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The Book is In!

Responsibility12(alternate)Hi all, sorry for the lateness of the blog but I’m coming straight off the back of a deadline for THE WICKEDEST LORD ALIVE and my entire family including yours truly have been down for the count with the flu.

So if this bears a resemblance to the ravings of a lunatic, I hope you’ll forgive me.

But I couldn’t help giving you a list of all the things I will do now that I am off deadline (at least until revisions arrive).

1. Spend quality time with family (sadly at the moment this involves emptying buckets and administering medicine)

2. Get rid of all the boxes in our place left over from our move of oh, a year ago.

3. Hang pictures still sitting around house from move of, oh, a year ago.

4. Get more bookshelves built. (Well, one can dream, right?)

5. See my friends, who wonder if I still exist.

6. Start back on exercise and healthy eating regime.

7. Conquer the TBR pile.

8. I’ve decided I need to read more books by male authors. Any favourites? Recommendations, please!

9. Buy Christmas presents early. Because this year I WILL be organized before my boys are on summer holiday and it gets too hard.

10. Catch up on a zillion emails in my inbox.

11. Let my Twitter and facebook pals know I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth.

12. Watch latest episodes of HOMELAND and catch up on GAME OF THRONES.

13. Start a new book.

I’m sure there must be a hundred more items on the list!

What about you? What do you reward yourself with when you’ve finished a big project (or just had a hard week of the flu?) Do you have any “must do’s” before Christmas?

Chivalry Is Not Dead!

I hear a lot of stuff on social media and in my ‘real’ life about how the world is going to the dogs. You know, people don’t have any manners anymore and we’re an angry world and everybody’s horrid to everybody else and… You know the drill.

I have to say in general, while there are definitely rotten apples out there, that hasn’t been my experience.

This blog has been on the backburner for a while – because I had new books out, I’ve been talking about my stories rather than doing general posts over the last few months. But I want to tell you about some lovely experiences I had last September. And a post so near Valentine’s Day seems just ideal!

I seemed to spend most of last September on public transport going from my home on the beautiful Sunshine Coast to Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. It’s actually not far but getting there if you don’t drive is a major effort – three hours if I’m lucky, more if I’m not. I was also on deadline for my second Sons of Sin book, A RAKE’S MIDNIGHT KISS, which made it quite a stressful time. 

So three trips to Briz Vegas (the Brisbane Writers Festival, a workshop at the Queensland Writers Centre and a visit to see the Hamburg Ballet – OK, I can’t blame that one on my writing career, LOL!). Because time was at a premium, on each of these three occasions, after staying in town, I caught the 5am express train home. Because trains are fairly widely spaced, if I left it any later, I’d lose most of the day in travel whereas the 5am train gets me home just after 8am and ready (if yawning) for a day’s work on the computer.

That meant leaving my hotel on the Queen Street Mall at around 4:30 to catch a cab to Roma Street Station where I get my train north. Picture dark, scary, lonely Queen Street Mall full of closed shops with the freezing wind blowing MacDonald’s wrappers around. Me with suitcase rolling up to the taxi rank opposite Brisbane’s Casino, sure I was going to get bopped on the head at the very least.

No taxis!

My first experience of this, there were some guys there in a South African Rugby club’s shirts – players or supporters, not sure, but BIG!!! And clearly having spent the night carousing at the casino. Me – wondering if maybe this was a good idea. Praying for a heap of taxis to turn up, I try and shrink into myself and be inconspicuous which is fairly hard when you’re a woman facing down about eight liquor-happy men and there’s NOBODY ELSE AROUND!

My prayers are heard. A taxi arrives. Only one! Eeeek! Rugby player turns to me and asks very nicely if I’d like to take the cab as I have a suitcase. Now these guys are obviously ready to call it a night and I imagine were just as keen for a taxi to turn up as I was. I demur (why, I now ask myself!). They insist, most politely, and even lift my case into the cab. Off I go to get my vilely early train, amazed at the kindness of strangers.

Second occasion about a week later – picture the setting exactly the same, except this time I’m facing a couple of local lads who are clearly ready to go home after a big night. Taxi finally turns up, local lads step back, allow me to take it and wave me on my way. Remember, this is 4:30 on a cold early spring morning! Everybody is keen to go where they need to!

Third occasion – same setting but one very charming Irish boy who looks like he should still be home with Mamma. Turns out he’s worked all night at the casino. He’s obviously tired and ready to go home. He rang for taxis when I joined him and when only one turned up, let me take it with such lovely manners.

Wow, that’s three out of three for people being unnecessarily kind! Who says the world is an awful place? Not me!

So I’d like to thank those kind and unnamed knights in shining armour for proving that niceness isn’t nearly as rare as some people would like us to believe. And in your honor, I’m decorating this blog with flowers as a cyber bouquet for you! I hope you all went on to win the lottery!

So have you been the recipient of any random acts of kindness lately? Do you think the world is becoming a hard and horrible place? Or are you like me, much more of a cockeyed optimist?

As a random act of kindness, I’ll give away a download of my novella THE WINTER WIFE to someone who comments today. Good luck!