that drenched young family. I’ve been the recipient of a few Acts..someone paid for my McD’s Diet Coke in the drive thru, a surprise card things like that. I much prefer to be on the other end. Here are some things I like to do:

* Thank someone for doing a good job. Yes, we all ( I hope) thank police officers, firemen and the military for what they do but what about the little guys, the “unnoticed” among us. For instance, I will occasionally tell one of the housekeepers at the hospital they do a good job, I thank them for what they have to deal with (patients CAN be pigs…as can nurses). On the surface the tasks seem mundane but would YOU want to be cared for in  dirty environment?


*Compliment a cashier or salesperson on their clothes, their smiles.

*Leave change in the vending machine or if you drop a dime leave it…some lucky kid might come along and be thrilled he “found money”

*Hold open a door, help somebody carry things, take a lonely person to lunch.

*Put the grocery cart back in the collection rack. Some senior Kroger employee will thank you esp. in bad weather.

*Volunteer at an animal shelter. If you’re not a cat person….I’ll love ya anyway…but shelters need people to walk the dogs several times a day. The kitties need socialization. They need help running adoption fairs. All sorts of things. And the best is…adopt a shelter pet

I could go on and on but now I want to hear from you. What are some of the “little things” you do/have done? What suggestions do you have for building a better world one step at a time?


The Things We Do For Love

by Christine Wells

I was flicking through an old ‘Woman’s Day’ magazine last night looking for collage pictures, incidentally catching up on WILLS & KATE’S BABY SHOCK and meeting Rachel Hunter’s TOY BOY FIANCE, when I came across a disturbing sight. (Yes, more disturbing than Rach’s toy boy, can you imagine?)

There, smiling his toothy grin at me in full-page colour, was my darling Sven the Swedish Masseur in all his whiter-than-white glory. Lending his impressive physique to the endorsement of a commercial product — therapeutic sandals!

Now, as many of you know, Sven is a resident of our lair with duties that are manifold and (to our minds) utterly vital, ranging from keeping those naughty cabana boys in line, to doling out massages to crippled deadline cavewomen that fall just short of torture, to riding shotgun when we rowdy ones go raiding other people’s blogs. He also provides a friendly foil to his brooding brother, Lars, but let’s stick to the point, shall we? I’m sure I have one around here somewhere…

Oh yes. The knife through the heart pain of betrayal I suffered when I saw Sven selling out like that. Why? Why? said I. Why did you do it? Couldn’t you have at least modeled for Armani if you were going to stab us in the back?

Sven looked down at me from his Alpine height and said nothing. He’s not usually the strong silent type–that’s his brother Lars–so I knew we really had a problem.

I sighed and started again, extracting the whole sorry story like an abscessed tooth. But the answer was quite simple, really. Sven didn’t feel appreciated any more. Last month, we Banditas raided Romance Novel TV, the place where Sven and I first met, and we didn’t take him along. Daily, we venerate that cocky rooster, who does nothing but preen and chat up the ladies. We leave Sven in the lair for months at a time, then wheel him out for a bit of a cocktail mix and a party when someone has a book launch.

He’s starting to feel used.

It’s just not enough any more.

So today, I need your help. How can we show Sven we care? What crazy, tedious, wonderful things have you done for love? I’m not talking about fancy gifts, I’m talking about the day-to-day ways you show you value someone. If you’re a writer, how do you show that special love between the hero and heroines in your novels?

Sven’s favourite answer will win a pair of maseur sandals…um, no that was a joke. Sven’s favourite answer will win the perfect appreciative gesture–chocolate!