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Lovable Eccentrics

11CCFHi everyone! Today I decided I’d talk about some of my favourite characters in fiction–those eccentrics we all love.

Quirky, unexpected, and sometimes downright crazy, eccentrics are essentially people who are completely themselves and do not care what anyone else thinks.

In the classic, COLD COMFORT FARM, Flora Poste the 1920s socialite, visits a farm full of eccentrics, including the old lady who saw “something nasty in the wood shed”. That’s a catch phrase in our household to this day. Flora sets the entire family to rights, making them less eccentric than they were before, which is a bit of a pity, really. I think one of the best qualities of the English is their high tolerance for people who are a bit odd.

11FIThen there’s Jenny Crusie’s wonderful FAKING IT, where the heroine’s sister has a split personality. Eve is the good girl by day. Louise is the bad girl who dresses up and sings at her gay ex-husband’s club by night. 

Bertie Wooster might be more an example of a certain sort of gentleman of leisure of that time than a true eccentric, but to us his mad exploits seem distinctly loony. Plus, he’s surrounded by crazy aunts and uncles and cronies with more hair than sense and too much time and money on their hands. Lucky he has good old Jeeves to save the day!

11JeevesEccentrics are terrific fun in fiction but what about real life? Some days I think I’m the only sane one in my immediate vicinity. And then I start to wonder if it’s me or them!

Who’s your favourite eccentric in fiction? Do you live with any eccentrics?