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Dream Big


So I achieved a milestone recently.  It wasn’t anything quite as awesome as Kate’s hitting the NYT bestseller list (go, Kate!) but it was a milestone nonetheless.  One of which I am ridiculously proud. 

See, I recently blurbed a book.  (This means I provided the little quote on the cover telling the world what a really great book it was, for those of you who don’t speak writer-ese.)  See?  There it is!  Over there, on the cover on the left!  I know it’s a little hard to see, but click on the cover to see it live & in person on the internets.

And I didn’t blurb  just any book, either.  Lord, no.  This was a really, really good book.  One that I would have been thrilled to blurb no matter who wrote it.  But it just so happens that my dear friend & critique partner (and former Romance Bandit) Inara Scott wrote this particular book, thus allowing us to fulfill yet another of our long-dreamed joint milestones.

And what, you might ask, is a long-dreamed joint milestone?

Well, it’s what happens when you put two brand-new, starry-eyed, sky’s-the-limit writers in a room together.  Specifically in a hotel room in Reno where RWA is holding its 25th annual conference.  It’s what happens when those two writers have a glass of wine (or two) and some ice cream (or a lot) and some chocolate (or a great deal), & start planning their careers with the subsequently lowered inhibitions.  

First we’ll land a couple of agents!  (That was a few years down the drain but eventually…done!)

Then we’ll both sell books!  (A couple more years down the old tubes on this one, but then Inara sold her YA in a two-book deal.  I sold my Golden Heart winner in a two book deal not quite a year after.  Here’s me & Nara celebrating my GH win in 2008.)

Our careers will then take off like rockets!  (We’re still throwing years at this one.)

And then when we’re amazing superstars (not enough years in the universe but okay), we’ll blurb each other’s books & go on tour together & it’ll be our own little fairy tale!

[insert reality here]

Okay, so we didn’t take off like super stars.  Nobody has, as yet, decided to send us out on a joint book tour.  (Inara did get to do a mini-tour in support of her first Delcroix book but I was not invited.  I can’t imagine why not.  She was promoting her young adult series at middle schools & I was writing adult romance.  What could go wrong?)

But then Inara  hooked up with Entangled Publishing, & began to release her adult romances.  (There she is in her glammed-up, I-write-romance author photo.  Nice!)  And guess who she tapped for a cover quote for her latest, the Rules of Negotiation?  I’m thrilled to report it was me!  And they put it smack on the front cover, too.  

I was proud on so many levels–first of Inara because I love this book & I’m so glad it’s finding an audience.  Selfishly for myself, too, because I’ve always wanted to blurb a book.  It’s a cool thing to be viewed on any level as an authority on what’s good to read.  

But I was mostly thrilled with the both of us.  (There we are on the left being thrilled together in NYC last summer.)  And why?  Because seven years ago we were dewy-eyed newbies with more hope than sense, & but we didn’t let that stop us from dreaming.  And dreaming big.  

And maybe our dreams haven’t all come true but we’ve put our backs into it–put our backs against each other’s, really, & circled the wagons when necessary–& we’re hauling each other into that future we dreamed so long ago.  Inch by stingy inch sometimes, but we’re walking that path together.  

So here’s to Inara, & her latest release!  Here’s to me & my latest milestone!  And here’s to the readers everywhere who love a good love story.  We write for you.  Heck, we are you.  So dream big.   And take a good friend on that walk with you.  It helps. 

Inara ( will join us in the comments today, & she’ll be giving away an e-copy of The Rules of Negotiation to one lucky commenter.  So tell us about your dearest friends–do you have one or lots?  Have you known her since kindergarten, college or last week?  When has a true friend really made a difference in your life?  



Book Pimping

by Suzanne

Okay, a little known secret…well maybe a widely known fact among the Bandits and my friends…I AM A BOOK PIMP. Yep. Can’t seem to help it. If I read a great book, I want EVERYONE  I’ve ever seen holding a book, picking up my new “find” and reading it.  Here’s sort of how the conversation goes:

Me, “I just read the most incredible book.”
My mark, “Really? What?”
Me, leaning closer with just a hint of a smile, “Money, Honey by Susan Sey. OMG, couldn’t put it down!”
Interested victim, “Really? I’d love one of those kind of books. What’s it about?”

AHA! Got another one!

Here’s another one:

Me, standing in the romance aisle at the local bookstore, reshelving books. Yep, I do this. Bandit’s new releases at eye level or on the highly coveted “new release shelf”. This particular time I’m muttering loud enough for the three ladies down the aisle to hear me, “I can’t believe they have Jo Davis’ firefighters on the bottom shelf. For crying out loud she’s a local author!” Now, I do this while holding the highly sexy cover of Line Of Fire out for the ladies to get a good look at.

#1 lady moves closer. “That’s a book about firefighters?”
Me, “Oh my goodness, yes. The sexiest team of hunky firefighters you’ll ever read about.”
#2 moves up and takes a book to read the back blurb. “I think firemen are so sexy.”
#3, taking her copy. “And so brave.”
#1, “Heroic.”
Me, “Sexy.”
All three nod, putting the books in their growing armfuls. Ah, my job here is finished, oh wait…I point out Lorraine Heath, Jane Graves, Tracy Garrett, Sandy Blair and Addison Fox’s books, making sure they all know they’re local authors, too!

See? I can’t help it!

My coworkers aren’t immnue. Last weekend, knowing how many of my coworkers read the YA series Twilight, I took Inara Scott’s Delcroix Academy series: The Candidates bookmarks to work and handed them out.I explained it was a brand new paranormal series that was releasing Tuesday. I told them, “It’s going to be the next big hit for teens and twenty year olds. I think you would like reading it too!” I’m betting when I return to work the next week I’ll see one or two people holding that book. And since many of them have teenagers, I’m thinking they’ll be reading her book, soon. I think these girls will be, too!

Another fun thing happened when I read Kate Carlisle’s first Bibliophile Murder mystery book, Homicide In Hardcover at work. My friend Karen bought a copy because I was chuckling all the way through it. When the second book came out, If Books Could Kill, Karen and I were reading the book at the same time, almost simultaneously laughing at the same spots! (I laughed first coz I read faster than Karen.) Several coworkers said, “Are you two reading the same book?” We said, “yes” and Karen proceeded to tell them what we loved about Kate’s books. At least three wrote Kate’s name and the book titles down to read. YES!

Oh and if someone asks me for a good  historical author to read, my first recommendation? Julie Garwood. “What?” I say, slightly shocked voice, “You haven’t read any of Ms. Garwood’s works? Let me bring you my copy of Saving Grace.” Why this book? It’s a well worn hardback copy, (the copy I loan out, my other copy is pristine and on my keeper shelf) and I know if they love this book, they’ll be buying the back list, ASAP!

So, how about you? Are you ever a book pimp? How do you go about hooking your book addicts? Any tricks I can borrow? Oh and if you were trying to pimp a book or author to me, which one would you recommend?