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Welcome to Haven Harbor – an Anthology!

welcometohavenharborfinalHey everyone!  I am so psyched to introduce my co-conspirators in an anthology set in my Witches Walk world!!  Here’s the final cover art!!  Yay!!


The anthology will feature five fabulous stories by amazing authors – and all set in the world I created in The Witches Walk.  

The anthology is set to come out October 20th, just in time fofb-logo-3r my favorite holiday!

A you know, if you’ve read the blurb for – or read the book – The Witches Walk takes place in the fictional town of Haven Harbor, Massachusetts.  This lovely New England town is the home of the renegade witches who fled Salem prior to the infamous Witch Trials.

The Witches Walk takes place during the annual Walk which recreates the flight of those renegades.  During Witches Walk, it’s September, at the Solstice…perfect!  Now…We move to my favorite season…drumroll please….HALLOWEEN!!

All the Welcome to Haven Harbor novellas have an October setting, and most finihh-ellensh at the annual Haven Harbor Halloween Ball.  Grins.

You just KNEW I had to do that, right?  This is me we’re talking about, the Halloween Queen.  Bwahahahah!!

So in this fun new anthology in Haven Harbor, you’ll meet Ellen Dugan’s Gypsy at Heart, Nilah.  There’s some Romany mischief with Madame Sabina’s granddaughter and you won’t want to miss it…  (She’s posted a quick blurb on her Facebook page, so go check it out!!)hh-barb

Then you’ll meet Bandita Donna’s Chelsea, in Hollywood Ghost – and for those of you who loved Donna’s Bound By Moonlight, you’re in for a treat!!

Frequent Bandit Lair guest, bestselling and amazing historical author, Barbara Devlin, is taking her first venture into the modern-day with Magic, Straight Up.  This is one couple who’ve got the best mix ever and they’re having fun shaking up Haven Harbor!

And last but not least, I’ll be entertaining you with Adele and Dan’s story, A Midnight Promise.  As I wrote Witches Walk, Dan and Adele kept popping up.  I just knew they had to have a story, but I wasn’t sure they could carry a whole book.  So…here you go!

These fabulous collages are done by Ellen Dugan, and this one gives you some hints about Librarian Dan and Adele, the town Vet!  Grins.hh-jpa

I’ll be traveling today, so I won’t be able to check in on the blog as much as I’d like to, but feel free to comment and I’ll check in and answer when I can.  I hope you’ll leave a hello, as I’ll pull three people’s names (randomly, of course) for a copy of The Witches Walk!

So, what’s your favorite way to carve a pumpkin – scary, silly, not at all, fancy faces/patterns?

Have you ever used a pattern to carve a pumpkin in a fancy way?

How many jack-o-lanterns do you carve each year?

Do you use real pumpkins or do you have the cool foam ones that you can carve?

What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been

I clearly remember an evening in June 2006 when I pitched two manuscripts to two different agents at Lori Foster’s Readers and Authors Get Together. I wore my “power suit.” You know, the outfit that makes you feel professional and put together. For me, that was a black column dress (which I doubt I can still fit into) with a longish black jacket. It must have worked as both editors later bought my manuscripts.

Mrs_Brimley_CoverYou’ve heard about the first manuscript to sell. The Education of Mrs. Brimley went on to win the Golden Heart the following month. But I’m not sure you’re familiar with the second manuscript, In a Heartbeat, which was purchased by Samhain. It was the second story I’d ever written (the first is still under the bed) and was probably written about 2002 or 2003.

As you can see by the cover on the right, it was published at a time when authors had separate names for separate genres. This, I was told, was to help bookstores know where to shelve books, and to protect readers who might be expecting one kind of story (Historicals) from being disappointed to find a different story (Romantic Suspense). With the rise in self-published and the demise of book stores, I don’t think this is the rule anymore. It’s assumed readers are intelligent enough to recognize the difference in genres. 🙂 Richard, by the way, is my husband’s name. Publishing as Donna RichardsIn a Heartbeat-Samhain was my way to thank him for his support during the many, long, non-publishing years.

I received the rights back to In A Heartbeat a couple of years ago. My plan was to slap a new cover on it, write a new blurb, and self-publish the story. After all, it had been already edited by Samhain so how difficult could it be? Well, more difficult than you might think.

You can see the new cover to the left. Erin Dameron-Hill, who also did my cover for Bound by Moonlight, is the designer. I wrote a much improved blurb for the book as I’ve a better sense now of how these things are done. Here’s the blurb:

InaHeartbeatTransplanted hearts can hold memories. They can give voice to the dead. And they can hold the key to identifying a serial killer.

Assigned to do an audit for an old client may finally give Certified Public Accountant Angela Blake what she really wants: independence from a family that’s been overprotective for far too long. Her recent heart transplant has given her a new lease on life and she’s ready to live. The demanding new CEO of Hayden Industries may be distractingly sexy, but Angela’s audit reveals troubling hints of deception. What is he hiding?

Hank Renard never wanted to be CEO of Hayden Industries, but his parents’ impending financial ruin gave him no choice. If he doesn’t reverse the flow of red ink, he’ll lose the lucrative incentives offered. The clumsy, adorable auditor with the face of an angel only adds to his problems.

A series of troubling accidents point to a dangerous truth: someone wants Angela Blake dead. With her job, her heart and her life in peril, will Angela survive to discover a long-awaited love, or will her new life end before it’s barely begun?

So I should have been ready to release the book, right?  Wrong.

iphoneI decided to update the book to make it more relevant to contemporary times. Back in 2002, landline telephones were more prevalent than cell telephonephones. I thought that would be the only fix, but I was mistaken. As I read the story, I stumbled across a reference to music on CDs. You remember those lovely silver discs that we don’t use anymore? Had to replace that with music provided by a cell phone. I also referred to a dial-up computer line. I’m certain that’s we had in 2002, and while some people may still have dial-ups, that particular reference would automatically date the story. I had to change to password protected wifi to get to the internet.

The story involves a CPA engaged in an audit. This is a subject I know something about, or at least I did back in the 80s when I perform audits.  I read through my entire manuscript, changing, improving, adding CD_DVD_small_brightemotion where I could, when I realized that auditing a company has probably changed from when I did the deed. Computer spreadsheets saved on a flash drive or on the internet in a shared document would replace the old green work papers that I was familiar with. So familiar that I’d glossed over all the references to them in my first pass-through without blinking an eye. I thought I was done with revisions to update when it hit me.  I had to go back and change all those references.

There’s a scene at the Ohio State Football Stadium which was remodeled shortly after I wrote the story. I left the the old stadium. I’m guessing not many would recognize the difference.

The whole experience made me think about how life has changed since I originally wrote that story, and what a long strange trip it’s been.  I made a reference to a clothing incident where an employer was displeased with a skirt being too short. (This, by the way, is based on my own experience. Not exactly as presented in the story, but mini-skirtclose 🙂 ). I wondered if that still happens, but then heard just last week an employer complaining about “skinny jeans” worn in the office as too seductive. So that prejudice still exists even though clothing standards have relaxed. Fortunately, I didn’t reference any songs as obviously music has changed. But what else? Can you think of anything?

I must say, while I did go through an update and polish the manuscript. The basic story surprised me. This is really quite good. I hope you give it a try when it comes out in July. I’m looking for some folks to read the book with the condition that they write a review for Amazon and Goodreads. If you’re interested, let me know.







Road Trip to Houston, TX

Hi All –

Hope you don’t mind me posting a day early.  Tomorrow (Saturday), I’ll be at the Ohioana Library Book Signing and won’t have time (and possibly internet) to reply to comments so I thought today might be better.  A little about the Ohioana Library.  Ohio is the only state in the United States that has a non-Ohioanalending library dedicated to archiving the work of Ohio authors and artists.  While I’m not originally from Ohio, Ohioana decided that living here for the last fifty years or so qualifies me as an Ohio author. 🙂  I have to admit it’s pretty cool to have my books stored in a temperature controlled vault for prosperity.  The library can be used for research, but staff handles each book with gloves so as not to leave oil stains that might damage the work later on.  LOL.  I assure you my books are not treated with such respect in my household :-).  Here’s the program for the signing.  Isn’t it pretty?  But enough about Ohioana.  I thought I’d share some pictures from my earlier trip to Houston, Texas.

I had to travel to Houston in early March for a Romance Writers of America board meeting.  The meeting was held inView from hotel an area north of the city called the Woodlands, which was very nice and lush and mindful of the impact population has on the environment.  In fact, the shuttle driver mentioned that it was hard to navigate the area at night due to lack of lighting.  Here’s the view from hotel room.  You can see a man-made canal that runs along the back of this hotel and many others.  There wasn’t a lot of activity on the canal.  A large boat not quite full of tourists would glide by every now and then.  Lots of walkers on the banks canal at nightthough.  Check out this photo of the canal at night.

Those board meetings were particularly long.  One night while I was walking (had to get in my 10,000 steps which is hard when you sit all day!), I saw this little guy on the canal bank.  blue heronHe seemed pretty used to people strolling by.  I think he would have preferred it if I was a fish.


Can you see those tall trees on the opposite side of the canal?  I just assumed it was random landscaping, but it was not.  It hides a hidden Koi pond.  You could pass right by it and never know it was there.  But if you hiddentake the less traveled path behind the trees you see this.

And if you follow around the bend, you’ll bump into this.  The lines you see are reflections of the hotel behind it.koi watching

Down futher along the main path, there’s something like a bus stop.  I believe a trolley bus might drive by.  The stop has a saying inscribed that’s meaningful to every writer, “The Journey is the Reward.”  At least I believe it is.  What you can’t see is a pole in Journeyfront of the stop with a sculpture of fish swimming by.  LOL.  We know what that means!fishsign

Further down the canal, on the hotel side, is a cute little maze.  Obviously, the maze is designed mermaidfor little people as an adult would have no difficulty determining the route :-).  Every so often, you’d stumble on a large concrete book that told a fable and included a beautiful tile rendition of the story.  I’d already photographed the mermaid and the woodcutter when I discovered that our favorite rooster managed to get himself memorialized in acat,rooster book.  I give you The Cat, The Rooster, and the Mouse.  🙂

It was beautiful in Houston.  Back home in Ohio it was cold and snowy, but in Texas I saw blooms such as these along the banks.  A much needed a reminder of what was to come.  Finally, spring has arrived in Ohio.  All I can say is – About Time!

How about you?  What’s the spring like in your part of the world.  Any neat places to visit?  Do you know of any places the rooster has been similarly memorialized?  LOL.  Let’s catch up.

And the Winner is….

1BanditBootyAMY CONLEY!

I love her idea to ask the rake – “Do you believe in love?”  I would think a rake would have a flippant answer that would give a clue as to what happened in his past.  Or he might have been in love in the past, but was refused, so now he doesn’t allow himself to fall in love.  Lots of good paths in that answer.

So Amy – please send me your address and I’ll get your tin of Single Malt Scotch Whisky Fudge in the mail.  Thanks everyone for playing.  You may find some of the questions in the final version of TO BAIT A RAKE.  You never know… 🙂

A Fresh Start, a New Year & New Adventures

Happy New Year, Everyone!

January is always a “Clean Sweep” sort of month for me.  By it’s very position as the first month of the new year, it’s an ideal time for starting over, setting new goals, finishing off old projects.

Cleani1While in the past I’ve resisted taking down the Christmas decorations until mid-month (now 🙂 ), this year I couldn’t wait to get it all down and put away.  In part, because I wanted to start fresh symbolically with a clean house, but also because my newly retired husband decided we needed to take a vacation for the next three weeks to someplace warm!  That doesn’t leave me much time to get things wrapped up, packed, and planned.  If you saw my office, you’d appreciate that cleaning that small room alone is a full month project!  🙂 In cleaning out the promotion closet, I see I have some goodies to share as a prize to today’s post.

Then there’s the writing…as you know, I released CHARMING THE PROFESSOR in December amid the crazy project of finishing the floors, CharmingtheProfessorfinalChristmas, and learning the ropes for self-publishing.  It’s been a whirlwind!  I’m sure my promotion of the book is not up to snuff, but I was just exhausted from all the effort.  (And thank all of you who so graciously have left a review on Amazon and Goodreads) With that book, behind me, I’m turning my attention to two projects.  One is revising and re-editing a Romantic Suspense called IN A HEARTBEAT.  This story was released with Samhain under a pen name back in 2007.  I’ve written a number of books since then and, quite frankly, am a better writer now than I was back then.  So I’m almost finished revising and re-editing this book for hopefully a Spring release.  InaHeartbeatIt’s a project I’ve been working on here and there through 2015.  Here’s the cover.

But more importantly, I’m working on TO BAIT A RAKE, the next book in the Rake Patrol Series.  If you read my Christmas short story, SCOTLAND CHRISTMAS REUNION, then you’ve already read a taste of the new book.ScotlandChristmasReunion B&N  You will recall that the Rake Patrol formed as the four ladies involved were determined to root out the rakes that placed personal ads advertising to meet women in the Mayfair Messenger.  My four Rake Patrol members were convinced that such ads were placed for nefarious purposes and they sought to expose the men behind the ads – however, in the last two books, the men weren’t rakes at all.  This is a problem.  How does one find and identify a rake?

Enter Abigail, a young widow who wishes to be part of the Rake Patrol. She volunteers to interview the men who believe themselves to be rakes, so the Rake Patrol can recognize specific characteristics as they investigate the personal ads.  To lure men forward for their study, the Rake Patrol places it’s own ad with an invitation, and all manner of difficulties, conflicts and romantic trysts ensue.  This should be a fun book and I’m hoping to get more time to work on it once we head South for warmer climes.

So my question is:  If you happened to be a curious, very sheltered young widow, what question would you ask a rake if you had the opportunity to interview one?  Anything goes 🙂 .  The person leaving the best original answer will win a tin of Old Pulteney Single Malt Scotch Whisky Fudge (Made in Scotland).  I can’t wait to hear your answers. 🙂



12 Days of Christmas Master Prize Post

Blake BrosThanks to all that participated in the Romance Bandits 12 Days of Christmas…

On the 1st Day of Christmas SUSAN SEY gave away a Kindle copy of the Blake Brothers Boxed Set TROUBLE and a bag of Crapola Granola to SHANNON!  Email Susan at to claim your prize!

On the 2nd Day of Christmas SUZANNE FERRELL gave away an ebook copy of Close To Christmas and an ornament to JANE and COLLEEN C! Email Suzanne  at to claim your prize!!Forget Me Not

On the 3rd Day of Christmas, CAREN CRANE gave away a copy of the anthology FORGET ME NOT to BRENDA RUMSEY! Email Caren at to claim your prize!

On the FOURTH day – AKA the FUDGE FIGHT between Cassondra and Jeanne – the winner is KATE SPARKS!  (Please message Jeanne on FB within 30 days to claim your prize!)

On the FIFTH day – AKA – GRAVY WARS – the winner is Louisa Cornell – I have your email, so I’ll email YOU!!  Congrats, ladies!!

red_question_mark_circle_clip_artOn the 6th Day of Christmas TRISH MILBURN gave away a surprise pack, and it goes to…MARY PRESTON! Congrats!

Send me your mailing info either through the Lair mailroom or message me privately on Facebook


On the 7th Day of Christmas JO ROBERTSON awarded every commenter a free e-book of WITHOUT MALICE.  I think everyone responded and got her claimed her copy.  Thanks for participating!KOBO JO ROBERTSON MALICE

Cover2a-APerfectStormOn the 9th Day of Christmas, ANNA SUGDEN gave away a New Jersey Ice Cats ornament and a set of signed, limited edition, NJ Ice Cats short stories to … KI and to PISSENLIT! To apologise for not making it to the blog (due to bad weather, bad traffic and a bad migraine) she will also give away a free signed, limited edition copy of A Perfect Storm to any of the BBs who commented on her day. All winners, please email your snail mail details to Anna via her website or the Lair mailroom.

Moors Tear 1600x2400On the 10th Day of Christmas DONNA MACMEANS gave away a Mardi Gras mask ornament, a digital copy of THE MOOR’S TEAR, and a digital copy of SCOTLAND CHRISTMAS REUNION to….  BARB HEINTZ!   Barb, please email your contact information to to claim your prize!ScotlandChristmasReunion B&N

On the 12th Day of Christmas, NANCY NORTHCOTT gave a dragon ornament to…GAMISTRESS66! Please email Nancy via her website, nancy northcott dot com (no spaces) by January 8 to claim your prize.

The GRAND PRIZE Winner is SANDYG265.  Sandy, everyone will mail separately, but if you’ll email contact info to Nancy per the listing for the 12th day, she’ll get it to everyone.

Congrats to all the winners, and thanks to everyone who joined in our celebration!

Hope you all had fun.  I know we did. Jeanne and Cassondra will announce their winners a little later, but they will be announced 🙂

Wishing everyone a very happy New Year!


Happy New Year!!! Coming Attractions

BalloonsI love New Year’s Eve!!!  We go out dancing every year to welcome in the new year with noise makers, balloons and champagne.  Of course, I’m exhausted the morning after – which is today! 🙂  Hope you had a great New Year’s Eve and are ready to start 2016!

I think the wheels are slowly turning in the lair as we recover from the mad partying of 2015, but tomorrow on January 2nd, we’ll post a listing of all the winners and prizes from the Twelve Days of Christmas.  If you left a comment on someone’s post, you may have won a prize – so stop back and check it out!

Jeanne Adams should be popping in on January 8th.

Alexandra Christian will make her Lair debut as Nancy’s guest on January 12th. They’ll discuss Alexandra’s steamy new fantasy romance, Huntress, as well as whatever else crosses their minds.

I’ll be on a road trip in search of sunny skies later in January.  I’ll give you an update in February. But for now I will be changing my normal blog date and blogging instead on January 18th I recently realized how much “stuff” I’ve accumulated, even in areas such as my TBR pile of books and in my stash of promotional prizes.  So be sure to check back as I clean out my office and distribute some of these forgotten goodies. (Scotch whisky fudge anyone?)

Nancy Northcott will be rounding out the month on January 26th.

So be sure to check back for fun, prizes, and conversation as we slug our way through January.

Wishing everyone a wonderful, healthy, peaceful, and productive 2016!!!!


On the 10th day of Christmas, I went back in time.

Santa's rideOne thing about writers, we tend to research.  It doesn’t really matter what the genre is, there’s always something that requires more in-depth knowledge than we normally possess.  Therefore it should not be a surprise to learn that I did a bit of research into the physics of time-travel in the course of writing CHARMING THE PROFESSOR.  I read several books about time theories and it’s relation to space and gravity.  I watched endless videos to explain the basics of quantum physics.

So it is with some authority that I can state that… Santa Claus is a time-traveler.

It’s true.  Consider Einstein’s theory that says time slows as one approaches the speed of light.  It’s been said that in order for Santa to visit all the houses of good little children to deliver presents in the 32 hours available to him in this one night (that’s the true number ofAlbert_Einstein_Head hours given time zones and the earth’s rotation), Santa would have to travel three times the speed of light.  At that speed, time would reverse – didn’t the movie SUPERMAN show this to be true? (And isn’t there a clear resemblence between Santa and Einstein – hmmm?)

Also, it’s been proven that time slows as one moves away from a gravatational force.  Thus time goes by more slowly for those that live/work at the top of a skyscraper than for those at street level.  (Of course, those at the top have to wait for the elevators to take them down, causing them to waste their found seconds of time.)  Santa Claus travels at heights that would laugh at gravity thus giving him more than the necessary 32 hours to deliver gifts.

So the jolly old elf must be a time-traveler!

CharmingtheProfessorfinalAllow me to present an excerpt from CHARMING THE PROFESSOR to help explain time travel.  In this excerpt, Madeline is a French charm teacher who has been transported to modern day New Orleans.  She’s trying to get home and her best bet is Professor Grant Stewart who teaches quantum physics at Tulane University. She doesn’t come right out and tell him of her plight because telling the wrong person could land her in a straight-jacket.  So she’s feeling him out to see where he stands on the issue of time-travel.

“Every year,” he said. “My quantum students talk about building a H. G. Well’s time machine. Just climb aboard and select your year.”

          “A time machine?” Her disappointment lifted. “Where might I find this Mr. Wells?” Perhaps that gentleman could return her home.

          “In a library.” Grant frowned. “It was fiction, Madeline. Don’t you remember H. G. Wells and the Time Machine? Or The Island of Doctor Moreau, or The War of the Worlds?” He shook his head, returning his gaze to the road ahead. “So many people confuse actual science with science fiction.”

          Frustration extinguished her brief flare of hope. Now what was she to do? She’d been so certain that escaping from the iron gates into the company of a time professor was not just coincidence. Even Doc and his voodoo saints thought Professor Stewart held the answer. At least Doc and Cici believed that she had somehow stumbled into this period from the past. Professor Stewart clearly would not.

          “Right now there’s an experiment with entangled particles that holds promise,” he said. “A transporter may result from that discovery. Of course, a transportation device like the one on Star Trek is still decades away. It wouldn’t connect the strings of time, but a transporter…that would be a step into the future.”

          “Strings of time?” She dismissed the confusing combination of otherwise ordinary words, like entangled and particles, stars and trek. “What are strings of time?”

          “That’s right. You missed my lecture last night.” He glanced quickly her way. “Thank you for coming, by the way, you were a life saver. Sometimes Kimmy can be a handful, and if you hadn’t come when you did…”

          “Professor,” she urged softly. “Strings of time?”string theory research

          “Yes. There’s a theory that our existence occurs on a specific string of time, simultaneously with other strings that hold alternate existences. Thus, our medieval past might be occurring in real time on one string and our distant future on another string. Some scientists believe these strings to be an infinite number of bubbles on a plane in space called a brane, but the entire concept is still called string theory.”

          “That is astounding.” She felt her jaw might have unhinged at the discovery and dangled unattractively. She quickly composed herself. “This is what you spoke of yesterday?” she asked. “I would have liked to have heard your speech.”

          Perhaps his speech was the very reason fate had led her to this professor. She needed to hear his speech. And yet once again she’d managed to miss the opportunity. Still, she couldn’t dwell on her disappointment, not with a time professor with such valuable information seated next to her.

          “What happens if two strings were to touch,” she asked. “Say a string from the medieval past and our string of the present?”

          “Then it might be possible for an armor-clad knight to chase a dragon down Canal Street.” He laughed. “But the fact that such an occurrence only happens as playacting proves that such time collisions are not possible.”

          A time collision…could that have been what happened? She’d survived the colliding of strings? But if that were the case, why did the others touring the foundry not follow her in this collision? Why was she alone in this dilemma? She shook her head. None of that mattered now. What mattered was finding the way back.

ScotlandChristmasReunion B&NWe all know that Christmas is a magical night when miracles can occur.  If you could travel to any time past or future, where would you go?  Don’t worry, you’ll be back in time for the opening of presents on Christmas morning.  Let’s take a peek at a time-traveling Christmas (Hey, Scrooge did it – so can we!)  Someone leaving a comment will win a copy of the short story: Scotland Christmas Reunion.  Thank you to Think Geek for the string theory cartoon.

To add a little New Orleans to your holiday, add some creamy pralines 🙂 .     Creamy Pecan Pralines recipe

To add a little break from all the Christmas madness, consider a copy of Charming the Professor.  It’s bound to put a smile on your face.

Amazon     Nook    ibooks

Or for when you only have time for a short story, Scotland Christmas Reunion

Amazon        Nook      ibooks

Merry Christmas everyone!


Monster Mega Bandita Prize giveaway!

th_BanditBootySorry I’m so late posting the prizes won over the past couple of blogs.  As many of you know my Thanksgiving was not the best – I’m still trying to put the house back to rights – compounded by a book launch and I’m behind on life in general 🙂

However, that said – we have prizes to distribute!

From my Dominoes blog on November 23rd, SandyG265 wins a digital copy of CHARMING THE PROFESSOR.  Sandy, I need to know what email who want meCharmingtheProfessorfinal to use to send the gift from Amazon.

ComeToMe-500x7501From Oberon Wonch’s debut author blog on December 2nd, the winner of a digital copy of COME TO ME is Kate Sparks.  Kate, if you could go to Oberon’s website at and send her your contact information, I’m certain she’ll get that right out.

And Finally, from my CHARMING THE PROFESSOR launch on December 3rd, we have the following winners:

MaskColleen C– wins the Mardi Gras mask, a little voodoo keychain trinket, and a digital copy of CHARMING THE PROFESSOR.

Dianna – wins a digital copy of THE MOOR’S TEAR.Moors Tear 1600x2400

Janie McGaugh wins a digital copy of THE MOOR’S TEAR.

Just as a reminder, THE MOOR’S TEAR is the prequel, of sorts, to CHARMING THE PROFESSOR.

Ladies, if the three of you can contact me at and send me your contact info, I’ll get everything out immediately.

Thanks much for everyone’s participation and patience.  Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Holiday.  Don’t forget our Twelve Days of Christmas celebration that begins on December 13th.  We’ve love to have you join us!




Christmas has come early. We have winners!

1BanditBootyHi all –

Thanks for sharing the Christmas joy via our Christmas novellas and short story posts.  We have winners!!!

Ninfa – wins a copy of Scotland Christmas Reunion offered by moi, Donna MacMeans ( Christmas Reunion

APFC FOR WEBSaralee – wins a copy of A Pirate for Christmas offered by Anna Campbell  (

Laney4 – wins a copy of Yuletide Lies offered by Susan Heino  ( Lies FINAL front

Charlene – wins the A Perfect Party and A Lucky Charm offered by Anna Sugden  (

Please use the websites listed to send your contact information to the appropriate author.

Hope you all have a fabulous holiday season this year!

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