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Even Turkeys get a Workout

IMG_1204One thing I’ve learned in this fiction writing journey is that the simplest things are often the most difficult.  Why?  Because a lot of work went into making that item look simple.  When I started writing, I thought one sat at a computer and just told the story.  Then I learned about pacing and how to keep the story moving forward.  I learned about where to place the power words to allow the sentence to make the most impact.  i learned dialogue could be more than dialogue – it could be banter with insight to character and subtext.  The simplest things require prep work and skill, otherwise they fall flat.

The same is true with turkeys!  🙂

Here in the states, every year about this time, the President pardons a turkey and thus saves it from becoming a roasted turkey.  It’s a good public relations move which allows for some joking and a nod to the National Turkey Federation.  The cute event will most likely be on television, so the turkeys have todinner be on their best behavior.

Now turkeys are a pretty exciteable lot, and not too bright as my acquiantance who once had a turkey farm told me.  They have to be trained to stand quietly on a table and be photographed.  I read an article about a man who does just that.  He chooses his pardon candidates from a selection of 80 turkeys and narrows them down to just two.  He trains them by lifting them from the ground to the table and then lifts them white turkeyfrom the table to the ground, twice a day for two hours each session.  They are isolated in a small training shed where loud music and sports (crowd noises) are played to get them used to strange ambient noises.  The trainer also introduces the turkeys to his dogs as the turkey cages will be checked by the Secret Service dogs when they approach the White House.  He doesn’t want the turkeys to get rattled by that check.  The trainer takes flash photographs of the birds while they’re up on the table so they’ll get used to the flashes and he invites school kids in to pet the turkeys so they’ll become adept at strangers handling them.

It’s a lot of work for 15 minutes of fame!  I have to say, I’ll be watching the film clip of the official pardoning with a better appreciation of the work involved.

And, if nothing else, I read these days looking at how authors make complicated emotions and plot transitions look so easy.  Nothing is ever simple, is it?

So tell me, dear readers, what have you found that looked easy at first but proved difficult on execution?   Was it creating a yule log, or a gingerbread house?  (I find the best cooking disasters involve chocolate.  Even if the project fails, it’s good to eat 🙂 )  Was it putting together a “some-assembly-required” project?  Or how about learning to drive a car?  It does get easy eventually, but seems impossible at the beginning.Tiny Treats

Let’s share accomplishments and I’ll send someone who leaves a comment one of my ebooks – your choice – OR – I have an autographed copy of “LAIRD” by Grace Burrowes.  But we’ll work that out later.

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April’s Coming Attractions!

Welcome to April, & we’re not fooling!  There are tons of treats & hijinx to be had in the lair this month.  Here’s a quick preview of what’s in store….



On April 2nd, our own Anna Campbell hosts Lair favorite Miranda Neville!  Miranda is coming back to us to cause general mayhem & talk about her wonderful new Burgundy Club book CONFESSIONS FROM AN ARRANGED MARRIAGE.  A lot of romance fans have been hanging out for Minerva’s story and it’s about to arrive.  Huzzah!





On April 3rd, Suzanne Ferrell brings JD Tyler to the lair to talk about SAVAGE AWAKENING, the second full book in her Alpha Pack series.  She and Suzanne will discuss   JD’s sexy wolf shifter, Arik Savage, and all the newest developments in the world of the Alpha Pack. Will Arik meet his mate or find himself a victim of secret experimentation claiming more than one shifter?



On April 4th, Anna Campbell’s back with Maggie Robinson who will tell us about her latest release MASTER OF SIN.  Maggie writes a really hot historical so we’re expecting the windows of the lair to steam up when she starts talking about her latest hero Andrew Rossiter.  



On April 5th, if she escapes from the chaos of having her house totally revamped–walls knocked down, kitchen replaced, etc.—Kate Walker will be talking about the publication of her latest Presents Extra title–THE DEVIL AND MISS JONES– and celebrating being 60.  In book terms, that is.




On April 6th, Jessica Andersen returns with the penultimate Nightkeepers book, MAGIC UNCHAINED.  Join us for a chat about the hunky hero, Sven (no relation to our equally hunky Sven, alas) and his magical familiar.




On April 9th, Eloisa James will be back in the Lair to chat about her fabulous memoir, PARIS IN LOVE, and the year she spent in Paris. 


On April 18th, Trish will host Mari Mancusi, who will be celebrating the re-release of her zombie post-apocalyptic YA, Tomorrow Land.  Can true love survive the apocalypse?  How about the walking dead?




And finally, on the 27th, Grace Burrowes comes to the Lair to discuss the latest release in her delicious Windham series, LADY MAGGIE’S SECRET SCANDAL.  

It’s sure to be an exciting month,so don’t miss a day!


First of all, a great big round of applause for our very own Anna Campbell & Donna MacMeans, both of whom are finalists in the Birmingham Southern Magic Chapter Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence.  Anna’s finaled with MIDNIGHT’S WILD PASSION and Donna with REDEEMING THE ROGUE.  Congrats, ladies!

Now, for your chance to win something wonderful, check out Anna Campbell’s CATCH UP ON A CAMPBELL contest!  During the months of March and April, Anna is giving FIVE lucky people the chance to win a book of their choice from her backlist.  That’s CLAIMING THE COURTESAN, UNTOUCHED, TEMPT THE DEVIL, CAPTIVE OF SIN, MY RECKLESS SURRENDER or MIDNIGHT’S WILD PASSION.  Just email Anna at and tell her which book you’d like and you go into the draw.  The contest closes April 30th, 2012, and entry is open internationally.  For more information, please check out Ann’s contest page:

And don’t forget our monthly prize bundle for one of our lucky Romance Bandits members!  This month’s Members Only prize bundle will include: 

*An Advance Reader Copy of Eloisa James’ PARIS IN LOVE!

*A copy of MAGIC UNCHAINED from Jessica Andersen

*Your choice of one book from Kate Walker’s backlist!

*A copy of COWBOY TO THE RESCUE from Trish Milburn!

*A copy of FRAIL BLOOD from Jo Robertson!

*Your choice of MONEY HONEY or MONEY SHOT from Susan Sey!



Ever want to see a bandita in person?  Here’s your chance!  Our own TRISH MILBURN is all over the map this month!  Catch her at the following events: 

April 10, at the Barbara Vey Readers Luncheon in Oak Creek, WI

April 11-15, at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in Rosemont, IL

April 21, at the Southern Kentucky Bookfest in Bowling Green, KY

It’s going to be a wild ride this month, so buckle up and we’ll see you along the road!

What are YOU looking forward to this month?