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The Most Wonderful Night Of the Year!

By the time you read this, the most wonderful night of the year will be well underway or will have ended. My very favorite night, the one I wait for all year long, is not my birthday, wedding anniversary or Christmas Eve. No dear Banditas and Buddies, I anxiously await the night we go OFF Daylight Savings Time and I get to enjoy one magnificent extra hour of sleep.


This may not seem like such a great thing for some of you. I have numerous friends and co-workers who suffer from insomnia. For them, night is a torturous time of tossing and turning. It is a marathon of darkness to be endured until the next long, exhausting day dawns. I do not suffer from insomnia, thank goodness. My mother will tell you I was always a great sleeper, even as a baby. When she dragged me around to “junk stores” (which we now call antique shops), if I got sleepy I would find a spot to curl up and simply go to sleep. Same thing at parties, picnics or social gatherings of any time. I never whined or fussed, just found a place to crash. Happily, I can still sleep whenever I want or need to do so. This annoys my husband and best friend (both insomniacs) to no end. Still, I hit the pillow and enjoy guilt-free, blissful slumber every night.


©2010 Of course, going back to Standard Time has a dark side and that is, well, darkness. By the time the winter solstice rolls around on Dec. 21 (the longest night of the year), it will be dark when I leave for work and dark when I get home. When I arrive home in darkness, my poor body thinks it’s bedtime. There is no going back out, except for things like Christmas parties and programs that cannot be avoided. When I get home and change from work clothes into yoga pants, a long-sleeved t-shirt, a sweatshirt and fuzzy socks, I am in for the night. By 8:30 pm, I will be nodding off in my recliner no matter how compelling Downton Abbey or Once Upon a Time might be. I decided long ago that I might be part bear, because the long nights that officially started last night make me want to hibernate. Still, the cold nights provide ample opportunities to snuggle under a pile of warm blankets with my husband when he eventually makes it to bed for his 4 hours or so of sleep, so all in all there are much worse things than hibernating.  🙂


Conversely, my least favorite night of the year is the one where we “spring forward” and begin observing Daylight Savings Time once more. Although I love my long, lingering summer evenings as much as the next person, it cuts into my precious sleep time. And as you all know by now, I do love a long, deep, satisfying slumber. All that daylight threatens my beauty sleep, which I count on and obviously need. I must say, though, it’s easier to stay up and write during spring and summer evenings than it is in fall and winter. Much as I love my sleep, I need more butt-in-chair time. All this blessed darkness is a double-edged sword!


So, are you a deep sleeper or a restless midnight rambler? Do they observe Daylight Savings Time where you live? What is your personal favorite night of the year and why? Let us all know your nocturnal habits! 😯


(hibernating bear sign ©2010