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Valentine’s Day – What’s All the Hubbub?

Once again this year, I watched florists try to make special deliveries of flowers, balloons, chocolates and teddy bears to the completely locked-down building I work in. We have no security guard and an unattended lobby. It’s always fun for those of us who take pity on and end up running interception for the poor delivery drivers, because we get to see who got what and make happy phone calls telling the recipients to come get their goodies. One thing I can always count on, though, is that none of the thwarted deliveries will be for me.

valentines-gift-basketThat doesn’t make me sad, so please don’t feel sorry for me. I find it terribly sweet that other people’s significant others think to send them lovely, expensive tokens to their workplace, so that all their co-workers can see the evidence of their love and devotion. I also believe what Cher’s character Loretta in one of my favorite movies, Moonstruck, says to the florist whose books she is balancing. The florist says to her, about the deep red roses he is carefully packing in a box, “The man who send these really knows what he’s doing.” Loretta says, “The man who sends those spends a lot of money on something that ends up in the garbage.” Amen, Loretta!

Foot-MassagerI truly enjoy Valentine’s Day, but I guess I never really bought the hype. As you guys know by now, I am terribly pragmatic. I would much rather have the carpets cleaned than get an expensive bouquet of flowers. An expression of love? Changing the sheets on the bed. Want to make me swoon? Buy me a foot massager. A really romantic gesture? Cleaning the bathroom spontaneously. Honestly, I would rather my husband took my car to get it detailed than for him to take me out to dinner. For a romance writer, I am not terribly romantic, I suppose. At least not in the way the marketers define it.

Valentines_Day_Chocolates_from_2005One thing my husband and I can both get behind, though, is really good chocolate. Or pretty good chocolate. Or even fair-to-middling chocolate. He prefers his with nuts, I prefer cream centers. We both prefer dark chocolate to milk. But chocolates have a way of showing up at our house on Valentine’s Day. Or sometimes after Valentine’s Day, when they were seriously on sale. We usually (but not always) remember to send cards.

pharmacy greeting cardsThis year, my darling mother and precious children will only get e-cards, I’m afraid, not mailed cards or lovely See’s Chocolates as in years past. A combination of ongoing anemia, with a chills-and-fatigue virus piled on top this week just for giggles, have left me with no energy for card buying. But I will, no doubt, drag myself to the pharmacy today to buy a card and some chocolates for my darling husband. In an act of true love, he went to the grocery store on his way home from work last night and got everything on the grocery list. He also bought me a bottle of wine and a box of sea-salt covered dark chocolate caramels. Is he a Keeper or what?

How do you approach Valentine’s Day? Do you get all jazzed up, with raised expectations and hopes (or plans) for huge romantic gestures? Is anything that turns up a nice surprise? Do you create gorgeous expressions of True Love for the special people in your life? Or do you remember a card (if your lucky) and hope the drugstore or supermarket has a decent selection of chocolates? I will admit, I have done it ALL for Valentine’s Day over the years!

And for all my beloved Banditas and Bandita Buddies, here is a special holiday greeting just for you: happy blogantines day

Quick Five – Fabulous Flowers

Ely 2

Lovely hubby and I took a day off yesterday and headed to the nearby city of Ely. Now, when we say ‘city’, that is a royal conferment, rather than meaning Ely is a big, bustling metropolis. In fact, it is a quaint town with cute buildings and a gorgeous cathedral.

Ely 3


What does this have to do with flowers, you may ask? Well, it was the Ely Cathedral Flower Festival and the blurb had promised us that the wonderful medieval cathedral would be awash with wonderful flower arrangements.

Ely 5


And it was! We were amazed and impressed; every part of the cathedral was filled with displays, created by garden clubs and local floral arranging groups from through the Cambridgeshire and Suffolk counties.


Ely 8


Every tomb, windowsill, archway, chapel and altar had an arrangement. Even the heaters were decorated. They ran the gamut from modern to whimsical to traditional, with plants and flowers of many varieties.


Ely 10There were tropical arrangements, nautical themes and country garden style displays, even an assortment of crowns – presumably to reflect and celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation. Up the centre of the nave, they’d even managed to create a stream!

Ely 21


Some displays were stunning and intricate, while others were impressive because of their simplicity.  Some were spectacularly beautiful, while others were … let’s just say they weren’t my taste!

Ely 22


It was a lovely way to see the cathedral and to see what can be done with flowers. You can see why I was inspired to do a Quick Five on fabulous flowers.


Ely 23So, onto the Quick Five:

1. What are your favourite flowers?

2. What are your favourite colours of flowers?

3. Formal arrangement or hand-tied or tossed in a vase (with fingers crossed!)

4. If you are married – what was your wedding bouquet like? If not, what is the nicest flower bouquet or arrangement you’ve received.

5. When was the last time someone bought/brought you flowers?

Ely 15


PS Look who I found lurking behind an arrangement!!