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The Art Gallery Walk…in my home

Welcome to my home! As many of you know both my daughters are artists.Today I’d like to show you what my family and I get to enjoy on a daily basis. It means, lucky me, my home is filled with rather unique artwork.(Please excuse all flashes from my camera.)

The first thing I want to show you is the wonderful presents I got for Christmas. On the left is the framed poster of HUNTED’s cover and on the right is KIDNAPPED. Lyndsey made these for me. You can’t read them, but scattered over the covers are quotes from the reviews both books received on Amazon. In fact, right above HUNTED on the right side of the picture is one from someone you all know, our own HELEN! How cool is this. Both of these are going to hang in my office where I can see them every time I enter the room. Talk about inspiration. (The photos don’t do them justcie, they are HUGE.)



Next is the lovely picture my older daughter, Alison made me for Christmas. It’s a couple in a romantic pose, surrounded by my favorite flowers, tulips. This is going in my dining room along with some lovely black and white pictures of my two granddaughters as babies. Alison did both of these, too.

Here’s another wall in my dining room. The three collages you see here were done by Lyndsey. Each picture represents one of us connected by the colors and designs on the background. The one on the left is Lyndsey, represented by her favorite flower, the daisy. I’m in the middle represented by my tulips. And Alison is on the right. Her signature flower? The rose. These were another Christmas present and I adore them!




Now let’s move into the living room. Here is an African gazelle. Isn’t it striking? Know why I love this so much? No, I don’t have a thing for long-horned goat/deer creatures. 

 This particular piece of art was made entirely with dots. I made a close up so you could see. No lines, just dots, even the background. This piece has fascinated me for years. A school project, Lyndsey even coerced her brother and best friend into helping her fill in the background dots the night before this was due. I know for a fact that buried in the background of dots are my now son-in-law’s name and the name of a boy her best friend adored back then. Haven’t been able to find them…yet!


 Also in the living room you will see this piece that Alison did. The native

 American woman gives a nod to my dual heritage, (Cherokee on both sides from my parents who lived in Tennessee). I also thought the strength and determination in her pose quite moving. This piece sits on my mantel except at Christmas.








And hanging next to the mantle is this piece of cross stitch I did years ago. It’s the only kind of art work I can manage, but it reminds me of the lovely Grandmother’s Garden quilts my own grandmother had.





Next you can see what hangs in the guest bedroom. This picture on the left was another assignment for Lyndsey. She had to take an everyday object and use it in three different ways. This was a candle and the woman, who given Lyndsey’s love of comics is a superhero, is using it as a weapon. The comic art graphics of this appeals to me and I just had to hang it.







Next to it in the same room is this piece that Lyndsey did for an art show in downtown Dallas. Again, a woman with superpowers, you can see her forming a protective shield with her hand. Her daddy loved it so much he bought it. I keep trying to get her to make me another one to go with it…but she’s a little busy these days. 🙂






 Back in my office, I thought I’d show you a couple of more pieces. This one is a poster we had Lyndsey make for a DARA function. We wanted to educate the people attending the seminar and the book signing about the important role Romances make in the publishing market place. With RWA’s permission we used facts and quotes on the poster…but in the lower left corner, that couple ALMOST touching? I use that to remind me of how sexual tension should feel. That’s from one of Lyndsey’s favorite comics, X-men. She drew her interpretation of two characters in a sensual stance…almost touching, almost kissing. Do you know which characters?





Hanging  so I can see it from my desk chair is this picture. Isn’t it beautiful? It’s a self-portrait that Lyndsey did of herself when she was about 16 or 17.  How you look into a mirror and draw yourself AND make it look exactly like you…amazes me. I have it up there to remind me, that if you concentrate long enough and hard enough you can achieve something masterful. That, and it’s just beautiful to look at!



Here are those two black ink drawings Alison did for me from when my granddaughters were babies. (I’m still waiting for the ones for my grandsons!) Now that I have that lovely couple in tulips picture to balance it out, I can get these up in my dining room. Aren’t they sweet?










And this isn’t going in my house, but was just too precious not to share. This is Alison’s daughter from a photo Lyndsey took of her coloring at my dining room table. Lyndsey drew it onto paper then with the suggestions from her own daughter added the imagination that comes from art. She even let her help color it. This was Lyndsey’s gift to her sister for Christmas. It rendered Alison speechless.


So, that’s the art gallery walk in my house. I still have a few rooms those two can fill with their collective work. I might even go through their old portfolio’s one day and find some more treasures to hang. 


How about you? Got any special photos or art pieces you love? Tell me about them. Got any special wall hangings, quilts, cross stitch pieces? Are you an artist?