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by Suzanne Welsh

I love to laugh! There have been studies done that suggest laughing will add years to your life. So often when given the choice of movies to watch I will choose a comedy. Espeically a romantic comedy. A girl has to have her Happy Ever After, after all!
Tonight I got to watch one of my favorite movies. BRINGING UP BABY. It’s an old black and white movie starring Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant and a leopard. It has some of the best screwball comedic prat falls and plot turns ever recorded. This is my kind of comedy! Romance with heart, laughter, a little poignant moments to make me go aww…and the HEA.
Another of my favorites is DESK SET, starring Ms. Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. Women who read and do research for a newspaper outwit and engineer’s pet new computer. (aha! This is a fantasy some days in my own office!) Yep Katherine Hepburn was fantastic at romantic comedies.

There are some modern day actresses who give her a run for her money.
Meg Ryan. A lot of people know of her from WHEN HARRY MET SALLY or SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE My favorite movie starring her is FRENCH KISS. She learns a lot about herself in that movie. Not only does she overcome her fear of flying, she’s able to see past her own insecurities to giving up everything for the man she ultimately loves. And who can resist her fist of defiance in front of the Arch De Triumph as she swears, “we shall triumph!” ?

Sandra Bullock. MISS CONGENIALITY was such a great movie and didn’t agent Hart learn as much about being a woman as catching the bad guys? WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING has us falling in love with Lucy and a whole cast of quirky characters. TWO WEEKS NOTICE was a sleeper if you ask me. There are some great timed pratfalls in that movie. Timing for that kind of physical comedy has to come naturally. I don’t think it can be taught.

Janeane Garofalo. Her sardonic wit really made me love her in THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND DOGS. Not to mention the first ever phone sex scene in a movie! Another movie she did that was just too funny was THE MATCHMAKER. It’s a movie that takes place in Ireland! (Have you seen it, Joanie?) Janeane’s character is almost a straight man to this town of quirky Irishman.

So, what romantic comedies do y’all like? Who are some of your favorite comediens? I have decided to give away a DVD of WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING to one commentor.