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It’s A Wonderful Life

Just like George Bailey, I thought we’d take a trip back to Christmas’ past in the Bandit time machine. Come closer….gaze with me into the crystal ball. See what we were up to in 2008:popcorn

We’ve been very busy here in The Lair getting ready for the holidays. Demetrius cut down the Christmas tree with his gladius and Lucien has been stringing popcorn which has taken longer than we anticipated as he eats two bowls of the stuff for every  one that makes it on the string! The GR was in charge of ornaments, flapping up to the boughs to place each ornament just so….which also took extra long as he kept getting distracted by all the shiny balls. The hockey hunks solved that by replacinbroken ones with pucks!

Marcus keeps shaking the packages while Sven insists that today is NOT the first day of Bandit Christmas but Lucia day….a tradition from his home country where it is believed man and beast require extra nourishment……..Stop! Boys! Stay away from the cookies!!!cookies

Yes, we are steeped in tradition, steeped in good will, steeped in eggnogg…..Oh, wait! That’s just Anna C.  and AC  (squints at shoes sticking out from beneath the table) maybe….Suz???

xmas tree

Tawny, Jo stop standing under the mistletoe winking at the glads….no…no. ack! Jeanne! Stop shaking the packages! No, there is not C4 in the green one…no! Really! Don’t. Shake. It.

Oh, wonderful. Anna S. just breezed in from England with a huge bowl of wassel….like we NEED more alcohol…and now she’s taking down the mistletoe and chasing the hockey guys around!
What? Yes, yes Donna that corset is very pretty in green and red. Oh, my…it lights up…and in the most interesting places. Look, Susan and Kate have just arrived from the cave…..nice Elf hats girls. Do ya’ll hear that? What is that carol Nancy, Caren and Christie are singing? “Deck the Halls with SuperHero Figures”…no, I think the words are…
Stop! Stop! Kirsten, honey really I don’t think doughnuts will hold up as a wreath..the glaze don’t you know. Ah, Christine…just in time….I need help with….what have you got on your head? A candle wreath? You say you’re name is Lucia??? Sven! Sven…come back here and finish the wreath! Beth, Trish….step away from the long, weapon like package KJ just put under the tree…um, don’t put it close to that green package!
Now, excuse me….Cassondra is putting TRUCK NUTS in the stockings!!!!
This party is getting out of control and we haven’t even served the cake…er, pie…er, cake.
(Collapses against reindeer) Never mind. Let’s get on with the Christmas trivia.
**Wow, that was so much fun! Remembering those early days in The Lair. Fond memories of our Bandits who are trailing other paths. Memories of fun with the young cock….er…GOLDEN Rooster! Yeah, that’s the ticket. He’s kind of creaky in the wishbone nowadays. A lot of wonderful BB’s and more characters than you can shake a, a chicken, er a magical shillelagh at. I’ll need all of you to get us through the day. I’ll be at work and will only be able to pop in now and again. So once you answer these Christmas trivia questions, post one of your own. Grab some eggnog and let’s do it!

"Naughty, naughty, ooo...nice..."

“Naughty, naughty, ooo…nice…”


1. What do the carolers in the song “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” insist they be given?

2. Who wins the decorating contest in “A Charlie Brown Christmas?”
3. Where did the Grinch steal Christmas?
4. When a Ukrainian finds a spider web in their Christmas tree, what does it signify?
5. Who was the first ghost to appear to Ebenezzer Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol?”
6. What Christmas song was introduced in the movie “Holiday Inn”?
7. What non-traditonal Christmas movie sports the character Oogie Boogie?
8. What actor won an Academy award playing Santa Clause?
9. What branch of the American military is associated with Toys for Tots?
10. What did Carol Brady lose that jeopardized the Brady’s Christmas celebration?


Giving presents is one of the best parts of Christmas for me. I usually start early thinking about each person I want to gift on my list of family and friends. Since my parents and sister live in Ohio, I know I need to have them finished first so I can mail their gifts off right after Thanksgiving.

It‘s great fun to find unique gifts for my parents that they wouldn’t think to buy themselves. One year my husband brought home a Leatherman tool for my dad. It’s one of those ten tools in one thingys guys love. Well, Daddy has always carried a majorly big pocket knife for as long as I can remember, but this was cool because it had a screw driver and pliers in it, too. So I wrapped it still in its package so the present was odd shaped with lumps. Mom said she kept walking past the living room and there was Daddy holding the present, feeling the lumps and saying, “I wonder what they got me.” When Christmas Eve rolled around and he finally got to open it, she said he looked like a kid who just got the key to the toy store. And even though I wasn’t there, it still makes me smile to know he got such joy out of that gift! This year he got an electric wine bottle opener. He said, “I’ve got a bottle of wine to use it on tomorrow, as soon as I figure out the instructions.” And I heard the smile in his voice.

Every year one of my gifts is a tray of baked goods for my co-workers. They always enjoy every cookie I make, but one item stands out in their minds for the next year. I always make Buckeye candy, known simply as Buckeyes. Peanut butter balls dipped in dark chocolate to resemble the Buckeye nut that grows in my home state of Ohio. These things are addictive and probably have 1/4 or your daily calorie intake, so I ONLY make them at Christmas. One batch=9 dozen. Every year, right after Thanksgiving, the girls at work start asking, “Are you making Buckeye this year?” How could I say no?

My kids are easy to buy for, not because I know them so well, but because they make me detailed lists, complete with pictures, sizes and where to buy them. The lists are rather large, because they send them to each other as well. While they truly want everything on the list, they don’t expect to get everything. According to my daughter, “If people get me something on the list, it will be what I want, but I won’t know what it is until I open it, so it’s still a surprise.” The added benefit for the rest of us is that we spend time talking through the holiday shopping season, calling each other to be sure everyone knows what we already bought off the list. And the girls add their children and significant others to the list, too. Now, my son’s list isn’t as detailed, but he does give us one and last year I gave everyone one, too.

This year my list was simple, I wanted an iPod. They went in together and that’s what I got, mostly. Big Smile!!! But I also had a special gift from one of my daughters. We’d been talking about the stalemate I seem to be in with the publishing world. She caught me on the rare self-pitying days I get about the “good rejections” (isn’t that an oxymoron?) that I keep getting. Those items that hack me off, but others pat me on the head and say, “It just means you’re real close to selling.”

Anyway, my daughter said, “Why don’t you publish it on the internet?”

“Oh dear, I don’t want to self publish. I want to be paid for my work. I want to be recognized for the effort. I want a book contract.”

“Mom, I meant serialize it on a blog, like fan fiction. A chapter at a time, like Dickens did when he was a struggling writer.”

(Now the girl had my attention.)

So after some more chat about how to format it, how to add pictures, how to market it, I asked her, “Would you format this and get it started for me as a Christmas present?”

Soooooooooo two weeks ago we launched “THE ROCKYMOUNTAIN ROMANCE SERIES” on blogspot. Here’s the link:

It’s actually a series of stories I wrote a long time ago just as the market for American Historical tanked. REFUGE is the first book about a woman with a life threatening secret who becomes a mail-order bride to a man who’s been burned by a woman who kept secrets from him. Every Monday we’ll post the next chapter, but anyone coming to the blog, can click on the side bar to pick up the previous chapters and catch up quick!

One of the challenges has been illustrating it. We started out with color pictures, but quickly realized black and white gave it a more period feel, since it is a historical after all. But it’s been fun finding pictures of who I think might make the best hero and heroine and all the secondary characters!

Why did I decide to do this after my arguments about self publishing?

1. As I said earlier the market for American Historicals is almost non-existant, but I believe there are readers out there who are craving something different in the historical romance genre. Something west of England. Something with grit and spunk.

2. Self promotion. I’m hoping my writing will draw in more readers, maybe even an edtior looking for something different to read on the net, who might like to read more and even be willing to take a chance to bring back the American Historical Romance market. Someone brave!

3. Stories are meant to be told. Once they’re written, they need to be read by others. They’re meant to be shared.

So, my friends, my gift to you and anyone you choose to share this with is a FREE on line book, one chapter at a time for the next year! And yes, you can feel free to comment on the blog and tell me what you think.

The Best Part of Christmas

by Donna MacMeans

Do you know what the best part of Christmas is?

PRESENTS !!!!!!!!!!!!! (and you were expecting something less materialistic?)
Okay…while presents are awfully good, they’re not the best part of Christmas. But before we get into that discussion — I wanted to remind the five winners of Dianne Castell’s book, Star Quality, to email her at Those winners were: Helen, Jo, Dina, Terrio, and Michele L.

Looking back over the various December blogs, we’ve talked about cookies and crafts, movies and snow but we haven’t mentioned one of my favorite aspects of the season.


Seriously. This is the season for friends to gather for a holiday celebration so there’s lots of well-attended luncheons and parties.

Why is that?

Not the gathering, I mean – I’m always up for a fun gathering – but why do we do it so frequently at Christmas? I met a group of writers at a Chinese Restaurant last weekend, and am meeting a writer for lunch later today who is in-town visiting in-laws. (She’s from California and in for a wintery shock when she steps outside in our chill temps). Last weekend, it was another larger group of writers and before that – the red hats. (Have to love the Red Hat groups. Their sole purpose is to party *g*). Before that it was the Investment group and the Gourmet crowd. Obviously, the extra pounds swallowing my waist aren’t all from Christmas cookies!

My husband has been going out for annual lunches with his golf buddies and with his co-workers…but have you noticed that men lunch differently than women? I mean, when he comes home, he isn’t gripping a bunch of brightly colored gift bags with inexpensive ornaments or cute notepads or homemade goodies or such. When men exchange gifts – they exchange gift cards. That way gift parity is maintained and wrapping is minimal. The only variance is in the vendor. Love it!

Maybe that’s why holiday lunches are so prevalent…gifts are involved. So maybe presents are the best thing of Christmas (though I tend to think it’s the friendships behind the glitsy bag with the cute notepads).

Merry Christmas to my fellow banditas and bandita buddies! I wish we could all meet in the lair for lunch (and drinks and Sven…) Thank you all for your friendship, not only over the holiday season, but for the whole year through. Friendship is the best gift of all.

So on this note I’d like you to tell me either your favorite gift of all or your favorite part of Christmas. I’d also like you to give me the name of someone whose friendship is a gift (first name only, please). One poster will receive the special bandita prize for the twelve days of Christmas and their friend will receive an autographed hard cover of The Trouble with Moonlight with an appropriate inscription.

Merry Christmas All!