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Jennifer St. George’s Winner!

BanditBootyThanks, everyone, for a great day in the lair last Friday when Jennifer St. George visited to tell us about her new contemporary romance THE LOVE DECEPTION. Jen has chosen her winner of the download and it’s:


Congratulations, Louisa! To claim your prize, please contact Jennifer through her website:

Happy reading!



Jennifer St. George’s Honest Deception!

jsg 2Just lately I’ve been lucky enough to catch up in person a couple of times with one of my favorite people, talented Aussie romance author Jennifer St. George who lives a couple of hours south of me in glorious Byron Bay, Australia’s most easterly point. And now, lucky me and lucky you, we get to catch up with the lovely Jen here in the lair.

Jen’s here today to talk to us about her latest release, THE LOVE DECEPTION, which is available worldwide as an e-book.




jsg 1You can find out more about Jen and her glamorous, sexy stories on her website:

Jen blogs with the fun and clever Love Cats Downunder:

You can also follow her on Facebook:



And make sure you check out her first two books, THE CONVENIENT BRIDE and SEDUCING THE SECRET HEIRESS!

Phew! Plenty of chances to get to know our Jen!

Jennifer, welcome back to the lair. Congratulations on your new release for Destiny Romance, THE LOVE DECEPTION.  Can you tell us about this story?

THE LOVE DECEPTION is my third novel with Destiny Romance. It combines legal intrigue, courtroom drama and a dash of exotic Barbados.

jsg 3When Felicity Carter wakes up naked in a strange bed, she has no idea how she got there. And no recollection of meeting the gorgeous man calmly offering her breakfast. Felicity flees – hoping that their paths never cross again.
The last thing she expects is to discover that her mystery man is Damon Fullbright, partner at the law firm where Felicity has just started work – and her new boss!

Damon is appalled to find the out-of-control young woman he rescued has been hired to work on his team. Apart from anything else, he doesn’t need the distraction of a hot blonde with a barrel-full of issues. But one-by-one, Felicity blows all Damon’s preconceptions out of the water. When Felicity explosively reveals her dreadful secret, will he risk his reputation and trust her to discover the truth?

Sounds great. What were the inspirations behind this book?

jsg 5Through my various jobs, I’ve travelled extensively and would often wake up in a hotel in a foreign country and forget where I was.  In those first few seconds of waking, I’d always get a jolt of adrenaline and my brain would scream…where am I? Of course I’d quickly realize I was fine, in a hotel and had to get up and go to work. I wondered what it would be like if you woke up and had no idea where you were.

Felicity does just that at the beginning of the book. From that point on, her life is a rollercoaster ride in the search for truth, understanding and ultimately…love.

What’s coming up next for you?

My current hero is an IT guru working in central London. My heroine runs an orangutan sanctuary in Brunei. He lives a fast paced, stressful, inner-city, jetset lifestyle. Building his global business is his sole focus. She’s a wildlife warrior who thinks the hero represents everything that is wrong with the world – IT gadgets, expensive lifestyle and no connection with animals and the natural world. It creates wonderful conflict, which I’m loving. I’ve already cried a couple of times writing their story, so I hope I’m conveying this emotion on the page.

Ljsg 4ast time you visited in January, we were talking about your wonderful second release SEDUCING THE SECRET HEIRESS. You’ve now been published for nearly a year and I wonder if becoming a published author has offered any surprises along the way.

I was pretty excited at the recent Australian Romance Readers Convention when a reader came up and told me how much she loved my books, took a photo and then tweeted me! Hadn’t had that happen before. I did feel pretty special.

Having people review your work publicly is also something very new and at first I found it quite confronting. Fortunately most of the reviews I’ve received so far have been positive (thank goodness!!).

Your books feature fabulous exotic locations like Venice and Barbados. What are your favorite travel destinations? Can we expect to see any of these destinations in future books? 

I love walking and do at least one bush-walking holiday a year – usually up in Queensland’s Lamington National Park. jsg 7Two years ago I walked the Cinque Terra trail in Italy. This year I hiked the Tasmanian Overland Track. This 65km, six-day trek winds through places of extraordinary beauty. I walked with a company that’s been running guided walks for over twenty-years and they’ve built huts along the trail.  Huts mean hot meals, hot showers, warm cabins and chilled wine (I’m not much of a camper). All this delivered by young, fit guides who take care of everything. Food tastes, oh, so much better when you’ve trekked at least twelve kilometres and someone else has cooked. I’d love to feature the Tasmanian rainforest in a book.

Having lived in South America, I’m considering setting a book there. Perhaps Rio or Santiago. New York also appeals as a setting. I remember that thrilling feeling the first time I walked down Fifth Avenue. Just being in that city made me feel like anything was possible.

But my favourite destinations will probably always be in Europe.  I lived in Europe (mostly England) for seven years and just loved the history, architecture, different languages (I can speak a bit of Spanish and am currently learning French), the landscapes, the food and the fact you can travel a few hundred kilometres (or much less) and be in a completely different culture.

jsg 6My favourite cities are Prague, Seville, Salzburg, Bruges, Venice, Florence and of course, Paris.

What do you think makes a great romance hero?

Yes, lots of romance heroes are tall, dark and good-looking. But, I don’t think there’s a template for a great romantic hero.  He can be cute, blond and wayward; brilliant, serious with glasses or ripped, gorgeous and executive. As long as the heroine fancies the knickers (or Calvins) off him I generally find I’m on the right track. Sometimes on the surface my heroes appear to behave a little badly, but there is always a very strong motivation for doing so. However, he always respects the heroine and deep down is very, very kind.

Do you have a question for our Banditas and Bandita Buddies to get the conversation rolling?

I spend a lot of time thinking about what profession to give my characters. Felicity and Damon from THE LOVE DECEPTION are both lawyers. Are there any character’s professions you really love reading about? Are there any that you really don’t like or just didn’t suit the characters? Comment today for a chance to win a e-copy of THE LOVE DECEPTION (Amazon or iTunes).

BanditBootyThanks so much, Jen! Love the sound of the new book! Sounds like those two have a rocky road to love ahead of them.

Get commenting, people, to win the copy of THE LOVE DECEPTION!

Jennifer St. George’s Winner!

BanditBootyFirstly, HUGE, HUGE, HUGE apologies for all the problems with the site this week.

I’ve invited Jennifer back for her next release when hopefully the cyberuniverse will let us give her the usual big Bandita welcome.

Jennifer was a great trouper and kept coming back over the few days to respond to people. Thank you also to everyone who hung in there with us over the time.

The winner of the download of THE CONVENIENT BRIDE is:


Deelynn, congratulations. Please contact Jennifer on the contact page of her website: and she’ll organise your book for you. Happy reading!

January’s Coming Attractions!

Welcome to the Lair!! It’s a blustery cold day outside. The weatherman has been predicting colder than usual temperatures and possible flurries this month, so Sven and Paolo have been busy stocking in warm drink supplies, (cocoa for hot chocolate, rum for hot buttered rum, whiskey for hot toddies, dark red wines for mulled wine), while the gladiators have been cutting down trees in the forest outside the Lair so we have plenty of firewood!

As always we have a steady stream of zany, provocative and fun posts from all the Banditas. (17 different personalities pop up monthly!)

Starting tomorrow with an art gallery tour of my house! Intrigued? Wait till you see it!

And to help keep you warmly entertained, here are our guests for this month:


On Monday, 7th January, Anna Campbell will host sparkling Aussie author Jennifer St. George in the Lair. Jenn will be talking about her debut romance The Convenient Bride.




January 21st Caren Crane will host Regan Black, who will give us the intel on the newest installment of her 2096 futuristic romantic suspense series, In the Interest Of Security. The novella is included in The Mammoth Book Of Futuristic Romance.



On the 24th self-publishing sensation, Liliana Hart makes her first appearance in the Lair with Suzanne Ferrell to talk about self-publishing and Liliana’s newest release Shadows And Silk. Love that cover!



We just love debut authors in the Lair, (heck we all were one once, too!) and on Jan 27th Joan Kayse hosts author Alison Atlee with her debut book The Typewriter Girl.



On January 29th, Grace Burrowes chats with Nancy Northcott about the pleasures of writing a long series and her newest book, Lady Eve’s Indiscretion.



On Jan 31st, New York Times bestselling author Carla Neggers will be here to discuss her latest release That Night On Thistle Lane, with Bandita Beth Andrews.



Joan Kayse is holding her first-ever contest on Goodreads. Opportunity to win one of 10 print copies of The Patrician.  Entries through 1-22  Here’s the link

Anna Campbell is holding a Christmas in January contest where she’s giving away five downloads of her e-novella The Winter Wife. All you need to do is email her on anna (no spaces) and tell her the names of the hero and heroine of The Winter Wife: A Christmas Novella. You just might find the answer here: For more information, please visit Anna’s contests page:

Tawny Weber has a Goodreads contest running from Jan 1-14, giving away copies of A Seal’s Seduction.  

Donna MacMeans is having a prize drawing in March for the readers who like her Facebook fan page



We are excited to announce that Betty Hamilton is December’s Members Only prize bundle! Congratulations, Betty,  you get rewarded for being our friend!!  :-) Contact me at email hidden; JavaScript is required and I’ll see that the Prizes get delivered asap!

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