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Peril in Paperback by Kate CarlisleIt’s here! It’s here! It’s finally Release Day for PERIL IN PAPERBACK… or Release Day Eve, anyway, which is just as good as Release Day. All the best celebrations happen on the Eve.

PERIL IN PAPERBACK is the sixth book of my Bibliophile Mystery series, which means I am officially living the dream. A series with six books – and counting! (The next book will be A COOKBOOK CONSPIRACY, out in 2013.) I am so humbled by reader enthusiasm for these books. I love knowing that I’m not alone in the world with my somewhat freakish adoration of old books.

PERIL IN PAPERBACK is an homage of sorts to the great Agatha Christie. A group of people – many of them strangers to each other – are trapped together in a remote mansion in the mountains. They’re there to celebrate the birthday of eccentric video game billionaire Grace Crawford. They all know Grace, but they don’t all know each other. Grace has all sorts of “fun” planned for her guests… tarot readings, a séance… but murder was not on the agenda.

Crystal ballWhen a snowstorm hits the mountains right in the middle of the séance, the lights go out. And when they come back on, somebody is dead.

To celebrate the release of PERIL IN PAPERBACK, we’ve revved up the chocolate fountain, polished up the swinging chandeliers, and best of all … I’m going to tell your fortune today! No, really! Each commenter will get your very own fortune told by moi, your soothsayer for the day. (I would say “For entertainment purposes only,” but you all know me too well to take me seriously anyway, right?) One commenter will win a copy of PERIL IN PAPERBACK!

If you want your Love Forecast:
1. Pick a number from 1-10.
2. Go to and search for your birthday (month and year). Then look at the picture that corresponds with the number you picked, and come back here and tell me what is in the picture. I’ll tell you all about the love of your life.

If you want your Death Forecast:
1. Go to and search for your first name and the color of the walls in the room you are in right now.
2. Tell me what is the first object that catches your attention in the search results. That will be the instrument of your death. I’ll tell you how.

Peril in Paperback by Kate CarlisleIf you want your Book Forecast:
1. Go to
2. Tell me what book is on that page, and I will tell you what book you should read this week.

Paolo, bring out the champagne… Let’s party!!!!