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Christmas has come early. We have winners!

1BanditBootyHi all –

Thanks for sharing the Christmas joy via our Christmas novellas and short story posts.  We have winners!!!

Ninfa – wins a copy of Scotland Christmas Reunion offered by moi, Donna MacMeans ( Christmas Reunion

APFC FOR WEBSaralee – wins a copy of A Pirate for Christmas offered by Anna Campbell  (

Laney4 – wins a copy of Yuletide Lies offered by Susan Heino  ( Lies FINAL front

Charlene – wins the A Perfect Party and A Lucky Charm offered by Anna Sugden  (

Please use the websites listed to send your contact information to the appropriate author.

Hope you all have a fabulous holiday season this year!

Christmas Shopping a Tad Early

Snow may not be falling where you live, but Christmas is just around the corner, as they say.  Whether you’re buying books as gifts, or just looking for something seasonal to read curled up on the couch, here’s a number of fantastic Christmas books, novellas, and short stories to put you in the holiday spirit.  I hope you can find something to your liking.

Scotland Christmas Reunion


Widow Edith MacPherson faces a lonely Christmas in isolated Scotland at a time when the holiday wasn’t celebrated with glitz and glamour.  She misses the comaraderie of her friends and festivities in London.  However, when an acquaintance from her youth lands on her son’s doorstep, he awakens feelings that she thought she’d buried long in the past.  A copy of Scotland Christmas Reunion will go to someone leaving a comment!

(Short story) Scotland Christmas Reunion



Cover-APerfectReunionA Day of Thanksgiving? (note: This short story will only be available in November. Don’t miss this opportunity!)
When Ice Cats’ defenseman, Troy Davidson, sees his ex-fiancé at his parents’ Thanksgiving party, he’s determined to make things right. He screwed up five years ago, when he ditched their engagement party to elope with a movie star. Now divorced, he realises he’s only ever loved one woman. Charlotte Daniels claims she’s forgiven Troy. But can she trust him enough to take another chance on him and love?

(Short story)



Snowbound! (This short story will not be available until December, but watch Anna’s website (above) for details :-) )
When Ice Cats’ forward, Vladimir ‘Vlad’ Ralinkov, gets caught in a snowstorm, on his way back from a game, he seeks refuge in his favourite diner. Could this be the opportunity he’s been waiting for to heat things up with lovely diner owner, Poppy Lambert, or will she leave him out in the cold?

A signed, limited edition of the first two short stories, A Perfect Party and  A Perfect Lucky Charm  will go to someone leaving a comment!



LydiasChristmasCharadeFrom Bandita friend Saralee Etter:  Dutiful, practical Lydia Potts knew that her father, a wealthy commoner, planned to announce her engagement to a nobleman at their Christmas house party. But she didn’t expect her prospective fiancé to be in love with another woman!
Anthony wasn’t usually so reckless but something about the unknown lady’s sweet manner and big pansy-brown eyes made him want to share a bit of juicy gossip with her. Everybody knew Lord Danville needed to marry an heiress to save his family from financial ruin, but nobody but Anthony would mention it to the heiress herself.
To fix the mess he’s created, Anthony must woo Lydia on his noble friend’s behalf—and Lydia will have to decide between duty and desire.
This story features some characters also seen in A Limited Engagement, another Regency romance by Saralee Etter. This is a sweet romance (kisses only, no sexual content).

(Novella) Lydia’s Christmas Charade

APFC FOR WEBPursued by the pirate…
Bess Farrar might be an innocent village miss, but she knows enough about the world to doubt Lord Channing’s motives when he kisses her the very day they meet. After all, local gossip insists that before this dashing rake became an earl, he sailed the Seven Seas as a ruthless pirate.
Bewitched by the vicar’s daughter…

Until he unexpectedly inherits a title, staunchly honorable Scotsman Rory Beaton has devoted his adventurous life to the Royal Navy. But he sets his course for tempestuous new waters when he meets lovely, sparkling Bess Farrar. Now this daring mariner will do whatever it takes to convince the spirited lassie to launch herself into his arms and set sail into the sunset.
A Christmas marked by mayhem.
Wooing his vivacious lady, the new Earl of Channing finds himself embroiled with matchmaking villagers, an eccentric vicar, mistaken identities, a snowstorm, scandal, and a rascally donkey. Life at sea was never this exciting. The gallant naval captain’s first landlocked Christmas promises hijinks, danger, and passion – and a breathtaking chance to win the love of a lifetime.

Anna is offering a kindle copy of A Pirate for Christmas to someone leaving a comment!

(Novella) A Pirate For Christmas

SafeInHisArms_800x1200When Aimee Brandon flees from a cult’s compound into a freezing Wyoming winter, she knows she has to survive and find help in order to save her mother and protect innocents from the cult’s plans. When she collapses on the cabin steps of former CIA agent Gideon Oakes, her plans are put on hold as Gideon nurses her back to health and they wait out a wave of snowstorms. The last thing Gideon wants is to return to the outside world, the one in which his mistakes cost lives. But if he doesn’t get Aimee to the authorities, he might be responsible for even more deaths. What neither of them expects is to fall for each other in such a short amount of time, but there’s no arguing with the truth. This man who wants to hide from the world and the woman who has to return to it, find love in the least-expected place at the least-expected time.

(Novella) Safe In His Arms


Close to the Mistletoe final for Barnes and NobleClose To The Mistletoe is part of a 19 e-book bundle releasing on November 17th for $0.99. It’s the fifth installment in Suzanne Ferrell‘s popular small town Westen series and will be published as a stand-alone title in December.

When teacher Holly Murphy walks into Westen’s only bar to help her friend celebrate a divorce, she doesn’t expect hot carpenter Nick Fisher to save her from an embarrassing situation. His heated kisses awaken something deep inside her, but when someone sets his sights on Holly, will Nick be the one to protect her close to the mistletoe?

(Boxed set)  Mischief Under the Mistletoe


From NYT Bestseller Tawny Weber, A SEAL’s Proposal
Being the best means making sacrifices, but do vows made at 16 hold true at 24?

Duty First, Duty Only…
As a teenaged Sea Cadet, Sam Morelli joined the elite club his brother formed with other teens, focused on a single goal: to become Navy SEALs. Membership required a vow that once he became a SEAL, the team would be his only commitment. Distractions like relationships or dependents would be forbidden. Eight years later, on the cusp of achieving his goal, Sam has forgotten that vow. But Bryanna Spencer hasn’t.

Sugar, shoes, and a sexy SEAL…
Numbers whiz Bryanna Spencer loves chocolate, designer shoes, and Sam Morelli. She’s always dreamed of one thing: being Sam’s wife. Raised in a Navy family, she knows the rules: to be a great SEAL, a man can’t have a woman weighing down his thoughts. Bryanna’s been nibbling on sweet, sexy, better-than-chocolate-covered-caramel Sam for four years, but Sam’s dream of being a SEAL has been with him longer. His dream is her nightmare.

Some vows are made to be broken…
With Sam home on leave for Christmas, Bryanna has one last chance to prove to Sam that he wants her more than he wants his SEAL Trident. But time is running out. Once he finishes the last phase of his training, she may lose him forever. But Sam may have different kind of vow in mind…

(Novel) A SEAL’s Proposal

Yuletide Lies FINAL front
From Bandita Buddy Susan Gee Heino: Yuletide Lies–A Regency Christmas Novel
Amid mistletoe, mystery, and a motley menagerie, the greatest gift this Christmas is love.
Cassandra Loring awakes from a nightmare to find herself in a mysterious castle, tended by a host who thinks she’s someone she’s not. Lord Braden has secrets to hide and is willing to do just about anything to save his crumbling estate—including marry an heiress he’s only just met. As their Christmas Eve wedding approaches, will deception bring ruin, or will truth rescue them both?
(Novel) Yuletide Lies

Susan will give one person leaving a comment a copy of Yuletide Lies!

box set 2



Another boxed set!  This is from the Bluestocking Belles.  You may recall their blog on Monday.  All proceeds go to The Malala Fund to ensure every girl has access to 12 years of free, safe, quality primary and secondary education.

(Boxed set) Mistletoe, Marriage & Mayhem




Forget Me NotHere’s a boxed set that, while not Christmas themed, is inspired by the Christmas spirit of giving in that the proceeds go to prevent Alzheimer’s and support brain health research!

Caren Crane is participating in an anthology of ten short stories by ten different authors, all set in the world of Tammy Falkner’s Reed Brothers’ tattoo shop. The authors are donating 100% of the proceeds to benefit Alzheimer’s and brain health. Join Tammy Falkner, Jane Charles, Ava Stone, Marquita Valentine, Lexi Eddings, Lj Charles, Andris Bear, Caren Crane, Jerrica Knight-Catania and Diane Franks to help combat this terrible disease!

Caren’s story in the anthology is Lakewood Confidential: Tondra is struggling for attention on the New York art scene when a chance to ink notorious hip-hop legend Lakewood lands in her desperate hands. The reclusive rapper shares a part of his history he’s never told anyone, forcing Tondra to choose between ensuring her own success and safeguarding Lakewood’s secrets. This story is a prequel to Caren’s fourth, as-yet-untitled Cross Springs novel.

Available for pre-sale now and live on Thanksgiving Day!

(Anthology) Forget Me Not


Magic_and_Mistletoe_finalMagic & Mistletoe, Nancy Northcott‘s Light Mage Wars holiday story, asks whether a bookworm and a badass can find love. It will be out in late November.

Peri Lee grew up in a dangerous neighborhood, worrying each day that her loved ones might not make it home. Now a mage teacher, she loves her quiet, bookish life. Deputy Shire Reeve Roland Wade is a good guy but not much of a reader, not the type he figures Peri needs. Especially since his linebacker build, broken nose, and badass attitude remind her of the thugs who haunted her childhood. As though that weren’t enough, his job puts his life on the line daily. Will Peri’s fears doom their chance for a relationship, or will they find their own special magic under the mistletoe?




And just in case you missed it last year…Tiny Treats!

Extremely short vignettes from several of the Romance Bandits and others – all for the affordable price of FREE!

(Anthology) Tiny Treats




So there you have it.  Holiday stories to take you through Thanksgiving, Christmas, the holiday season and well beyond!

Which one of the above would you like to find under your tree (or in your Kindle :)  )  The prizes noted above will go to someone leaving a comment!

November Coming Attractions

Can you believe it’s November already?  Where has the year gone!

PrintI hope you’ll join us for an exciting November here in the Lair.


The Bluestocking Belles will join us on Monday, November 9th to talk about their new boxed set of Regencies.


Scotland Christmas ReunionYou won’t want to miss the blog on November 11th for some early Christmas shopping.  We’ll have a number of Christmas releases from the Banditas and friends for you to browse and enjoy.  Should be fun!





Osburn-OurNowandForever-FT-V2-200x300On November 17, Nancy welcomes Terri Osburn to celebrate the release of Our Now and Forever, the first book in Terri’s new Ardent Springs series.






Charming the Professor finalDonna MacMeans will talk about her upcoming December release, Charming the Professor, on November 23rd.  I guarantee she’s thankful for that one :)



November 26 is Nancy’s regular blog day, but it’s also Thanksgiving Day in the US.  Join Nancy Northcott and chat about the holiday season.



Forget Me Not_

Don’t miss the Thanksgiving Day release of Caren Crane’s new novella Lakewood Confidential. It’s part of a 10-novella collection called FORGET ME NOT, with all proceeds being donated toward Alzheimer’s and Brain Health research. Great reads and a great cause! Pre-order links up now on Caren’s website!


We’ll continue our talk into November 27, when anyone who’s avoiding the whole shopping thing or just needs a break from it can find a refuge in the Lair!

All’s Well that ends in a prize!

1BanditBootyHi all –

Thanks for chatting with me about the endings of books.  The two winners of my Christmas short are:

EC Spurlock  and

Laurie G

Be sure to send me your contact info so I can send the book straight away. :)  I hope you like the ending of Scotland Christmas Reunion!Scotland Christmas Reunion



Cover Reveal – Charming the Professor!

Hi All!

If you’ve been following my blogs, you know I’ve been planning on releasing a really cool time-travel in the near future.  The book is done and ready to publish but I didn’t Bound By Moonlight - cover - finalhave a cover.  This is my fault, not the cover designer.  I didn’t allow sufficient time for the design process.  My agent had arranged for the cover for Bound By Moonlight, not me.  So I figured designing a cover must be a snap.  Not so.

Well, I have my cover.  YAY!  Designed by the talented Lyndsey Lewellen, daughter of the equally talented Suzanne Ferrell.  But before I show you the final product, I thought I’d take you through the cover concepts that went before.

I sent Lyndsey the blurb of my story, Charming the Professor, which is this:

The Charm Gates have stood at The Court of Two Sisters for more than a century with no one guessing the secret they hold. Thanks to a jealous vindictive queen and a blackmailed alchemist, French “charm teacher” Madeline Charlebois’s essence is encased inside, until a grieving professor touches the gates during a storm and Madeline tumbles out, not in her own 19th century Spain, but in 21st century New Orleans.

Quantum physics Professor Grant Stewart has mourned his wife’s death for the last three years. But he must move on for his young daughter’s sake, the child who delights in terrorizing babysitters. Grant needs adequate childcare to pursue tenure at Tulane. What he doesn’t need is a French beauty believing nonsense like time-travel and voodoo, and whose very being is melting his heart.

Maddie may be without resources but she’s good at making new friends, even if they are on the quirky side. She believes Professor Stewart can return her home, but first she must earn his trust to win his cooperation. Babysitting his daughter gives her both proximity, and love for the child. Will Grant be the key to returning to her time? Or will she, in turn, unlock his frozen heart? All they need is time and maybe a little voodoo…

My concept was that a historically attired lady from 1853 would stand back-to-back with a modern professor with a little girl at their feet between them.charming cartoon cover

Lyndsey sent me two concepts.  The first is the “cartoon” cover on the right – that I love!  But everyone I showed it to said it didn’t suggest a romance.  They thought the story was a children’s story about the little girl charming the professor.  Rats!  That’s not at all what the story is about.

Charmed photo coverThe other concept, the one on the left, looks more like a romance.  But I had a problem with the girl’s outfit.  To me, she looked like she was wearing a Halloween costume, the adult version of a historical dress.  The guy looked a bit dorky.  His suit may have been appropriate in Victorian times – but not for today.  He had to change.

I thought the background was too busy and suggested maybe a brick wall might be better.  Meanwhile, Lyndsy found a new pair of models, plus she found a set of gates that looked a  lot like the real Charm Gates.  She sent this:Kissing number two

I love the new hero – now we’re talking!  But the heroine just wasn’t working for me.  Plus, I don’t think this conveys New Orleans the way I’d hoped.  I wasn’t crazy about the dress (which is actually a blouse and skirt).  Lyndsey changed up the colors and added some mardi gras masks which didn’t work at all.  That it’s on the left.  Please Charming the Professor concept 1C[1]note that all of these images have the watermarks of unpurchased images.  Those don’t disappear until the images are purchased and a cover finalized.

About now I’m getting frustrated.  Lyndsey is probably frustrated with me as well.  She found a different image with the same male model, but has a heroine that looks more Victorian, but I don’t know – doesn’t she look like she’s from a model of American Western Victorian attire?  Nothing about the image says New Orleans to me.  Lyndsey tried a different background, Charming the Professor concept 3[1]but still I get more of a feeling of San Antonio than New Orleans.  She changed the background and added some verbage to indicate this was a time-travel, because you really can’t tell by Charming the Professor concept 3b[3]the cover.  That’s the improved cover on the left.

Better, but it’s still not what I wanted.  I’m thinking I might have to use that cute cartoon cover.  We decided to go back to the original concept, however, before Lyndsey worked on fixing that first cover, she found something new.  And in my eyes, she found something wonderful.

This is my new cover for CHARMING THE PROFESSOR.  Tell me what do you think?

Charming the Professor final

Now for a prize, I’ll send someone, or a couple someones,  leaving a comment a free copy of the prequel to Charming the Professor.  It’s a short story that hasn’t a cover (but hopefully will shortly) called The Moor’s Tear.  While it’s not necessary to read The Moor’s Tear first, it does make Charming the Professor that much richer.  If you’re more in mind of winning a book, I have a huge overflowing TBR pile that I plan to give away a book a month to one of the subscribers to my newsletter list.  If you haven’t already subscribed, click here:\    or go to my website, and sign up.  Now let’s talk!





September in the Lair

Hi, everybody!  It’s that time of the month again.  We’ve had some work done on the website, so the RSS feed should be working now.  If you signed up for it but are don’t get announcements for the scheduled posts, including this one, please email us.

Here’s a preview of the month ahead.

On September 8, Jeanne’s regular day, she’ll be back in the lair to talk about fall and going back to school and how delightful that is for writers.

DANGEROUS WEAKNESS2 (5)On September 14, Caroline Warfield visits the Lair with her latest release, DANGEROUS WEAKNESS.  She’ll be talking about covers which is an incredibly important topic to readers and writers.  I can see her blog inspiration as her latest cover is a beauty!  Be sure to stop by :-)

September 17 will be a rollicking day as we spend it on Trish & Nancy’s Annual DragonCon report.  Yes, these intrepid banditas are plunging into the fannish crowd in downtown Atlanta again, and they’ll report back on their findings.  Nancy’s covering the parade for the Daily Dragon, so she hopes to get some good pictures.  And Trish always has great photos from DragonCon. Join them and fly your geek flag (or just watch them fly theirs)!

September 23rd is Donna’s regular day.  Crossing my fingers…but I think I’ll have a cover reveal for my time travel, CHARMING THE UrsulaLeCoeur_TheDeviousDebutante_800pxPROFESSOR, by that date as well.  I’m excited, this book has been a while coming!

Ursula LeCoeur will join us to discuss her newest release, THE DEVIOUS DEBUTANTE, and opium use in Victorian society on September 24th.  Isn’t that a problem today as well?  Some things never change.

Nancy is actually blogging again on September 26.  This is her regular day, and she’s going to be talking about the Books Under the Bed, those early efforts writers either couldn’t sell or decided they didn’t want appearing in the world attached to the authors’ names, or both.

What’s on your agenda for September?

Time Capsules…

I recently saw an article in the (where else?) Wall Street Journal about a room at Oglethorpe University that is, in essence, a huge time capsule. It’s received the name “The Crypt_of_civilizationCrypt of Civilization” (which is interesting as it was created in 1936) and is slated to open in 8113. Well…I won’t be around. :-) Thank you to Wikipedia for the photo on the left which shows the contents of the crypt.  It has 800 books sealed inside as well as other items of note.

Back in the ‘60s, my family lived by a community time capsule that had been buried not long before we moved in. The capsule was set to be opened in 44 years time – much too early to my way of thinking – but the people behind the project probably realized that the property set aside for the capsule would be too valuable to sit idle. They were probably rubbing their hands, thinking about advancing real estate prices.

Nevertheless, just the thought of a time capsule inspired some of my friends and I to make our own time capsules and bury them on the dedicated property. Hmm…I seem to recall a dissected frog buried with considerable pomp and circumstance on that same spot. I doubt his shoe box container would survive groundwater issues, but at the time we thought he’d be buried a good long time. That’s an old photo of the monument and time capsule to the right.  I believe that’s my younger sister, Sharon, in the picture and definitely our dog, Gypsy.  Not sure who the other child is.  You can tell the old polaroid picture (remember those?) is fading – a problem to consider for timetime capsule capsule photos.

I found an article about that time capsule.  You can read it here:  It’s interesting as I can already see changes from my years in Forest Park in the article as the city didn’t have an “activity center” back then.  That spot was the community swimming pool.  LOL.  The community library was directly across the street (Sharon Rd.) from my house.  I hope that wasn’t “re-purposed” to be a city building  as well.

Seeing that article about time capsules brought memories back. I wonder if we were to bury a time capsule today, what would be in it? I’d include a copy of my books (bound in plastic…that ground water issue). I’d be tempted to include a Kindle or Nook as a symbol of reading technology today, but honestly, I’d be concerned about the technology. Would future civilizations be able to use the new technology, or would the Kindle be like those Beta DVD tapes – or Polaroid photographs, a good idea but no longer able to be read/viewed.

peacock-feathers-beautifulI’d include a copy of the Wall Street Journal and a Columbus Dispatch – mainly for the ads so they could see the current fashions.   Maybe I’d toss in a map of the area as it’s bound to change. I could include a peacock feather.  :-) At the rate we’re going, peacocks might not survive into future generations. Maybe I’ll include some photos of life here on my back porch with a note that this is where I write my novels.  Right now, research books are scattered across the round table on the porch while I’m working on To Bait a Rake – the next book in the Rake Patrol series.  I’m sure the view from the porch will be different in a hundred years or so.

How about you? What would you include in a time capsule and where would you bury it?


Family Reunions

Do you do family reunions in your family?  Perhaps your family all live close by.  Every weekend is a family reunion :)  .  I envy you that.

MarylandI’m one of five kids.  I remember family vacations in Maryland as being a time when my mom would pack up the car and we’d drive to some state park and set up camp.  That was the extent of our vacation.  The parks might be a state or two away, but otherwise the scenery was the same.  (For those not familiar, the yellow picture is the State of Maryland.)

Once all of us kids grew up and got married, things were different.  We each settled in different parts of the country.  My oldest brother and his wife stayed in Maryland.  My second oldest brother lives in Rochester, NY, while my younger sister is in Florida.  I’m in Columbus, Ohio.  My youngest sister is a further south in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Every three years, we would have a family reunion so the brothers and sisters could reconnect.  The venueBethany Beachchanged as we took turns being “close” to the vacation site.  But after my oldest brother bought a beach house in Bethany Beach, Maryland – that became our new destination spot.  (Jeanne Adams’s family also goes to Bethany Beach on occasion.  How’s that for coincidence?)  I have great memories of those trips.  ( This, I believe, is a shot of the lifeguards at Bethany)

log cabinThis log cabin shot by is much like the cabin where my husband and I stayed our  first family .  We discovered we had forgotten to pack mosquito spray.  You could lie on the bed and hear them buzzing by your ears.  Unfortunately, we had neglected to pack bug spray for the trip – but we did pack spray deordorant and baby powder.  We sprayed the cabin with deodorant believeing this would make the wings of the mosquitos sticky.  Then we pumped baby powder into the air.  We thought the powder would settle on the mosquitos’ sticky wings and weight them down.  When they landed on the powder strewn floor we would stomp on them.  We stomped on a lot of bugs that night – moths, flies and, yes, mosquitos.  It was a sweet smelling victory :-) .

As kids came along we took them to the reunions so as to meet and form a relationship with their cousins.Alaska's Healing Waters  When my son was about three, he went along with my husband and the other men to go fishing.  My oldest brother had a boat and they all piled in.  However, they weren’t terribly far from the shore when someone noted that the boat was taking on water.  I understand that there’s a plug at the bottom of a boat to help it drain – well the plug was open or missing – not sure.  Everyone pitched in to bail water while my brother guided the boat in. The poor man hasn’t heard the last of that snafu.  In planning this reunion, his children said they would only go on a boat if my brother (their father) wasn’t in charge – citing the nefarious fishing expedition.  That was 27 years ago.  (If this image from was of that day, all the men would be baling :-) )

BransonThe reunion this year is in Branson Missouri.  I’ve never been there but I’ve heard the scenery is beautiful.  Come to think of it, the scenery has ALWAYS been beautiful when we go on these things.  And the S’mores are always tasty around a good campfire, and the laughter loud and good humored.  I can’t wait.

How about you?  Does your family do family vacations?  Have any good stories to share?  Tell you what.  I’ll bring a souvenir back from Branson for someone leaving a comment.  I can’t tell you what it is because I haven’t bought it yet :-)  but it will have BRANSON emblazoned across the front of it.  So tell me your story and I’ll tell you mine when I come home.

June Coming Attractions

Can you believe June is here?  This year is flying by!!!  Maybe some of these new releases can accompany you to the beach this summer.  Can’t think of better company.

On June 8th, Bandita Jeanne will be doing a COVER REVEAL for her next book, DEAD RECKONING!  Woot!

Donna will be blogging on June 15th as she’ll be traveling on her regular day.

Not to worry as Jeanne will be talking on June 23 about CON CAROLINAs, a fabulous sci-fi Fantasy Con in North Carolina.  Banditas Jeanne and Nancy were both speaker-guests and had a great time at the Con!

Don’t forget CAPITAL DANGER should be launching late in the month.  Not sure when but check back for theCapitol Danger final revised party.

GreekDocCoverOn June 29th, Robin Gianna will be back in the lair.  This time she’ll be promoting her latest release, Her Greek Doctor’s Proposal, as well as sharing some of her recent adventures on a research (and family) trip to Greece.  Should be fun!

Bandita Booty

1BanditBootyThanks everyone for sharing the excitement of my Smoke and Mirrors release with me.  As per the random number generator, the winner of the $10 gift certificate is Sandy Wickersham- McWhorter.    Sandy – I need you to go to my website to send me your mailing address so I can mail your card.SmokeandMirrors_amberback[4]


Also the winner of the voodoo doll and tea packet from April 23rd (right before I left for Barbara Vey’s in Wisconsin) is Fedora!  I’ll need you to do the same.  If you can send me your mailing address, I’ll get this in the mail pronto.

Thanks everyone from making the Romance Bandits community so much fun!

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