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Launch Party: Second-Chance Seduction by Kate Carlisle

second-chance-seduction-150Brace yourselves, ladies! With the release of SECOND-CHANCE SEDUCTION, I’ve launched a new series with Harlequin Desire featuring the McLaren brothers of the highlands of Northern California. To honor their heritage, we’re throwing a Scottish-themed launch party today. The Lair is decked out in tartan, the tables are overloaded with legs o’ lamb (plus haggis for the Bravehearts in the bunch), and the cabana boys are dressed in kilts!

What happens under the kilt won't necessarily stay put!Our young, kilted laddies are willing to play a few Scottish games with ye, if ye’ve a mind to… wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

The MacLaren brothers are taking California by storm with their brewing empire, and pity the women who get in their way. Aye, these men have talented tongues, an’ make no mistake. Raise a pint for a traditional toast. (Never mind if you don’t drink. This is fictional beer.)

If there is righteousness in the heart, there will be beauty in the character.
If there is beauty in the character, there will be harmony in the home.
If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nation.
If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world.
So let it be!

Pint of dark beerAnd now, a bit about SECOND-CHANCE SEDUCTION

Connor MacLaren never forgave Maggie Jameson for leaving him. Ten years later, his former sweetheart’s back in their California town, desperate for the Scottish businessman’s help. And he knows just how to get her out of his system once and for all…

Agreeing to temporarily pose as Connor’s girlfriend is déjà vu. After only a few minutes alone with the rugged Highlander, Maggie’s breathless with desire. Of course, this was Connor’s intention…until his plan backfires, leaving them both wanting much more.

Now, lassies, let’s give ourselves not-so-authentic Scots nicknames. Here’s how it works… Take your first name and give it an “-ie” ending. Then add “Mac” to your most notable physical feature, the street where you grew up, or a word related to your job. Today, I shall be Katie MacDeadline!

Post your Scots nickname in the comments below, and I’ll select one of ye at random to receive an autographed copy of SECOND-CHANCE SEDUCTION.

Launch Party: Kate Carlisle’s SHE’S HAVING THE BOSS’S BABY

She's Having the Boss's BabyThe cabana boys have started the conga line, so grab a nicely muscled waist and shake your body. It’s party time!!!! SHE’S HAVING THE BOSS’S BABY is available today! In honor of the beautiful red Harlequin Desire cover, the cabana boys are wearing red swim trunks as they dance along the white sandy beach.

An Innocent in ParadiseOur party today is taking place on Alleria, the setting of SHE’S HAVING THE BOSS’S BABY. Alleria is a stunning private Caribbean island, owned by the fabulously sexy and wealthy Sutherland twins. Logan Sutherland is on his honeymoon with his new wife Grace, who is no longer quite so much of AN INNOCENT IN PARADISE, leaving us with equally handsome Aidan Sutherland as host.

Forgive Aidan if he’s unusually surly today. He just found out that his right-hand woman, the resort’s senior VP Ellie Sterling, wants leave from work so she can take a quick trip to a sperm bank.

Aidan’s not exactly in a party mood. He gets that Ellie wants to have a baby – she’ll make a great mom – he just doesn’t understand why she can’t do it the old-fashioned way. Surely she could find a man! She’s a beautiful woman. In fact, lately, he’s been starting to see how incredibly beautiful and sexy she is…

Ellie approached his desk and Aidan’s breath got caught somewhere in his throat as he watched her plant herself in the chair opposite him and cross her stunning long legs.

IMG_0122Damn. He turned away to stare at…something else. This had been happening a lot lately and it was one more thing he could blame on all that wedding madness. Or it would be, if it weren’t for the fact that he’d been ogling his business associate’s legs for a long time now. Every time she came near him lately, he was ready to pounce like a jungle cat. And who could blame him? The woman had world-class legs. And a world-class smile. He was pretty sure she had world-class breasts as well, but that was none of his business. She had a gorgeous smile and beautiful lips. Clear blue eyes, an adorable nose, and lush dark hair that she wore in a straight style that fell like a thick ribbon halfway down her back.

Was this attraction to Ellie one more example of the sneaky universe conspiring to ruin his life?


While Aidan is sorting out his inconvenient feelings, let’s raise a toast to celebrate SHE’S HAVING THE BOSS’S BABY’s official release! I’m having my new favorite rum drink, my own recipe, which I’m calling a Tropical Hibiscus. The recipe is below, so have a cabana boy pour you a generous drink, raise your glass, and celebrate with me!!!

Kate Carlisle's rum drinkTropical Hibiscus, a Rum Drink Recipe

1 part coconut rum
2 parts pineapple juice
1 part cranberry juice
Pour the coconut rum and pineapple juice over ice. Stir, then add the cranberry juice for that beautiful bi-color effect. Enjoy!

Today’s ice-breaker game: Share three things about yourself. Make two of them the truth and one a lie. Then the rest of us will guess which of your three “facts” is a lie.

I’ll start:

1. I went to law school, but I didn’t graduate because I realized partway in that I didn’t want to be a lawyer.
2. I was once an extra on Human Target, and Mark Valley brought me a cup of coffee.
3. I am the very proud (and slightly guilt-ridden) product of a Catholic school education at Holy Rosary Academy.

Today, I’m giving away a copy of SHE’S HAVING THE BOSS’S BABY! If you want to win it, mention the title in your comment! I’ll choose a winner at random at the end of the day.

Exclusive Excerpt: She’s Having the Boss’s Baby by Kate Carlisle

A sneak peek at She’s Having the Boss’s Baby by Kate Carlisle

All systems are go!

Ovulation cycle? Check. Estrogen level? Check. Nothing can stop Ellie Sterling’s baby-making attempt at the fertility clinic. Nothing but her CEO boss—and good friend—who offers her an alternative to leaving their island headquarters: let’s make a baby the old-fashioned way. It isn’t that Aidan Sutherland wants to be a baby daddy; he just doesn’t want to lose his senior VP. But Aidan’s plans for romance and candlelight quickly turn business into pleasure. After one night with his pal Ellie, the bikini-chasing billionaire is dazed, confused and—could it be—in love?

The scene was set for romantic sex.

Aidan glanced around the living room of his penthouse suite and approved of what he saw. He had always been a romantic guy and enjoyed the trappings that went along with it. So he felt confident as he instructed his catering guy where to place the ice bucket and the dessert he’d selected for tonight.

If there was one thing Aidan Sutherland knew how to do, it was set the scene for sex. But this time, he had to admit, he was really enjoying himself, picturing Ellie walking in and seeing all this. Candlelight, champagne on ice, chocolate mousse with whipped cream for dessert, soft, sultry jazz playing low in the background, dozens of roses and star lilies arranged in different vases around the suite.

The doorbell rang and he strolled over to open the door. And couldn’t help but smile. Her hair was lifted up off her neck with a few wavy tendrils curling down. He’d never seen her wear her hair like that, but it suited her and made him glad he’d decided to dwell on romance tonight. She wore sexy, strappy sandals and was dressed in a short, colorful sarong-style skirt that wrapped around her waist and a thin turquoise top that accentuated her breasts.

That’s how Aidan saw it anyhow. Now that he’d seen her in that bikini, he was pretty sure everything she wore from now on would accentuate her breasts.

“You made it,” he said, swinging the door wide to let her in.

She smiled. “Did you think I wouldn’t?”

He closed the door behind her. “You looked a little preoccupied in the office today. I wondered if you might be having second thoughts.”

No,” she said with a firm nod. “This is the plan we agreed on and I’m ready to go through with it.”

He pursed his lips in a twisted grin. “There’s no firing squad in here, Ellie. You can relax. In fact, I’ve got just the thing to help us both unwind.” He led her over to the dining area where he popped open the bottle of champagne and poured them both a glass.

“To…success,” he said, raising his glass to her.

She laughed and clicked her glass against his. “To success.” She took a sip of the bubbly liquid and said, “It’s wonderful.”

He took a sip and observed her over the rim of his glass. “You look beautiful.”

She smiled with pleasure. “Thank you. So do you.”

“Thank you,” he said with a grin. She was normally so competent and sure of herself, but now her gaze flitted around, clearly indicating she was nervous. She finished the champagne quickly and he filled her glass again.

“Well,” she said, after another sip. “Better.” As she continued to glance here and there, it seemed to dawn on her that things were a little different. “Oh, you did something.”

“Yes.” He stood by the table and enjoyed watching her make her discoveries.

“Everything looks so nice. You have candles. Oh, and flowers. So many.” She wandered over to the fireplace mantle where the largest vase of roses had been placed. “They’re so pretty. Did you do all this for me?”

“You seemed to like the idea of a little romance.”

“I do.” Her eyes were shining and her mouth was curved in a smile he wanted to taste. “I really do.”

“We aim to please,” he said easily. “Let’s start over here.” He crossed the room to meet her halfway. Taking hold of her arm, he led her back to the table.

“Here, try some of this.” He took the cover off a silver bowl filled with chocolate mousse and dipped the spoon in. He added a small dollop of whipped cream and raised it to her lips. “Tell me what you think.”

“Oh. Oh.” Her eyes closed as she savored the taste. Her tongue lapped at a bit of chocolate on her lip. Aidan’s stomach muscles twisted in a dark coil of desire and he grew rock hard as he watched her expression turn to one of rapture. “It’s heaven.”

When she opened her eyes, he put the spoon down. “I’m sorry, Ellie, but there’s something we need to take care of right now.”

“Oh,” she said, blinking as if she were coming awake after a long nap. “About what? Our custody agreement? Aidan, you don’t have to worry. I already took care of that. It’s been signed and sent back to the lawyers.”

“Good, but this has nothing to do with that. This is about…this.” He took one more step closer and covered her lips with his in a kiss so tender, so sensual, so much sweeter than any chocolate, he found himself in danger of losing it right there. He clamped on tight to his control because there was no way he was stopping now.

“Just had to get that out of the way,” he muttered, running his fingers along the side of her face, his desire to touch her more urgent than the need to breathe.

“Okay,” she whispered and swayed a little unsteadily. “Okay. Good. Practice. Like you said. Probably a good idea, really. Makes perfect sense.” She licked her lips and stared up at him.

That was enough to push Aidan into going for more. The taste of her lingered on his mouth, like a fine wine that made you thirsty for more.

Mail Call!

Pony Express posterHave you seen the ad on TV, sponsored by letter carriers, asking us to let our congresspeople know we want to keep Saturday delivery of the mail? The United States Postal Service is planning to go to five-days-a-week delivery starting this autumn. I’m trying to decide whether I’ll miss getting mail on Saturdays and, if so, whether I’ll miss it enough to prompt me to write to my congresspeople. And if so, whether it would be just plain wrong to write to them by email.

Communication has evolved and continues to do so. Once upon a time, the telegraph was the latest thing. Have you ever received a telegram? I sure haven’t. And yet, I imagine that telegraph operators were unhappy when the telephone began to become ubiquitous.

Now we communicate almost instantly with people around the world – right here in the Lair, as a matter of fact. So we use the regular postal service less and less. Is it a tragedy or simply a natural progression, the continued evolution of communication?

Almost everything that comes by regular mail to my house is an advertisement for something. I’ve grown to resent the companies that send catalogs because it seems like such a waste of paper when all of their products can be viewed online.

Box of A Cookbook Conspiracy ARCs

But oh, a couple of times a year, the mailman brings me something really exciting. Last week, he brought my favorite package of the year so far – a box of A COOKBOOK CONSPIRACY ARCs! I’m so excited about this book, which will be my first hardcover. I immediately jumped onto Goodreads and set up a giveaway. That way, three lucky readers will have the pleasure of receiving their copies in the mail, too.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

A Cookbook Conspiracy by Kate Carlisle

A Cookbook Conspiracy

by Kate Carlisle

Giveaway ends May 31, 2013.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.


Enter to win

She's Having the Boss's Baby by Kate CarlisleThe next exciting package that should arrive will be my authors’ copies of SHE’S HAVING THE BOSS’S BABY, my may release with Harlequin Desire. I’m really, really excited about this one, too – but not so excited that I couldn’t wait until Monday if Saturday delivery were already stopped.

What about you? Do you think five days per week is enough? You Banditas and Bandita buddies who live in other countries, how often is mail delivered where you live? How would you feel if the government decided to cut out a day in order to save money?

Author Sarah M. Anderson: How to Make Book Jewelry

Let’s give a big Bandita welcome to the fabulous Sarah M. Anderson, a fellow author for Harlequin Desire! Her latest book is A MAN OF DISTINCTION. Sarah is creative and artistic, and not just when it comes to writing! Today, she’s going to share her method for making fabulous, one-of-a-kind book jewelry!

Sarah: It’s great to be back here at the Romance Bandits today! I always have such a great time here.

When I was here in July, I gave away a handmade book necklace. I’m back again, with another book to give away and a necklace that I’ll give away to one lucky person on September 11th. I had a lot of people ask me exactly how I made book necklaces.

So here’s the step-by-step!

Step 1: Wander into a craft store having a store-closing clearance, preferably with everything at least 80% off.

Step 2: Walk up and down the beading aisle a few times, wondering if you should buy tons of beads with no discernible purpose. (It also helps if you have a serious bead addiction.)

Step 3: Discover a pendant ‘blank’ in a small, rectangular shape. Think to yourself, “I bet I could put a book cover in there.”

Step 4: Be thunderstruck at the idea that you could put a book cover in there. Stand in the aisle for several moments, blocking the way, as this epiphany blows your mind.

Step 5: Become a woman possessed. Buy every blank (silver, copper, and gold tone) they have—even the non-rectangular shapes, because hey, you can just crop the cover to get that hot hero’s chiseled features in close up!

Step 6: Still possessed, began buying every shade of bead that possibly goes with the blanks you have loaded into your cart.

Step 7: Realize that if you’re going to be making jewelry, you’re going to need a bunch of clasps and things, known in the biz as ‘findings.’ And since you are at a clearance sale, clean them out of those, too.

Step 8: Stand slack-jawed as the cashier rings up $987.37 worth of jewelry-making supplies and only asks you to pay $197.

Okay! Now you’re ready to actually make book jewelry!

Step 9: Watch this video on how to actually put a cover into a pendant and not have it fall out. (I watched it about 7 times, then I watched it a few more.)

Step 10: Print out a bunch of tiny copies of your cover that are approximately the same size as your blanks, but slightly larger. Very Important: Use non-water-soluble ink. Otherwise, your image will blur and run before it dries. You will have to trim, but it’s better to have a very snug image than one that is too small. (If you’re extremely organized, you can be best friends with a graphic designer who shrinks the images in less than ten minutes.) We found that darkening the images helped them stand out under the glaze. Otherwise, they looked really washed out.

Step 11: Basically, use a modge-podge type glue to stick the image in the blank, then use a diamond-clear type resin glue or glaze over the top of it. If you’re really lucky, have a friend take a picture of you doing this while you have on under-eye concealer. (If you’re less than lucky, have your husband take a bunch of pictures of you doing this while your bra shows through your shirt.) You may need a toothpick or a small paintbrush to help ‘tap’ out the bubbles that do form. We got most of the bubbles out, but not all of them. (I kept that one for myself!)

Step 12: Let the pendants dry over night. If you’ve planned ahead, you’ll have a thick square of cardboard to rest them on, as the loop part means they don’t sit level (I’m going to make sure I do this next time. Not so much this time.)

Step 13: Using beads, tiger tail (a plastic-coated wire used in jewelry making) and all those findings (clasps, crimp beads, rings, etc.), along with a really good pair of needle-nose pliers and/or crimpers, bead like mad. I had beads of different sizes. Seed beads were small enough that the pendants slid around on them, but the bigger beads kept the pendant in place. Because it bugs me when the clasp works its way to the front of the necklace throughout the day, I used the bigger beads to keep the pendant in place. I also used a bunch of different metal beads to add variety to the necklaces. I had some older beads that I used as well. (Did I mention the bead-addict thing? Yeah. It’s a problem.)

Step 14: Be extremely proud of how cool your book cover necklaces turned out!

If you were crunched for time, this would be a 24- to 36-hour process, because the diamond glaze has to cure overnight. I did the pendants one weekend with some friends and then did a massive beading day the next. I did eleven necklaces in one sitting. I don’t recommend that, but doing the pendants in bulk did work. We trashed a kitchen table, though. Huge mess!

This process works GREAT for book jewelry, but it would also work for making wonderful, personalized jewelry for Mother’s Day, grandparents—basically, anything you can print off and cut out in a geometric shape, you can make into a pendant necklace. It was a fun, relatively easy process (but again, watch the video).

So, who wants to win the book necklace for A Man of Distinction? I’ll randomly choose one reader to win an autographed copy of A Man of Distinction. Plus—bonus—I’m giving away a handcrafted (by me!) book necklaces from everyone who commented throughout the week! Check the Authorial Moms blog September 11th to see if you were the winner!

A Man of Distinction Blurb: “Let me see my son.”

He’d said goodbye to his life on the reservation without regrets. He’d asked Tanya Rattling Blanket to come with him too many times, and Nick Longhair never begs. But when business brings him back to his ancestors’ land, he finally understands what he exchanged for money and power.

In the years he’s been in Chicago, Tanya has been raising his baby, a son he didn’t know…. Determined to give his child every advantage, Nick isn’t about to leave again…at least not alone. But that means winning back the love of those he left behind. A Man of Distinction is available! Visit your favorite bookseller, at Amazon, or for the Nook.

Bio: Award-winning author Sarah M. Anderson may live east of the Mississippi River, but her heart lies out west on the Great Plains. With a lifelong love of horses and two history teachers for parents, it wasn’t long before her characters found themselves out in South Dakota among the Lakota Sioux. She loves to put people from two different worlds into new situations and to see how their backgrounds and cultures take them someplace they never thought they’d go.

When not helping out at school or walking her rescue dogs, Sarah spends her days having conversations with imaginary cowboys and American Indians, all of which is surprisingly well-tolerated by her wonderful husband and son.

This post is brought to you as part of the A Man of Distinction Blog Tour. For a complete tour schedule and rules, visit Comments on this blog will be entered to win a signed copy of A Man of Distinction. All comments will be added to the weekly book jewelry prize drawing.

Guest Author Sarah M. Anderson on Vanilla Sex

I’m excited to welcome my fellow Desire author Sarah M. Anderson back to the Lair! To celebrate the July 4th holiday, Sarah will discuss that great patriotic subject, SEX!

Sarah: It’s great to be back here at Romance Bandits! Today, we have a Very Important Question to answer: What is Vanilla Sex?

Vanilla sex has been getting a lot of attention recently, what with that book (you know, that book) supposedly showing the world that some people may have sex that’s not in the missionary position. Gasp!

So now that the media has beaten us all over the head with exciting, new, condescending terms (I’ll deck the first person who calls my Desires “Mommy Porn” and then, just to be sure, I’ll kick them when they’re down) that indicate just how Very Very Shocked we all are that some people enjoy non-traditional sex, what are we left with?

Vanilla sex. You know, instead of sex that requires whips or chains or—for the really erotic stuff—legally binding contracts, just regular, everyday sex. The kind people have when they’ve been married for, oh, I don’t know, any time longer than a year.

But what is vanilla sex? So we’ve ruled out whips, chains, and legal documents. Luckily, none of those things ever come into play in my Desires. (Okay, okay—I’ll cop to the fact that, with a three-book series I call “Lawyers in Love,” there may be a legal document here or there. But it NEVER regulates sexual positions, swear!)

How far can you go and still be able to call your sex ‘vanilla’?

Once upon a time, there was the missionary position. Man-on-top, woman-on-her-back. There’s nothing wrong with this, but I think it’s pretty much the definition of vanilla sex. Everyone seems able to accomplish this one position without needing a starter manual.

At some point, some enterprising people thought, hey, why does the guy always have to be on top? What if we were to get wild and reverse that? I’m sure that, at the time, that was considered Really Out There, but now it’s pretty vanilla, too.

Then there’s what’s called ‘doggie style,’ or from behind. (Personally, the phrase ‘doggie style’ is a close second to ‘mommy porn’ in terms of how fast it can lead to my eyelid involuntarily twitching). This can go a bunch of different ways, from spooning (usually quiet sweet) to, well, much, much hotter. The nice thing about this position is that it lends itself to a bunch of different surfaces. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

But now we have erotica and porn (and no, THEY ARE NOT THE SAME THING) and suddenly everyone’s pushing all sorts of limits. Reverse Cowgirl? Sure! (Yes, I had to look that one up. That’s a sure sign that you’re old/married, when you don’t know the latest sexual slang.) Ménage? If you like! Backdoor? Um, okay? BDSM? I guess?

And thus, we come to the definition of Vanilla Sex: The kind of sex that you are comfortable having, receiving, and giving on a regular, long-term basis. It’s the kind of sex that never makes you feel nervous or awkward (well, usually, anyway), hardly ever requires special accessories, and rarely leads to someone spraining one or more important muscle groups attempting to pull off.

How do you define vanilla sex? (Let’s keep it clean, people!)

Leave a comment below and one lucky person will get an autographed copy of A Man of Privilege (which contains both vanilla sex and not-so-vanilla sex!). Plus—bonus—every week I’m giving away one of these handcrafted (by me!) book necklaces from everyone who commented throughout the week! Check the Authorial Moms blog every Sunday to see if you were the winner!

A Man of Privilege Blurb: She isn’t what he expected.

Blue-blood lawyer James Carlson is working on the case of his life. After winning this trial, his career will be set. He won’t let anything…or anyone… alter his course. Then he meets his witness.

Maggie Eagle Heart makes him question everything–his family, his goals, his future. Because she’s the one woman he wants, and she’s the one woman who is completely off limits. Yet even as he struggles to keep their relationship all about business, he can’t deny the attraction is mutual–and irresistible.

James has always done what is expected of him…until now.

Bio: Award-winning author Sarah M. Anderson may live east of the Mississippi River, but her heart lies out west on the Great Plains. With a lifelong love of horses and two history teachers for parents, it wasn’t long before her characters found themselves out in South Dakota among the Lakota Sioux. She loves to put people from two different worlds into new situations and to see how their backgrounds and cultures take them someplace they never thought they’d go.

When not helping out at school or walking her rescue dogs, Sarah spends her days having conversations with imaginary cowboys and American Indians, all of which is surprisingly well-tolerated by her wonderful husband and son.

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