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WHEW!!! America, you can now reclaim your TVs, Radios and Telephones!

As you all know, I absolutely refuse to be political on the blog.  Totally.  NO politics!

But his isn’t about politics.  This is about peace and quiet. 

Shhhhhh!!!   Seriously.  Hear that? 

That’s the blessed sound of the phone NOT ringing with another auto-dialed call known as a RoboCall.

No matter what your politics, you have to be as tired as I am of the aforementioned robocalls, the pamphlets, the endless ads and yammering about who did what, when where and how and to whom.  Oh.  My.  Gosh. 

Yesterday, well after I went to register my vote, I got – I’m not joking – EIGHTEEN paper flyers about varying issues.  On Voting Day.  That doesn’t count what came in over the weekend.   I could build a house with all the trees those ads axed, and that’s just what came to MY house!

I cannot tell you how annoying it got around here.  I know it must have been worse in the so-called swing states like Ohio, Virginia and Florida.  If the flood of I-hate-X-candidate, and I-endorse-Y-issue were overwhelming HERE, I hate to think about what they were like in states where things were far more contentious.  I stopped answering my phone – even calls from New York! – if I didn’t recognize the number.  If it didn’t have a name I recognized attached to it, I stopped answering it.

And yes, I AM on the do not call list.  Evidently these folks are exempt.  Eeek!

In ignoring the phone, I did miss a few calls from parents of my sons’ friends, and missed a few deals at my local store because I didn’t take a call.   My son missed out on a play-date or two.  But I didn’t care.  I also deleted the messages the minute I figured out they were from someone I didn’t know.

Last night as I wrote this, I put on show tunes, studied swords for a story idea I’m mulling, and sang “Swing Your Razor High, Sweeney!” and “Have a Little Priest” in sheer pique at the blast of pseudo-news that surrounded not only the presidential race, but the local issues.  In my community, there were so many hot-button issues to drive the robo-calls on THOSE issues, much less the presidency, that I really did just HAD to turn it allllll off. 

When my husband came home from work and wanted to turn on the news, I made him shut the door so I couldn’t hear it and put on a DVD of the Avengers.  I turned it up really loud, btw.  I’d rather watch Loki try to blow up the world with alien space goons than deal with the speculation, vitriol and constant overload involved in election results, especially before anything could possibly report in.

PLEASE let me go back to blowing stuff up.  Please let me write.  Or work.  Or whatever it is I do, without the phone ringing incessently!!

*POOF! Wish granted!*

Ahhhhhh!  Quiet!!

Blessed Quiet.  I am so heartily grateful that this election cycle is over!  Hallelujah!!

If you’re in the US, did you get incessant robocalls in your area? Do you hate them as much as I do?

If you’re outside the US, do your elections get this heated and crazy?  Do you get the robocalls where you are?  Are they even legal anywhere but the US?

Did your country cover our election?

Without going into the political views, are you glad it’s over?

And now that there is peace and quiet, what are you going to do with all the spare time you’ll have not tweeting, FB-ing, and watching all the election coverage!?!